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DWTFT Chapter 10

There will be opportunities later

Chapter 10 … There will be opportunities later

At noon the next day, Song Huai came to the door with a small cake in his hand.

After listening to Lu Mian’s words last night, Song Huai was so excited that he couldn’t sleep at all.

So he got up in the middle of the night yesterday and sneaked into the kitchen to make cakes. Song Huai followed the steps to strictly control the grams of white sugar. Just in case, he made two identical portions. After he tasted it, he made sure that the sweetness was moderate.

After making the cake, he climbed back to the bed, and it was already bright before he got two hours of sleep. Song Huai thought about giving Lu Mian the cake, so he rubbed his sleepy eyes, and got up with difficulty.

Today he wears a blue plaid T-shirt and looked very young.

Song Huai was standing at the door holding the cake, very worried.

Obviously, he has been to the Lu family many times. When he came to see Lu Chengze before, he was not so nervous.

After Song Huai took a deep breath, he rang the doorbell.

As soon as the doorbell rang, the door opened.

A doctor in a white coat walked out of it. Behind the doctor was Lu Mian’s personal secretary. Song Huai had seen him before.

The secretary sent the doctor out, looked up and down at Song Huai. When he saw the cake he was carrying, he withdrew his gaze meaningfully and asked with a smile, “Master Song is coming to see the Admiral?”

Song Huai nodded obediently.

The secretary stepped aside and said, “Please come in. Master Lu and the others are all going out today, and the General is at home alone.”

Song Huai suddenly remembered that the Lu family’s going out today seemed to have been mentioned by his parents during dinner yesterday. It’s just that he was busy thinking about what happened to Lu Mian today, absent-mindedly.

As soon as Song Huai entered the door, he saw Lu Mian walking down the stairs.

Unexpectedly, Lu Mian was wearing a house suit today. The silk material lined the skin very well. Lu Mian’s legs were very long, and his pants were a bit shorter, revealing a piece of snow-white ankle. The feet that usually wear leather boots are now stepping on a pair of dark blue slippers.

Lu Mian always pretended to be dignified in front of people. Song Huai had never seen him like this before. He was a little surprised for a while. He just froze in place, only knowing that he was staring at the other with a pair of round apricot eyes.

It wasn’t until Lu Mian’s indifferent but overly beautiful peachy eyes glanced at him lightly that Song Huai came back to his senses.

Lu Mian walked down the stairs step by step, probably because he had just gotten up, his voice was a little hoarse: “What are you here for?”

Song Huai said nervously, “I…I’ll give you cake.”

Lu Mian looked at the cake in the child’s hand, thinking of the pain last night, his expression is a bit subtle.

Song Huai thought he was upset, and explained hurriedly, “I don’t know you are going out today. I sent you a message last night.” Lu Mian remembered that he had been running to the toilet last night and didn’t have time to read his message.

“I’m sorry for the negligence, I forgot to reply you back.”

Lu Mian took the cake from Song Huai. The other did not expect him to suddenly get so close, Song Huai’s head was dizzy, “No, it does not matter.”

“After giving the cake, you should go by yourself.”

But Song Huai didn’t want to leave. There was no one in the Lu family today, so he wanted to be alone with Lu Mian.

Song Huai poked out his small head, and looked from left to right, with a curious look, “Oh, your house is so big, the decoration is so beautiful.” Song and Lu’s family is next door, and Song Huai’s visits are more frequent than Lu Mian’s going home.

Lu Mian quietly watched his exaggerated little movements, and asked, “Would you like to come in and sit?”

Song Huai immediately rejoiced: “Yes!”

He took the little slippers from the shoe cabinet and changed them by himself very skillfully.

It happened that the secretary took the package and went downstairs. Song Huai asked him, “Why didn’t Admiral Lu go out today?” Today is the big day for the Lu family to worship the ancestors. Even Lu Chengze, who had been in the laboratory recently, was called to worship the ancestors. But Lu Mian was still at home, and Song Huai felt a little strange.

The secretary said, “Admiral Lu was ill last night, so he didn’t make it today.”

Song Huai suddenly realized and he thought of the doctor who had just left.

“Why is he sick?”

Song Huai really couldn’t think of whether a strong person like Lu Mian could get sick too?

The secretary helped his glasses on the bridge of his nose, “According to my guess, he probably ate some kind of dessert.”

“Dessert, what kind of dessert.” The secretary glanced at Song Huai and said meaningfully, “Who made the cake? ”

After listening to the secretary’s words, Song Huai was instantly embarrassed.

That small cake.

Lu Mian poured a cup of boiling water and came out from the kitchen. He saw the secretary, “You haven’t left yet?” The secretary’s expression was a little hurt, “Leaving right away. Never disturb your two-person world.” As soon as the voice fell, the secretary ran away.

Only Lu Mian and Song Huai were left in the huge house. Song Huai felt very shy, thinking of what the secretary said just now.

Lu Mian saw him flushing and put down his water cup, “Don’t care about what he said.”

“Yeah. I won’t.” Song Huai followed Lu Mian with his little slippers.

He kept wondering in his heart that Lu Mian got sick after eating the cake. Was it the one he made? But it has been a long time since he gave the cake. Why did Lu Mian get sick yesterday?

When Song Huai was thinking about getting into trouble, the secretary who ran away suddenly turned back, “By the way, Admiral, Dr. Zhou asked me to tell you that you should avoid food these days, eat lightly, and no more desserts.”

Lu Mian responded, “I see.” The secretary looked at Song Huai again, “Master Song, can you help me keep an eye on the admiral. The admiral never eats cakes before. Last time, he ate it in an unprecedented way. I’m afraid he would eat it again wrongly.”

“Good, good.”

After the secretary explained, afraid of seeing his blood shed, he fled quickly.

Song Huai asked, “He said that you ate a small cake, is that the one I made?”

“No.” Lu Mian categorically denied it.

Song Huai was right to think about it. It was already half a month since he gave the cake. Normal people eating cakes that have deteriorated for so long, can’t stand here intact now. Not to mention, they have to go to the hospital for a suspension injection.

Song Huai secretly looked up at Lu Mian’s eyes. After only one night of work, Lu Mian seemed to lose weight, and all the cheekbones on his face seemed to come out. There seems to be no blood on his face .

With such a good face, a face that was sloppy in his aesthetics, Song Huai felt more distressed as he looked at it.

Song Huai saw that Lu Mian was about to put the little cake in the refrigerator, and hurriedly stopped him, “Don’t eat this one! Next time you want to eat it, I will make it for you, okay?”

There won’t be next time. Lu Mian thought to himself.

But when he saw Song Huai’s longing eyes, he responded: “Okay.”

Lu Mian walked into the kitchen and asked him: “Have you eaten?”

Song Huai shook his head, “No, my parents are out today.”

In fact, he lied, he came over after dinner.

Lu Mian rolled up his sleeves: “Is chicken and vegetable porridge okay?”

Song Huai blinked. In this posture, Lu Mian wanted to cook for himself?


An hour later, Song Huai was dazed at the table of meat and vegetables.

He didn’t expect that the distinguished Lu Mian would actually cook by himself, and his appearance was so good.

Seeing that he was in a daze without moving his chopsticks, Lu Mian pursed his lips slightly, “You don’t like it?”

“No.” Song Huai said, “I just didn’t expect you to cook.”

Lu Mian said, “Usually in the military camp. I know how to do it myself, not too complicated.”

Song Huai looked at the delicious dishes in front of him, and thought to himself, isn’t it complicated?

He took a sip of chicken porridge, the taste was smooth and delicious.

Song Huai hurriedly gave a thumbs up, “It’s so delicious!”

After eating and drinking, Song Huai secretly wanted to rub his belly, but felt indecent again. He secretly observed Lu Mian and said, “Thank you for inviting me to dinner. I’ll cook for you next time.” Lu Mian raised his eyes: “You can cook?”

Song Huai was caught in his eyes, ascended to heaven.

He replied shyly, “I can learn.”

Afraid that Lu Mian would not believe it, he added, “I learn things very quickly, really.”

Lu Mian felt a little funny in his heart when he saw his longing look. He replied with a faint “um” sound.

Song Huai was already satisfied when he heard this sound.

After the meal, Song Huai volunteered to clean the dishes in order to show his virtuous side .

After smashing two plates and a bowl.

Lu Mian reluctantly led the person away from the basin.

Song Huai was ashamed and embarrassed, his hands were still wet, and the water droplets fell down.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it.” After Lu Mian washed the dishes and chopsticks, he turned around and saw Song Huai standing still looking at him in shame.

He took a tissue without saying a word, walked to Song Huai, took his hand, and wiped the water off his fingers little by little.

Then he touched his head, “It’s okay.” When his fingers touched the child’s head, as expected, the hair is as soft as the visual effect.

Song Huai said, “Actually, I am actually not like this, but today… I am nervous today. Next time I will wash the dishes, it will definitely not be like this.”

Lu Mian pondered for a moment, and glanced over Song Huai’s body. Song Huai’s toes curled up, “Are you afraid of me?”

Song Huai shook his head, and he thought to himself, I like your face so much, it’s too late to ask.

When Lu Mian saw him denying, even if he knew that it might not be sincere, his brows were still loosened, “It doesn’t matter, if you want to wash it, there will be more opportunities in the future.”


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