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IBKAWB Chapter 28

The protagonist

Chapter 28… The Protagonist 


Chi Zhongqiao went downstairs and saw someone. The slightly hurried footsteps immediately stopped.


Li Xi… is standing next to Lu Yuzhou.


Chi Zhongqiao lowered the brim of his hat, not knowing whether he wanted to block his face or the wind.


He stopped hurriedly, Zhong Yin almost bumped into his back, barely stopped, and looked at Chi Zhongqiao’s face, and asked in a low voice, “Brother Qiao, what’s the matter?”


Chi Zhongqiao suddenly returned to his senses , “Oh, it’s okay.” .”


Am I sick? They talked, why should I hide on the side? Or am I guilty? What is my guilty conscience?


Chi Zhongqiao pinched the card in his pocket and repeated it firmly to himself: It’s in the past, what are you doing on the sidelines?


He coughed, and was about to walk over, Lu Yuzhou had already looked at him, before his eyes were condensed, his lips began to smile.


After saying a lot of things, Li Xi didn’t receive any answer. So, looking at Lu Yuzhou’s eyes, he realized: It turns out that it is him who President Lu has been waiting for , for a long time!


Chi Zhongqiao was inexplicably embarrassed.


Lu Yuzhou took the initiative to explain: “I happened to meet Mr. Li and said a few words.”


Li Xi: …


He was shocked to find that Lu Yuzhou was talking nonsense with his eyes open.


Besides, Li Xi was so angry that he lowered his head and rolled his eyes-it just so happened that I was obviously the one who came to look for you. I said the two sentences at the meeting. You have been standing here for a long time. Except for a hello, you didn’t even open your mouth!


You seem to be polite to say so.


The well-behaved Lu Yuzhou changed the subject: “Did the shooting of Brother Qiao go smoothly?”


Chi Zhongqiao said , “It’s pretty smooth.”


Li Xi, who was completely ignored, was aggrieved.


A group of people stood in the shadows below the tall building, and the cold wind blew through and made people tremble.


Chi Zhongqiao’s open clothes caught a wisp of cold wind. He was clearly not dressed thinly, but he seemed to be particularly afraid of the cold today, and the wind was completely frozen when the wind blew, and he was shocked in place.


Lu Yuzhou always had half of his mind hanging on Chi Zhongqiao. Chi Zhongqiao shook, and he stretched out his hand to close the collar for Chi Zhongqiao: “Brother Qiao fasten the buttons.”


Li Xi: Well, look at the difference in attitude.


Li Xi held his notebook and felt that Lu Yuzhou was really not a good man. He simply handed the notebook to Chi Zhongqiao: “Mr. Chi, I actually came to recommend myself today.”


Chi Zhongqiao took the thick pile of printed papers, with doubts on his face, immediately remembered—Li Xi was the screenwriter in the original work. Li Xi’s first script was called…what was it called? Anyway, it became an instant hit and became a rare high-level TV series. It is the kind of good drama that will be dragged out and praised repeatedly after two or three years.


Chi Zhongqiao glanced at Lu Yuzhou subconsciously, and his mind suddenly became active- if Yuzhou could invest in this script, he would definitely make a lot of money.


Li Xi’s face showed a bit of shame and anger: “Although I know that it is presumptuous to do this… but I can’t help it. This is my script, can you read it?”


He worried that the other party thought he was cheated morally, so he quickly added one sentence: “If you think it’s inappropriate, it doesn’t matter if you refuse now.”


He made a bet with the bastard in the family, and had to rely on his own efforts to attract investment. He was so angry that he had forgotten that he was a newcomer screenwriter, and he was not a director who had made a popular film. How could his skills lead to a big investment?


Seeing that the bet was about to lose, Li Xi had no choice but to bite the bullet and find Lu Yuzhou.


However, the script that Li Xi secretly prepared was almost finished, Lu Yuzhou didn’t even move his eyes, and finally waited for an expression to give Chi Zhongqiao.


Li Xi had to transfer the printed script to Chi Zhongqiao.


He has confidence in his script , as long as he takes good shots and doesn’t spoil it, the popularity will never be lower than this year’s “Muyi Tianxia”! Big bosses like Lu Yuzhou are outsiders who don’t understand the pros and cons of the script, and will not be impressed by him in a few words, but Chi Zhongqiao is different. It is impossible for such a good actor to fail to see whether the script is good or bad.


Of course Chi Zhongqiao could see that, in fact, Chi Zhongqiao was a very accurate person, and he saw the best.


No matter what.


The book Li Xi gave was called “Guo Shi”. Chi Zhongqiao originally only planned to glance at it, but after reading a few pages, he couldn’t help but read it.


Lu Yuzhou stretched out his hand to block the cold wind for Chi Zhongqiao, and said, “Get In the car first, let’s talk about it in another place.”


Chi Zhongqiao woke up from the wonderful plot with bright eyes: “Mr. Li, let’s go. Let’s talk about it at the cafe nearby .”


Li Xi, a fledgling newcomer, can’t afford to be called Mr Li : “Brother Qiao can call me by my name!” He is one year younger than Chi Zhong Qiao and is a college student, so he’s really not used to being called. “Mr.”




Chi Zhongqiao is willing to talk, does that mean there is hope for investment? Although Chi Zhongqiao may not have much money as a rookie actor, he has a background. Besides, Young Master Lu is a living gold master. Li Xi inquired about Lu Yuzhou before he came to see Lu Yuzhou, the real investor of “Muyi Tianxia”, Lu Yuzhou, this series brought in a lot of money, and there are movies in the National Day archives. The  gold master standing behind the dark horse 1 referring to MuYi Tianxia here. is also Lu Yuzhou.


As for Young Master Lu’s special attitude towards Chi Zhongqiao, if Chi Zhongqiao agrees, can Master Lu not agree? He’ll definitely agree!


Listen! How sweet is one bite of “Koi Qiao”.


The three of them chose a cafe nearby. It was noon now. The cafe was empty and suitable for business talks.


Chi Zhongqiao loves Li Xi’s script very much. “Guo Shi” is a two-hero drama of court and court conspiracy. The plot is written in ups and downs, and the plot is scheming. It is cool and brainstorming.


Although Chi Zhongqiao loved it very much in his heart, the expression on his face was well controlled. He has never done business, but he has acted in a lot of plays. It is clear that when one party is too eager to talk about business, it is easy to fall into passivity.


But… this drama will definitely make money! You can’t miss it when you pass by, boy.


Chi Zhongqiao gently tapped Lu Yuzhou’s palm under the table.


Lu Yuzhou spread his fingers, grabbed the slender finger in his palm, and shook it up and down, as if to express “I see.”


My kid really has a tacit understanding with me. Chi Zhongqiao was quite relieved.


Chi Zhongqiao, who had achieved his goal, tugged at his finger and motioned to Lu Yuzhou to let go.


Lu Yuzhou squeezed his fingertips again before releasing it.


Chi Zhongqiao squeezed his fingers and twisted the script in his hand again, feeling a little strange. He thought for two or three seconds, not knowing what was wrong, so he returned his attention to the script.


Chi Zhongqiao suppressed the actor’s excitement when he saw a good script, pointed out the advantages of the script in his words, and then shut up. He hoped that Lu Yuzhou would not miss this opportunity, but he was completely a layman in business matters. After analyzing the pros and cons of the script, how to talk about investment is to let the professional Lu Yuzhou come.


But when Lu Yuzhou and Li Xi were talking about investment, Chi Zhongqiao stared at Lu Yuzhou with scorching eyes.


Lu Yuzhou : “…” He couldn’t laugh or cry. Brother Qiao’s eyes were too strong, and everyone could see the longing in it.


Of course, Lu Yuzhou knew what kind of disturbances this “Guo Shi” caused after the broadcast. The reason why he didn’t immediately agree to it was because it was a drama that had to be burnt out with money.


He invested and filmed this drama in the last life, which cost a lot of money. Although the final effect did live up to his expectations, the initial investment was really too big.


This is also the reason why Lu Yuzhou has a leisurely mind to hang Li Xi, and is not worried that this piece of meat will be taken away by others-such a costly drama is still produced by a newcomer, and currently there is no shadow of the director, who Dare to throw so much money in?


In the previous life, this drama appeared much earlier than it is now. It took four or five years to change hands and several productions, and finally it fell into his hands to start filming, so it was not easy for Li Xi to find investors.


But since Brother Qiao likes it so much, it doesn’t matter if he decides it first.


Lu Yuzhou doesn’t actually have a hobby of hanging people. He was cold towards Li Xi. One is because of his personality, and the other is that Li Xi’s long talks made it difficult for him to answer—Li Xi’s self-recommendation was mixed with too much development of the script. Lu Yuzhou is a business man, not an insider. Where can he get so much professional knowledge?


Now that he decided to finalize “Guo Shi”, Lu Yuzhou no longer assumes a dispensable posture.


A newcomer in Li Xi’s screenwriting world was led by Lu Yuzhou, and he was dizzy and signed a verbal agreement.


When the matter was finalized, Lu Yuzhou picked up his coffee and drank a bit of moisturizing.


Chi Zhongqiao, who couldn’t help but lowered his head to play with his mobile phone when he heard half of it, found that the conversation stopped. He raised his head and looked at Li Xi, and found that this little fool was actually more confused than the person who had heard half of it.


Chi Zhongqiao didn’t quite understand who could rest assured that this stupid boy would run out to discuss business.


When the three were about to separate, Li Xi suddenly called Chi Zhongqiao.


“That, Brother Qiao.”


Chi Zhongqiao : “Huh?”


Li Xi raised his cell phone: “Can I add a contact information of you?”


Chi Zhongqiao happily said, “Yes.” He was very happy with someone who could write such a script. Li Xi was very curious, and wanted to take this opportunity to have a good exchange of script content with Li Xi.


Lu Yuzhou, who was holding the car door with one hand, turned his eyes quietly and stared at the two who were exchanging contact information.


Li Xi, who was dressed relatively thinly, shivered fiercely and almost sneezed out because of the cold.


Chi Zhongqiao couldn’t control the “heart of an old father with compassion” , and said, “It’s normal for young people to love beauty, but they can’t joke about their bodies, otherwise they will get older and get sick later.”


Lu Yuzhou’s eyes became colder.


He knew that his temper was unreasonable, but he just couldn’t see that brother Qiao  treated Li Xi well. He remembered that in his previous life, Li Xi was loved by everyone, and the old fox Fu Jingshen never escaped Li Xi’s charm.


If it weren’t for Fu Jingshen later…Forget it, you don’t need to sympathize with Fu Jingshen, he didn’t get any better, and the “Guo Shi” had just ended and died in an artificial “accident”.


Li Xi is a talented screenwriter, and his brother Qiao is an actor with superb acting…There are so many common topics.


Lu Yuzhou narrowed his eyes lightly-it’s better to give Fu Jingshen a short report, so as to save him from always letting the evil out to seduce Brother Qiao.


Li Xi was very moved in his heart, but it did not prevent him from feeling colder around him. He nodded, “Thank you Brother Qiao, I will add clothes when I go back.” He rushed away and waved at Chi Zhongqiao, “Brother Qiao , I’m leaving!”


Chi Zhongqiao waved his cold right hand.


Lu Yuzhou shook Chi Zhongqiao’s hand very quickly. As expected, his hand was cold. He stuffed the unwary child who was still radiating his old father’s heart into the car, and said helplessly: “Obviously, you were shaking with cold. “It’s not the same,” Chi Zhongqiao stretched out his paws and dangled in front of Lu Yuzhou, “I’m already wearing very thick clothes. It’s still cold because of physique. That child is purely wearing less, so he’s cold.”


Lu Yuzhou squeezed his restless hand. , Helplessly said: “If you know you are afraid of the cold, don’t stay outside for so long.” In addition to his mobile phone addiction, his brother Qiao can barely be regarded as a health care expert. He has a regular schedule and will get up and exercise no matter how cold he is. He is actually good. .


It’s just that the physique is really not as powerful as a normal man, the hands and feet are still cold in winter even after he is wrapped into a ball.


Obviously there is a warm baby 2 warm baby : they are stuck to the body or clothes to keep warm. under the clothes, which doesn’t warm him.


Chi Zhongqiao was so tempted to sleep by the heat in the car, he yawned, and instantly fell into a half-sleep state with his eyes down. In this way, he was able to maintain a clearer mind and straighten out what he wanted to say: “Yu Zhou, Li Xi’s script is really good, and it’s definitely not a loss. I dare say that if “Guo Shi” is filmed smoothly, it will be ten times more popular than “Mu Yi Tian Xia”, then you will make a profit. Yes. I heard Qi Chuyang say that you pull up several good seedlings and pick those who are capable to play some roles. When the celebrities become popular, the company will gradually pick up. You have made a lot of money recently, um, your vision Okay, do things safely…”


Chi Zhongqiao was really sleepy, and in the second half he began to praise Lu Yuzhou in a mess, and piled on Lu Yuzhou one by one the good words that he didn’t know which corner it  came from .


So it is natural to describe Lu Yuzhou as a humble gentleman or even a gentleman, and sincerely worry about the prospects of the company in Lu Yuzhou’s hands … Lu Yuzhou still squeezed his hand, reluctant to let go for a while, taking advantage of the time Chi Zhongqiao closed his eyes. , Looked at Chi Zhongqiao’s face presumptuously.


Before Chi Zhongqiao could reply, he closed his eyes and patted Lu Yuzhou’s leg. “Are you listening?”


Lu Yuzhou’s whole body was stretched, and he accidentally squeezed Chi Zhongqiao’s palm.


Chi Zhongqiao was poked into the itching point, suddenly opened his eyes, and his shoulders shook with a smile: “What are you doing, itching.”


He withdrew the hand held by Lu Yuzhou and sank into the corner.


In Chi Zhongqiao’s eyes, Lu Yuzhou had a clingy character, and Chi Zhongqiao was used to Lu Yuzhou’s physical contact from time to time.


Lu Yuzhou only felt that his heart was beating so fast that it was about to break free of his chest, and he almost confessed the emotions of the young man Chi Zhongqiao in front of him .


He has never wanted to pour out a certain mood so much, he wished the person next to him could see through that little love at a glance, and he wished he could squeeze his affection so that he could not even see his tail hair.


Having lived for two lives, he has never had such a heart for anyone.


If, if he said now…


But Lu Yuzhou held himself back, he swallowed those words under a calm state of mind, or the usual placid surface, opening way with the usual indifference, “For this new drama, let Brother Qiao be the protagonist .”


The  most Influential TV series in the next decade ahead , given to his brother Qiao.




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  • 1
    referring to MuYi Tianxia here.
  • 2
    warm baby : they are stuck to the body or clothes to keep warm.
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