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IBKAWB Chapter 30

The heart is burning

Chapter 30 The Heart Is Burning


Before the start of the New Year’s show, the milk tea advertisement shot by Chi Zhongqiao was finally released.


The edited advertisement is only fifty-seven seconds long, which is exactly the length of the video at the beginning of the video for each video site. So that night, the poor souls who opened the website but did not have a membership could only drink water while they waiting for the ads to end.


Originally, most netizens were lying in bed, not wanting to watch advertisements or doing anything else, so they had to stare at the timer in the upper right corner of the screen.


“I won !” There was a loud shout from the advertisement. The netizen who was shocked was amazed, and he woke up and looked at the screen subconsciously. He saw a dozen people surrounded one person standing in the centre. The man held the opened beverage bottle cap in his hand, and the camera zoomed in sharply, only to see the words “one more bottle” written inside the cap.


These four words immediately evoked the memories of countless people-the rude and simple marketing method of “one more bottle” is now in a state of “retreat”, but many office workers have experienced these in their student days, and they will run after school. When you buy a bottle of beverage at the commissary, what you look forward to most is the moment when you unscrew the cap to see the writing inside.


Counting a few years back, the first thing to tear open the package of all kinds of crispy noodles in elementary school was not to eat, but to look for cards in the bag, wondering if it said “one more package”.


The netizens in front of the screen couldn’t help but follow an advertisement and began to recall their school days. At the same time, they became interested in this advertisement. Instead of being in a daze, they watched the remaining half of the advertisement. When the video started, some netizens were still immersed in memories.



This advertisement mainly sells not only the enthusiasm for food but also the feelings and Chi Zhongqiao’s koi characters.


The entire advertising scene has tried its best to restore the small supermarket environment of the new generation of office workers. Chi Zhongqiao is also dressed up as a student, just like a high school student just after class.


This wave of sentiments is both warm and undisciplined, and it doesn’t even publicize what kind of memories he is passing on, but implicitly fills every scene with the breath of a few years ago.


But it is this feeling that instantly makes netizens who have been eating all the year round suddenly find the long-lost feeling of nostalgia, which is probably like a person who ate too much fast food suddenly went home to eat a meal cooked by his mother.


Or, try to buy two bottles of milk tea? Anyway, it’s all for drinking. Milk tea is better than cold carbonated drinks when it’s warm.



And Chi Zhongqiao’s fans are committed to watching the dozens of seconds of advertisement dozens of times, wishing to pick out the Chi Zhongqiao that appeared in every frame and appreciate it carefully.


That is the beauty Qiao in school uniform!


It’s not the Korean or Japanese school uniforms in idol dramas or the autumn school uniforms of domestic middle and high school students. Chi Zhongqiao was wearing a white turtleneck sweater inside, a large blue and white school uniform outside, soft black short hair, light makeup on his face, as if he was a teenager.


Why does he look so good in school uniform? !


Fans and many netizens recalled what they looked like when they were wearing school uniforms, and they covered their faces. Sure enough, the beauties look good even in a sack.


For fans, this advertisement is very meaningful, and they will buy sweet red soy milk for this advertisement-after all, this is Chi Zhongqiao’s first advertisement, and Chi Zhongqiao hasn’t shot advertisements for a year since his debut. The current work is “Muyi Tianxia”. He participated in a program and had a live broadcast. Besides that, they really couldn’t think of any way to support Chi Zhongqiao.


A bottle of red bean milk tea is only a few dollars. It is not expensive and difficult to grab a bottle . As long as they usually buy a drink, they can afford it. This kind of support cost is low, even if it is a passers-by, as long as Chi ZhongQiao has a good impression. When he sees the picture of Chi Zhong Qiao printed on the drink bottle, he will be a little biased and will subconsciously choose red bean milk tea.


For ‘ A little sweet’ , this partiality is enough. They ask celebrities as endorsements. One is the number of fans of the celebrity, and the second is the attractive power of the celebrity, which is the so-called popularity.


Although Chi Zhongqiao was weak on the latter, he couldn’t hold back his luck. He just caught up with the wave of red bean milk tea and European Emperor’s popularity, so he brushed his face in front of the public.


At the same time as the advertisement was released, ‘a little sweet’ official account followed up with a snapshot of the commercial shooting, which is the short video of the lottery draw after Chi Zhongqiao finished shooting the advertisement.


In the video, a hand appears first, holding several pieces of paper, the side facing the camera shows what’s written on it , eight with thank you for your patronage, one with another bottle, and the remaining one with another box .


And Chi Zhongqiao stood in front of the camera, smiling and asked: “Draw?” The camera shook up and down, as if he was nodding.


Chi Zhongqiao stretched out his hand, his white fingertips dangled in front of the camera for a moment, and then he took a sheet from the note. He looked down and read the handwriting clearly, and then smiled.


He turned over the note and said, “Whatever you say, you really want to give me a box.”


The words “One more box” on the note was facing the camera.


Probability of one in ten! Just hit it, this is the true European emperor!


This tidbit plus an advertisement completely buckles the setting of Koi and European Emperor on Chi Zhongqiao.


Invisibly, Chi Zhongqiao erected a koi character. As for whether it is true or not, no one really cares. Most people just follow the official stalks, but even so, it also gave Chi Zhongqiao an chance to stir up enthusiasm.


Just as fans cheered on the newly released commercials and highlights, the official annual drama event announced the list of nominees for this year. Chi Zhongqiao forwarded the list. Fans were puzzled at first, and then they found Chi Zhongqiao’s name on the list.


Fan: “Look at what we found?!”


My Qiao was……. nominated?


Best male supporting actor!


In other words, can you see him at this year’s annual drama event?


The entire fan base has exploded. They wish they could let the whole world know that their cub was nominated. For a while, the comment area under the official account of the annual drama event was temporarily reduced to Chi Zhongqiao’s fans’ celebration .



To avoid fans getting too excited, Chi Zhongqiao landed on the fan base that night.


Group leader: I’m going to squat for Qiao Qiao outside the venue! I burst into tears, my cub, you are great! The first drama is nominated, the first one!


Lihuabai: Oh, my cub, you are so kind, I can’t go but I will definitely watch the live broadcast!


When Chi Zhongqiao entered the group, he saw only one message quickly swiping through it, even if he could not keep up with them to swipe the news at the speed he could peer into the water group all the time.


Chi Zhongqiao typed out a line: “Good night girls.”


His message was drowned in various dialog boxes, no one noticed.


Chi Zhongqiao: “…”


He waited a while, but found that no one was paying attention to him, so he was cautious @All members.


Two minutes later


Owner: Uh… Didn’t you just…  cub?


Kazuki Silver Flower: It seems to be.


Lululu: Where’s the cub? Where’s my cub? Where did you go?


Group Owner: [Screenshot] Qiao baby is here…he appeared a long time ago, but we didn’t find it.


Chi Zhongqiao: I am here.


Chi Zhongqiao: Good evening, girls, are you having a good day today?


Group owner: Super happy! Cub, you’re good off now, Ma Ma is dead proud.


Wind: My son smashed! What am I smashing!


Lululu: My dear son! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the chances of the cub winning the prize this time should be quite high, my cub is too good.


Chi Zhongqiao: “…” The feeling of being called a son by a bunch of girls in their twenties is really strange.




Chi Zhongqiao sent a message: It is uncertain whether to win or not. After all, the competitors are all male god-level figures with the strength of works. (Smiling face)


No one in the wild : Damn! Don’t be dazzled by pride and happiness. Let’s just have fun in private. Don’t compare with other actors. Everyone is a good, dedicated baby.


Chi Zhongqiao couldn’t help but look at the ID a few more times. He remembered that the last time his relationship with Yuzhou was exposed, the same ID was also persuading a group of people to prevent a farce from developing into a war.


Chi Zhongqiao: For me, my highest honor is to get your approval. I am very happy to receive your love and praise every day, but I also hope that everyone will not ignore the performance and dedication of other outstanding actors. After all, their fans must also like their idols as everyone likes me.


Group owner: One powder reaches ten blacks, we all remember it, what my cub said.


Wind sound: I understand! It is forbidden to trample! Be a good baby who is indisputable in the world!


Chi Zhongqiao: Well, our girl is so good.


Chi Zhongqiao chatted with the fans for a while, until Lu Yuzhou knocked on the door of the room, then he threw the phone away, and Da Da stepped on his slippers to eat.


As soon as he left, the whole group exploded-


Twinings: No, I can’t hold back anymore, I’m going to explode-don’t any of you think that Brother Qiao called us too sweetly ? ! My girl! Ma Ma, he scolds me!


Wind: I can’t hold it anymore! He called us a girl, called us a girl! Why can he spoil us so much? I think my mother’s love is going bad.


Group owner: Why do I think the relationship between us and Qiao Qiao is so strange… I treat him as a son, but my son seems to treat me as a daughter…


After drinking Sanlu, the head is very big: Actually, I saw Brother Qiao called us girls … I grew up so old, no one had ever called me that… He was killing me.


Group owner: Wait for me.


Wind sound: Huh?


No one on the wild crossing: Have you changed our group name? Qiao’s girl?


Officers: ah ah ah ah – I love this man, and from now on I’m Qiao’s people!



” no one in the wild …”


Chi Zhongqiao clicked into the account, and the other party’s gender was shown as female. Except for a little mood record in the space, the rest was related to Chi Zhongqiao.


No matter where you look at it, it is an ordinary star chasing account.


Chi Zhong Qiao said with a face: “This girl is amazing, she is a computer science student.” Lu Yuzhou glanced at his phone when he heard “No one in the wild”, and said without changing his face, “Is this a fan of Brother Qiao?” ”




Chi Zhongqiao raised his phone, “I remember the last time I had a fight with Xu Xingzhou. It was also the account that had a clear head first, so they didn’t scold it underneath. I’ll look for it… here. ”


Chi Zhongqiao re-opened the comment interface with emotion:” I think she’s not like a fan, more like a professional ”


He really cares.


Lu Yuzhou’s heart did not fluctuate: “Probably a sensible fan.”


Chi Chongqiao moved his eyes from the phone to Lu Yuzhou, and shook his head: “No, I think she is like a professional fan, just the kind of undercover that artists hire to ambush the fan base .”


Lu Yuzhou: “…” Although Sun Qi did take his salary, if he says that…Sun Qi is probably wronged to death. After all, she is also a fan of Brother Qiao.


Chi Zhongqiao held his mobile phone and looked at it for a while, and suddenly realized: “Did Brother Zhuang invite it?”


Lu Yuzhou: “…” No, I asked it.


Chi Zhongqiao : “No, Brother Zhuang is not that active.” Lu Yuzhou’s face sank: “Zhuang Fu doesn’t care about Brother Qiao?”


Chi Zhongqiao put down the phone and laughed: “If he didn’t care about it, I wouldn’t be able to do anything . He is quite dedicated, but I am not brought out by him, and I am inferior to others in terms of his love.”  Zhuang Fu, asan agent, he does everything, but it’s just that he can’t treat everyone under him equally .


Chi Zhongqiao said, “About Zhuang Fu…”


He pursed the corner of his lips, and pondered his words: “Some opinions…He is not suitable for bringing too many artists.”


Lu Yuzhou straightened his expression.


Chi Zhongqiao squeezed his chin and slowly said, “Isn’t there a newly signed girl in our company? Yan Yiyun. I heard the teacher in the acting class said that the acting skills were pretty good and she was able to endure hardship. Zhuang Fu is leading her , and she just took the first role yesterday.”


Lu Yuzhou thought about it for a long time before realizing that there was indeed this incident. He has some impressions of Zhaohui’s newly signed seedlings, and Yan Yiyun is regarded as the most promising one. But even so, it took Lu Yuzhou a bit of work to barely remember such a person.


He couldn’t help but drifted out of his business attitude for a while, and said, “Brother Qiao is very interested in her.” Chi Zhongqiao couldn’t help smiling, “I said why you are jealous.”


Lu Yuzhou was silent for a few seconds. Tentatively, he leaned over, “Brother Qiao is more interested in her than me.”


Chi Zhongqiao was caught off guard by the person leaning against him. He was a little surprised for a while – although Lu Yuzhou was clingy, he still rarely acted like a baby so obviously .


Chi Zhongqiao thought for a while, and decisively reached out and patted Lu Yuzhou on the back. He is much older than Lu Yuzhou psychologically. In his opinion, it is normal for boys at this age to behave like a baby, so he accepted the setting of “the male protagonist is acting like a baby” smoothly.


“You’re such an adult… why would I care more about her? Is it not me who takes you to lunch every day.”


How normal it is for a child to act like a baby.


Chi Zhongqiao thought.


He didn’t hide, it was great, he didn’t hide.


Lu Yuzhou breathed a sigh of relief. The shallow breath of Chi Zhongqiao’s body was around the tip of his nose, and Lu Yuzhou closed his eyes and gently pressed one hand on his chest. He was so close that he even felt that his heartbeat had slowed down, and he slowly didn’t want to be in business.


Chi Zhongqiao was softened by his reliance, and his tone unconsciously jumped from a serious to a sticky state: “He didn’t follow Yan Yiyun’s first role into the group, and focused on Zhou Yunmo…” He couldn’t help but frowned.


Lu Yuzhou straightened up, “The previous arrangement of Yan Yiyun with Zhuang Fu was because he took Brother Qiao with him. He may have more experience. After all, Yan Yiyun can be considered a good seed.”


Chi Zhongqiao shook his head, “Zhuang Fu’s ability. It should be considered good in Zhaohui’s agent, but he can’t tell the difference. Zhou Yunmo just ran some small announcements recently, and he is usually used to it. Zhuang Fu didn’t bring Yan Yiyun, who joined the group for the first time. , Instead ran to worry about Zhou Yunmo…”


Chi Zhongqiao shook his head.


Lu Yuzhou said indifferently, “Probably Brother Qiao is so worrying that all good seedlings are like Brother Qiao.”


Because he was at home, he was in front of his sweetheart instead of his subordinates, Lu Yuzhou suppressed his anger, but his tone still let out some air-conditioning.


Chi Zhongqiao suddenly became happy.


Lu Yuzhou: “Why is Brother Qiao laughing?”


Chi Zhongqiao : “Don’t you think I’m particularly like a concubine blowing the pillow wind?” 1 concubine blowing the pillow wind : pillow talk /Pillow talk is the relaxed, intimate conversation that often occurs between two sexual partners, sometimes after sexual activity, usually accompanied by cuddling, caresses, kissing and other physical intimacy.


Here, CZQ is using it a humorous way, as the concubines often use pillow talk to provoke the king against other concubines.


He thought it was funny, and he smiled on the sofa for a long time, and stretched out his voice: ” My little uncle, I’m just telling you about this. The specific decision is up to you to think about it. Don’t be stunned by sorrow–”


He has a pair of extremely innocent and affectionate eyes, which are full of smiles. At that time, affection can also be seen as a peach blossom.


Hooked on someone…. The heart is burning . 2 Original text : 勾得某人…心火如焚



T/N : I have changed “Red soy milk” to “Red bean milk tea” in this chapter,but its still “red soy milk” in the other chapters.

T/N: Thank you for reading (~˘▾˘)~


Let me know if you find any mistakes and I’ll correct it. You can also ‘buy me a coffee’ if you like it…..




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  • 1
    concubine blowing the pillow wind : pillow talk /Pillow talk is the relaxed, intimate conversation that often occurs between two sexual partners, sometimes after sexual activity, usually accompanied by cuddling, caresses, kissing and other physical intimacy.


    Here, CZQ is using it a humorous way, as the concubines often use pillow talk to provoke the king against other concubines.
  • 2
    Original text : 勾得某人…心火如焚
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