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ALIC Chapter 20.2

Don’t you know that they will only be angrier? Aren’t you being too arrogant in this 2v1 match? Do you think that you won’t die fast enough?

Why are you acting like you want to carry the blame to let me and Wen Yu get back together?

What do you want to do…

Hearing these words, Wen Yu’s eyes turned red. He looked at Zhao Mingze furiously and suddenly stepped forward with a clenched fist to hit Zhao Mingze!

But this time, Zhao Mingze didn’t let him hit. Instead, he clenched his fist and sneered: “I was just unprepared last time!”

Lu Sui’s body trembled slightly, as if he had reached the extreme state of anger. He looked up furiously and joined the brawl without hesitation.

Zhao Mingze was very powerful, but two fists can’t beat four hands. Lu Sui quickly kicked him away. He also received a punch on his face. He wiped the blood from the corners of his lips, but his expression was still mocking and cold: “You are just so-so.”

Lin Ziran:…

[Lin Ziran: I feel that he’s looking for a fight…]

[System: Are you going to stop them?]

[Lin Ziran: Let me think…]

In this 2v1 match, Zhao Mingze quickly fell into a disadvantage.

He watched as Zhao Mingze took another punch. His beautiful chin had turned blue-black… Lu Sui and Wen Yu’s faces were also spotting colors.

Wen Yu was no longer calm; he had a look of pain, resentment, and self-blame on his face. He hated that he didn’t realize this earlier, didn’t understand Lin Ziran’s true intentions. He only knew to blindly immerse himself in his disappointment, blame Lin Ziran for leaving, but never thought of his good intentions. This made him sad and allowed Zhao Mingze, this despicable man, to take advantage of this gap…

Lu Sui’s suit was messed up, his hair was scattered across his forehead, and his eyes were bloodthirsty and cold! He vowed to protect his brother and never make his brother sad again… But he had been taken away by the bastard in the blink of an eye…

If he had been more careful, would this not have happened?

Lu Sui looked at Zhao Mingze’s face, his heart growing even more furious. He wanted to kill this bastard!

Seeing the status quo turn so tragic…

Lin Ziran felt that this melon(ZMZ) wasn’t as sweet anymore, and if it continues, it may be fatal. None of the three will end well, so finally he mustered up the courage to persuade…

Lu Sui clenched his fist with hatred at Zhao Mingze. He didn’t expect that Lin Ziran would suddenly rush out, his face changed drastically, but the force was too late to withdraw and he slammed Lin Ziran back!


Before Lin Ziran could recover strength, he staggered back abruptly and felt as if something sharp had hit the back of his head. He wanted to move, but in the end, he lost his energy and couldn’t stand up.

Strange, isn’t the effect of the medicine over?

He raised his head blankly, meeting Lu Sui’s incredulous eyes, Wen Yu’s panic and shocked expression, and Zhao Mingze’s suddenly painful gaze.

[Lin Ziran: What’s wrong with them???]

[System: You are dying.]

[Lin Ziran:!!!]

[Lin Ziran: Am I going to die? Why is there no feeling? And I was only hit, is it possible to kill someone with a wall?]

[System: As long as the strength is sufficient and the angle is appropriate, death is not a problem.]

[Lin Ziran:…]

[System: As for why there is no feeling, you must have not read the user agreement and terms carefully before entering the game.]

[Lin Ziran:?] Who would take such a long thing seriously…

[System: Due to the player-protection mechanism, the initial state of the pain sensor is shut. If the player needs to experience the pain, we can turn it on to allow the user to experience the, but our company only provides 1-5 levels of pain. To experience level 5 or above, the player needs to be over 18 years old and have full civil capacity. After submitting the application in person, it can be turned on upon signing the exemption agreement…]

[Lin Ziran: Wait!]

[Lin Ziran: The point is, I won’t feel the pain at all, right? But why didn’t you say it before…] At that time, he was still struggling about whether to die or not!

[System: You never asked.]

[Lin Ziran:…]

[System: Do you want to turn on the pain experience item now? This is the terms of application and exemption agreement. If you want to experience a higher level of pain, I can provide you with the application…]

[Lin Ziran: Stop it! I didn’t say that I would apply to activate this service…] And who wants to activate this service!

[Lin Ziran thought for a while, and then wondered:… Anyway, why is it that though it’s only an opening of a sensor, the process is so complicated and there are so many clause agreement restrictions?] So troublesome…

[The system was silent for a while before saying some calm and painful words: …We have been sued before]

[Lin Ziran:…]

Wen Yu rushed over without hesitation. He hugged Lin Ziran in his arms and held Lin Ziran’s head with the other hand. There was blood dripping. His hands trembled slightly, his face was bloodless, and he muttered to himself, “You will be fine…it will be fine…”

But Lin Ziran knew that he was going to quit. Although it was only a few NPCs, he should still give a few words of explanation in the end.

They looked pitiful after all.

Lu Sui had already started calling for help. Zhao Mingze stood there with his head down blankly, as if he wanted to go forward, but he didn’t dare to… his eyes were very sad.

Lin Ziran was already unable to move. He looked at Wen Yu guiltily and said, “I’m sorry… I worried you…”

Wen Yu’s eyes were filled with deep regret. So…Lin Ziran had always loved him. He cared about him in this way, loved him… and did not hesitate to meet Zhao Mingze alone, even putting himself in danger…

You left me because you love me. Even if I’m willing to give up everything for you… you don’t want to see me give up anything for you and don’t want my career to be ruined.

Don’t want to see me in danger because of you.

You love me so much, but I misunderstood you…

If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have any troubles…

Wen Yu hugged him tightly, his eyes soft and wet: “When you get better, shall we go abroad and get married?”

He had already learned from Lu Sui that Lin Ziran was about to propose. If he hadn’t been late that day, nothing would have happened…

It was he who took the wrong step first, and he has been wrong forever.

Lin Ziran smiled helplessly, “I, cough cough, can’t continue to be by your side… Promise me, don’t be impulsive anymore… take care of yourself…”

After speaking, he turned his head slightly and stretched out his hand to Lu Sui.

Lu Sui looked down at his hand unconsciously. He looked like a child who had made a mistake, as if he could not believe what he had done. For a long while… he walked over and knelt on the ground and gently held Lin Ziran’s hand. He did not dare to exert force, only trembling slightly.

Lin Ziran said to him: “Don’t blame yourself, I know you didn’t mean it, ahem…”

Lu Sui’s eyes seemed to be unfocused. His lips moved, but he couldn’t speak.

This is the elder brother that he finally got back. He wanted to stay by this person’s side for a long time to make up for everything. He had thought for a long time and decided to snatch back the time he had lost, but in the end, he hurt this person once more. He really feels like he’d lose him completely this time…

Lin Ziran’s eyes were soft and he sighed, “I never blamed you. I didn’t before, and I won’t…”

Lu Sui lowered his head and let out a despairing sob, “Brother…”

Lin Ziran looked at Zhao Mingze last, his lips moved slightly to say something, but in front of Wen Yu and Lu Sui, it seemed inappropriate to say anything… Forget it, let’s not say anything. Anyway, I have said it before.

Although it didn’t hurt, he felt dizzy and his eyelids fell shut.

Sure enough, there is a risk in intervening in a fight!

Lin Ziran’s last thought was that it was too shameful to die in his own Shura Field, and this kind of dark history must never be known.

[Ding, the player is dead, the game is over. Now leaving——]


One month later.

Zhao Mingze returned home from the company late at night, again. During this time, he would work overtime almost every day until the early hours of the morning, as if he would not think about those painful things… But no matter how late he returned home, the memories that had nowhere to escape remained.

Zhao Mingze hooked up the corners of his lips slightly, took out two wine glasses filled with wine. He looked up and stared at the space in front of him blankly, as if the gentle man in front of him would still smile at him.

He raised his glass to the space and drank it in one go.

Lu Sui and Wen Yu personally dealt with Lu Zhen’s funeral together, but Lu Sui always felt that everything was so unreal… It seemed like a nightmare that he could wake up from. It seemed that the person would come back and say lovingly, Xiao Sui, I have been waiting for you to come home…

It was raining this day. Lu Sui came to the cemetery again. He looked at the fresh tombstone and the gray photo, and for a long time, his eyes were downcasted, his expression lonely and sad.

Brother, I’m home now, and I won’t let you worry, let you down, or make you sad.

But where are you now?

At home, Wen Yu received a call from his assistant. The assistant said: You have not been to the crew for a long time, everyone is waiting for you. Director Wang is already very dissatisfied.

Wen Yu knew that everyone would be dissatisfied. He left the crew for more than a month for no reason. Now there are rumors of him using his reputation. Wen Yu smiled and said to the assistant: “Help me reject this role, and ask Director Wang to choose someone else.”

The assistant was shocked: How can you just say you won’t shoot!

He has never seen such a willful Wen Yue.

But Wen Yu had already hung up the phone.

He flicked open Wei-bo gently, tapped on the account that will never be updated, and looked down at it, bit by bit. You told me to stop being impulsive… I promise you, this is the last time, okay?

He reached the last post.

Looking at the photos and text, he couldn’t help showing a gentle smile. After thinking about it, he replied: I will love you forever.

A few days later, this sentence was picked up by fans and there was a great uproar on the Internet. They all said that Wen Yu was pampering a fan.

But only Wen Yu knew that his words were sincere.

Unfortunately, it will never receive a reply.

t/n: Next arc is cultivation. That’s going to be hard. Will take a break to translate more chapters before releasing it.

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