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ALIC Chapter 19.3

Wen Yu frowned unexpectedly as he watched Lu Sui.

The assistant told Wen Yu embarrassedly: “I already said you don’t have time, but he insisted on coming in to find you, and I couldn’t stop him…”

Lu Sui’s expression was calm and there was no emotion on his stern face. He looked at Wen Yu sharply: “I need to talk to you.”

Wen Yu didn’t want to pay attention to him at all, “I have nothing to say to you.”

Lu Sui’s thin lips pursed and he said deeply, “It’s about Lu Zhen.”

Wen Yu smiled coldly: “We have broken up, isn’t it what you wanted?”

Seeing that Wen Yu was about to get up and leave, Lu Sui stepped forward and stood in front of him. His voice was tight and painful: “You are right, I regret it.”

Wen Yu finally stopped.

Lu Sui laughed. His lips were almost bloodless, “I have something very important to tell you.”

The assistant looked at Wen Yu anxiously. Wen Yu gave him a calm look, then said to Lu Sui: “Let’s go over there and talk.”

There were only two of them here.

Wen Yu looked at him thoughtfully and said lightly: “Whatever you want to say, make a long story short. I will be filming later.”

Lu Sui gave a wry smile. He regretted not heeding the warning Wen Yu had given him back then, but unfortunately it was too late…

He was silent for a moment before saying slowly: “I hope you can go back to see Lu Zhen… he still loves you.”

Wen Yu raised his eyebrows but his eyes were slightly cold: “I don’t know what you’re planning, you know…If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t break up at all. Who are you acting for now?”

“I know you won’t believe me now, but what I’m going to say next is true…” Lu Sui took a deep breath and said slowly and sincerely, “I hope you can go back to see him. He has never let you go, he left to protect you.”

No, you don’t understand at all. He doesn’t love me. If he loved me, he won’t leave.

I don’t need his protection either.

But when Wen Yu looked at Lu Sui, he was curious as to what else he could say. He chuckled lightly with a cold expression in his eyes. “Let’s see if you can convince me today.”


After Lu Sui moved back in, Lin Ziran couldn’t keep watching dramas and playing games at home all day. He was afraid that Lu Sui would think he’d been possessed, so he was inevitably more reserved.

Thinking about it this way, he regretted letting this bear kid come back.

How comfortable and happy had it been to be alone?

Lin Ziran was out for a whole day, and then in the afternoon, he suddenly received a call from Lu Sui. The other person anxiously wanted to ask him out for dinner.

You can eat at home, why do you want to eat out?

Having said that, seeing the child’s pitiful appearance, Lin Ziran couldn’t bear to refuse and readily agreed.

Seeing that it was nearly time, Lin Ziran drove to the destination.

It is the peak hour.

The densely packed vehicles were like a pack of migrating ants. Lin Ziran held the steering wheel when suddenly, his phone rang.

It was Zhao Mingze.

Lin Ziran hesitated for a moment before he picked it up and said indifferently: “What is it?”

Zhao Mingze’s low and sweet voice sounded, “Are you going to see Wen Yu now?”

Lin Ziran felt that this phone call was a bit strange. “I’m going to see Lu Sui, but no matter who I meet, it has nothing to do with you.”

Zhao Mingze chuckled softly when he heard these words, “What? Lu Sui told you that? It seems that he didn’t tell you… he secretly arranged for Wen Yu to meet you.”

Lin Ziran was taken aback and hesitated.

Zhao Mingze joked: “He was the one who tried to break you two up before and he is also the one who’s working hard to help you guys reconcile.”

Lin Ziran hesitated, wondering if what Zhao Mingze said was true.

At this moment, Zhao Mingze smiled again and said: “By the way, I called you to tell you not to make a pointless trip. If you don’t want Wen Yu to have an accident, you better come to the address I’ve sent you within an hour. I will wait for you here.”

Lin Ziran’s face changed drastically. He slammed on the brake and asked, “What do you mean?”

Zhao Mingze slowly said, “Don’t you understand what I mean? So, do you want to take a gamble?”

He hung up after speaking.

Lin Ziran turned pale. He suddenly remembered that there was originally such a plot.

At the end of the story, Lu Sui chased Wen Yu, but Wen Yu still refused to forgive Lu Sui. Then Zhao Mingze kidnapped Wen Yu and threatened Lu Sui, demanding Lu Sui to surrender his company’s shares. Lu Sui Working desperately to save Wen Yu. He finally moved Wen Yu and they finally got married!

Lin Ziran had complained about the bloody plot at that time. This villain didn’t want to be a good president, but resorted to kidnapping, blackmail, injury…simply too arrogant. In the end he fell from grace. It wasn’t worth it after paying so much for the protagonist shou’s love.

But now that the plot had already collapsed to this stage, coupled with the time they spent together, Lin Ziran subconsciously felt that Zhao Mingze was not like the kind of brain-dead fool described in the script. Although his treachery was real, he acted very cautiously and rationally. He wouldn’t fall easily into this trouble.

Unexpectedly, he was really sick!

This incident still happened, but the target of the threat had changed from Lu Sui to himself. Lin Ziran immediately grew anxious. He didn’t expect that just as he was ready to quit the game, he even implicated Wen Yu. Even if the other person was an NPC, it was very embarrassing.

Without hesitation, he turned the steering wheel and drove to the address given by Zhao Mingze.

The road grew increasingly desolate and remote. Lin Ziran came to a newly developed high-end community. The occupancy rate was very low because the land was still new. He could guess that this was one of Zhao Mingze’s properties that was very suitable for doing bad things…

Lin Ziran stopped the car, looked at the house number, and finally stood in front of a single-family villa and knocked!

Soon, the door opened.

Zhao Mingze’s eyebrows were gentle and deep. He smiled slightly and said, “You came.”

Lin Ziran pushed him away fiercely and walked in. Looking around, he did not see Wen Yu. He turned his head and frowned, “Where is Wen Yu?!”

Zhao Mingze was not in a rush to answer. Instead, he poured two cups of tea slowly, one of which was handed to Lin Ziran, “You are too angry. I will tell you where he is after a cup of tea. Don’t worry, he is fine.”

Lin Ziran was not in the mood to drink tea, but he looked at Zhao Mingze’s calm expression, as if he wouldn’t talk about it if he didn’t drink it.

Lin Ziran drank the tea in one breath, slammed the cup on the table again, and looked at him solemnly. “I advise you not to do anything stupid. Release Wen Yu first, we can slowly talk.”

Zhao Mingze looked down at the bone china tea cup in his hand, and his phoenix eyes turned thoughtful under his silver glasses.

Lin Ziran intended to continue persuading him to abandon evil, obey the law and be an upstanding citizen so that wealth will naturally come to him in the future.

He didn’t expect to suddenly feel dizzy. With the corners of his lips pulled up, Zhao Mingze wrapped an arm around his waist just in time and placed him gently down on the sofa.

Lin Ziran’s vision had become a little blurred. He tried hard to lift his hand, but it fell weakly.

In a daze, he saw Zhao Mingze smiling at him, his smile was gentle and deep. Then, he heard Zhao Mingze whisper in his ear: “You are right, how could I do that kind of stupid things? There’s no good to be gained from touching Wen Yu, so I didn’t do anything. He’s still there waiting for you to show up… I just lied to you. Who knew that you would be so simple as to believe it. Once you heard Wen Yu is in trouble, you immediately threw yourself into my trap.”

Zhao Mingze sighed softly and a kiss fell on his forehead. His voice was hoarse: “You believed such a clumsy lie…it seems you really love him.”

Before Lin Ziran fainted, he thought: F***, Laozi was fooled by the script again 🙂


t/n: Poor MC… that’s the most obvious trap trope smh. Can’t believe he fell for that one. But yes I like where this is going.

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  1. Avatar Pio says:

    “Even if the other person was an NPC, it was very embarrassing.” I found that so funny made me laugh a lot xD he’s doomed

  2. Avatar ×_÷ says:

    MC is too gullible lol, but that’s what makes him cute 🙂

    Thanks for the chap ♡

  3. Avatar greem says:

    I check everyday for updates!!! Thank you so much for translating this novel!!!! I am really thankful that I get to read it thanks to you :’DDDD

  4. Avatar Anshu says:

    omg everyone else is fawning over ZM but i hate him. manipulative scum! get your hands away from LZR!

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