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ALIC Chapter 20.1

Lin Ziran was in a daze. He felt as if being held in someone’s arms. The embrace was warm and comfortable, he couldn’t help but instinctively moved closer. He slowly opened his eyes and then… he saw a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes smiling at him.

Lin Ziran:!

[System: You’re awake.]

[Lin Ziran: Ah, what should I do, I was kidnapped!]

[System:…… Next time when you say this, don’t blush. Thank you.]

A, am I blushing?

Lin Ziran suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. He looked at Zhao Mingze, who was before him and felt as if he had just recovered. He revealed an expression of pain and disbelief: “You…”

He struggled to leave, but wasn’t able to sit up and felt weak.

Zhao Mingze put one hand on his side, leaned over and gently looked at him, his voice hoarse: “Are you hungry?”

Is this a question of hunger? You are wrong, do you understand?

Lin Ziran turned his face away to avoid his hand, and said angrily: “What on earth do you want to do?”

Zhao Mingze stared intently at him for a while and slowly said, “Don’t you know what I want? Anyway, you won’t forgive me, so why should I be cautious…?”

He paused when he said that, his gaze becoming dark and dangerous, and the corners of his lips were pulled up. He seemed to be smiling.

Lin Ziran was startled, but he quickly calmed down. Although Zhao Mingze had knocked him out, Wen Yu and Lu Sui must be looking for him now…

Lin Ziran sighed, looked at him with disappointed eyes and said, “You can’t keep me for long, don’t you know? It doesn’t make any sense for you to do so, it won’t change anything…”

“How do you know that it doesn’t make any sense for me to do this?” Zhao Mingze lips curved. He looked into Lin Ziran’s pure and focused eyes.

Lin Ziran met his gaze, and suddenly he had a very ridiculous thought, this villain…couldn’t have fallen for him?

But why would he like him?

It is more strange than Wen Yu liking him…

But the most important thing now is not this.

Just as he was about to give the villain a harmonious, positive, and positive education, Lin Ziran’s stomach grumbled, causing Zhao Mingze to laugh.

Lin Ziran: …How embarrassing.

Zhao Mingze kissed him on the forehead, got up and said, “I’ll get you something to eat.”

Lin Ziran snorted coldly.

I will fight with you for three hundred rounds when I am full!


Wen Yu sat on the deck of the hotel. He raised his hand to check the time. It was already nine o’clock in the evening, but Lin Ziran still did not come.

He suddenly smiled self-deprecatingly. So, is this just a trick to tease him?

Lin Ziran would never come…

But he believed Lu Sui’s words and waited stupidly for three hours.

Wen Yu got up and picked up the phone. He was about to leave when he suddenly received a call from Lu Sui.

Lu Sui’s voice seemed a little uneasy. He asked, “Is my brother still with you? I called him, but his phone is always turned off, so I can’t get in touch.”

Wen Yu was a little surprised. “He didn’t come.”

Lu Sui grew anxious when he heard these words, “What did you say? He didn’t come?”

Wen Yu then vaguely felt that something was wrong and frowned, “Yes, I’m still here, but I haven’t seen him so I’m preparing to leave. Is…what you said to me before is true?”

He suspected that Lu Sui was lying to him.

Lu Sui suddenly shouted, “Of course it’s true! He didn’t even know that I asked you to meet him, he thought it was to see me, he couldn’t not go…impossible…Something must have happened!”

Wen Yu’s face finally changed, “Are you sure?”

“If he really can’t make it, he would have told me in advance, but I haven’t received any calls at all, and I can’t even reach him.” Lu Sui quickly calmed down and gritted his teeth: “I’m coming now. Things are not so simple.”


On the other side, Lin Ziran was eating, but he didn’t expect Zhao Mingze to cook. And it’s pretty good that it suited his taste.

He said emotionally: “You have good skills.”

Zhao Mingze raised his eyebrows lightly: “Don’t be polite, I asked the chef to send it over.”

Lin Ziran: …You weren’t the one to cook itl, what don’t be polite!

Lin Ziran had already recovered some strength during the meal. He took a careful look at Zhao Mingze. Don’t look at this guy in decent clothes, he was a beast when he took off his clothes. Even if he recovered, he wouldn’t be able to fight back. He didn’t want to fight either… So once again, he persuaded with all his heart: “You should quickly let me go, do you know that this is illegal?”

Zhao Mingze suddenly smiled. He lowered his head and approached Lin Ziran, seemingly moved: “Are you concerned about me?”

Lin Ziran: “I just don’t want you to go astray!”

Zhao Mingze’s eyes became brighter and he sighed, “So…you still like me a little and care about me.”

Lin Ziran: We aren’t speaking the same language. I feel tired.

At this time, Zhao Mingze leaned forward, his warm breath fell on his ears and temples. His dark eyes seemed to be filled with strong complex emotions as he whispered: “Did you never once believe that, I love you.”

Lin Ziran was startled.

Speaking of which, until now, Zhao Mingze hasn’t gotten a advantage from him, instead he has lost a lot…

Such a loss.

He couldn’t really be in love…

No matter whether it was true or not, now that you are willing to take the risk for me, I’ll play along with you.

Lin Ziran looked at him earnestly and said, “So what if I believe you love me? It’s impossible for us.”

Because this is just a game and I will not stay in this world after all.

In my eyes, everything real is still fake.


Zhao Mingze was silent for a moment. After a while, he said, “What about you? Have you ever liked me, even a little…”

Lin Ziran said: “Yes.”

Zhao Mingze’s eyes were doubtful, as if he didn’t expect to get such an answer from Lin Ziran. His lips trembled but there was no sound.

Lin Ziran smiled, of course he liked him. He likes this face, legs and waist!

Thinking that since he was going to be quitting the game anyway, Lin Ziran lazily continued to pretend. He looked at Zhao Mingze tenderly and regretfully and said with a soft voice: “I liked you.”

Zhao Mingze’s Adam’s apple bobbed a bit, and he suddenly grabbed the back of Lin Ziran’s head and kissed his lips forcefully! This kiss was fierce and gentle, as if to pour out all the emotions that he had restrained in this one kiss. After a long time… he released Lin Ziran, bit the corner of his lips, and said in a low voice, “That’s enough.”

There was a sudden violent knock on the door outside!

Zhao Mingze stood up, took a deep look at Lin Ziran, turned and walked out and opened the door.

Wen Yu and Lu Sui stood outside the door.

Lu Sui’s eyes were cold. His expression was anxious and angry, “Where is my brother? Where did you hide him?”

Wen Yu’s face was also tense and looked at Zhao Mingze coldly. He spoke with a slow but firm voice: “You’d better hand him over quickly.”

Zhao Mingze reached up and took off his glasses. His long and narrow phoenix eyes glanced at them lazily. He shrugged and let out a chuckle: “Who said he was with me? Do you have any evidence?”

Lu Sui stepped forward and grabbed Zhao Mingze by the collar and snarled, “I know it’s you!”

Zhao Mingze lowered his eyes and raised the corners of his lips: “This is just your unilateral guess.”

Wen Yu raised his eyes and said: “Lu Zhen’s car is parked outside.” He paused, then stared at Zhao Mingze closely and said, “Do you want to release him or wait for us to call the police?”

Zhao Mingze didn’t panic and looked at them with a smile.

Lin Ziran was very anxious when he heard the noise outside. He recovered some strength at this time, struggling to stand up and walk outside.

“I’m here, I’m fine. Don’t worry.” Lin Ziran held the door to stand firmly, showing a pacifying expression to them.

But this scene caused Lu Sui’s vision to crack, because Lin Ziran was only wearing a thin shirt. His collar was loose and there was a looming hickey on his neck, and he looked unstable… Something obviously happened!

After exposing Zhao Mingze’s true colors, Lin Ziran had already parted ways with him. It was impossible that he came here to sleep with Zhao Mingze, let alone stand him up for so long… It must be Zhao Mingze who used despicable means to trick Lin Ziran and humiliated him! However, Lin Ziran still tried to comfort them because he was afraid that they would be worried…

Wen Yu’s eyes also sank. He pursed his lips tightly and looked at Zhao Mingze with extremely angry eyes.

Lin Ziran didn’t look good, the hostile atmosphere was simply too explosive. He didn’t dare to say anything…

Just when the atmosphere is too silent…

Zhao Mingze’s thin lips provoked and he let out a mocking laugh: “You still found out…”

He looked sideways at Wen Yu and slowly smiled: “Do you know how easy he is to fool? I just called him and told him that if he didn’t want you to have an accident, he needed to come here to see me …He came over without hesitation. He believed such lies for you…”

The blood on Wen Yu’s face faded and he looked at him in disbelief.

Zhao Mingze seemed to feel puzzled and said coldly: “I tried my best to let you two break up, but even so, he only has you in his heart. Even when he was with me, all he thought of was you…”

Lin Ziran was so surprised that his expression froze. Is Zhao Mingze crazy, why did he say all this?

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  1. Avatar meanight says:

    Ah, people in love are scary! Scary! Scary!

    1. Avatar Seemanta says:

      Important things must be said thrice!

  2. Avatar Batata Anisia says:

    Hehehehehe, I love that~~~~

    Plus: I NEED fanfics with CP ends to each one QAQ

  3. Avatar Ladyhummingbird says:

    Holy shit!this is so good!hahahha what a mess~ love it~♥︎♥︎♥︎ thank you so much for translating~

  4. Avatar Anshu says:

    …i take my previous comment back. LZR is just as scummy as ZM. scums should just be with each other! his personality is so crooked, how could the author write such a brainless protagonist…!!!

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