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DWTFT Chapter 2

Refuses to become a bootlicker

Chapter 2… Refuses to become a boot licker

Seeing that his parents did not reply, Song Huai repeated: “I want to see Lu Mian.”

He didn’t expect his parents to get shocked after hearing him.

Mother Song took a step forward, anxiously covering Song Huai’s forehead with her hand, her face became even more anxious: “Husband, is the child’s head hit, and he became stupid?”

“Mom, I’m fine. I think I should see Lu Mian.”

“Husband, call the doctor over. Didn’t he get a CT scan just now?”

Song Huai: …

After a while, Song Huai was caught in the middle by a doctor, three nurses, and his father and mother. The doctor took his temperature, and after an examination, he said, “Probably there is a slight concussion, but it’s nothing serious. Don’t worry too much.”

As soon as the doctors and nurses left, Song Huai, who just had a helpless face, repeated the sentence again : “Parents, I’m not sick, I want to see Lu Mian.”

Mother Song: “Ouuuuhu, the child is stupid and only repeats the same thing .”

Fortunately, Daddy Song’s head is sober: “Do you know what you are talking about? Don’t you like Xiao Lu? Why do you want to see Admiral Lu again? .” Admiral Lu, listen, even his dad called him Admiral! How awesome!

If he can marry such an awesome man!

Song Huai had already begun to think about future things before he had met the person . He clipped his legs and looked a little shy: “I just want to see my future marriage partner, can’t I ?” In the entire empire, no one doesn’t know the name Lu Mian. The general of the empire, second only to the current imperial emperor, is a well-deserved glory of the empire.

Fifteen years ago, people from other star regions kept coming. Lu Mian, who was only seventeen years old, succeeded in gaining the first rank of the enemy commander , and he became famous since then. From that time on, the name Lu Mian was bound to the invincible empire. Five years have passed since the last Kotavo War. In these five years, the Empire is the most peaceful place in the entire galaxy. And all this is attributed to Lu Mian.

And the invincible Admiral, rumored to be ruthless, bloodthirsty, and with a bad temperament is even more mysterious . There are countless rumors about him on the Internet, and all of them are terrifying.

Song Huai thought, he couldn’t afford to provoke Lu Mian . The source of the Song family’s tragedy was this marriage contract. Song Huai thought about it, only to come up with a way to marry Lu Mian.

Song Huai waited for a long time and didn’t move. He looked up and saw that his mother was so scared that she was almost fainted by his words.

The Song family has a lot of money, and the biggest feature is that they have broken mouths. A big news can reach distant relatives in other star regions within a day.

Song Huai had just said that he wanted to meet Lu Mian on the front foot, but on the back foot, the aunts, who had just left the hospital, came to join in the fun again. By the way, the third cousin and the sixth cousin were picked up. A group of people bombarded Song Huai, and everyone who entered the door would touch his head with a scared expression on their face.

“No fever, no damage, clear consciousness, good health.”

Song Huai repeated this sentence countless times mechanically.

His sixth cousin Liu Xiaomeng looked surprised: “Oh, even the thousand year-old stubborn tree managed to bloom and the bootlicker managed to learn new tricks..”

Song Huai silently rolled his eyes.

When other people were talking about it, his second cousin sat down and said, “Dudu, do you know what kind of person Admiral Lu will be ?”

“I don’t know, so I want to meet.”

His second cousin choked.

It makes sense and cannot be refuted.

Liu Xiaomeng had a gossiping look : “The general is not someone you can see  when you say you want to see him. You may not be able to settle down with him .”

Song Huai was a little bit shy: “We can arrange everything and settle down.”

Seeing his cousin’s shyness. , Liu Xiaomeng was also choked.

The sixth cousin and the second cousin choked at each other.

In just two days, distant relatives in the neighboring star field visited Song’s house many times. Song Huai was tireless and firm in his unparalleled manner.

Seeing that Father Song had made up his mind, mother Song, sighed helplessly.

“Did he have a conflict with Xiao Lu? Do you want to ask Xiao Lu? “

Dad Song said, “What else is there to ask? You didn’t miss the attitude of Xiao Lu in the hospital that day.”

In fact, parents can see everything clearly.

Song Huai has been a bootlicker  for Lu Chengze for so many years, and Lu Chengze also said that he regarded him as a younger brother. What could it mean?

Before Father Song really liked Lu Chengze. He also watched him grow up . He has a good character and looks good, so he can’t find any fault in him. Now that Song Huai was awake and sensible , what else could they say.

Dad Song sighed, “Forget it, let’s do it. It just so happens that he will be back next month, so let’s find a way to arrange Dudu to meet with him.” The voice just fell. The door snapped open from inside, and Song Huai looked excited: “Lu Mian is about to come back!” After Song Huai realized that he was too exaggerated and excited. He is a petite, cute, easy-to-tumble little mermaid, and he has to keep his personality in mind at all times. So he hurriedly closed the smile on his face, with his legs close together, and his appearance was incredibly obedient: “I, I just asked .”

Father Song and Mother Song were accustomed to it : “The news is reliable. He can come back early next month without any accident. You should prepare first.”

When Song Huai returned home from the hospital, Song Huai hurried to the bathtub and put a basin of water for himself.

He stripped off his clothes and lay in the bathtub. After a while, his long legs became smooth and beautiful fish tail.

Song Huai is seventeen this year and will be an adult in a few months.

Adulthood means the arrival of estrus.

Although there are still some days, but recently his tail has started to get hot. If he doesn’t touch the water for a long time, his legs will burn a little.

Song Huai thought while taking care of his beautiful tail.

His dad wants him to prepare.

What do you need to prepare for your marriage contract?

Song Huai blushed shamefully.


Because of hitting his head, although it was not a major problem, Song Huai was used to being favored. Grandpa Song ordered Song Huai to rest at home for half a month.

Although he can’t go to school and play happily with his friends, Song Huai especially finds things for himself. Commonly known as self-entertainment.

It happened that Lu Mian was about to return to the capital star, and Song Huai also wanted to make a good preparation to leave a good impression in front of his fiance.

He searched the Internet for related content about Lu Mian , and the people on blew a lot of rainbow fart . But there are also some negative news. For example, Lu Mian once went into a violent state in the barracks, and his soldiers lost more than a dozen people. Song Huai checked the news related to Lu Mian for three days and three nights on the Internet, and some news from long ago was turned out. Among them, Song Huai noticed such a post.

[Legend of the Big Cucumber: Is it true that the admiral went crazy in the barracks? Is there any insider to tell me? ] [Double Le Ke: It’s true, I was on the scene, I was the one who drives the general mad. ] [Missing the Sao Device: Upstairs is not allowed to send a show, so quickly roll back to the chicken coop. 】

【Anonymous 007: It is true. The Admiral was seriously traumatized during the Kotavo War, and he is about to go to another star for training. 】【Spuffer: fart upstairs, who is the admiral, how could he be injured! 】【Keep the big roots: +1, the admiral was fine when he defeated the Zerg fighting alone against hundred enemies , how could he be injured after hitting a few savages….]

It’s been five years since this was posted, and after the Kotavo War, Lu Mian did not appear in the public again. Although the folks have always speculated that Lu Mian should be going to perform some secret mission. But how could it happen?

Song Huai turned  on the Internet again. Lu Mian acted secretly and did not easily show up in public, so much of the news was rumors, and there was no final conclusion. Song Huai searched for a long time, but couldn’t even find a frontal photo of the other party. He only turned to a high-definition back photo of Lu Mian , which was taken by a fan.

【Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! I got lucky today! Actually met admiral Lu! Admiral’s prosperous beauty! [Picture.jpg]

Song Huai clicked and saved the photo, then zoomed in infinitely and kept looking at it over and over again.

In the photo, only a back figure wearing a military uniform was captured , but the person being photographed was tall , with a narrow waist and long legs, which was higher than the officer next to him. Although he did not show his face, his temperament had already been thrown out to the surrounding people. Seeing this photo at first glance, it is easy to catch this back view at first glance.

The tenth-level face dog Song Huai fell into deep thought: Although the other party was already a 32-year-old man, it was the Lu family anyway, so it should be hard for the Lu family to go anywhere. Although some people say that Lu Mian finally chose to join the army because of his ugly appearance and low self-esteem-forget it, even if the opponent is really old and ugly, he can only admit his fate.

The communicator rang suddenly and Song Huai received a text message from his good friend Gu Yang.

[Cool Domineering Yang Shao: What’s going on with you? A Huai ? Didn’t you say you were okay last time? Why haven’t you come to class yet. ] [Dudududududu: Grandpa has to let me be a useless person at home, I will lie down for a few days and go to school. ] [Cool Domineering Yang Shao: hum hum, Mighty grandfather, unlike our old man, the last time I hurt my legs, he still sent me off to class. Does your family still lack grandchildren? ] [Dudududududu: I am missing. 】

【Cool Domineering Yang Shao: Get out! Don’t take advantage of Dad! By the way, didn’t you get smashed by Li Ziqing’s jerk? Today, I made an appointment with a few buddies, after school, I will give you revenge for Li Ziqing’s beating.] Song Huai’s eyelids trembled. He who had read the script in advance already knew that Li Ziqing was actually the third prince of the empire who was incognito, so how could he be offended. He hurriedly prevented Gu Yang from committing death, fearing that the text would be unclear, so Song Huai called directly.

“Hey, I was scared to death. I am now in class. Oh, I squatted on the ground to listen. The teacher can’t see me. Don’t worry, I will leave the matter on this father, and make sure that the person surnamed Li is obedient. How can I let my cubs suffer such grievances!”

Song Huai said with a black line: “You can shut up, you.”

Gu Yang grumbled aggrievedly: “A Huai, why are you still swearing?”

Gu Yang and Song Huai have been friends since elementary school, and their feelings are very strong. In the plot of the original book, Gu Yang later offended many people in order to avenge Song Huai. In addition, in the past, in order to help Song Huai, he always went against Li Ziqing, so the Gu family and Gu Yang did not end well.

Thinking of this, Song Huai’s tone became softer: “I ran to the basketball court by myself last time. Li Ziqing didn’t mean it, so please don’t care about him.”

Gu Yang was stunned and tentatively said: ” A Huai, what’s the matter with you? Your head is really broken?”

Song Huaiton felt speechless: “Your head is broken.”

Gu Yang let out a sigh of relief: “This is my good boy.”

Song Huai: …

Song Huai “I’ll be serious with you, I…” Song Huai took a deep breath, “I don’t like Lu Chengze anymore, so in the future, you should not trouble Li Ziqing anymore. The previous thing was that I was wrong first, this matter. Let’s just forget it.”

Although Gu Yang found it strange, he obviously liked to hear Song Huai’s awakening of being a bootlicker scene : “Good fellow! You really don’t like Lu Chengze anymore.”


Gu Yang cursed two words violently: “I’ve been displeased with him a long time ago. When he said that he was treating you as his brother, he still used you and kept you hanging . Oh, then I have to thank Li Ziqing. The bootlicker turned his head back and understood his wrong . This basketball is really worth it!”

Song Huai:

He understands, everyone knows that he is a spare tire, but he is blinded by his sweet words , and he really thinks that Lu Chengze actually in fact likes him too.

“Hey, hey, the teacher is here, I won’t talk to you. Let’s talk by text message.” After the phone hung up, Gu Yang sent a bunch of silly emoticons to Song Huai.

It made Song Huai’s eyebrows smile. While sending a message to Gu Yang, he thought about what he should send to Lu Mian when he met for the first time.

After searching through the interstellar shopping network for a long time, he didn’t find any meaningful gifts. There should be no shortage of gifts for powerful people like Lu Mian.

[Dudududududu: If you give a gift, what do you think is better. 】【Cool Domineering Yang Shao: Gifts? Good boy wants to give a gift to dad? ] [Dudududududu: Seriously, if you give gifts to someone older than yourself, what should you give them? 】【Cool Domineering Yang Shao: Older? How big is it? 】

[Dudududududu: It’s almost a decade older . 】

【Cool Domineering Yang Shao: You are going to celebrate birthdays of the elders, then give them some cigarettes and alcohol.] Song Huai  glanced at the notes on Lu Mian that he had summed up by himself based on the information he had searched on the Internet in the past few days.

[Dudududududu: He shouldn’t smoke or drink. 】The army is not allowed to drink alcohol.

[Cool Domineering Yang Shao: That’s a bit difficult, and if he doesn’t drink alcohol or cigarettes, what’s the fun of getting older.] Speaking of the word “interest”, Song Huai remembered the description of Lu Mian in some online reports.

Tobacco and alcohol are not touched, not close to women, nor to men. Staying in the military department 24 hours a day, there is almost no personal life. Such a person does not seem to have much fun.

Song Huai seemed to have seen the miserable days of being a widow in the future. QAQ chatting between the  two people did not yield any results. Ten minutes later, Gu Yang reposted a link to Dudu.

[Cool Domineering Yang Shao: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, a new store near the school has opened! This little bunny cake looks so cute! We will eat when you come back! ] [Dududududududu: Good. ]

Just finished  sending a reply message, Song Huai’s small brain turned up : Maybe he can personally make a cake for Lu Mian ?


Capital Star.

The troops stationed in the stars are listed in sequence.

From officers to soldiers, the clothes are neat and tidy, and every button on the uniform is meticulously buttoned and tightly fitted.

Under the sun, everyone looked solemn and the army stood tall and straight.

“I didn’t expect to see Admiral Lu as soon as I joined the army. I was so excited. By the way, have you met the Admiral before? I heard that the Admiral is fierce and ruthless, right?”

“Where did you hear it? Rumor, the admiral— ” The veteran’s words stopped abruptly in the eyes of the officer in front of him : “0167, 0168 are not abiding by military discipline, and will be punished later!”


There was a sound from the communicator in the hand of the leading officer. After receiving the instruction, there was a hint of excitement on his cheeks: “Everyone is ready, the admiral is about to land!” The voice just fell, and a huge warship slowly landed on the open space not far away.

With a sound , the hatch opened.

Everyone was holding their breath, their eyes gathered in one place.


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