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“Hero” saves “Beauty” chapter 2


Aurel was stunned and subconsciously took a step back. But, Prince who was next to him directly jumped on to the three. “Prince!” Aurel called out.


One of the three, a man with dyed sky-blue hair and Hazel upturned eyes hugged Prince: “Oh…Prince, I missed you! Did you miss me?”


Aurel looked at this and stood there confused. Then the other two, one man with dark hair and emerald eyes and the other, a lady with rose pink hair and sky-blue eyes came forward to introduce themselves: “Hi Aurel! I’m Levi Rivera, this is Gwen Taylor.” Then he pointed to the person hugging Prince: “And that is my boyfriend, Noah Lan”.


Aurel looked at them and realized: “Oh! It’s you!”, suddenly everybody in the room turned to look at Aurel, the three’s eyes were shining and his sister looked at him with her eyebrows arched, he then slowly continued: “Sister mentioned you…” 


There was a flash of loss in their eyes but they continued smiling. Noah released Prince: “Aurel, where are you going, need company?”


Aurel was able to understand their importance to his sister, so he nodded without refute. Noah happily put his arm around Aurel’s neck and went through the door, waving his departure to the others.


They left the mansion and got onto the starship. Noah asked Aurel: “Where do you wanna go to?”. Aurel replied: “Frank Times Square, the Collins Mall.” Noah cheekily smiled: “Let me guess…you wanna throw a welcome party?” 


Aurel was pleasantly surprised he chuckled: “Nice guess…you are right on point.” In reply, Noah just smiled at him.


Then Aurel asks Noah: “How did you end up working under my sister?” Noah “Work?…oh! I am very good at finance so… I ended up here” 


Aurel nodded, showing a look of understanding. But he couldn’t help but add: “Have we met before? I just find you familiar.” From when he saw all the three, he felt something clawing his heart…it is just that he can’t remember nor understand what it was…


Noah laughed in reply: “Maybe or maybe not…” Aurel glanced at Noah. He too…giggled together with Noah. 

Soon they reached the Collins Mall in the Fank times square. Aurel and Noah enjoyed their time in the mall and brought more stuff than expected. They were leaving as the AI bots carried their luggage. Suddenly a young man with AI bodyguards stood in their way.


“Heh! I never expected to see you here Noah. I thought you’d be at home, crying.” The young man laughed sarcastically. Noah clenched his fist and looked at the other with hatred in his eyes.


Aurel meanwhile scrutinized the person. Looks…beautiful, blue peach blossom eyes, straight nose, and a beautiful jawline…even his body is well defined. Such a pity, really…such a pity.


The young man had pure disgust in his eyes when he turned to Aurel: “And who is this old man?” 


Hearing that Aurel looked at the other with his eyebrows raised. His index and thumb rubbed together and his beautiful almond eyes stared at the other with a hint of mischief.


Noah noticed Aurel’s slight movements and immediately warned the young man: “Alexus, mind your word-”


“Alexus?” Aurel cut in: “Nice name” 


Noah: too late…


Alexus glanced at him haughtily. Aurel continued “Since I’m an old man, shouldn’t you, a kid respect your elders?” Alexus just snorted “You are a waste of my precious time” and turned to leave. Aurel reached out to casually hold Alexus’ shoulder…crack


Alexus broke out in cold sweat, he hurriedly retreated behind the AI bots: “You! How dare you!” he shouted with a pale face. 


Noah hurriedly stood in front of Aurel, protecting him behind: “Alexus, this is my last warning” he said deeply and his eyes flashed darkly. Aurel however, just came out from behind and sneered: “Children who don’t know how to respect elders must be thought properly”


His almond eyes stared at the other with slight malice, but when Alexus stared into those dark eyes his face changed drastically. As if he had seen a real ghost, he left the place stumbling on his feet, and the AI bots quickly followed him.


Aurel turned to Noah: “Who is that?” he smiled “You were so cautious of him…the feelings in your eyes were obvious. But…” Aurel didn’t continue the other half of his sentence. Noah pursed his lips and didn’t speak. 


Aurel just glanced at Noah: “Come, let’s go, the party cannot wait” he pulled Noah’s hand and left the mall. They sat in the starship and went back home. As they passed the pale fluff of clouds, Noah gazed beyond the horizon of the golden sun…I’m sorry, Aurel…I can’t….I just can’t


On the other end, Aurel clasped both of his hands together. Back there, when he used his ability…his star core gave a dull pain which made him break out in cold sweat. Even his hands shivered slightly, but thankfully nobody noticed it…


His body felt heavy, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes to rest.


He didn’t know when, but his mind wandered off to dreamland.


KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar De Vile says:

    The part where they had a confrontation is kind of confusing but this seems really interesting (つ✧ω✧)つ
    Thank you for the chapter~ ( ◜‿◝ )♡

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