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TWE Chapter 8

In order to free Rand and the second prince from the whirlpool of public opinion as soon as possible, Queen Catherine worked very hard on Moodys and Zhuo Yang’s wedding.

The royal family announced the news that Moodys and Zhuo Yang had registered for their marriage, and that the wedding would be held soon. Zhuo Yang’s photo was also attached.

The news and Zhuo Yang’s unexpectedly good looks greatly comforted the hearts of the Crown Prince’s fans and followers.

“Previously, when it was only the news announced by the royal family, I was not sure yet. Now that His Royal Highness has also announced the news, I can only believe that this is true. This is really great. Our Highness will no longer be alone in the future. I hope that His Highness, the Crown Princess, will be better to His Royal Highness in the future.”

“As a big fan of the prince, I am so happy for His Highness the moment I saw the news.”

“Is this the future princess? He looks good.”

“I didn’t expect that there could be such good-looking person in the world. I used to think that among those guides born to noble families, Rand and Zhuo Yu were already beautiful enough. I didn’t expect our future Royal Highness to be so beautiful. He’s even better.”

“He looks really good. If it’s like this in the photos, it’s hard to imagine what the real person looks like. I announce that in the moment I’m going to be His Highness’s face powder.1As in following and supporting good looking people. Oooooooo~”

“Wishing the crown prince and princess a happy and joyous marriage!”

“Wishing happiness +1.”


Because Moodys’ fans are extremely fanatical and patriotic, once news of his marriage with Zhuo Yang was confirmed, and Zhuo Yang’s photo was published on the star network, most people are sending blessings.

There were other voices mixed in as well. “The pictures are indeed pretty good, but can’t it be a lie? I can’t believe there are people in this world who can look as good as this.”

“This Zhuo Yang looks pretty good in photos, but why has no one ever heard of him before? If he is really so good-looking, even if his mental power is low, he wouldn’t be so unknown amongst the guides of the imperial capital and nobles. It’s really strange.”

Over time, more voices questioning Zhuo Yang appeared. But most of the people were blessing and liked him because of Zhuo Yang’s appearance.

All the developments are as the Queen Catherine wished. Everyone is eagerly discussing Zhuo Yang and the prince’s marriage. And Rand, who was rumored with the crown prince in the past, and criticized for being with the second prince was completely forgotten.

Moreover, no one dared drag out the crown prince’s situation and verbally abuse them.

Zhuo Yang didn’t know anything about the hot discussion about him on the star network.

“Zhuo Yang, this is Major General Lin Xuan. He will soon be engaged to our Xiaoyu, and will be your brother-in-law in the future.” As soon as Zhuo Yang’s marriage was confirmed, Xia Xiuzhi couldn’t wait to invite Lin Xuan there. The Zhuo family settled the matter between him and Zhuo Yu, and threw him in front of Zhuo Yang along the way.

So what if Zhuo Yang looked good? So what if he was raised by Patriarch Zhuo?

In the end, the best was robbed by and belonged to her son. Zhuo Yang couldn’t do anything about it.

“Congratulations…” Zhuo Yang shrugged indifferently, and he didn’t lose his temper as Xia Xiuzhi had imagined.

Cold eyebrows, deep nose, strong muscles, and strong pheromones. In truth, Zhuo Yang had to admit that his former fiance was really handsome among sentinels.

However, it’s a pity…

“Hello, my dear future Crown Princess. In the future, I should change my mouth to call you ‘big brother’ like Xiaoyu.” Lin Xuan was lost for a moment when he saw Zhuo Yang, and his heart couldn’t help being moved. It is hard to imagine that there is such a stunning person in the world, and this person was once the object of his engagement.

But after his momentary shock, he quickly regained his thoughts. As a prospective brother-in-law, he greeted Zhuo Yang warmly.

Facing his eagerness, Zhuo Yang only casually nodded to him: “Hello, Major General Lin Xuan.”

Lin Xuan still smiled.

Lin Xuan admitted that at the moment he saw Zhuo Yang, he regretted running away with Zhuo Yu and abandoning the engagement with Zhuo Yang for a moment. But when his wits returned, he quickly woke up again.

So what if Zhuo Yang looks good?

No matter how good he looks, he is only a B-level spiritual guide. He will not be able to help him in the future. Zhuo Hengyuan will not treasure him, and although Mr. Zhuo loves him, it is only limited. It is still far worse than being loved by his parents. Zhuo Yu, who possesses S-level mental power, will be of great help to him in the future.

Besides, the Zhuo family looked down on their home before…

Lin Xuan swore that when he became stronger in the future, he had to get the best guide from the Zhuo family.

And all discerning eyes could see that the best guide from the Zhuo family was easily Zhuo Yu.

“Speaking of it, Zhuo Yang was the one who had a marriage contract with Lin Xuan before. It’s hard to imagine such a blunder that the pair of brothers switched marriage contracts…” Before, this meeting could have proceeded without embarrassment, but Xia Xiuzhi refused to let Zhuo Yang go. She had to show off her prestige in front of him. “By the way, Lin Xuan, when you were engaged to Zhuo Yang, I don’t think you met Zhuo Yang. Why don’t you take a look and tell us your thoughts on our Xiaoyu’s elder brother?”

She spoke in such a frivolous manner on purpose.

“The future Royal Highness looks good.” Lin Xuan listened to her words, and immediately offered Zhuo Yu a knowing smile: “However, in my eyes, Xiaoyu is the best.”

“This child!” Xia Xiuzhi immediately trembled with a smile when she heard this.

She has fought secretly with Zhuo Yang for so many years, but she has never won Zhuo Yang, the scheming little bitch… Now, through Zhuo Yu’s marriage, she feels that she can finally gain the upper hand and rub Zhuo Yang’s face on the ground.

So what if Zhuo Yang looks better?2Author used “心眼” which literally means “heart’s eyes”. In this context, it’s unclear if they’re referring to MC having more admirers (due to his looks) or being able to scheme/see through schemes.

In the end, he could only obediently marry the disfigured crippled prince, and watch the promising Major General Lin Xuan become her son-in-law.

Thinking of this point, Xia Xiuzhi was in a great mood.

“I am also grateful that my grandfather and father exchanged this engagement for me and Zhuo Yu.” Zhuo Yang smiled very decently. “If it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t be able to marry a good sentinel like His Royal Highness.”

Xia Xiuzhi looked at Zhuo Yang. Her decent smile belied her belief towards his words. “Oh, is it?”

Zhuo Yang, the little bitch, always loves to compete with her, and never let her win the slightest advantage. She does not believe Zhuo Yang was wholeheartedly willing to marry the crippled crown prince.

That said, there’s no need to hit the face of a fatty until it’s swollen.3In other words, she’s thinking to herself there’s no need to keep slapping his face when it’s already swollen.

“Of course, His Highness is recognized as the strongest sentinel in the empire.” Zhuo Yang replied loudly and positively. “It is my honor to be able to marry a sentinel like His Highness.”

Xia Xiuzhi found that she couldn’t detect sadness in Zhuo Yang’s demeanor. Adopting a manner of self righteousness, she felt that she had already won against Zhuo Yang. Wearing a smile on her lips, she spoke without a real smile: “Then congratulations to our future Royal Highness.”

In her eyes, Zhuo Yang will always and only be His Royal Highness, a crown princess, at best. With the crown prince’s body, there is no possibility of being the emperor… let alone, Zhuo Yang being the queen.

“Thank you.” Zhuo Yang didn’t take it seriously.

Just as Zhuo Yang and Xia Xiuzhi were fighting openly and secretly, the star network was exploding with words and deeds against Zhuo Yang. Who knew what force was causing trouble…

The cause was a post on the star network by an insider without a clear purpose, claiming they knew Zhuo Yang. They shared Zhuo Yang was not a good person, and relied on his grandfather’s favor when he was at home to bully his younger brother, Zhuo Yu. He often snatched Zhuo Yu’s toys when he was a child, framed his stepmother several times, and even destroyed Zhuo Yu’s clothes. He was not worthy of the crown prince, and he was not worthy of being blindly loved by so many people because of the crown prince.

Not only that, but it shared that Zhuo Yang’s biological mother Tan Yuzhi derailed during marriage, was caught in bed by Zhuo Hengyuan, and the defendant went to court to divorce. Further, the serious mental illness Zhuo Yang’s mother suffered from is very likely to be inherited. It also speculated that Zhuo Hengyuan kept his distance from Zhuo Yang because Zhuo Yang is not his real son; that’s why he was born in the Zhuo family with such a low mental power and only reached a B-level mental strength.

As soon as the news came out, the whole network was shocked.

“No, it’s not like this. How could the royal family let such a person of inferior character and suspicious origin marry His Royal Highness?”

“Impossible, I don’t believe it. Zhuo Yang looks so good-looking. Why would he be such a person?”

“Even if we don’t believe in Zhuo Yang, I think we should believe in the eyes of the crown prince. If Zhuo Yang is such a person, how could the crown prince marry him?”


At the beginning, there were people who stood on Zhuo Yang’s side because of the crown prince’s extremely high national reputation and Zhuo Yang’s beauty. They could not believe the post one-sidedly.

There are many doubts about what is said in the post.

However, when the truth of Tan Yuzhi derailing that year, the conclusive court cases, and evidence of Tan Yuzhi suffering from mental illness came out… their attitudes were subtle.

The public relations of the royal family and the Zhuo family were stirred into a mess because of these things.

At this moment, Zhuo Yang’s younger brother Zhuo Yu and Zhuo Yang’s stepmother’s family, the Xia family, accidentally ‘revealed’ that his brother Zhuo Yang often relied on his grandfather’s love when he was a child. Bullying him, repeatedly targeting his stepmother, and was vicious and disrespectful of his elders…

News that Zhuo Hengyuan, Zhuo Yang’s biological father, was dissatisfied with his son, and once evaluated him as beautiful, but had no soul, also spread out.

Zhuo Yang, who had been pushed to the forefront because of the highly guiding public opinion post, was suddenly caught in a bloody storm of public opinion.


Any guesses on whose behind those posts/rumors? ?

Also, the MC’s mother, TYZ did not derail in the sense of cheating on her marriage/sleeping with someone else. It’s related to what it means to be a ‘guide’. And the earlier chapters (re: chapter 3) hinted there’s more to TYZ’s mentally illness…

More to be revealed in the coming chapters. But, the Zhuo family, apart from MC and his mom, sickens me.

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  • 1
    As in following and supporting good looking people.
  • 2
    Author used “心眼” which literally means “heart’s eyes”. In this context, it’s unclear if they’re referring to MC having more admirers (due to his looks) or being able to scheme/see through schemes.
  • 3
    In other words, she’s thinking to herself there’s no need to keep slapping his face when it’s already swollen.
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  1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    I don’t think it requires a lot of guessing to know who is behind those rumors! What an absolute pit of vipers! The sooner Zhuo Yang can get away from them the better.

    The rumors, while unfortunate, are predictable. Time will prove the validity of them and the actual worth of our unlucky MC, but growing up in such an environment has required him to gain the skills to survive and thrive regardless of the black pot being thrown his way. Tenacity and intelligence will end up trumping the looks alone in terms of his positive traits!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

      My lips are sealed about the origin of the rumors. Hehehe – wait for the next chapter.

  2. Avatar BloodCoveredAngel says:

    …The more I read the longer the executioners’ list grows…

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Hahaha. I wonder how long it’ll get?
      Most villains are revealed (either directly or named) by Chapter 10, so it shouldn’t grow that much longer 🤞

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