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BATCFO Chapter 43.4

T/N: Thank you for your support, Butter! This’ll be the last week with 3x weekly (4x because of ko-fi). In January, BATCFO releases will return to 2x weekly.



Yun Xingze looked at Luo Wenchuan gratefully. “Thank you, senior.”

“The weather is good today.” Luo Wenchuan looked around. The petals of the cherry blossoms fell gracefully with the breeze under the warm sun, bringing a bit of warmth, like the gentle feeling he currently gave. “Don’t be in a bad mood because of them.”

Yun Xingze nodded. “No.”

“That’s right…” Luo Wenchuan suddenly turned around, looking at Yun Xingze, and slowly said, “I forgot something in the stadium just now.”

Yun Xingze asked curiously: “What?”

Luo Wenchuan was wearing a school uniform. He stretched his hand into the pocket of his pants, as if there was something in it.

“Close your eyes.” Luo Wenchuan looked at Yun Xingze, his throat rolled. There was no expression on his face, but his plain tone was somewhat serious.

Yun Xingze couldn’t help laughing. “What, it’s so mysterious?”

Even so, Yun Xingze closed his eyes.

He waited for Luo Wenchuan’s next move.

Probably a few seconds passed.


A slight sound bloomed above Yun Xingze’s head, which stunned several birds in the forest.

Yun Xingze was taken aback. He opened his eyes and saw Luo Wenchuan holding a small firework tube in his hand, stepped back a few steps, and pressed the button near the top.

The fireworks and the petals of the cherry blossoms fell on the top of Yun Xingze’s head, one after another, reflecting the sunlight, but also surprising Yun Xingze.

“Wow, senior, you’re quite free, ah.” Yun Xingze laughed, then said, “Are these the fireworkds used inside the stadium?”

“Yes.” Luo Wenchuan replied seriously. “I picked it up on the ground. I’m afraid it would be wasted, so I’ll give it to you.”

Yun Xingze heard Luo Wenchuan tell a joke again. He looked up at the paper snowflakes and pink petals falling. The grand congratulatory gift which failed to fall on him in the arena was made up at this moment.

Luo Wenchuan put away the firework tube and looked at Yun Xingze with long narrow eyes. “Congratulations on entering the school team, little mecha master.” As he spoke, his lips curled up faintly.

Yun Xingze scratched his head: “I didn’t expect that I would enter the school team. I only wanted to win a winning streak.”

Luo Wenchuan saw that some snowflake paper was stuck on Yun Xingze’s hair, so he could not help but reach out and brush it away.

At the moment when the slender fingers touched Yun Xingze’s hair, the air seemed to heat up from the sunlight.

The two looked at each other.

Yun Xingze was stunned. Luo Wenchuan quickly withdrew his hand, and said nonchalantly: “Congratulations on your half a million bonus.”

The hand vanished, but the touch lingered on Yun Xingze’s head, and his mouth curled up as he replied to Luo Wenchuan: “I hope senior will lead the school team to continue to achieve good results this year.”

Luo Wenchuan pursed his lips. His gaze flickering over Yun Xingze’s head, before he looked down at Yun Xingze. After a long while, he made a soft “en”.

A simple response, but a bit more firm than never before.

In Luo Wenchuan’s eyes, Yun Xingze’s invisible anticipation was hidden.

All ten rounds of the Mecha Contest are over, and the organizing committee of the competition is in full swing to count the results.

Yun Xingze can finally rest for a while.

During this time, Chi Yu tried to find him, but he refused.

He Haomin also conveyed his apologies to him through others, and Yun Xingze did not respond.

He doesn’t know how those three people handled the reselling incident, but Yun Xingze’s account did have an extra amount of money, which Chi Yu sent him.

Chi Yu even expressed his guilt for Yun Xingze in the transfer message.

Even so, Yun Xingze was unmoved.

He Haomin who was wallowing in guilt and frustration all this time, had a particular bad temper. His original hatred of Yun Xingze has all been transferred to Su Zinan, and was even ten times worse than before.

Su Zinan’s deeds once again exploded on the forum. In addition to expressing sympathy for Yun Xingze, everyone was disgusted with the actions of Chi, Su, and He. The three of them almost became the target of everyone in the forum. .

Of course, Su Zinan didn’t have the guts to drop out. He knew that even if he dropped out, Luo Wenchuan would still pursue this debt from him, and he might have to pay a heavier price.

So while living a life in school where everyone was yelling and cursing, he got up early and made money to return to Yun Xingze. He had long lost his original arrogance, let alone any harmful thoughts, and often secretly wiped tears in the middle of the night.




The results of the Mecha Contest will be announced soon.

The day when the results are announced is called “Glory Day” by the students of in Xinghai Academy. The school will invite senior military officials to issue certificates of honor, medals, and bonuses to the students who enter the school team.

At the same time, at the awards ceremony, the highlights of the students’ wonderful performances in the competition will be played. It is a grand ceremony that military academy students talk about.

Everyone is looking forward to Glory Day.

Lu Ranxu was so excited that he couldn’t sleep the day before. He kept saying to Yun Xingze: “Xingze, tomorrow is the time to witness a miracle. You are going to shine!”

Yun Xingze didn’t care about the glory. His mecha was a bit scratched up during the match with He Haomin and needed money to repair it.

And he still owed Zhuo Feiyue a sum of money. All he cared about was the 500,000 bonus.

The news that Yun Xingze was about to attend the awards ceremony was shared back to the Yun family the night before the Glory Day.

Father Yun, Yun Changsheng, mother Qin Shuang, and Yun Xingze’s younger brother, Yun Wu, gathered together for dinner.

Yun Wu is attending a pretigious high school and will soon be entering university. The hopes of the whole family are gathered on this alpha son.

“Yun Wu, eat more, you alphas are still growing.” Qin Shuang kept adding vegetables on Wuzheng’s plate. “Don’t be like your brother, who is so thin and almost virtuous.”

Yun Wu frowned. He didn’t agree with Qin Shuang’s words, but he still didn’t speak.

The powerful mother, the father who is busy with work, and the brother with a love-brain. This family makes Yun Wu unable breathe.

Yun Changsheng said to Yun Wu: “You will definitely be able to enter Xinghai Academy next year. At that time, you must fight for your father, try to enter the school team like the kid from the Chi family, and then participate in the National League. If you perform well, then you’ll be appreciated by the imperial army! General Chi will also help you…”

“Didn’t the Chi family break their marriage with us?” Yun Wu frowned. “Why do you keep bringing up this old family matter?”

Qin Shuang was annoyed to hear this. “Who said it’s off. Chi Yu, that kid, is just young and energetic. Which alpha’s eyes didn’t stray when they were young? It’s normal to make a mistake. You know about your brother’s young master temperament. Our family can’t leave the Chi family…”

At this moment, Zhang Shu, the housekeeper of the Yun family, walked into the villa in a hurry.

“President Yun, Xinghai Academy sent an invitation to our family.” Zhang Shu’s face was surprised. “It seems to be an invitation to us to attend the Glory Day awards ceremony.”

“What is it.” Yun Changsheng received it in one hand. “Invite us to present awards? Yes, our Changsheng Company is a big company. It is more than enough to give awards to military academies…”

Zhang Shu coughed: “This award ceremony has always been awarded by a general-level figure.”

Yun Changsheng rolled his eyes. “Then why are they asking me to go?”

Qin Shuang frowned and said, “Could it be Yun Xingze that is causing trouble again, right?”

“No, it’s not.” Zhang Shu shook his head again. “I heard that it is because the eldest master got good results in the Mecha Contest this year, so you are allowed to participate as a family member.”

As soon as this was said, the whole living room fell into silence.

“Wh…what?” Yun Changsheng looked incredulous, his tone faltering. “You mean… Yun Xingze? He participated in the mecha contest? That is the mecha contest that alphas participate in?!”

Qin Shuang also said in amazement: ” How is this possible? It must be the wrong delivery!”

Zhang Shu shook his head quickly. “Absolutely not. I confirmed it, it is the eldest master.” Yun Changsheng quickly picked up the invitation and tried to open it. Because he was so shocked, his hands trembled, and it took him a while to open it.

Qin Shuang asked from the side: “Is it true? How many? Is there a top 100?”

Yun Wu also put down his chopsticks, showing surprise and curiosity.

The moment the invitation was opened, Yun Changsheng’s eyes widened suddenly.


Guess the long chapters will be here for a while. At least it means more story/plot for folks to enjoy. 😊

And YXZ finally admits he’s only in it for the money! 😂


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  1. Little Fujo says:

    I’m sorry but I really hate his mother. She despises her own son while her son was the one who suffered all along

    1. Chaotica Thoughts says:

      Exactly, if his family stood up for him, he wouldn’t have suffered to the point of suicide, and if they cared about him, they could’ve at least asked for his news after leaving him with no money to live, I’d say that this cruel family played a seriously big part in the murder of the original

      1. Little Fujo says:

        to them he’s not even a human being but a tool to win connections →_→

  2. SuouNono says:

    no better environment for a child like toxic parents! Poor OG host, didnt deserve all the pain he got

  3. Panda Eyes says:

    Now i know the reason why the original turn like that. With parent like that no wonder he become someone that want love as family which he depends much on scum’s presence

    N i don’t feel sorry at all when green tea bitch is crying in the middle of the night
    You reap what you sow
    He’s the 1 that sold the mecha accessories, depends on scum to pour water on the contest, posting slander post on the forum so why acting like he is the biggest victim here?!

    1. komorebi says:

      At the very least, SZN feels remorse and is rehabilitating. Unlike a certain scum who’s face is too big for his own good.

  4. Panda Eyes says:

    Ouch, i forgot to ask

    After everything that happen, what gonna happen to YXZ’s relationship with the original family??

    They’re the 1 that neglect n force marriage the original
    While i can see that the lil bro is still better somehow??

    1. komorebi says:

      It’ll be covered in the latter half of the novel. Wish Yun Wu (brother) had a larger role, but his appearances are limited.

  5. owo worm? says:

    hope the little brother gains respect for omegas and escapes that toxic household. thanks for the chapter!

  6. Pletha says:

    I can’t really blame the original for latching on to the first person who showed him even the bare minimum traces of kindness. What a terrible family. At least he can get rid of their name soon.

  7. Thanks for the chapter! Happy Holidays! I was wondering when we were finally going to meet those people…

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