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IBKAWB Chapter 26

The Rebellious period


Chapter 26… The Rebellious Period


Lu Yuzhou hurriedly dropped the next sentence: “I’m sleepy, I’ll go to rest first.”


Chi Zhongqiao: “Huh?”


He looked away from the TV and turned to Lu Yuzhou.


Lu Yuzhou only felt that the gaze behind him was hot, and he didn’t dare to answer at all. He didn’t even dare to look back. When he turned around, he almost fell and stumbled with his left foot and his right foot.


Chi Zhongqiao’s gaze circled around Lu Yuzhou, but he was still confused , “What’s wrong, this is…” Chi Zhongqiao couldn’t help but switch off the TV. He sat on the sofa for a while and still didn’t think about what he said was wrong. , Had to step on the fluffy slippers back to the bedroom.


Chi Zhongqiao thought for a while, and searched on the phone: What will happen to the child during the rebellious period?



Yu Ming went back to her room lightly, kicked off her high heels and fell on the bed.


The roommate who had just taken a shower wiped her hair and sat beside Yu Ming, and said, “When do you plan to go to bed tonight?” Yu Ming said , “Sister Qing’s program will be updated tonight. I want to watch it. How about you?” The roommate opened the door holding the hairdryer and said while blowing her hair: “It doesn’t matter, anyway, tomorrow is a holiday, I can go to bed late tonight and read novels.”


Yu Ming rushed over, “Baby, I love you!” The roommate smiled and avoided her.


It was very late when the two came back, and it was already past twelve o’clock after they finished washing.


Yu Ming lay on the bed and opened an updated variety show in a contented place. She hadn’t watched the program “Encounter with You” before, and this time it was because of Yan Qingbo that she would pay attention.


“I heard that the crew of “Muyi Tianxia” will also participate this time.” The roommate asked suddenly, putting on a mask.


Yu Ming nodded: “Well, have you watched this show? The second male lead in this show is quite popular, is it Chi Zhongqiao?”


“I haven’t watched it, I heard it from my colleagues, but I have seen a bit of editing, which is really good-looking.”


Yu Ming said , not very interested. She has watched the program preview and knows what the leading actors of “Mu Yi Tianxia” looks like, but apart from Yan Qingbo, she has no interest in other stars. This show will only focus on Yan Qingbo.


In fact, she vaguely rejects the crew of “Mu Yi Tian Xia” in her heart-it is normal for an actress like Yan Qingbo to do a special show, and now she is going to be on a show with a group of newcomers…


Yu Ming snorted in her heart: Isn’t this just asking seniors at the level of the queen to promote their Jiang Tang TV to publicize drama? By the way, it also gave the newcomers a wave of heat.


Yu Ming thought so, and the sound of the start of the show came from the tablet.


Yu Ming hurriedly set up the tablet, skipped the beginning with a swipe of her finger, and heard the host Huo Ting say loudly: “Let’s welcome Teacher Yan!”


The sliding door behind the stage opened, and the beautifully dressed dancer slipped out gracefully. Yan Qingbo walked out in a playful short skirt.


Yan Qingbo took the microphone and walked slowly to the center of the stage against the backdrop of many accompanying dancers.


Yu Ming covered her face, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” When the “Muyi Tianxia” crew appeared to sing the theme song, she left her mobile phone aside and planned to pour a glass of water.


The roommate was reading a novel when she suddenly heard a very ear-scratching sound. She couldn’t help putting down the phone and looking at the tablet. At this glance, she was shocked by the appearance of one of them.


Compared to the costumes in the TV series, she still likes this refreshing modern outfit! It’s so good too! There is also that voice, the ear is about to become pregnant!


The roommate threw away the phone and concentrated on watching the show.


Yu Ming went to the toilet after pouring the water, and when he came back, he saw his roommate lying in front of the tablet computer, laughing and rolling.


Yu Ming: “…what’s the matter with you?” The roommate smiled and lay on the bed: “My god, it’s so cute! Reaching out and Touching the light card! I will blush!”


Yu Ming: “?? What happened? ? ”


roommate said:” he is so cute ah, my God, I love him! ”


Yu Ming went over:” Who “?


roommate:” Qiao beauty ah, he really is too cute, “said and turned the tablet  to Yu Ming and pulled the progress bar back to the time period when Yu Ming left.


Yu Ming actually didn’t feel much about “Mu Yi Tian Xia”, but since her roommate has recommended it so enthusiastically, she can also take a look.


Roommate: “Hahahahaha, my mom, it’s kind of cute.” He was obsessed with his lights and tried to touch the light card while everyone was not paying attention…


Yu Ming’s expression was stern, and she coughed slightly: It’s kind of cute.


But she only had her teacher Yan in her heart, and even little fresh meatcouldn’t shake Master Yan’s destiny!


The roommate had quickly searched Chi Zhongqiao’s Weibo, and flipped it down, and suddenly burst into laughter: “He actually took the light card back!”


Yu Ming leaned over: “Really?” She followed her roommate. When she flicked with her fingers, she saw a Weibo that was posted only two days ago, meaning that Chi Zhongqiao met fans in the show after recording the show. Because he liked the other party’s light cards too much, he couldn’t help but ask others to come over.


The most praised comment below was the original owner of the light card. The other party exposed Chi Zhongqiao’s jacket, which drew a voice of envy.


Roommate: “Hahahahaha, is this a jacket for the light card?”


Yu Miao grinned: “It’s a loss, a light catd or a few hundred yuan, and a down jacket worth a few thousands hahaha.” The two laughed for a while, and then they lay together continuing to watch the show.


The show quickly progressed to the first part of the second half.


Yu Ming smiled with sour cheeks: “How did he and Teacher Yan stop laughing at this kind of shameful and broken lines? Can their facial expressions and body movements be so stable?” The roommate was already laughing and rolling: “Beautiful Qiao Amazing!”


Yu Ming looked at the flying barrage, and one of the members was very conspicuous-turning off the sound, this is a textbook-like affectionate acting!


Yu Ming was taken aback for a moment, and then reacted – the reason why this temporary performance of the lines with magic change is so funny is entirely because the expressions and tone of the two people are too serious and the contrast is huge.


This also means that Chi Zhongqiao has the acting skills of acting on the same stage as an old drama bone of Yan’s level.


It’s kind of awesome.


The roommate said, “Oh, it’s so cute, I really want to be a fan.”


Yu Yu: “A girl with a heart , you want to change my favorite little meat for ten days and a half.” The roommate smiled, “That. Teacher Yan’s fans who only like her are incomparable. I am just a fan of interest. I don’t take it seriously.” She followed Chi Zhongqiao’s Weibo and planned to scan the other party’s Weibo homepage after the show was over.


Yu Ming proudly said : “I have only one Yan sister, she is my White Moonlight cinnabar mole!” 1 [T/N: Cinnabar mole/ Vermilion mole : an internet term, refers to someone that you love and left deep impression in your heart and you are unable to forget, forever unreachable]


Roommate: “! FML ha ha ha ha ha ha, its toxic .”


Yu Ming flicked her hand: “how so?”


Roommate pulled back the progress bar a bit, and pointed to the screen and said, “Hahahahahaha, it’s so amazing and cute.”


Yu Ming was full of question marks, and saw a table on the stage, Chi Zhongqiao standing in front of the table, Opening a sheet of white rice paper.


“This is acting talent, he wants to perform calligraphy?”


Yu Ming was surprised.


The roommate said, “It’s calligraphy.”


What’s so funny about calligraphy?


Yu Ming was puzzled and continued to look down.


Chi Zhongqiao, who was in a full posture, started writing, and the tip dipped in ink left three outstanding characters-red soy milk.


Yu Ming: “???”


Are you kidding?


Don’t you perform calligraphy? If you don’t write a double happiness, what’s the purpose of writing red soy milk?


As an amateur calligraphy lover, Yu Ming collapsed: “Too bad to squander the characters!”


Roommate: “Hahahahaha, he said he had drunk red soy milk before, so he wrote red soy milk, ah, it’s so cute, right? ”


After the show, her roommate rolled on the bed. Yu Ming turned off the light, climbed onto the bed, and gently turned on the phone.


The roommate suddenly squatted into her ear and smiled: “Didn’t you say that someone is only concerned about teacher Yan and calligraphy?”


Yu Ming was frightened and slammed his phone down: “…I… …This, he, he is related to calligraphy.” The roommate dragged his voice: “Oh–”


Yu Ming became angry, pushed her roommate, and retracted into the quilt to ignore people, “Fuck you.” The roommate began to read Chi Zhongqiao’s Weibo, and the more she looked at it, the more cute she felt. She said in her heart: “I might be chasing drama because of Beauty Qiao . He is really good-looking.”


This idea turned into actual action when the roommate pulled out a fan photo. The roommate took out the headset and clicked on the first episode of “Mu Yi Tian Xia”, She just skipped the opening song and heard Yu Ming scream out.


The roommate’s phone was smashed on her face, and the bridge of her nose was almost broken. She covered her nose and asked, “What’s the matter?”


Yu Ming said, “His writing in the live broadcast is good!”


Roommate: “Aren’t you not fanning him?”


Yu Ming: “…I am…” The roommate hummed, “Admit it, you just think he is cute and want to be a fan.”


Yu Ming threw away the phone and pinched her.



eleven thirty the next day.


“Zhong Qiao.”


Zhuang Fu’s voice arrived before he even entered the door.


Chi Zhongqiao was secretly eating a high-calorie cake behind Zhuang Fu’s back. Zhong Yin stood in front of him to cover him. Hearing Zhuang Fu’s voice, the two shivered at the same time.


Zhong Yin looked at Chi Zhongqiao in a hurry: What about Brother Qiao?


Chi Zhongqiao picked up his little cake and stuffed it into Zhong Yin’s hands.


Zhong Yin: “???”


He looked at Zhuang Fu, who had entered the door and found nothing unusual, and said in his heart: You are really a little clever ghost.


Zhuang Fu walked with wind, and smiled and said, “Zhong Qiao!”


Chi Chong Qiao said, “Good morning, Brother Zhuang, so happy, is there any good thing?”


Zhuang Fu: “Yes! ‘A little sweet’ wants you to do an endorsement! ”


A little sweet?


Zhong Yin is holding the cake: “A little sweet ? That big-name company in the beverage industry?”


Zhuang Fu: “It would like to ask you to endorse the newly launched red soy milk…Zhong Qiao, have you not seen the hot recommendation of Xiaoyun window ?”


Xiaoyun Window is one of the largest video websites in China.


Chi Zhongqiao: “Huh? No.” He usually reads Weibo.


Zhuang Fu sighed, “Let’s take a look, I will download it .”


Zhong Yin said, “Brother Qiao, don’t download it, I have this software here.”


Chi Zhongqiao leaned over and looked at it- the first popular recommendation under the Xiaoyun window:Chi Zhongqiao’s calligraphy live collection.


Chi Zhongqiao: “…Can this also be a hot spot?”


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    [T/N: Cinnabar mole/ Vermilion mole : an internet term, refers to someone that you love and left deep impression in your heart and you are unable to forget, forever unreachable]
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