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IBKAWB Chapter 20

Recording program


Chapter 20… Recording program


The recording of the program is scheduled in the afternoon, after rehearsal, if there is no problem, the program group will start recording.


There are a total of four hosts, Huo Ting, Da Lang and Ni Qiao who are in charge of talking , and there is one Er Lu who specializes in selling cute and funny.


Huo Ting is almost forty. He made his debut at the age of fifteen. He is not the same as the current slender niche. He is 1.8 meters tall, looks very handsome, and has a very witty and humorous personality as a host.


Netizens also joked that he is a yardstick 1{T/N: *yardstick :a measuring rod a yard long, typically divided into inches. }  in the entertainment industry. If the male stars lied about their heights, they would know if they stood beside him.


“Encounter with You” This show is so popular, it is inseparable from Huo Ting’s popularity and strength. He is even more popular than many actors and singers who have just become popular.


Huo Ting stood next to Chi Zhongqiao holding the table, and said with a smile, “Now the children are well nourished and they grow really tall.”


Chi Zhongqiao is also 1.8 meters tall now, but his soles are thicker than Huo Ting’s shoes today. It seemed to be a bit taller than Huo Ting. He thought about it and said seriously: “Because I drank a lot of milk.” Recently, he did drink too much milk. Chi Zhongqiao doesn’t want to be too tall, he is acting, too tall is not good for acting.


Huo Ting laughed, his age is actually no longer comparable to that of little boys. Looking at young men in their twenties, he always substitutes himself into the perspective of the elders. “Just drinking milk will not grow taller.”


Xu Xingzhou looked down . He is obviously tall, so why don’t you praise him?


Yan Cheng slowly followed Yan Qingbo with her desk book, and gave Xu Xingzhou a contemptuous look when she passed by: If she was Teacher Huo, she would not talk to Xu Xingzhou.


The rehearsal went smoothly. After a few people walked through the process, the fans who grabbed the tickets began to enter the venue, and the show officially began to be recorded.


Soon it was the second half of the show, and they just listened to Huo Ting’s words: “Speaking of which, Ms. Yan came here today not just to meet with our old friends?”


Yan Qingbo immediately caught the conversation: “It is also to get to know each other. New kids.”


Er Lu curiously asked : “Who, who?” Ni Qiao said loudly, “I know! Yes–” She suddenly smiled slyly, “Guess it.”


There was a ready-to-use support underneath and immediately began to call out the name, Huo Ting said: “Yes. It’s them! Let us invite the protagonists of “Muyi Tianxia”!” The lights on the stage suddenly dimmed, the magnificent poster was shown on the big screen, and the theme song of “Muyi Tianxia” slowly sounded.


When it was their turn, Chi Zhongqiao let out a few breaths, two steps behind, and followed Xu Xingzhou and Yan Cheng on stage.


When the three come on stage, they will perform a small show, which is to sing the theme song of “Muyi Tianxia”.


When the three of them appeared together, the fans underneath screamed and shook their support cards. Although many people came for the shadow queen Yan Qingbo, many of them are still fans of “Mu Yi Tianxia”, and they also sit on the support of the program group to prevent the three of them from showing up in a cold field.


Yan Cheng has the best sense of music, so she sang the beginning, and the clear tone caused a scream.


When Xu Xingzhou spoke, the female fans below screamed even briefly overwhelming Xu Xingzhou’s voice.


The climax part was arranged for Chi Zhongqiao, because this section was the most catchy and the least difficult. And Chi Zhongqiao didn’t have any musical skills. He could only hold the tune after learning vocal music for so long, but he was born with a good voice, and his face was eye-catching.


The screaming fans gradually calmed down. As an actor, Chi Zhongqiao is more emotionally delicate than many others, so every word he exports is particularly moving, perhaps much inferior in technique, but that emotion is even more professional. Most  Singers can’t match it.


Chi Zhongqiao worked hard to find the tone: “A stroke of loyalty will give the mountains and rivers like a brocade, and we will make a slim skirt for you…” The fans were gradually brought into the mood of chasing the drama. The handsome young man became the shy little general again in a daze.


They slowly dangled the cheering cards with the beat, and even couldn’t help humming to the tune.


After singing a theme song, the atmosphere of the scene has been fully brought up. Chi Zhongqiao hurriedly took two steps, him and Xu Xingzhou stood on both sides of Yan Cheng .


Huo Ting and the other hosts just appeared. Huo Ting took the lead and applauded: “Welcome to the crew of “Muyi Tianxia”, thank them for bringing such a beautiful theme song.”


Da Lang: “Although everyone must know each other, but still, the three of you Please introduce yourself .”


Xu Xingzhou is currently the most popular among the three. He is the first to pick up the microphone. He is the character of the warm guy, so the words are not so playful, but rather calm: “Good evening everyone , I’m Xu Xingzhou, you can call me  Xingzhou or Xiao Zhou. I will play the honorary king in “Muyi Tianxia”.” After he finished introducing, Yan Cheng looked at Chi Chongqiao subconsciously, and Chi Zhongqiao laughed. Signaling her to speak first, Yan Cheng held up the microphone: “Good evening, I am Yan Cheng. You can call me A cheng or Chengzhi [TN: chengzhi: literally, orange juice] . I will play Ye Yupei in “Mu Yi Tianxia”. It’s an honor to be here today. On the stage where you met, it was the luckiest moment in my life to be on stage with the teachers!”


Chi Zhongqiao said, “Hello everyone, I am Chi Zhongqiao, the actor of Muyan in “Muyi Tianxia”, thank you to the show  group who gave me a chance to be on the same stage with the teachers. I hope everyone can support “Mu Yi Tianxia” more in the future.”


Huo Ting glanced at Chi Zhongqiao and he could feel that Chi Zhongqiao was not that kind who is very good at speaking , but he is very good at being a human being. Xu Xingzhou only introduced himself. Yan Cheng thanked the show crew more. He was a little more thoughtful than the two of them, but he spoke less than the two of them. He didn’t mean to overwhelm the host.


Yan Qingbo also likes Chi Zhongqiao’s personality. For a newcomer who just made his debut, the frequent snatching of scenes on the show is not attractive.




Yan Qingbo listened to Chi Zhongqiao’s sudden scream a few times higher when he introduced himself, and smiled in his heart: red or not red, it has nothing to do with seniority.


The main role of the crew to participate in the show was mainly to promote “Muyi Tianxia”, so after the three of them sang the theme song, Huo Ting brought the topic to the TV series.


Although Huo Ting has worked hard to find him a sense of presence, the main shot is still on Xu Xingzhou. Although Chi Zhongqiao’s popularity has risen rapidly, he is only a supporting role after all. When Chi Zhongqiao received the invitation, he knew this situation. So he stood at the side very steadily, and only stopped when he found the corner  . There was a girl holding his light sign, the very small one, in her arms, and the round-faced girl was staring at him. As soon as Chi Zhongqiao turned his head, she met her eyes, and the girl peeked at the captured bag and immediately covered her face with a light sign.


Chi Zhongqiao smiled at her, making the girl blush.


The little girl is so cute.


Chi Zhongqiao thought.


Yan Qingbo was talking witty words to Huo Ting. She caught a glimpse of Chi Zhongqiao not grabbing the camera, and staying on the side to laugh. She was suddenly poked by the smile. So when Chi Zhongqiao stretched out his hand and handed it to the little girl, the lights suddenly shone on Chi Zhongqiao.


“Qiao Qiao what are you doing?”


Originally Chi Zhong Qiao’s hand had already touched the light sign, but he was shocked to shrink back, and subconsciously stretched his hand to his back.


Yan Qingbo was amused by him. She pointed to the light sign in the little girl’s hand and said, “I will show you what Qiao Qiao was doing just now.”


She stood next to Chi Zhong Qiao, slightly widening her apricot eyes, with an amused expression. It’s a curiosity in capitals. She maintained this expression and said: “When we talked here, he was standing next to the other girl. While standing, he pushed the mike to the bottom and asked the girl. “Is this for me? Can I touch it?” When they handed over the sign, he really reached out and took it hahaha.”


Huo Ting smiled and said, “Qiaoqiao, why do you want to touch someone else’s light sign?”


Chi Zhong Qiao was very innocent: “Curious, so just touch it.”


Huo Ting squatted down with a smile: “Will you give it back to others after you touch it?”


Chi Zhong Qiao said solemnly, “We, the Mu’s army doesn’t take the common people’s things . ”


Huo Ting burst into frenzied laughter.


…A total of three events were prepared for the second half.


In the first event, four actors played with each other. Yan Cheng and Xu Xingzhou performed clips from a movie that Yan Qingbo had broadcasted some time ago. And Chi Zhongqiao and Yan Qingbo magically changed the famous scenes in “Mu Yi Tianxia”, Yan Qingbo played the heroine, and Chi Zhongqiao still played his little general.


This scene was originally an emotional farewell between the heroine and Mu Yan. When it was broadcast, countless people cried.


And on the stage, the heroine played by Yan Qingbo said sadly: ” General Yan , after today, we will no longer be possible. I have a problem–” Yan Yinghou’s acting skills are not blown out, she can stand up to it. She has a gray face, dedicated to tampering with the original lines, and is committed to changing it beyond recognition.


Chi Zhongqiao was holding back    a laugh , his expression distraught: “Loved.”


“Hahahahahaha— ” Da Lang did not hold back, and let out a scream of laughter.


Yan Qingbo said affectionately: “No, it’s not the question. What I want to ask is: Do you really love me?”


Chi Zhongqiao didn’t lose his chain in either his facial expressions or physical movements. He stared at Yan Qingbo blankly: ” I love you far more than you love me ah. ”


Yanqing Bo:” no, I love you more than that. ”


Chi Zhongqiao:” If you love me a lot, I always love a little more than you! ”


Yan Qingbo: “You love me so much, so why don’t you want to rebel for me?”


Chi Zhongqiao was even more sad: “Because the screenwriter won’t let me.”


Erlu and Ni Qiao squatted on the floor and laughed. Just like the real thing, the expressions are all textbook-level, how affectionate to be, if it is a mime, it will definitely be tearful, but this line is too ruinous.


Huo Ting said, “Really, Qiaoqiao’s acting skills,” he gave a thumbs up, “It’s too powerful, at least I can’t help but laugh hahahahahaha.”


“How is this acting?” Chi Zhongqiao said sternly, “Peipei  is my love in this life. If it weren’t for the screenwriter, we would have been together!”


Huo Ting could no longer hold back and laughed wildly.


In fact, the lines are all okay, but who told Chi Zhongqiao’s expression to be too serious? The contrast is the most terrible.




T/N: Thank you for reading (~˘▾˘)~


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    {T/N: *yardstick :a measuring rod a yard long, typically divided into inches. }
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  1. Avatar wabbityellz says:

    I’m really enjoying this story! I’m a little confused on the age of the mc though, I remember a chapter saying 27? but the interactions around him treat him like he’s 20? I also know he’s in the middle of college? So was the mid/late twenties his previous age? Or am I just missing something?

    Thank you for the chapters!

    1. Lan Bao Bao Lan Bao Bao says:

      CZX is 20 after he entered the book, he was older in his original world.

  2. Avatar jess says:

    shadow queen -> maybe she’s a movie empress???

    usually they called the movie emperor, ying di

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