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DWTFT Chapter 1

Head gets smashed

Chapter 1… Head gets smashed

In the white room, the air was filled with a faint smell of disinfectant.

“Dudu moved, moved.”

“Woo, dudu, dudu, how are you?”

Ears are so noisy.

Song Huai was half-dreaming and half-awake, feeling dizzy and his head hurt.

After a while, Song Huai opened his eyes and saw his parents and his aunts all around him, all with expressions of nervousness and worry.

Song Huai’s brain twitched, and he kicked his feet subconsciously. This posture was to give him a funeral.

Song Huai’s gaze wandered all the way, and finally fell on a man with a handsome face and a gentle expression, but his eyes were slightly cold.

Song Huai’s small eyes lit up, and he said, “Brother Chengze.” He blurted out.

He remembered.

Someone complained to him that he saw Li Ziqing and Lu Chengze in the library yesterday evening. As a long time admirer of Lu Chengze , how could Song Huai not be angry. When he was in physical education class today, he originally took Gu Yang to the basketball court to find Li Ziqing. As a result, he couldn’t find him, and  was hit by a basketball.

However, before fainting, Song Huai saw Lu Chengze rushing towards him and pulling him away from the crowd. He held hands and fainted happily. Until he was sent to the hospital, he was still begging to take advantage of the opportunity .

Who is Lu Chengze? The elder brother next door to Song Huai, the white moonlight 1 white moonlight : someone he loves but couldn’t get that Song Huai admired. Needless to say, his waist is long and legs are long, and his face was flawless . Song Huai, as a standard face dog 2 face dog : someone who is attracted to people by seeing their faces , thinks he has been raised by Lu Chengze’s face. Lu Chengze not only looks good, but also has good grades. He has won many awards since he was a child. He is a real child of other people’s family 3child of other people’s family : most parents give examples of other children when nagging their own child. Here, LC has the qualities because of which other parents can give his example when scolding their own children . Lu Chengze is two years older than Song Huai, and he has been running behind Lu Chengze’s buttocks ever since Song Huai could remember .

The Song couple looked at each other, smiled at each other, and joked: “Dudu is really eccentric. He can’t see his parents when he wakes up. He just calls Xiao Lu.”

Song Huai was so beautiful in his heart that suddenly his head was torn in pain. .

A white light flashed in front of him, and something poured in to his mind.

It turns out that the world in which Song Huai lives is a book, but unfortunately, the protagonist in the book is not him. And the next-door brother Lu Chengze he admired happened to be the protagonist in this book, and he was a cannon fodder who wanted to stalk the protagonist.

The other protagonist in the book is Li Ziqing, the third prince of the empire hiding in the academy. The protagonist gong and shou also developed from the inconsistency at the beginning to the crazy love.

As the saying goes, there must be a cannon fodder male to act as a demon in every relationship, Song Huai happens to be the ignorant cannon fodder. In the book, Song Huai not only opposes the protagonist shou because of the protagonist gong everywhere, but also shamelessly wants to have sex with the protagonist gong during the estrus period, and eventually climbs into the wrong bed by mistake. In the end, the identity of the mermaid was exposed, and he was forcibly taken away for research and finally died on the operating table. The Song family was also affected by him, and was finally destroyed by the protagonist’s halo.

Song Huai, whose brain suddenly received a large amount of information, froze for a long time.

The impression of outsiders has changed in his eyes .

There is still unfading baby fat on the face of the white and lovely teenager, his flax-colored hair has some natural curls, and there is still a dull hair on his head. A pair of watery, wet eyes stared at Lu Chengze for a moment, and his slender white fingers were still holding him tightly, as if they were grabbing some rare treasure.

Lu Chengze’s eyes moved slightly, and for the last second, the boy was still having such a cute face, and his voice softly called him “Brother Chengze”.

The aunts of the Song family looked at them, and then walked away with a wink.

Only the Song family’s parents and Lu Chengze were left. Mother Song said, “Xiao Lu, Dudu is still so sticky to you. It’ll really trouble you.”

“It’s okay, uncle and auntie, Dudu is the one I grew up watching. It’s not too difficult to take care when the younger brother hurts.”

Dudu is Song Huai’s nickname. Because they think it’s cute, the Song family has used this name from childhood till now, and Lu Chengze occasionally called him this way in private.

Hearing the phrase “take care when the younger brother hurts”, the Song family’s parents’ expressions were a little subtle.

At this time, Song Huai, who had finished receiving the plot, shivered and woke up suddenly.

He looked at Lu Chengze’s handsome face, and then thought of the scenes he had just seen. He was completely bloodied and lying on the operating table. Lu Chengze was dressed in a white coat and white gloves wrapped each of his beautiful fingers tightly. He held a bloody scalpel in his hand and looked down at Song Huai condescendingly. The gentle disguise on weekdays is gone leaving only the undisguised shady eyes filled with dislikes.

Song Huai moved his gaze to the hand he was holding, almost frightened. He quickly shook his hand and shook Lu Chengze’s hand away.

There was too much movement, Lu Chengze turned his head in doubt, and looked at him: “Dudu, what’s the matter?”

Lu Chengze has a gentle personality, knowledgeable and reasonable, and is very popular in front of his elders. But Song Huai, who had watched the plot in advance, already knew the true face of the person in front of him.

Lu Chengze, what kind of approachable, gentle and patient white moonlight! It’s is actually a black lotus 4 black lotus : someone who is beautiful on the outside, but is actually scheming or has a dark personality !

Song Huai suddenly retracted his head into the quilt, and his whole body was about to shake like a sieve: “Go away!”

This move made everyone present startled.

Lu Chengze smiled and asked, “Dudu, did your brother do something wrong?”

Song Huai took a few breaths in the quilt, thinking of Lu Chengze’s terrible personality that was reported in the plot, and he secretly sighed. After a while, he showed a pair of small grape-like dark eyes, and said in a sweet and soft voice: “I’m sorry Brother Chengze, I’m a little tired.” The parents of the Song family were embarrassed: “That little Lu. , I’m sorry to trouble you today. Dudu just woke up, let’s let him rest for a while.” Lu Chengze couldn’t hear what they meant: “You’re welcome, uncle and aunt.”

The Song family’s parents sent Lu Chengze to the door. Only Song Huai was left in the ward.

He curled up under the covers, clenching his fists because of tension. The look on his face was a little surprised and confused.

Song Huai knew that this book was 80% true. Because the book clearly states that he is actually a mermaid. And this matter, apart from the Song family, no one knows at all.

If a mermaid marries a human, its tail will degenerate after giving birth to a child, and eventually become a human. It is precisely because of this that there are fewer and fewer mermaids in the world. In today’s empire, mermaids are just creatures that exist in legends.

Song Huai’s mother happened to be a mermaid. After giving birth to Song Huai, Song Huai’s mother became a human being. Song Huai grew up so big but he had never seen any other mermaid. Mom and Dad have always warned him to protect his mermaid status. Mermaid will have a period of estrus in adulthood, and it is easy for people to take advantage of it. Song Huai always remembered that, and even his best friend Gu Yang, whom he grew up with, doesn’t know about it .

Song Huai nestled in the quilt and revised the plot again in his head.

The Lu family and the Song family have very close ties. In the generation of his grandfather, the two families also made a marriage contract. It’s a pity that Song Huai’s marriage contract is not with Lu Chengze, but Lu Chengze’s uncle Lu Mian.

In the original book, Song Huai withdrew from the marriage contract for Lu Chengze, and for a while, the relationship between the two families became ugly. This is also the reason why Lu Chengze could deal with the Song family without any burden.


After Lu Chengze and the Song family said goodbye, the moment he walked out of the hospital, the expression on Lu Chengze’s face was completely cold.

He took out a handkerchief from his pocket and carefully wiped the fingers that Song Huai had grabbed.

The Song family, who didn’t know anything about it, were still discussing at the door.

“I think Dudu likes Xiao Lu so much. Husband, if you can do it, let’s cancel the marriage contract . Let Dudu and Xiao Lu be together. Anyway, it’s the Lu family. Master Lu likes Dudu so much—”

Father Song said, “That’s it. We have to ask Dudu for his opinion. Dudu has grown up, we have to respect his ideas.”

Song Huai tiptoed out of the bed, lay his ears on the door, and listened to what his parents said outside the door.

The door was pushed open with a “click”, and Song Huai’s eavesdropping movements were exposed.

His acting skills are awkward, and he  started to act sloppy.

Mother Song saw him stepping on the cold floor barefoot, and before he had a chance to show her his acting , she was already distressed: “Dudu, why did you get out of bed without shoes!”

Song Huai was interrupted in his impromptu performance, and his expression was a little agitated. He simply cut into the subject: “Parents, were you just talking about the marriage contract?”

Song father and Song mother looked at each other, thinking that Song Huai finally couldn’t bear it.

Father Song had a serious expression and asked, “What do you think?”

Both of them have already seen their stupid son crying  and acting like a baby saying that he must be with Lu Chengze .

The two families of Lu and Song were not far away. Who didn’t know that Song Huai was Lu Chengze’s loyal follower.

Unexpectedly, Song Huai’s whole person seemed unexpectedly extremely calm.

After a while, the Song father and his wife actually saw a majestic expression on Song Huai’s face of ‘I would rather go to hell’

Song Huai took a deep breath, solemn and calm : “Parents, I have decided. I want to meet him!”


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  • 1
    white moonlight : someone he loves but couldn’t get
  • 2
    face dog : someone who is attracted to people by seeing their faces
  • 3
    child of other people’s family : most parents give examples of other children when nagging their own child. Here, LC has the qualities because of which other parents can give his example when scolding their own children
  • 4
    black lotus : someone who is beautiful on the outside, but is actually scheming or has a dark personality
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