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DWTFT Chapter 12

What a Peerless Little Cutie Is This !

Chapter 12 …. What a Peerless Little Cutie Is This !


【Cool Domineering Yang Shao: You didn’t come last time, and the surname Li asked about you.】

【Cool Domineering Yang Shao: But don’t worry, I didn’t tell him anything. He can’t be very nice even though he is asking about you. He was the one who put you in hospital last time. If he does anything to you, you can tell me. 】 Song Huai can already imagine how bad Gu Yang’s attitude towards Li Ziqing was at that time.

It’s over.

When the class bell rang, Li Ziqing stepped in. As a top student, he always enjoys some privileges. Old  Liu saw it but didn’t say anything to him, “Everyone turn the book to page 23.”
Song Huai used to laugh at Li Ziqing for this kind of thing, saying that he didn’t follow school rules, and that he flattered the teacher.

Later Song Huai learned that the reason why Li Ziqing always stepped in at the last moment to attend class was because he needed to work outside to earn his living expenses.

In order to make Song Huai happy, Gu Yang asked him to investigate this matter and used it to laugh at Li Ziqing.

Song Huai, who learned of the plot, finally understood now that the other party was actually not only a student who works part time to earn money . Li Ziqing’s actual identity is the imperial prince hidden in the academy, and the plot does not explain exactly why Li Ziqing did this.

Song Huai guessed that there was a high probability that the royal family had internal conflicts .

For example, Li Ziqing was actually not favored by the prince. In order to avoid the pursuit and killing of his elder brother and younger brother, he kept his name incognito here.

Anyway, the TV dramas are all played like this.

Thinking about it this way, Song Huai couldn’t help casting a sympathetic look at him.

Li Ziqing’s eyes flashed when he saw Song Huai in the seat.

When he sat down next to Song Huai, many students in the class were paying attention to their movements.

Song Huai and Li Ziqing weren’t compatible with each other. This time the teacher arranged their positions together. Now there is a good show to watch.

It’s a pity that Song Huai has already foreseen the “story” in advance, so naturally he won’t be stupid enough to oppose the protagonist of this world.

A class passed without incident.

When the class was over, Li Ziqing finally couldn’t sit still .

Song Huai actually watched him during the whole class! He blushed at the sight.

Li Ziqing thought that the other party had come up with another way to rectify him, but Song Huai said to him softly, “I was not good in the past, so forgive me and forget about it in the future.”

Li Ziqing was stunned, and he rubbed his eyes several times. It was confirmed that the person in front of him was really Song Huai.

He moved manually, and finally resisted the urge to test if the opponent had a fever.
Song Huai is cute and soft when he speaks. Looking at him like this now, it’s hard not to make people feel relieved.

Li Ziqing was uncomfortable because of the other party’s stare. He quietly looked away, stammered and said: “Never mind, I accidentally put you in the hospital and I have not apologized yet.”

Song Huai already knows that the protagonist is kind, and hearing the other party say it’s okay, he smiled sweetly at Li Ziqing .

The good show was not seen, and everyone disappeared.

But that day, the classmates were surprised to find that Song Huai seemed to have changed.
He was not well-received in the class before, and he was really a close friend of Gu Yang. For the rest of the time, Song Huai followed Lu Chengze.

Those who walk a little closer to Lu Chengze will be listed by Song Huai on the blacklist, and if he catches the opportunity, he will do some small actions and respond to them , so that although he looks good, he is not that likable .

When class was over in the afternoon, the class was almost empty.

When Li Ziqing returned from the teacher’s office, Song Huai had already left.

There was a note on his desk and a piece of rubber in the shape of a dried fish: I’m sorry, I stole your rubber last time. This is what I am giving you.

Li Ziqing looked at the round font on the note, and felt that Song Huai was cute.

He couldn’t help laughing.

In the past, Song Huai responded to people with small actions, such as stealing his knife and eraser while Li Ziqing was not paying attention, or drawing pig heads on his books.

The funniest thing is that Song Huai still learnt from somewhere that bad students threaten people, and even the threatening behavior reveals a silly childishness.

In fact, when he just transferred from another school, Li Ziqing saw this white, tender and clean student at a glance. It’s just that he didn’t know what the little classmate had misunderstood about him , so he kept asking him for trouble, and he didn’t even want to see him.

At this moment, Song Huai and Li Ziqing’s misunderstanding was cleared , and Li Ziqing is of course happy.

“Song Huai!”

Song Huai put down the small fish rubber and slipped out of the classroom, but he didn’t expect to be chased by Li Ziqing.

The other party returned the dried small fish biscuits, “I accept this rubber, and return this to you.”

“Do you really not want it?” This is a special product of Z star that his uncle brought back to him when he was on a business trip. It’s hard to buy. Because of guilt, Song Huai was willing to share with Li Ziqing.

Li Ziqing knew that he liked to eat this biscuit. Last time in Old Liu’s class, he saw Song Huai courageously eating it under the table.

Li Ziqing shook his head.

He doesn’t want to grab food from his little classmate.

Seeing his attitude, Song Huai thought he didn’t sincerely forgive him.

He bowed sharply, “I’m sorry. I used to be bad. In fact, I secretly threw away your eraser, knife, and signature pen. Also, the little rubber band and strawberry hairpin on your head last time . I took them too when you fell asleep .”

He took a peek at Li Ziqing’s face, and immediately stood up straight, his eyes closed tightly, as if waiting for the hero to be righteous.

“I will never steal your eraser again! If you are still angry, you can punch me to vent your anger!”

Song Huai opened one eye, pouted, and said, “But you are not allowed to hit my face.”

Li Ziqing was completely amused.

Hearing the laughter, he secretly opened his eyes, “You won’t have a chance if you don’t hit me now.”

Li Ziqing almost didn’t catch his breath, “Won’t hit ,I really won’t hit.”

Li Ziqing licked his posterior molars: What a peerless Little cutie is this!

Song Huai waited for a while and saw that Li Ziqing didn’t mean to retaliate against him. In order to show his favor and apologize to him, he opened the package in person, grabbed two pieces and handed them to Li Ziqing: “Try it.”

Fearing Li Ziqing’s embarrassment, he stuffed two pieces into his mouth.

Song Huai ate the biscuit, his mouth bulging like a hamster.

His mouth was full, and his words were vague, “I did not lie to you, it’s really delicious.”

Seeing that, Li Ziqing wanted to poke his bulging cheek with his finger.

Li Ziqing took two biscuits symbolically: “It’s delicious, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” The two of them walked outside the school together.

Song Huai discovered that Li Ziqing was actually very good at talking, with a good temper, good-looking, and good grades. The life experience is a bit more complicated.

When Song Huai inquired about Li Ziqing’s life, he talked about part-time jobs.

Song Huai burst into tears when he learned that the other party was working in a bar.

He! The prince of the empire who was persecuted by siblings! In order to avoid chasing and killing, he did not hesitate to sell himself to work in the bar. The owner of the bar is bloodthirsty, cruel, and cold, and just wants to deeply imprison his little prince.

Oh, what a classic forced love.

Song Huai sighed in his heart. He used to like this kind of forced love, but in the past few years, he has been refreshing the Internet but his favorite novel website has not been allowed to write about forced love . In the past, most of the dog-blood abusers also began to change their style of painting, vying to write sweet articles about healing love.

So-a shining man appeared, in front of him, he had a good life, good looks, and polite. It was like a beam of light shining into Li Ziqing’s life in the quagmire, deeply touching his already frozen heart!

But in fact, he was arrogant, and kept cold scrutiny and questioning about everything in his heart, until a little stubborn boy broke into his world…

Song Huai’s little heart is all excited for this. The damn two-way redemption started!

Although Li Ziqing didn’t mind being watched by Song Huai, he couldn’t bear the unspeakable gaze of the other party.

Li Ziqing asked gently, “Is there anything on my face?”

Song Huai shook his head.

He thought to himself: Li Ziqing is such a good person, it is all because he was blind before. From now on, he will change his mind and be a good fish again!

“Song Huai!” Gu Yang, who was standing at the gate of the school, had waited for a while, and saw Song Huai and Li Ziqing walking together, immediately sprinting forward and blocking them.

He looked at Li Ziqing with a vigilant look, “A Huai , are you okay? ”

Song Huai saw Gu Yang’s vicious attitude, and he “cocked” in his heart. Even if Li Ziqing’s current situation is not good, it is the protagonist shou . The protagonist shou means that the protagonist’s aura is added, and it will be overwhelming in the future.

Look at Gu Yang’s appearance, isn’t it the lowest level cannon fodder in ordinary novels?
Thinking of Gu Yang’s final fate, Song Huai busily pulled the person behind and said to Li Ziqing, “I’m sorry, he just has a bad temper. Don’t take it to heart.”

Li Ziqing looked at Gu Yang’s eyes. He didn’t have much kindness either. He still remembered how Gu Yang asked someone to make things difficult for him when Song Huai was away.

But looking at the soft little classmate in front of him, Li Ziqing’s anger disappeared by more than half, “Forget it, it’s okay.” In just one day of communication, Li Ziqing’s favorability in his heart has been soaring. Since Li Ziqing said that he doesn’t care about it, then he must not care about it.

After Li Ziqing said goodbye, Song Huai looked back at Gu Yang who had a black face like that of a devil , ” Did not you want to go and eat cake? ”

Song Huai was still at home when Gu Yang sent him a message that a new cake shop had opened near the school.

Gu Yang glanced up and down at Song Huai: “A Huai , you’re serious.”

Song Huai said, “Yes, I don’t like Lu Chengze anymore after I said it, and of course I won’t go to trouble Li Ziqing because of his affairs. ”

Song Huai held Gu Yang’s arm, “You don’t know, I just talked to Li Ziqing, I found that he is really good, he is very good at talking. And we will be at the same table in the future, of course, we need to get along well. ”

Gu Yang felt that what Song Huai said also made sense. Although he still felt strange in his heart, he was more happy to hear Song Huai say that he did not like Lu Chengze.

“All right, as long as you really don’t like Lu Chengze and don’t act weird around him, you can play with the surnamed Li.” “Then you have to promise me that I can be friends with Li Ziqing, and you will be polite to him in the future.”

“Alright .” The two came out from the school gate with a smile and hooked their shoulders, and the atmosphere was harmonious.

“Admiral Lu.”

The principal on the side interrupted Lu Mian’s sudden silence.

Lu Mian was standing in the office on the second floor near the entrance of the school, looking outside without saying a word.

As the sun sets, the afterglow of the setting sun is diffused like blood, shining on Lu Mian’s face through the window, casting a circle of thick and not heavy shadows on his long eyelashes that are as straight as a blade.

In his sight, in front of him, there were children who behaved intimately with people, and walked outwards in a noisy manner.

In the youthful campus, the overly silent and cold empire admiral seemed a little out of place.

The principal respectfully handed the information to Lu Mian, “The procedures are all done, as long as you sign here.”

He was shaking.

He has long heard the rumor that Lu Mian was cold, cruel, and uncertain. Today, the other party came to complete the entry procedures. At the end of the day, although Lu Mian talks less, he is cold , like a machine. But it was peaceful.

But suddenly, he felt the pressure on the opponent’s body heavier.

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

Five seconds.

The cold sweat dripped on the ground from the principal’s forehead, and he could hardly withstand the pressure of unilateral and comprehensive suppression.

Fortunately, at this time, Lu Mian finally took action.

He took the contract and glanced at it.

The principal arched his body and explained hurriedly, “Although His majesty has specifically ordered it, we still need your cooperation with the written materials.” The secretary handed Lu Mian a pen, Lu Mian took it, and signed his name on the contract. The principal did not breathe a sigh of relief until he sent the person downstairs.

He boldly stretched out his hand and shook hands with Lu Mian, “I wish you a happy job in our school.”

Lu Mian caught a glimpse of another school badge on the chest of a student.

He opened his mouth and said, “Perhaps.”

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