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DWTFT Chapter 3

The waist and long legs , Imperial Admiral

Chapter 3… The waist and long legs, the imperial admiral

With a burst of unconscious gasp, a tall man walked out slowly from the cabin door. The man was wearing a dark-green military uniform, with long legs wrapped in leather military boots. The buttons were meticulously buttoned to the top, making the whole person more upright. Various epaulettes were embossed on the shoulders, shining under the sun. The outline of his face is biased towards mixed blood, but his pupils are thick black again. A pair of peach blossom eyes were slightly pointed, but their passionate color was cut off because of the long, straight eyelashes like a blade. The cold metal light reflected on his face, making his overly handsome face even colder.

He is tall enough, with wide shoulders, narrow waist and long legs, with almost perfect proportions. Coupled with the face that was as beautiful as a god, it eclipsed the excellent officers around him.

Lu Mian , at the age of seventeen, fought on the battlefield and opened up territory for the empire to resist aggression for fifteen years. No one could have imagined that the terrifying murder god in the legend would have such an amazing face.

Zhou Xueying stepped forward and gave a military salute, her eyes were eager, and her words suppressed incomparable excitement: “Admiral, Welcome back to the capital star.”

Lu Mian has always said few words and looked at the former lieutenant who was about to overflow with joy. Nodded slightly, looking a little cold.

Zhou Xueying felt the estrangement from the other side , and felt a little disappointed in her heart.

Zhou Xueying hurriedly followed Lu Mian’s pace and reported to him the situation during Lu Mian ‘s departure from the military headquarters in the past five years.

Lu Mian suddenly stopped: “You are in charge of the Capital Military Region now. You don’t need to report these things to me.”

Lu Mian told the adjutant behind him: “Get your car and go to the palace.”

His Majesty, the Emperor of the Empire is waiting for him.

Get out of the palace.

Lu Mian ’s deputy Iris hurried up: “Admiral, do you want to return to the military region now?”

Lu Mian shook his head: “The Capital Military Region has been given full authority to Colonel Zhou. Also,” Lu Mian stopped,” I have temporarily stepped down, no need to call me Admiral . ”

Iris was surprised: “Resignation, Admiral, is this what his majesty meant?”

There was no change in Lu Mian’s sharp face like a knife, and it seemed that he hadn’t touched the arrangement in any way.

Lu Mian’s  fifteen years passed in the empire’s Southern and Northern Wars. In the Kotavo War five years ago, Lu Mian’s mental power was severely damaged. Hiring countless doctors was of no avail. For the past five years, Lu Mian has been training in Puzhaoxing. Recently, his father will have his 70th birthday, and Lu Mian’s spirit has stabilized a lot during the long-term cultivation, and he has returned to the capital star.

After the last war, the Empire signed an armistice treaty with other star regions, and the country is now stable. The imperial emperor let him step down temporarily. And arranged another job for Lu Mian.

Zhou Xueying chased him out: “Admiral!”

As Lu Mian’s closest adjutant, Zhou Xueying and Lu Mian were in a near death situation countless times, but she still didn’t know what he was thinking.

“The matter of taking over the military area is an arrangement of your majesty. It has nothing to do with me.”

Lu Mian said : “I know.”

He patted Zhou Xueying’s shoulder lightly , and there was no emotion in his eyes: ” Go ahead .” Zhou Xueying said “Your Majesty wants me to tell you about going to the school to teach. I hope you will think about it.” Looking at Lu Mian’s face, her voice is softer. “His Majesty said that he had a good time with you in the college. Campus life, if you go to school, it may help to heal your spiritual power.”

The Lu family has been in business for generations, and Lu Mian was the first to join the army. The opportunity to join the army was because he met the imperial emperor who was studying incognito at the time when he was studying.

Although the outside world has been spreading the emperor’s fear of Lu Mian’s prestige, the relationship between them is much stronger than outsiders’ rumors.

This time the emperor asked him to step down temporarily, but he was actually giving him a holiday. Lu Mian was asked to teach in the school, one is to let Lu Mian have something to do, and the other is that the school is full of simple students, and the atmosphere is relatively relaxed, which may be helpful for treating Lu Mian’s trauma.

Lu Mian replied: ” His Majesty’s proposal, I will consider it again.”

“That’s right.” Lu Mian suddenly asked Zhou Xueying, “Is there any news about that person?”

When Zhou Xueying heard his question, her face stiffened for a moment: “I haven’t found it yet.” After Lu Mian was silent for a while, he whispered in a low voice, and could not tell whether it was loss or something else.

When Lu Mian boarded the spaceship, Iris gave Zhou Xueying a vicious look. Zhou Xueying didn’t realize it, until she saw Lu Mian’s figure disappear completely, she reluctantly retracted her eyes. Iris on the side said, “The Lu Family has a dinner tonight.”

Zhou Xueying glanced at him, and all of them had received invitations. Iris suddenly talked about this.

Iris said maliciously: “It seems you don’t know yet. He will meet with his fiancé tonight. Maybe soon, the two will get married.” After a while, Zhou Xueying smiled: “Then again. How?”


After returning home, he greeted his father.

Lu Mian returned to the room, took off his military uniform, entered the bathroom and took a shower.

The curtains in the room were closed tightly, and only one light was on.

The Kotavo War five years ago was far more tragic than reported. The squad led by Lu Mian was ambushed by the star thief, and all the officers and soldiers around him were killed. Lu Mian was also dying of severe injuries.

His subordinates were loyal, and at a critical juncture, they also covered Lu Mian with their bodies. The strong smell of blood paralyzed the senses, and Lu Mian’s consciousness was dizzy.

He has fought countless battles, but he has never been desperate like this once. At that moment, countless thoughts of giving up just flashed through his mind. At the moment when his consciousness gradually dissipated, a clear song came into his mind through the malfunctioning machinery…

Knocking on the door suddenly sounded.

“Master, master. The guest has already come, and the master tells you to go down.”

Lu Mian rubbed his swollen eyebrows and responded.

He got up from the bed and moved his eyes to a radio that was quietly placed on the head of the bed. This radio is very old just by looking at it. It may not be found in the old goods market of the Empire now.

This is what Lu Mian brought back from the battlefield . At that time, the song Lu Mian heard came from this radio. The boy’s singing voice was loud and clear, which made Lu Mian escape from the pain and war at that moment, and he seemed to see a pure white peaceful and beautiful world.

To put it bluntly, it was this singing that saved Lu Mian at that time. When Lu Mian was training at Pu Zhaoxing, only this song could keep him calm.

Lu Mian reluctantly turned off the radio and began to wear the clothes prepared for tonight’s banquet.

After the war, he once asked his trusted adjutant to find the singing boy, and if he could, he wanted to thank him in person.

Only five years later, he still has no news from the other party.


In the evening, the three people of the Song family showed up at the banquet on time.

Song Huai put on the dress, holding the exquisitely packaged cake in his arms, peeking left and right.

Father Song twisted his eyebrows and said, “Dudu, come over and greet someone.”

Song Huai stood still and yelled sweetly, ” Hello, Grandpa Lu.” Lu Qiwen is about to celebrate his 70th birthday. Watching Song Huai grow up since he was a child, he liked this child very much.

“Dudu is here.” Lu Qiwen deliberately joked when he saw the little cake he was holding in his arms, “Is it for Grandpa Lu?”

Song Huai was embarrassed and said, “I, I will make it for Grandpa Lu next time. ”

Lu Qiwen smiled like a flower. He glanced behind Song Huai : “Hey, A Mian is here.”

Song Huai glanced back, and at a glance he saw the tallest one among the group of chatting and laughing people.

It was hard for Song Huai to ignore those legs and figure.

He couldn’t help but feel a little tangled in his heart, then among the group of people, which one is Lu Mian.

Song Huai was embarrassed to ask, so he could only guess slowly by himself.

Several of the people in the group wore military uniforms and were about the same age. They were two bald heads, one beer belly, and three short winter melons.


Song Huai’s heart became cooler as he watched, and he was hopeless.

Face dog’s attributes made him keep his sight on the long-legged man.

It seemed that he noticed Song Huai’s gaze. Lu Mian, who had already changed into a suit, turned his head, and the two’s gazes happened to collide.

Just staring at each other for two seconds, Song Huai felt his entire face burn.

How could there be such a good-looking person in this world.


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    Thanks for the translation!

    I did notice that this paragraph was a bit confusing:

    Lu Mian shook his head: “The Capital Military Region has been given full authority to Colonel Zhou. . ” “another. “Lu Mian stopped,” I have temporarily stepped down, no need to call me Admiral . ”

    Maybe something like:
    Lu Mian shook his head: “Full authority over the Capital Military Region has been given to Colonel Zhou. Also,” Lu Mian stopped, “I have temporarily stepped down, no need to call me Admiral.”

    Also, “your majesty” is used when you’re talking directly to the person with that title. If you’re talking about them you would use a different pronoun, like “his majesty,” or “her majesty.”

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