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IBKAWB Chapter 22

The live broadcast


Chapter 22… the live broadcast


“Muyi Tianxia” has been broadcast to the forty-seventh episode, and has entered the final part.


Today’s official blog released the behind the scenes of episode forty-seven . There were only more than three minutes of video. The first two minutes and twenty-five seconds were on the set, and everyone’s milk tea was circled in red. The last dozens of seconds, the camera suddenly aimed at Chi Zhongqiao who was also drinking milk tea, and Chi Zhongqiao, who was acting as the general , looked back blankly.




The picture freezes on this scene. Later, a big arrow was drawn with big red characters, pointing to Chi Zhongqiao, and the words “This man who won 17 cups of milk tea in a row” was added underneath.




Li Ge: My mom, Qiao Qiao is too cute, mom kisses him .


Egg yolk mooncakes: I just want to know how to win 17 cups in a row…


I am listening to your voice in the wind. V: I’m laughing to death. Go and check @Mrs. Qingyunshu’s Weibo, boss’ sface is all green, Qiaoqiao, what kind of devil are you.




Several hot reviews have mentioned @Mrs.Qingyunshu. Someone followed the hot review and was surprised to find that this blogger is actually a goddess of two dimension. 1{T/N : Most probably refers to the characters of animes, mangas, etc that don’t really exist.}


When did the goddess of two-dimension also chase stars? Doesn’t she just love paper people?


Mrs. Qingyunshu’s top Weibo is a big picture of Mu Yan, with a white armor of the general and blood-stained sword blade standing on the scarlet battlefield with sharp brows.


With the word: Peace was originally made by the general, and the general was not allowed to see peace.


The comments below have broken thousands:


I am listening to your voice in the wind. V: What kind of fairy baby is this? What kind of fairy baby is this, making this fan cry and love.


Nini V: I didn’t expect my wife to become a fan of three-dimension… Recently, many people in the circle are painting Muyan, let me check it out.


Fei short and long: I am so distressed, General almost lost his life, the dog emperor still suspects him, Emperor Yu  hurry up!



Lu Yuzhou casually swiped on Weibo when he was resting at noon, and couldn’t help but smile after seeing these comments.


“Mr. Lu?” The knock on the door caused Lu Yuzhou to pull off his phone instantly, and put away the snow-melting smile on his face, “Come in.”


Qi Chuyang walked in with a stack of documents.


Lu Yuzhou has been in the company for a few months. When he first came down, he didn’t do much. He just recruited some newcomers, and then picked some tender ones from the old people and controlled them tepidly. It seemed like some old fried dough sticks thought he just wanted to be a wealthy idler, but Qi Chuyang knew that this person did a lot of private actions.


This young boss, who is less than twenty years old, is not a good fool. After the Chinese New Year, it will be a bad time for those in the company who are living off the backs of the artists under them.


Standing at the desk, Qi Chuyang’s eyes were attracted by a small crystal ball–what is it, who put this thing on the boss’s desk?


Lu Yuzhou suddenly raised his head, “What are you looking at?”


Qi Chu was caught coldly and was taken aback, “Nothing, just that crystal ball is pretty.”


Lu Yuzhoufu lowered his head and said calmly, “Brother Qiao gave it.”


Oh, No wonder.


Qi Chuyang said in his heart: It is estimated that if Brother Qiao just bought a more girlish projection lamp, Mr. Lu is willing to put it on the table.



What made Chi Zhongqiao himself  not expect was that on the second day after the tidbits were released, the popularity not only did not fall, but rose-the reason was that an open-box blogger reposted a picture of Qingyunshu, which is the one with a picture of the mermaid Qiao 2[T/N : mermaid Qiao : reference from chapter 10.] and caption that you can get milk tea by forwarding, but the next day, he won a big gift package with only five copies.


Hathaway: It’s so amazing.


People who do not chase stars under the water :Who is this person? Is it in the game?


Mermaid…in the game, right? Has your wife played any games recently? Looks good, please tell me the name of the game, there is a slight move.


Chi Zhongqiao couldn’t help but complain when he brushed this: Girl, aren’t you afraid of having to answer another test paper? I’m not to blame for the make-up exam if you fail.


Originally, Lu Yuzhou was reading a book next to him, and he heard the words: “Maybe she can get a scholarship after forwarding it.”


Chi Zhongqiao smiled: “If this is the case, then I won’t work hard. I will worship myself at home every day. Well I am not  greedy, just ask for success and fame.” Lu Yuzhou smiled: “But I think that as soon as you get close to Brother Qiao, your luck will change.”


Chi Zhongqiao: “Yuzhou, your mouth is so sweet, you will definitely not worry about getting married in the future.” After he blurted out, he felt something was wrong, and suddenly turned over and sat up and stared at Lu Yuzhou.


Lu Yuzhou subconsciously touched his face, “What’s wrong?”


Chi Zhongqiao sighed, and shook his head: “It’s okay.” He just remembered suddenly that this book was originally a Danmei work. As the protagonist, Lu Yuzhou… likes men. Chi Zhong Qiao has passed the fate of cannon fodder, and where did the original recipient who should have appeared in the early and mid-stage…?


Chi Zhongqiao felt a little bit delicate when he thought of being the main character indirectly.


“Brother Qiao?”


Lu Yuzhou called him.


Chi Zhongqiao was taken aback, and quickly said, “Well, yes.”


Where is it? It’s not a small online chat.


Lu Yuzhou couldn’t laugh or cry.


Chi Zhongqiao put the shadow of the protagonist aside, he rolled over on the sofa and faced Lu Yuzhou: “How about I have a live broadcast tomorrow after the TV series is over?”


Lu Yuzhou said, “At home? ”


Chi Zhongqiao shook his head:” certainly not ah, in the company. ”


Lu Yuzhou said:” ah, Brother Qiao what to eat at night “?


Chi Zhongqiao lay on the sofa: “Um… let’s go to the hot pot downstairs.”


… The next day


Chi Zhongqiao posted a Weibo.


Chi Zhongqiao V: At nine o’clock tonight, Room 310, Cat Claw Platform, see or leave.


The picture is an emoticon package: what you want, there is coffee here. JPG


Continue my dog’s life: Damn! Finally you are here!


The general died in a hundred battles: burst into tears, my Qiaoqiao, can you put on more shows and commercials? There is also a fan group. When will the fan group start?


Chicken coop warning: Qiaoqiao has a fan group, but there is only one. It is full now. If you want to join, wait for Qiaoqiao to open it again.



Chi Zhongqiao couldn’t help sighing when he looked at the comments below: Although he said he had started again, he had never experienced the taste of being popular in a night  in his previous life, and Zhuang Fu has not dealt with this situation, both faced with the increasing number of fans, they are actually a bit busy, and there are really many deficiencies in fan management.


Chi Zhongqiao looked at the more than nine million followers on Weibo, thinking about how many people would be online during the live broadcast at night.


“Brother Qiao, what are we doing during the live broadcast?”


Zhong Yin asked curiously while helping him move the table.


Chi Zhongqiao said , “Just write a word and chat with them… Yu Zhou said that if I don’t know what to do when I’m idle, I can go up to him.” Zhong Yin was horrified: “F*ck, find the boss? Can you go up? Can you ?” Bring the boss to live broadcast, Brother Qiao, you know how to play.


Chi Zhongqiao said, “Yes, what’s wrong with this.? ”


Then he continued to move his table.


Zhong Yin: That’s right. Brother Qiao is on the top floor every day.


And while the two were busy arranging the venue, the fan group froze.


Most of them are fans of “Mu Yi Tian Xia”, because they are obsessed with Chi Zhong Qiao because of chasing the drama, at first it was just because of their face and figure, then they turned into role fans, and then they fell in love with Chi Zhong Qiao himself.


It can be said that ninety-nine percent of fans in this group are brought by “Muyi Tianxia”, and many of them are even popular painters and writers who post some beautiful pictures and fanarts in Weibo all day long. Ensure that fans have food to eat at all times, or a variety of high-quality food.


As a young man addicted to mobile phones, Chi Zhongqiao usually plays on the phone when he has nothing to do, and often visits the fan groups to interact with fans, so this fan group is very active.


“F*ck, just after work, I got reminder of the live broadcast as soon as the group opens. Is it really true?”


“Really. Remind all the babies, Qiaoqiao will be on live broadcast at 9 o’clock tonight in Cat Claw, room number 310, everyone be ready, Don’t miss it when you pass by. This is the first live broadcast of Qiaoqiao, and it’s super commemorative.”


“I’ll open three accounts tonight to give Qiaoqiao more viewers !”


“Don’t stop me, I must force my brother to watch the live broadcast today!”


“Goodbye, I will go to the Moments to promote it.”


“I’ve gone too. I can’t let myself miss his live broadcast for the first time.”


“The salary is ready, am I special? Max out tonight!”


“My Qiao, you finally know that the live broadcast is on! Why don’t you know how to say a few more words when you do the publicity every day, QAQ.”


For Chi Zhongqiao’s fans, it’s too much to be a fan of such a star. It’s hard-no way, Chi Zhongqiao currently only participates in one TV series, and usually runs along with the promotion, but Chi Zhongqiao stands with the protagonists and will not deliberately speak unless he is cueed. And Chi Zhongqiao has only participated in one variety show so far, which has not been broadcast yet.


The summary is that there is no new drama, no endorsements, no magazine shooting, no…nothing!


In addition to contributing ratings to TV series, they even have nowhere to spend money!


After finally having a live broadcast, they absolutely want to make Qiaoqiao feel their enthusiasm!


Fan group leader:


“Sisters, be ready !”



At 8:58 in the evening, Chi Zhongqiao checked his clothes for the last time and clicked on the cat claw platform after confirming that it was correct.


“If no one comes,” Chi Zhongqiao stared at the meat pad on the interface, and said slowly, “Then let’s write two more characters.” Zhong Yin: “Huh?”


Chi Zhongqiao said : “I’m not going to be able to support my family by selling my writing..”


Zhong Yin couldn’t laugh with his mobile phone.


The live broadcast room opened, and the number of people jumped from zero twice during the time when the camera didn’t react, and it jumped to 910,000 in a flash!


By the time Chi Zhongqiao’s face was reflected in the live broadcast room, more than four million people had flooded into the live broadcast room, and it was still rising.


Zhong Yin looked at Chi Zhongqiao: Is this the reason you worry about not having many people?



T/N: Thank you for reading (~˘▾˘)~


Let me know if you find any mistakes and I’ll correct it. You can also ‘buy me a coffee’ if you like it…..



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  • 1
    {T/N : Most probably refers to the characters of animes, mangas, etc that don’t really exist.}
  • 2
    [T/N : mermaid Qiao : reference from chapter 10.]
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