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“Hero” saves “Beauty” chapter 4



Alexsus entered the Mu Mansion in a frenzy. His face was ghastly pale and his eyes showed nothing but bewilderment.


The AI servants looked at him dumbfounded as he stumbled into the Mansion. 


Alexsus was the son of Former General Herald Mu. The Mu’s are a very influential family among the elites and are one of the permanent members of the Coherent alliance.


Zen is a constitutional monarchy, but it wasn’t hereditary. The Coherent alliance which comprises the elite families as permanent members works as a check on the monarch.


The Mu’s have always had a close relationship with the Royal Family and are very much revered and respected. Especially since they have produced gifted talents in the past years who are not only very powerful but are also extremely charming in appearance.


Alexsus hurriedly trotted to the doorway, but then stopped just a few meters away. His eyes flickered with some hesitation, he pursed his lips and held his slightly displaced shoulder. 


And with a flick of his hand he set it, his face paled even more, he licked his dry lips and slowly walked inside.


“Welcome back, Young Master” A monotonous voice was heard, and an AI servant with a light-blue cloud mark on her forehead made her way to him.


He meekly smiled at her: “Genesis”


Genesis smiled at him: “Young Master, Your fiance is here.”


Alexsus who was walking towards the main hall paused for a moment, his tone was bland without any emotion: “Hmm…Ok I’ll see him” and then he continued forward.


The translucent glass doors slid open and Alexsus walked in with a smile on his face.


Across the room, a man sat on the couch, from behind you can see his broad shoulders and dark-blue hair. 


Alexsus silently took a deep breath in and walked forward: “Elijah! What a surprise!”


Elijah stood up, his tall and well-proportioned body was covered with a simple but elegant V-neck t-shirt paired with slim Denim jeans.


On the armrest lies a hooded jacket. Alexsus quickly glanced at them Denim….a luxurious brand, the top and the jacket from Gloria…no matter where or when he’s always like this…


Elijah turned around to reveal his striking face, emerald phoenix eyes, fair and smooth complexion, thin lips, and well-defined contours.


Elijah smiled slightly but his tone was straight: “Mn, your father called me.” He casually walked over to Alexsus as the other did. 


And when he got a closer look he frowned: “What is-”     


“What’s wrong?” A well-dressed man descended the stairs. His features looked identical to Alexsus’, but it was more manly in contrast to Alexsus’ delicate features.


His voice was deep and carried an oppressive aura, but the tone was neither concerned nor angry.


“What is wrong with you?” He questioned again.


Alexsus seamlessly lied: “Greetings father, I just went to my daily lessons and used up a little too much of my spiritual essence on a new technique, and then had to take a tiring trip to the mall, so I don’t feel quite well. A simple rest would be enough.”


Leon Mu glanced at his son: “Oh, I want you to master it by this evening and show it to me. Understood? Don’t be a disgrace.”


Alexsus bowed a little, still bearing the smile: “Yes, father.”


“Good, now go to your room, I have something to say to Elijah.” Leon Mu nodded with satisfaction at his son’s obedience.


Alexsus smiled and nodded at both and left the hall. After he reached his room, the doors closed behind him. He put away his smile and leaned heavily on the doors as he slouched down onto the ground.


He cradled his head in his arms. Time passed by, he didn’t know how long but it was long. Gradually he calmed down and slowly got up from the ground.


He walked to the mirror beside the perfectly made bed. Peering into it, he saw a handsome face…more towards the delicate side, a face that many knew and appreciated, it had gorgeous ocean-blue peach-blossom eyes.


But…those eyes, they have no light, they are dead…emotionless. He raised his hands and covered his eyes. Scars too deep though healed cannot be covered, he acted for long…so long that he doesn’t know how he feels anymore.


He couldn’t help but look into the mirror once again Aurel…was that you? I will die, right? After all I’ve done…I don’t have the face to ask for forgiveness. 


He gave a self-mocking smile and lied on the bed. Escape death? I can’t wash off my sins…if it is to hell I go let me go, at least it would be better than here.



Aurel squinted his eyes as the sunlight poured in. Back…


There were things he should know…the things he had forgotten, he must know them. He felt this strong connection between him, the ‘cheater’, and his star core…


But…after getting so much information…he felt quite hyped up and found the whole thing funny. But now is the time he must calm down and think things through.


Right now there is only one person that gives him comfort, care, and protection Sister…


“You say that it was me? Why?” Maeve was sitting on the couch, with a handsome man across her as she raised an eyebrow to coldly question him


The handsome man adjusted his glasses: “Young general, please calm your temper.” He smiled leisurely.


“You are his closest kin, a person he can wholeheartedly rely on, he felt at peace with you here.” He calmly continued.


“So you are saying that my people aren’t reliable, or are you pointing out that he has no one to be with?” She mockingly asked.


The man was still calm, not a ripple of anxiety within his demeanor: “No, but if your people were reliable would he be like this?”


Maeve looked at him deeply and finally…She smiled: “Good.”


She stood up and walked towards the window, lighting a cigarette: “When it comes to my brother there will be no compromisations.” 


“Doctor Lance, help me… ” She puffed out a cloud of smoke. 


Doctor Lance stood up: “General, I’ve passed your test, and as a doctor, a patient is my topmost priority.”


She whispered, puffing out another cloud of smoke: “Thank you”


“I don’t want to hide his condition from him, but right now isn’t the time… he should have known ‘them’. I’ll wait till he calms down.” She stubbed out the cigarette. 


“Until then, you’ll be his PA, Royce Dawson, a person who owns a degree in medicine and is highly skilled in healing. You’ll be saying that I have worried about him since the time he passed out to stay with him.” She continued: “Any questions?”


“I don’t” He shook his head lightly. 


Exactly at this time, the doors opened. 


“Who?” Maeve asked in a deep voice, her eyes as cold as ice, but as soon as she saw the person, the ice melted down instantly. 


“Aurel! Why are you here? How are you feeling? Ah… be careful, slowly, how is your head? Any pains?” She hurriedly walked to him, supporting him with her arm as she questioned him with concern. 


Aurel felt much more comfortable with her here, totally ignoring the other person in the room he gently shook his head and asked: “Sister, can I sleep with you?” His eyes were shining like stars. Maeve’s heart melted.


“Come” She took him with her to the bedroom, as they passed by the door, she glanced at doctor Lance, and he nodded in reply.


After they left Doctor Lance sat back on the couch, laying comfortably. His AIsyst vibrated, it was a message from Maeve: Mr. Lance Taylor, hope you enjoy your stay here, may your vacation be smooth sailing without any waves.


He chuckled sigh…my vacation has been ruined.


After they entered the bedroom, Maeve removed her boots, got into the bed, and rested her back on the headboard.


Aurel too removed his footwear and laid his head on her lap Just like when he was a little kid.


She gently creased his hair and said: “Sleep, put your worries to rest, I’m here for you.” He relaxed, As long as you are there by my side, I have nothing to fear…sister. He drifted off to sleep.


Maeve looked at Aurel who was sleeping like a kitten near its mother and ran her fingertips on his wrinkles…


Aurel, you’ve suffered when I wasn’t here, this time I’ll be there to protect you. I’m sorry…

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    Awwwww (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ
    I hope Aurel gets better soon, and what a good sis Maeve is.
    Thank you for the chapter~( ◜‿◝ )♡

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