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DWTFT Chapter 11

I am not happy anymore

Chapter 11 … I’m not happy anymore

Soon after Song Huai left, Lu Mian dialed the secretary’s communication number.

“Admiral, do you have any instructions?”

Lu Mian twisted his eyebrows, “Don’t talk too much in the future.”

Secretary: … He made a call just for this little mess?

Lu Mian said, “I have already considered the things that His Majesty asked me to consider last time. Tell him, I agree.” As soon as the voice fell, the phone was hung up.

The secretary and the driver in front looked at each other: Under what circumstances? Why did the general suddenly agree to teach in the school?

The secretary was quick and decisive. After half an hour, all the materials needed for joining had been sent to Lu Mian’s communicator.

Lu Mian graduated from this school at the beginning, and is not unfamiliar with some things in the school. He just scanned it a few times, and finally fixed his gaze on the name of the school: Hanriks College.

Lu Mian took out a golden school badge with the words Hanriks engraved on it, which Song Huai accidentally dropped not long ago.


When he came out of the Lu family, Song Huai was still like a little child .

Today not only was he alone with Lu Mian, the other party also touched his head.

Song Huai was rolling on the bed excitedly.

The second cousin stood at the door and suddenly spoke up, “You haven’t taken any medicine yet?” Song Huai immediately sat up, and said vigilantly, “What are you doing? How can a girl enter a boy’s room at will? Knock at the door.”

Liu Xiaomeng sneered, “Just you, Song Dudu? Show your little tail to your second cousin, let me have a look.”

Song Huai yelled, “This is for my future partner, you, don’t come here, female rogue!”

Liu Xiaomeng snorted, “Look at you, you have no conscience. I thought you were about to move out soon, so I came to see you specially. I didn’t expect that you don’t know how to cherish my good intentions.”

Song Huai’s ear tips moved, “Move out? What to move out of?”

Liu Xiaomeng said, “Didn’t your mother talk to you last time? The two sides have discussed it, let you live together for a period of time to try and stay in. By the way, the house is ready.”

Song Huai’s eyes are sharp, ” House! Why don’t I know! Where is it?”

“Look at your unpromising appearance. I heard that it is the villa area of Tianfu Garden.” “Tianfu Garden?” Although the Song family is not short of money, the house price of Tianfu Garden is outrageously famous in the whole A city.

Liu Xiaomeng nodded, “Admiral bought the full amount.” She couldn’t help sighing, “I didn’t expect my stupid cousin to marry such a good man.” She patted Song Huai’s Shoulder artificially, “This cousin is relieved.”

Song Huai would have begun to roll his eyes if it were normal. But today, he didn’t move at all. Liu Xiaomeng took a closer look and was startled, “Why are you blushing so much?”

Song Huai knew what Lu Mian’s phrase “later” meant. He was talking about the matter of living together.

They will start living together soon, and his estrus period is approaching.

Song Huai became shy the more he thought about it, his mouth pouted.

Seeing this, Liu Xiaomeng got goosebumps, she hurriedly quit in fright.


That night, Song Huai took a fragrant bath, and when he lay in the soft bed, the communicator dinged and vibrated.

Song Huai’s popularity in the school is not good, Gu Yang and him are the only ones who stay together. In addition, he had offended many people because of Lu Chengze’s affairs, so usually no one sent him messages except Gu Yang.

[Lm: Are you there? ]

Seeing Lu Mian’s text , Song Huai excitedly clicked on the Communicator .

[Dudududududu: Yes, yes!] After a second, Song Huai sent another one.

[Dudududududu: I just went to take a bath and didn’t see the text in time. Have you waited for a long time?]  Actually, it didn’t take long. Since Wechat sent him a notification, only two minutes have passed.

The other party showed that he was typing, and Song Huai stared at the screen with a pair of eyes.

[LM: Do you have any opinions on cohabitation?]

Song Huai quickly typed a [no].

But before sending it out, he suddenly remembered the drama that he and his mother saw at eight o’clock in the evening last night, the hostess said that people can’t be too proactive, otherwise the other party will think that they are easy to handle, and the price will be reduced even more.

Can’t be too proactive.

Song Huai deeply reviewed it, he just acted too urgently.

He should wait about five minutes.

Song Huai turned on the stopwatch and began to count the seconds, and finally when it was five minutes, he immediately sent out the sentence [No].

Song Huai was lying on the bed and staring at the screen.

One minute.

Two minutes.

Three minutes passed, but the other party hadn’t responded yet, and it didn’t even show that he was typing.

Did he become impatient because of waiting and get angry ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!

Song Huai had already begun to scream like a groundhog, and it scared Grandpa Song so much that he knocked on the doors one after another. Song Huai explained several times that he was really fine, and the Song family members went back to their respective rooms.

After dismissing the family members.

Song Huai lay down on the bed again, looking at the short two lines of words sent to him by LM on the screen, his small mouth pouting so much that it could even be used to hang a weight.

This is the first time he chatted with Lu Mian on WeChat!

Song Huai- style grievance. jpg

He took a self-portrait, and then posted in the circle of friends with the picture: unhappy.

Within two seconds, Gu Yang clicked like.

Then the message came in.

[Cool domineering Yang Shao: What’s wrong with the baby? Who upset you again? Tell Dad, Dad will avenge you.] Song Huai realized that he had forgotten to set permissions.

He quickly deleted post. Fortunately, the aunts of the Song family hadn’t seen it yet, otherwise he can’t imagine what will happen tonight.

[Cool Domineering Yang Shao:? ? ?]

[Cool Domineering Yang Shao : Why did you delete it, A Huai?]

Song Huai did not pay him any heed, and quickly edited and sent exactly the same moments, then set it to be visible only to Lu Mian.

After he finished posting his Moments and went back, there were already more than 20 pieces of messages from Gu Yang.

[Cool Domineering Yang Shao: Don’t scare me A Huai, you can make a noise.]

[Dududududududu: squeak.]

[Cool Domineering Yang Shao:…]

[Cool Domineering Yang Shao: Are you okay?]

[Dudududududu: yes.]

[Cool Domineering Yang Shao: Then you just?]

[Dudududududu: I’m bored.]

Gu Yang: I can’t refute it.

[Cool Domineering Yang Shao: When are you going back to school?]

[Dudududududu: tomorrow. ]

When Song Huai was chatting with Gu Yang vigorously, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a message in the upper left corner, and he clicked it and found out that Lu Mian had replied to him. And the reply time was three minutes ago.

This time Song Huai dared not delay any longer, and quickly replied.

[Lm: Sorry, I just walked away for a while.]

[Dudududududu: It’s okay.]

Next, it showed typing for two seconds.

A message came.

[Lm: Hmm.]

Song Huai waited for a few minutes again, only to find that there was no more movement?

He was a little angry, and Lu Mian was too ignorant.

But he honestly sent one text to Lu Mian.

[Dududududududu: Good night.]

Song Huai didn’t know if Lu Mian would reply to the text, he held the communicator, waited and waited till he fell asleep.

The next morning, Song Huai was woken up by the alarm clock.

He rubbed his eyes sleepily, and got up, with a little dumb hair on his head.

He took a look at the communicator and saw Lu Mian’s reply at 11:30 last night.

[Lm: Good night]

Song Huai felt happy.



“A Huai!” Gu Yang ran over and stopped Song Huai by holding his shoulder, “It’s been a long time since I saw you, did you miss me?”

Song Huai replied, “I missed you.”

Gu Yang had a ghostly expression on his face.

What made him feel even more magical was that Song Huai smiled stupidly while holding the communicator.

He is now looking at Lu Mian’s profile. Lu Mian’s profile shows a picture of him in military uniform, which exactly show that he is a middle-aged man. But it was this middle-aged man who was handsome and people couldn’t tell his age at all.

Song Huai secretly saved it.

“What are you looking at?”

Gu Yang poked his head.

Song Huai quickly closed the interface, “It’s nothing. Let’s run, there are three minutes left, today is Old Liu’s class.”

Gu Yang was immediately distracted, “Oh no! Run!”

Teacher Liu is a well-known demon who doesn’t say anything to the students who are late for class. He just let them stand at the door and say three words, “I’m a fool.” The goddess he was chasing was also in class, Gu Yang thought it was shameful to get punished.

When the two entered the classroom, there were still two minutes to go to class, and Song Huai saw someone sitting in his original seat.

Gu Yang explained, “I forgot to tell you. Last month, our seats were adjusted according to the monthly test results.”

Gu Yang is now sitting in the last row, and Song Huai is sitting in the middle.

Song Huai turned his head and looked at Gu Yang at a distance.

When he just wanted to ask what’s wrong.

Gu Yang sent him a message.

[Cool Domineering Yang Shao: You are at the same table as Li Ziqing.]

Song Huai: ……

Song Huai choked.



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