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IBKAWB Chapter 21

Come to pick up Brother Qiao home


Chapter 21… Come to pick up Brother Qiao home.


When Chi Zhongqiao finished recording the show, it was already dark. Whether it was a real smile or a fake smile, it was tiring enough. He sat in the cold wind and let out a sigh of relief.


He hadn’t been so tired in a while, and couldn’t hold the expression on his face for a while, so he simply buried his face in the palm of his hand.


The driver still had about ten minutes to arrive. Chi Zhongqiao sat in the cold wind to wake up, and Zhong Yin, who was holding Chi Zhongqiao’s jacket, ran over in a panic, and his face turned pale when he saw Chi Zhongqiao in a daze: “Brother Qiao, why are you sitting in the wind?!”


Chi Zhongqiao patted his face, “I’m dizzy, it’s okay. I’ll stay in another place.” Then he got up and entered the building. He put on his jacket and asked, “Why didn’t you go back with Brother Zhuang?”


Zhong Yin pouted, “I am Brother Qiao’s assistant. I must send Brother Qiao home first.” He is the assistant. Chi Zhongqiao is his boss, there is no reason why the subordinates will run away before the boss got off work.


Chi Zhongqiao smiled, put his hand in his pocket and sighed which condensed into a cloud of white mist in front of him.


It’s early December, and the Chinese New Year is more than two months away. From the time he passed through to the present, he has never returned to Chi’s house. Although he has got the memory of Chi Zhongqiao, it is not Chi Zhongqiao himself. He doesn’t know how to get along with Chi father and mother.


Chi Zhongqiao felt very sorry for his father and his mother. Fortunately, he was not the only child in the Chi family. The original body also has a younger brother, Chi Tingyu, and Chi Tingyu is more sensible compared to the original body, who has been straightforward since childhood. After all, Chi’s father and Chi’s mother are all members of the business circle and hope that their children can also follow this path, but the original body has loved acting since childhood, which runs counter to the expectations of Chi’s father and Chi’s mother.


When Chi Zhongqiao was first in college, the relationship with his family was so stiff that they couldn’t even communicate on phone, but it has been much better in the past two years.


Maybe they felt that they have failed in the education of Chi Zhongqiao  too much,Chi’s father and mother moved most of their energy to Chi Tingyu. This is actually a good thing for Chi Zhongqiao, but for Chi Tingyu, it may be very hard.


Chi Zhongqiao’s thinking diverged, his expression gradually emptied. When he was thinking about whether to bite the bullet and go back this year, he felt that his sleeve was pulled twice.


Chi Zhongqiao turned his head and looked at Zhong Yin suspiciously.


Zhong Yin whispered: “Brother Qiao, that seems to be your fan.”


Chi Zhong Qiao followed his gaze. It was the girl who was holding his light card at the recording site before. She was holding the light card timidly at the moment. She stood not far away staring at him, and didn’t know how long she had been standing.


Chi Zhongqiao was taken aback and walked down the steps.


“Why don’t you go home?” The girl blushed and whispered, “I saw you haven’t left when I came out…”


Chi Zhong Qiao smiled, as he walked closer, the girl’s face became even redder, but Chi Zhong Qiao noticed that the other party was wearing very thin clothes, shivering in the night breeze, “Why do you dress so thin?” The girl wore a pink coat, woolen short skirt and boots in winter, and couldn’t stand the cold at night. As soon as she left the building’s heating system, she felt like she was frozen by the night breeze: “I…I was walking in a hurry and forgot to bring it.”


Chi Zhongqiao took off his down jacket and said, “You can wear it if you don’t mind. The girl hurriedly stepped back and waved her hands again and again: “No, no, you will be cold.”


Chi Zhongqiao pointed to the light card that was still on in her arms, and said, “I don’t feel cold when I see this sign. The first light card in my life. Okay, put this jacket on.” He was dressed thickly underneath, and he didn’t lack this down jacket.


The girl looked at his handsome face and swayed between taking and not taking it. Just as she was very tangled and hesitant, a black Maybach slowly stopped in front of them.


Lu Yuzhou walked down with a white down jacket between his arms.


The girl immediately covered her mouth: So handsome!


Lu Yuzhou wore a calf-long black down jacket. The close-fitting clothes had broad shoulders and a tight waist. Lu Yuzhou nodded slightly to her and walked straight to Chi Zhongqiao.


He probably just read the document, and there is a pair of thin-frame glasses on the bridge of his nose. His lips are thin, and the corners of his lips are slightly closed, as if he is a handsome face that is not easy to touch.


The girl took a step back.


“Zhong Yin, you get in the car first.”


Chi Zhong Qiao didn’t notice the girl’s movements, and smiled when he saw Lu Yuzhou, “Why are you here?”


Zhong Yin responded smoothly and got into the co-pilot. .


Lu Yuzhou put the down jacket between his arms on him, “Come to pick up Brother Qiao and go home.” Chi Zhongqiao put on the jacket himself, smiled and said to the girl, “Hey, now I have a jacket too. It’s freezing.”


He took his hand back when he saw the girl took the coat, “Is anyone here to pick you up? Do you want us to take you back?” The girl took the down jacket, the clean long down jacket with fresh scent of  detergent , her red face was about to bleed. She lowered her head and did not dare to look at Chi Zhongqiao: “I, my driver is over there… Um, Brother Qiao, can I take a photo with you? ? ” Chi Zhongqiao looked at the parking area and really seeing a yellow car, he readily agreed:” of course you can ah, ”


The girl immediately picked up the phone, Chi Zhongqiao, in order to match the girl’s height, he put his hands on his knees, bent down slightly, and smiled at the camera.


The girl made a V gesture, and ‘Kacha’ 1{T/N : *Kacha : onomatopoeia for capture sound of the camera.} I will took a photo, holding back the excitement: “Can I post it on Weibo?”


Chi Zhongqiao laughed, “Okay, remember to photoshop for me.” The girl was amused by him: “Brother Qiao, you don’t need to fix it at all. I’m so yellow and ugly beside you.”


Chi Zhongqiao said, “Little fairy is not ugly.” The girl said, “Brother Qiao, go back and rest!”


Chi Zhongqiao replied, “Yu Zhou, go in quickly, don’t freeze.” He and Lu Yuzhou got into the car, closed the door, and suddenly rolled down the window again, “Wait a minute.” The girl looked back suspiciously.


Chi Zhongqiao coughed, “Uh…cough, can you give me the light card?”


“Puff,” the girl laughed, and ran over and stuffed the light card into his hand, “Brother Qiao , take it!” “Said and ran to her car.


Chi Zhongqiao retracted into his seat and fiddled with the light card in his arms, which was terribly fresh.


The three words “Chi Zhong Qiao” on the light card are colored, and there is a bright light in the car, and there is a row of small words underneath: May my little general be invincible!


It’s exquisite.


Chi Zhongqiao had been looking at the girl’s light card for a long time, but because the thing was not cheap, he was ashamed to ask for it. Now that the change in the jacket pocket of the down jacket has been given out, he doesn’t care about it anymore.


How beautiful, Chi Zhongqiao took the light card and placed it in front of him, wondering where to put it back.


Lu Yuzhou motioned to the driver to close the window. Turning his head, he saw Chi Zhongqiao facing the light card, and said helplessly, “So you like it?”


Chi Zhongqiao tilted the light sign and said to Lu Yuzhou, “It looks good, you, don’t  you like it?”


Lu Yuzhou said against his will: “It looks good.” Although he really doesn’t appreciate the red and green color scheme.


He unscrewed a thermos cup and said, “Are you hungry? Drink something to cushion your stomach.”


Chi Zhongqiao took the cup, and suddenly slapped his forehead: “Almost forgot, Zhong Yin, please give it to me.”


Zhong Yin quickly handed it over.


Chi Zhongqiao unzipped the zipper and took out a delicate box from the inside.


“Open it and take a look.”


This person often bought some weird things and stuffed him. Lu Yuzhou was a little curious. He opened the box. Inside was a crystal ball. A small snowman was placed in the artificial snow scene.


Lu Yuzhou picked it up, feeling that this thing was a bit familiar.


Not to mention, although it is too girlish, it is still pretty.


Chi Zhongqiao opened the thermos and smiled crookedly: “I went out to buy it when I was resting at noon.” He still remembered that when he coaxed Lu Yuzhou in the morning and said that he wanted to bring him something, he was still thinking of giving something. When he was  passing by a shop window, he saw this crystal ball at a glance.


There was a sweet aroma from the unscrewed thermos. Chi Zhongqiao sniffed it. It was actually yam pork rib soup 2 . He took a sip, and the soup was just right stewed. The fragrance of yam and the meaty aroma of pork ribs were mixed together. It is a great comfort in winter.


Lu Yuzhou touched a button on the base of the crystal ball. After pressing it, the crystal ball played sweet music.


Chi Zhongqiao drank the soup slowly and squinted his eyes contentedly: “This is delicious. Where did you order it?”


Lu Yuzhou put down the crystal ball and said, “I made it.” When he lived alone in his previous life, he cooked by himself. The cooking is very good.


Chi Zhongqiao almost spilled the soup, “Huh?”


Lu Yuzhou held the thermos cup, “Be careful.”


Chi Zhongqiao held the thermos cup and said with emotion, ” Able to earn money and also work in the kitchen , Yuzhou, The girl who will fall in love with you in the future  must be very happy.”


Lu Yuzhou laughed and carefully put the crystal ball into the bag. “Yes, the old man said he missed us and told us to go back to dinner tomorrow.”


Chi Zhongqiao replied, “Okay, I’ll be back early tomorrow.”



“Are you sure? He got on a Maybach? The owner is a man?”


Xu Xingzhou asked in a low voice while holding the phone.


“It’s true, The man was covered with thousands of dollars on his entire body. That watch alone would cost over a million dollars. There must be money.”


Xu XingZhou said: “Have you photographed anything else yet?”


” That’s not it, I just watched their car turned into Biting Garden, you know that place, we can’t get in.”


Xu Xingzhou’s face was hidden in the darkness, and he suddenly remembered a conversation he had accidentally heard after recording the show:


“Chi Zhongqiao’s acting skills are so good, he won’t be afraid to act with the shadow queen.”


“It’s amazing. His acting skills are the best in “Mu Yi Tianxia,” Xu Xingzhou can’t do it.”


“To be honest, to say something offensive, how many people in the new generation have this kind of acting? Xu Xingzhou is very good. Xu Xingzhou is also unlucky, and his business ability is particularly bad.”


“It’s very unlucky. Chi Zhongqiao’s fans are almost surpassing Xu Xingzhou. A male supporting character is even more popular than himself. You say, will Xu Xing Zhou be furious?”



Xu Xingzhou clenched his hands and slowly said, “Brother Song, this will trouble you. I will double the reward for you. You must take ambiguous pictures between them. ”


“Okay, leave it to me.”




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    {T/N : *Kacha : onomatopoeia for capture sound of the camera.}
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    it’s funny because i always think this, but the antagonist in these stories are so worried about trying to bring about the downfall and ruin in other’s lives they fuck their own bag up like kdjgnfvbknfg it’s so funny because you know things will work out, but also I /still/ get so anxious and nervous reading because I’m like okay /how/ are things gonna turn around, ya know?

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