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ALIC Chapter 17.1

The good feelings that had just grown abruptly disappeared as Lin Ziran’s expression stiffened. He didn’t know what to say for a while.

He wouldn’t believe it himself no matter what he said…

Wen Yu watched this scene, his gaze swept across Lin Ziran’s swollen lips and the bite marks on his neck… He thought he would be angry, but in fact, he was not. Probably because he expected it…

Lin Ziran pushed Zhao Mingze away quickly and got up from the sofa. This scene was really embarrassing.

Wen Yu’s gaze was indifferent, and his tone was filled with humour: “Am I disturbing you?”

Lin Ziran: “…No.”

Wen Yu didn’t believe it and his eyes seemed to be smiling, “It seems that I had been overestimating myself. If I had known this before, I wouldn’t have stopped Mr. Lu from finding a new love.”

There was a voice in his heart telling him, look at how ugly your jealous appearance is. But he couldn’t control himself…he still allowed himself to become hideous after all.

Lin Ziran’s face turned pale, as if he wanted to explain, but in the end, he didn’t.

Since we have broken up, we should be decisive.

Wen Yu looked at him.

Lin Ziran’s silence completely extinguished the only trace of hope in his heart. So now, what is he still hoping for…? Hoping that this person still cared a little bit about him, hoping that he will come to redeem himself?

A sneer slowly appeared on Wen Yu’s lips, and he didn’t know whether he was laughing at the other person or at himself.

Maybe it was both.

Lin Ziran looked at Wen Yu blankly. Although Wen Yu was smiling, his eyes were extremely cold.

At this moment, Zhao Mingze suddenly stood up from behind him, silently holding his hand.

Lin Ziran was stunned, but unexpectedly did not shake Zhao Mingze away. Instead, he pursed his lips and whispered to Wen Yu, “Why did you come today…”

Wen Yu’s eyes moved and his gaze flickered to the interlocked hands between the two of them. Then he walked past Lin Ziran, put the key on the table and smiled gently. “I’m here to return the key.”

Yes, I’m just here to return this to you, and leave behind all the love you gave me along with everything you gave me.

This is the dignity I want to leave to myself in the end.

Wen Yu took a deep look at Lin Ziran. A trace of attachment appeared in his eyes but his expression quickly returned to normal. He turned around and left without hesitation, his back full of determination.

Until Wen Yu’s figure had disappeared for a long time, Lin Ziran still stood motionless.

After a while, he looked like he had just recovered. He flung away Zhao Mingze’s hand like he had been shocked, with guilt in his eyes.

Zhao Mingze squeezed the empty palm of his hand, his eyes were sad, but he apologized first: “I’m sorry, I acted on my own…”

You’re a natural at the strategy of retreating before advancing. This was definitely for Lu Zhen who wouldn’t bend to coercion but would yield to coaxing.

Don’t look at him pretending to be so sensible, if he really get back together with Wen Yu, this villain would have to keep stirring trouble until his death…

Lin Ziran looked at him with a complicated expression, and sighed softly, “No, I should be the one to say sorry, I just…”

Obviously, I’m the one who still can’t let go of Wen Yu, and still love him, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to control myself, so I took advantage of you and didn’t let go of your hand…

Although Lin Ziran didn’t finish speaking, Zhao Mingze understood what he wanted to say. His eyes were gentle and steady. “If you really can’t let it go, it’s not too late to chase after him now.”

Lin Ziran seemed very surprised to hear this but he did not move. “He will not be happy with me.”

Wen Yu is a public figure. He had too many things to worry about and too many things to care about. It turns out that being with him will only bring him endless trouble…

It’s just a relationship and they have already separated. Soon, he won’t care anymore.

For Wen Yu, there are too many things more important than love.

“But if you just give up like this, will you be happy? Have you thought about yourself?” Zhao Mingze looked at him earnestly. In those dark pupils, there seemed to be complex emotions swirling. ” If I really don’t have the right to replace him, then I would rather you continue to be with him…because I care about you and hope you can be happy.”

He didn’t say the word ‘love’ anymore, but his love was deeper than ever, and it went beyond words.

Lin Ziran looked moved. For a long time, the corners of his mouth raised up and laughed at himself: “I can’t go back to him, it’s not just because of that, I will let go… I just need time…”

Zhao Mingze raised his eyes suddenly, as if he did not expect to get such an answer.

Lin Ziran smiled at him suddenly, and said helplessly: “I have always been very fortunate to have you by my side, but if I’m with you, it’s not fair to you.”

Zhao Mingze’s eyes were burning and he said: “You are not me, how do you know that this is unfair to me?”


[System: What on earth are you planning?]

[Lin Ziran: I just want to see what Zhao Mingze can do for me. You see, I’m not suffering a loss at all, ah~ It’s such a joy to be fawned on using every means.]

Anyway, he knows Zhao Mingze’s plot and will not be fooled, he can just enjoy Zhao Mingze’s meticulous service. Seeing Zhao Mingze make a failing investment in himself is all to his gain. Beautiful!

By the way, he was now on vacation on Zhao Mingze’s cruise ship.

Apart from the staff of the entire luxury cruise ship, there were only him and Zhao Mingze. Lin Ziran was sitting on the deck chair enjoying the sea breeze and bathing in the sun.

It’s hard to imagine the happiness of the rich!

I don’t want to go home anymore.

Lin Ziran narrowed his eyes comfortably, took out his mobile phone to play games and surfed Weibo. He paid special attention to Wen Yu. Although they can’t be husbands, he was still concerned about him and would often check the news on Weibo.

The enthusiasm of netizens is limited, and there was no one behind it any longer so the public opinion has long since calmed down.

Wen Yu looked pretty good lately. He had fully recovered from his injuries and joined the group to shoot a new movie a few days ago. Recently, a few films have been released. His ancient costume made him look like a cold and aloof fairy, it was difficult to look away. Lin Ziran couldn’t help thinking about how he had been willing to break up with such a beauty…

This proves that he is actually a very determined person!

Will not be tempted by the beauty in this game.

What a sensible fan!

“What are you doing?” Hands wrapped around his shoulders from behind as Zhao Mingze’s low magnetic voice fell into his ears.

Lin Ziran crossed out the interface and smiled, “Nothing.”

Zhao Mingze’s thin lips pursed slightly. In fact, he had arrived a long time ago. When Lin Ziran looked at Wen Yu, his eyes were always so gentle and hot, as if he loved this person to his bones… he would never look at himself with this kind of eyes.

Even if he is finally by his side, it always seems that there is something between them, so he was unable to really touch this person.

Zhao Mingze suppressed the unwillingness in his eyes and smiled, “The sun is a bit hot, let’s go in.”

Of course, Lin Ziran would not object. He nodded and said, “Okay.”

The two returned to the living room on the top floor of the cruise ship.

The spacious living room was surrounded by curved leather sofas. In the center is a huge LCD screen where they can watch movies. There were various expensive wines in the freezer next to it, which was incredibly luxurious.

Zhao Mingze hugged Lin Ziran, and lightly kissed him on the neck, his eyes were dark.

Then he raised his hand and pressed the switch on his side. All the glass around the living room turned dark, blocking out the sunlight outside, leaving only the dim warm yellow light on the roof.

Lin Ziran narrowed his eyes slightly.


It’s different from their chaotic drunk s*x.

This time, Lin Ziran remembered every detail of the process very clearly. Afterwards, he languidly nestled on the sofa, thinking that his guess was good. This was really a good gong.

By the way, they are not in an exclusive couple’s relationship now. In Lin Ziran’s view, they are merely friends with benefits.

Zhao Mingze was really skillful when it comes to serving him.

Lin Ziran expressed his satisfaction for his current life.

Apart from leisure and comfort, he will also think about what Zhao Mingze wanted to do. Is it possible that he intended to fool himself first and wait until Lin Ziran really fell in love with him and then further cannibalize and swallow his company? Kill him first and then kill Lu Sui?

But these are all his guesses.

Zhao Mingze was so patient, and did not hesitate to sacrifice his body, Lin Ziran really admired him.

Although he was satisfied with Zhao Mingze, he cannot go out of character!

He got up from the sofa, opened the windows, and came to the door in his pajamas.

Zhao Mingze followed.

Lin Ziran’s expression seemed a bit lonely. He looked at the sea level in the distance and said guiltily: “I’m sorry, I was actually looking at Wen Yu’s news today…”

Zhao Mingze paused and smiled slightly: “He should be living pretty wellrecently, right?”

Lin Ziran nodded, gently closing his eyes: “Yes.”

Zhao Mingze did not speak.

Lin Ziran said, “I have been out for a few days this time, I want to go back.”

Go back?

Because you want to see Wen Yu?

Even if you are by my side, you only think about him.

Zhao Mingze clenched the hand at his side slightly, and the darkness in his heart grew but he gave Lin Ziran a considerate smile: “Okay, we will go back.”

So what if you go back?

I finally got you. I will never give you a chance to escape from me.


t/n oh boy

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  1. Avatar ThisHappyFujoshi says:

    Thanks for the second chapter! 🙂

  2. Avatar Spica says:

    This is really the def of scum shou but if I were a player…Mayb I’ll also has the same mentality.Wen playing games u tend to go wild since u cant do it in reality.

  3. Avatar Anshu says:

    oh my god… im really disappointed in lin ziran. he’s really the actual scum shou and ZM is the scum gong. i dont know if the author was trying to be funny with his personality, but it’s really disappointing. i hope wen yu gets his happy ending :/

    1. Avatar Stephanie says:

      I can’t even lie,I’m so disappointed at him. Said he won’t have a relationship with a NPC but then again having sex with ZM.

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