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“Hero” saves “Beauty” chapter 3


“Aurel, I’m going…” 




He heard his sister’s voice. He was outside the gates of their home and his sister was standing in front of him. Her eyes were filled with worry and love, she came forward to embrace him, and he buried his head on her shoulder. Tears streamed down his cheeks. He wasn’t able to control his emotions…


A handsome young man, with beautiful almond eyes overflowing with tears and a Gorgeous woman in black, hugged each other outside the gates. She patted him and whispered: “Take care of yourself” then turned around to leave. Aurel dazedly stared at her retreating figure, ‘his’ heart was filled with the sorrow of parting but his mind was ever clear.


Isn’t this the time when his sister left home?


His mind was still preoccupied, then suddenly everything went dark. He was stunned, but before he could contemplate, the scene changed. 


He was standing in a garden, the garden was elaborately decorated with sheer curtains and beautiful flowers. The setting was filled with diamonds and gold, and there were a few people…congratulating?


In front of him was a man in a maroon slim fit suit, he wasn’t able to see the other party’s face clearly…it was a blur. The other held ‘his’ hand and kissed…A ring?


He looked at ‘their’ hands and saw a pair of almost identical rings. The shank of the ring was exquisitely crafted with titanium as if it stood for the strong love between the owners, and in the middle was a beautiful diamond…just that it was larger on ‘his’ finger than on the others.


His body wasn’t in his control and ‘his’ heartbeat was accelerating, but in his mind he was frustrated, he felt like beating up the guy in front of him and then ask him: “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!”


He knew that this was his body…if he can’t even recognize his hand he was worthless…He isn’t stupid, if this was a dream he knew whom he would love to marry…ahem! But right now the person in front of him was someone else and he can’t even control his own body…


He suddenly remembered his sister’s words…Noah, Levi, and Gwen…even another one named Elijah…if he is correct he should know all of them…but then why? Why is it that he doesn’t even have a single memory of them… 


He was still deep in thought when the man in front of him suddenly pulled ‘him’ closer and whispered in his ear “Aurel…thank you for loving me, thank you for accepting me…”


Now Aurel’s mind calmed down a bit, Thank god this wasn’t a wedding, just a proposal…but then again he thought…did they-no we get married later on???


He knew he lost memories and that this wasn’t a dream, just as he was thinking if he was married or not, the memory shattered, and everything went blank.


This time he was relatively composed, but it was still sudden. 


In the next scene, he was at the top of a rugged mountain hill. The skies overhead were gloomy and the dark clouds covered the sunlight.


‘He’ was backing off to the edge of the cliff holding the proposal ring in ‘his’ hand: “Hahahaha…I should have known” ‘he’ smirked. Aurel was able to feel the agony and despair of betrayal in ‘his’ heart, but on the outside ‘his’ eyes were filled with contempt and disregard.


Opposite to him were two people, just like before he wasn’t able to see their faces…But one of them was tall with a well-proportioned body while the other had a delicate figure, though he can’t make out who they are he was able to tell that they are well off from their outfits.


Able to feel ‘his’ own misery Aurel quickly guessed that the tall man was the one who proposed before, he subconsciously sighed in relief, Great! I’m not married. He didn’t even care to think of what brought them to this state, as he was overfilled with joy for he was still single.


‘His’ hand moved and within a second ‘he’ broke the ring…he was a level-8 S-rank Ice awakener, the frost quickly covered the ring and it shattered into tiny shimmering fragments. 


They slipped from ‘his’ fingertips silently to the ground, and with that ‘his’ emotions for the other disappeared as if they’ve never existed.


‘He’ chillingly smiled: “Heh! You want it?”, ‘he’ turned around and jumped off the cliff. The two men hurried to the edge of the cliff and bent down to look at him. ‘His’ lips curled up into a mocking smile as he whispered: “Then come and take it, s******”.


That moment in mid-air wasn’t long, the heart slowly let go ‘his’ emotions were dead, ‘he’ put up a shield and braced for impact. And soon ‘he’ hit the ground. 


The ice shield around ‘him’ shattered, ‘his’ body convulsed in pain. ‘His’ brain felt dizzy. He couldn’t see ‘his’ surroundings properly, everything was dim and gloomy, ‘his’ head was spinning so ‘he’ reflexly shut his eyes tightly. 


‘His’ mouth was dry and ‘he’ felt it hard to breathe, he found out that ‘his’ body was paralyzed, it was then he heard footsteps and followed by it, were two voices. ‘He’ mustered up all of his last ounce of strength and cried out in a hoarse voice: “H-help…me….”


‘He’ opened his eyes to look at them, but to no avail, he just heard them speaking in a muffled tone. 


“Master, shall we?”


“Mn, civilians are our topmost priority, save him.” He heard the deep magnetic voice of his savior, he felt ‘his’ heartbeat slow down with relief, and soon ‘he’ passed out. 


Though he was grateful to the person who had saved him, he couldn’t help but feel that the other party’s voice was familiar…very familiar… 


Everything went blank again, but this time he opened his eyes to see that he was in his room, the sunlight illuminated the room as it poured from the glass pane. The memories end there…



As Aurel went through a rollercoaster of emotional memories, Alexus on the other hand was petrified by Aurel and stumbled his way home. 


There was only one thing going on in his head: Impossible!!!!! 


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  1. Avatar YourLocalBob says:

    This is good. In need of another chapter!

    1. Avatar Rose says:

      Awwww thanks! I have my exams this week, so the next chapter will be out this weekend. ☺ Then the updates will be a bit more regular.

  2. Avatar De Vile says:

    (●♡∀♡)(●♡∀♡)(●♡∀♡)(●♡∀♡) mwehihihi
    I’m excited to see where this goes
    Thank you for the good chapter~ (。・ω・。)ノ♡

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