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“Hero” saves “Beauty” chapter 1


Zen…Humans moved here before the solar system collapsed due to a stellar collision, though it was long tested and proved that the solar system wouldn’t have a star collision, nothing is always the way it looks like.


An intergalactic star from the Virgo cluster of stars changed its route, and the humans with animals were forced to leave their home planet, Mother Earth.


Of course, God did give a gift in return for the heartache, humans, and animals with the Arthropods evolved into beings with powers, even their lifespan expanded up to 300 years. After many centuries of war between the Arthropods and human beings, signing a treaty they settled on two neighboring planets, Zerf and Zen.


The animals migrated to a different planet named Hyan.


And many who don’t like the treaty protested with violence, but were recently suppressed, and forced to leave, the dissatisfied Humans and Arthropods migrated to Gorge and Nymph respectively.


These all planets stayed in the same system named Aurora, held together by the beautiful star Blair.


Over the clear skies of Zen, a starship zoomed across the blue hue of colors, it stopped before a huge mansion. 


The tinted hatch opened and a woman in a dark military coat and black leather stiletto boots walked out.


Her eyes were covered behind dark shades, but her oppressive aura couldn’t be concealed. The tall gates of the mansion opened and two rows of AI servants with a purple star on their forehead. The AI leading them was a beautiful “lady”, they bowed together: “Welcome back, young miss.”


The woman in black nodded as she walked past: “Riae, Where is he?”


The AI Riae who was leading them said: “…Answering young miss, in the garden.”


The woman removed her shades, her dark and beautiful hooded eyes stared at Riae, she had a straight nose and thin peach lips which complimented her sun-kissed tan: “mn…”


Riae: “…” Young miss noticed.


The women turned and continued forward as the doors to the mansion opened. She directly went to the garden. She spotted a person, as soon as she saw him her pupils dilated. No wonder there was uncertainty in Riae’s tone.


The person turned around, he was an “old” man with soft wrinkles on his face, but his beige skin glistened under the light, and his gorgeous inky almond eyes twinkled with innocence and mischief. 


As he saw her, he hastily came up to her with excitement: “Sister! You are back!”, he exclaimed. The woman looked at him and said: “Aurel, where is the pill I sent you?”.


Aurel looked confused at first but then his face lit up: “I remember! It was fed to Prince, I found it lying in the presents you sent me, so I gave it to Prince as he wanted it.”


She looked at Aurel and said seriously: “Aurel, it is not the time for jokes. Tell me where did you put it?”


Aurel looked at her innocently: “It is true, why would I lie?”. She gazed sharply at Aurel and said coldly: “You fed it to the dog!”


Aurel was stunned and resigned back in fear as she continued “You know the condition of your star core, that pill was to help you! And you fed it to the dog! Do you know how difficult it is to get the RoV pill!”


She breathed out and looked at Aurel, the rims of his eyes were red and he looked like he would cry any second. Her heart immediately softened: “ sigh I’m sorry…”, she hugged him, “I’ll find a way, ok?”, he nodded in her embrace. She was quite tall, and Aurel leaned on her shoulder for comfort.


She released him and asked: “Where is Elijah?”, Aurel looked at her perplexedly, she raised an eyebrow and said: “Elijah? Elijah Xu? Don’t tell me…” “I don’t know him”: said, Aurel frankly.


This time she felt a headache coming, “Aurel, tell me, do you remember Gwen, Noah, and Levi?.” Aurel thought for some time and dejectedly shook his head “I don’t know…was I supposed to know them?”.


She took a deep breath and said: “No, it is fine. I have some work to do, you can continue what you are doing.”


Aurel smiled and said as he ran: “I’m going to my room, finish your work fast!”.


She gazed on till he was no longer in her line of vision. She touched her AIsyst on her wrist. A projection appeared before her, she browsed on Elijah and her eyes cooled down at a speed visible to the naked eye.


She closed the interface and sent a message to a group.


<<Cold General>>: Back.


Within seconds she got responses.


<<Food lover Gwen>>: Big sis Maeve!

<<Black Hearted Noah>>: Welcome home sister Maeve.

<<Rich young master Levi>>: The cold general is back? Hi, sister Maeve.


Maeve directly sent a word and walked into the house closing her AIsyst.


<<Cold General>> Meet.


Aurel was lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. Sister came back… she should have had a hard time in the north.


He felt bored so he opened his AIsyst, on Novalife, he saw people discussing about Marshal Wei. The Z2 festival is tomorrow, and the Marshal, being a part of the royal Wei family will attend it, inaugurating the treaty between the humans and the arthropods.


The interface was filled with people talking about his appearance. Nobody has ever seen Marshal Wei’s appearance as he never showed up in public. He was always a low-key person so many didn’t actually how he looked. The only picture they had of him was his back profile. It was shot when he exiled the protestors of Zerg and Zen. They could only make out his tall stature behind the imposing black cloak and the pale blond hair which shone golden under the warm sunlight, they gave him a princely aura.


When his sister was away, he read all about Marshal Wei’s accomplishments, and slowly little by little, even he didn’t know when, but he started to admire him. And this admiration was boundless. Though he knew it would, in the end, return him nothing, his heartbeat couldn’t help but race whenever he read about him.


He looked at himself in the mirror. He saw an old man with wrinkles on his face…sigh, forget it, I’ll go shopping since sister is back I’ll throw her a welcome party.


He hopped out of bed closing his AIsyst and walked out as the door opened. Then he saw a furry golden shadow pass by. His eyes lit up: “Prince!”


Prince barked with joy as he rushed into Aurel’s embrace. Aurel rubbed Prince as he giggled: “Come on, sister is back, let’s go shopping for the party.”


Prince barked in answer and followed Aurel out. As they entered the lounge, Aurel saw Maeve sitting with three other people, they should be in their 90’s like him.


Maeve was furiously looking at the three: “Elijah dares to-Aurel?” she paused for a second and continued with a smile: “What are you doing here? Is there anything I can help you with?”


The three unfamiliar people immediately turned to look at Aurel with bright eyes: “Aurel!”


KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar YourLocalBob says:

    Oh? Mc has memory loss?

  2. Avatar De Vile says:

    Kukukuku beautiful Blair huh? ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ
    Anyways thank you for the chapter~
    ( ◜‿◝ )♡(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

    1. Avatar WX says:

      Yes, Blair is quite a beautiful star. ❤

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