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TWE Chapter 9

Following Zhuo Yu and his cousin’s untimely remarks against Zhuo Yang, revealing Zhuo Yang’s poor character, an anonymous post took advantage of the situation and began to break news that the crown prince was unwilling to accept the marriage. It was Queen Catherine who forcibly contracted him with Zhuo Yang when he was in a coma, and the crown prince had no choice but to accept it.

Moreover, Zhuo Yang looked good, but the Zhuo family has never let him appear in public social occasions. It is very likely that he is mentally ill like his mother.

As soon as the news came out, the netizens of the entire empire and the fan followers of the crown prince blew up.

Before, the crown prince’s national prestige gave Zhuo Yang a high degree of goodwill. But now, Zhuo Yang was being scolded so badly that almost everyone was shouting in outrage.

“Even if His Royal Highness’s body is already like this, you can’t allow him to accept such a guide! Putting aside his low mental power, with his inferior character, bullying his stepmother and younger brother…that’s the crown prince. Our crown prince. Our national hero.”

“It’s fine if Zhuo Yang has other problems, but he is mentally ill. Queen Catherine, you are so eccentric and partial. Aren’t you afraid that your grandchildren will his inherit mental illness? Or, in your eyes is there only your youngest son, and no crown prince?”

“No, I don’t accept such a person as our crown princess, even if he and his highness are already registered for marriage.”

“If the other party has a mental illness, yes, yes. Can you apply for invalidation of marriage? I beg the crown prince to apply for invalidation of marriage.”

On the star network, the various voices calling for the invalidation of the crown prince and Zhuo Yang’s marriage were endless. Because of overwhelming support and sympathy for the crown prince, Zhuo Yang was blackened to the point it was hard to control exert any control.

Even the navy1As in online navy who’s hired to influence public opinion by posting messages of a specific type and public relations sent by Zhuo Yang’s friends, the royal family, and the Zhuo family found it difficult to save.

“Zhuo Yang is pretty good-looking. He shouldn’t be such a person, right?”

“Zhuo Yang and I were classmates. Don’t misrepresent him. He is not a lunatic at all. He is just a big beauty whose a little cold. He is super good-looking. I have never seen him bully his younger brother, but his younger brother often provokes him. His father doesn’t spoil him and his mother doesn’t love him. Only grandfather cares a little bit, which is very pitiful.”

“Zhuo Yang himself is really good-looking. And very well-educated. Not that kind of person at all, very outstanding.”

“Don’t try to whitewash anymore. No one has ever seen Zhuo Yang in Emperor Star’s noble circle. If he’s so beautiful, how can he be so unknown? I think it’s mostly a trick of the photo. Ask the Emperor Star aristocratic circle, which family will hide its precious guide from seeing people? Especially if that guide is so beautiful… I think it’s likely that Zhuo Yang’s mind has a problem, which is why the Zhuo family hid him, and dumped him onto our crown prince.”

“I don’t believe that there are people in the world who can be so good-looking, where flaws cannot be picked out. That all the famous beauties in the imperial capital can’t compare… how is that possible? The pictures must be photoshopped; the Zhuo family went overboard with editing it.”

“When I look at that photo of Zhuo Yang, I think it’s fake. Can anyone in the world look that way? How is it possible?

”In the interview with Zhuo Yu, he slipped up and revealed that mentally ill person only knows how to rely on his grandfather’s pampering to bull the little beauty Zhuo Yu. Those who haven’t watched the video can check it out. Zhuo Yu didn’t know anyone was filming at first. When a friend asked about Zhuo Yang, given what his cousin said, he only accidentally added a few words to corroborate those facts. Later, when he realized someone was filming, he panicked, and immediately began whitewashing and saying good words about Zhuo Yang for fear of affecting the family and Zhuo Yang’s marriage. What a kind little beauty.”

Even the second prince and Rand, who had just been whitewashed by Queen Catherine, were quickly dragged out by netizens and abused again. “In order to cleanse her little son and Rand, she forcibly stuffed our crown prince to such a person. I will never forget it in my life. Such a disgusting, scum mother.”

“The second prince is your biological child, isn’t the crown prince the same? I’ll never forgive the second prince who robbed his brother-in-law and that Rang who abandoned him during the crisis. Even if Rand is the guide with the highest mental strength in the empire, he is of poor character and I’ll be disgusted for a lifetime.”

“That disgusting couple! Betraying and abandoning the crown prince is not enough. In order to cleanse them, Queen Catherine stuffed him with such a disgusting mentally ill patient.”




Faced with all the rumors on the Internet that were not conducive to him, Zhuo Yang was surprisingly in a very good mood at this time sitting in a cafe and drinking coffee with a friend.

“Is your half-brother mentally ill? Not knowing which power is hacking you is one thing, but he even joined in to blacken you. Doesn’t he know what it means to be one family, winning and losing together? What good is it for him to join others to step on you?” Zhuo Yang’s good friend Allen watched the video of his friend’s half-brother personally stepping on Zhuo Yang, and he couldn’t understand Zhuo Yu’s brain circuit. “Furthermore, him fleeing marriage and you fulfilling it on his behalf to the crown prince can all be dug out. Has he forgotten? Isn’t he afraid someone will dig it out?”

At this time, even if they hate their half-brothers, will normal people be as noisy as a chicken?

However, this Zhuo Yu…

Zhuo Yang stirred his coffee cup and sneered: “He and the Xia family have always been stupid and poisonous, harming others and pitting themselves. I’ve long been surprised.”

“There will always be such a day when someone teaches them how to live.” He carelessly replied.

“Actually, I don’t understand you either. Great beauty, even if others blacken you, why do you even add your own black materials? Even stuff about your father calling you ‘beautiful without a soul’ or news about abusing your stepmother and younger brother?” Allen turned off the light brain and looked at Zhuo Yang. “I’ve seen self-incrimination, but I have never seen someone who does it to this extent.”

Zhuo Yang smiled, adjusted his posture and leaned back lazily. “Zhuo Yu stepped on me personally, so how can I not help him? He is so good, and sent himself to me like a ladder, how could I miss this opportunity to kick him from the top.”

The more the rumors and public opinion spread, the better. Who Xia Xiuzhi and Zhuo Yu are is not without a bottom line, and can be investigated. Zhuo Yu making noise like a chicken, jumping out and stepping on him…

Only when public opinion reverses will it be beneficial to him.

Someone is willing to expose his ugliness, so why not do it?

“Are you really a bitch?” Allen quickly understood Zhuo Yang’s meaning, took a piece of pastry and put it in his mouth, but smiled knowingly at Zhuo Yang.

Zhuo Yang picked up the coffee and took a sip. “I’ve always had such an attitude, so don’t mess with me. Last time, because Zhuo Yu escaped from marriage, the Zhuo family pushed me out as a victim.”

“This time It’s Zhuo Yu’s turn to sacrifice for my reputation.” He tapped his index finger on the desktop. “I believe reality will teach him how to be a cute brother.”

Allen curled his lips: “It seems that you have sufficient confidence to reverse it.”

“Of course. You know, that stepmother and half-brother of mine love provoking me whenever they have nothing to do.” Zhuo Yang put down his coffee cup and didn’t want to laugh at the Zhuo Yu mother and son pair’s stupidity.

Allen looked at him but sighed: “You, you, you—”

“From childhood to now, I was never as lucky as Zhuo Yu to get what I want. So no matter what it was, I had to be the one to find a way myself… everything was like that.” Zhuo Yang’s eyes glinted, sneering sarcastically. In this cold family, his father does not care for his mother, so he can only rely on himself to survive.

Allen asked him: “Can you guess who is responsible for these black materials?”

Even if Zhuo Yu, Xia Xiuzhi and the others, were idle, it shouldn’t be them… they just followed the footsteps and stepped on Zhuo Yang.

“It should be the third prince’s party and some guides from families who are fighting against Rand. At the moment, there shouldn’t be anyone coming at me. After all, there’s no value in harming me. I should just be cannon fodder…” Zhuo Yang thought for a while and said, “I think those people are very reluctant to let the crown prince’s fans and supporters forget about Rand and the second prince because of the upcoming marriage, and be gradually whitewashed.”

He has long seen through the intrigue and fighting in the aristocratic circle.

“These nobles and royalty fighting…” Allen sighed silently, looked at Zhuo Yang, and said: “Actually, I don’t understand you very much, Zhuo Yang. I always thought you were a particularly sober and understandable person. I don’t understand – why do you have to wade into the turbid waters of the royal family so arduously… Is it really because of your so-called family glory?”

Others cannot see clearly, but Allen, who was Zhuo Yang’s good friend could… The reason why Zhuo Yang would fulfill the marriage contract with the crown prince on behalf of Zhuo Yu was only because he wanted it, not because of pressure and persecution from any party.

If Zhuo Yang didn’t want to, he had a million ways to avoid it from happening.

The so-called femme fatale… Zhuo Yang’s mind, such a the great beauty, really showed him what its called when one has more schemes than hornet’s nest…

“Because I really want to be the crown princess of the empire. This is my greatest wish growing up.” Zhuo Yang smiled and winked at him. “When I was six years old, a prophet said that I had the fate of the queen of the empire, and is noble beyond words… I have always believed this.”

Allen knew that he was talking nonsense, but he was still involuntarily stunned when Zhuo Yang winked at him.

Zhuo Yang is so good-looking. Even as a fellow guide, not a sentinel… he couldn’t help but be amazed by Zhuo Yang’s beauty. Allen couldn’t help but look at it a few more times, wondering how the creator gave birth to such a beautiful person.

This is also the reason Allen and Zhuo Yang became friends: the little Duke Allen is a huge face-con.


I started translating another novel on KnoxT. It’s an omegaverse in the interstellar. Transmigration, mecha battles, face slapping, and some drama set in a military academy. And like Zhuo Yu, the MC is strong willed. There’s also an ugly cat mecha that rears it’s head!

If you’re enjoying TWE, I highly encourage y’all check it out here.


Allen is such a funny character; he doesn’t play as much of a role as he could…. Anyone guess it was the MC who really blew up the rumors about himself? ?

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    As in online navy who’s hired to influence public opinion by posting messages of a specific type
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    I honestly had no clue whatsoever last chapter. There are certainly enough dogblooded scenes in other stories where the most obvious answer as to who the villain is ends up being the correct one. I started questioning things about at the point where the negative things blowing up became ridiculously easy to disprove. One appearance in public can settle any rumors over attractiveness or mental illness after all! The further such rumors spread the more effect there is when there’s a quick reversal.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Thanks for reading!
      I feel you about the twists and turns in some plots. Here, the negative news is merely a preface to plot around the MC’s family.

  2. Avatar ruinthyself says:

    i’ve love to see more of this friend Allen~ and time for the face-slapping huh!! thank u for the chapter~

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