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TWE Chapter 7

Queen Catherine’s coldness was real, everyone in the crown prince’s residence had long gotten used to it.

But in front of so many people today, the servants of the mansion could not help but feel ashamed. Although he never voiced it, but everyone could see why His Majesty Winston spoiled his mistress, Mrs. Judith, so much, and stayed away from Queen Catherine.

This woman has no feelings at all-

even for her own son.

“Your Royal Majesty…”

“Your Majesty…”

Although the upper echelons of the aristocratic circle are not surprised by the queen’s behavior, but such an experience was a first for the marriage registry staff and the Elder Council. It was extremely embarrassing.

However, even so, the staff who were there to finish the formalities and were about to leave still politely greeted the queen.

Queen Catherine never thought that there were actually people in the crown prince’s study. After she recovered, the anxiety and impatience on her face disappeared, and she immediately replaced it with the dignified smile unique to the Queen of the Empire. “I’m here to see Moodys. Why are you here?”

The crown prince refused to meet her many times, using the excuse that he had too much to do.

Damn it, she didn’t expect to encounter others in Moodys’ study this time.

“We are here to complete the wedding formalities for His Highness, the Crown Prince, Your Majesty.” Although their hearts despised the queen, the elders and registry staff still answered with courtesy and thoughtfulness.

When Queen Catherine heard this, her eyebrows were instantly pleased, and she said: “Moodys is willing to get married? With which child?”

She rushed here because Moodys refused her wish to marry, and came to make a fuss…

Unexpectedly, things turned around and there was a surprise that she did not expect. It’s just that she does not know what changed Moody’s mind?

Catherine only hesitated for a moment before her mood calmed down again.

It doesn’t matter who Moodys marries. It doesn’t matter what kind of cat or dog they are, as long as he is willing to marry.

“With Master Zhuo Yang. His Royal Highness has decided to follow your arrangements to fulfill the marriage contract, Your Majesty.” The butler concealed his inner indignation towards the queen and replied with due diligence.

A bright smile appeared on Queen Catherine’s face, like a mother who couldn’t be more loving. “How did you change your mind? Earlier, didn’t you still say you didn’t want to get married, Moodys?”

“… I also just changed my mind, Queen Mother.” Moodys, who was behind the bead curtain, finally spoke his first words since she entered. His voice was utterly calm.

But Zhuo Yang inexplicably felt endless sorrow from those sounds.

“This child, wouldn’t it be fine if you had said so earlier? After marrying, you’ll have one more person to take of you, and I can also be at ease. Now you are willing to get married, and I, being your mother, can rest assured.” Queen Catherine’s attitude took a 180 degree turn, completely forgetting the uncouth words she yelled when she entered. Smiling dignifiedly, she eagerly paid attention to Moodys’ marriage. “Where is our future Royal Highness? Speaking of which, of the two young guides of the Zhuo family, I have only met Zhuo Yu. I have never met Zhuo Yang?”

Xia Xiuzhi loves to show off her children in the capital’s aristocratic social circle. Basically everyone in the social circle has seen her Zhuo Yu.

And Zhuo Yang, the other guide child of the Zhuo family—

Because his father doesn’t love him, his stepmother is mean, and his mental strength has only reached B-level and is not very high, he is not well-known and is more low-key than his younger brother.

He almost never appeared in Emperor Star’s aristocratic social circle.

And because there was really nothing special about him, people did not have much in the way of expectations either.

In everyone’s impression, Zhuo Yang should be just a male guide. With the exception of his aristocratic background, everything else is so ordinary that he can’t compare with his younger brother.

If not, the marriage contract with the Lin family before…

I am afraid that no one in the imperial capital’s aristocratic circle needing a guide would seek the initiative to get engaged with Zhuo Yang.

Catherine was very curious about what Zhuo Yang relied on to impress Moodys… It couldn’t be that suddenly felt a wave of sympathy and compassion for the pitiful boy?

“Hello, Your Honorable Majesty. Please allow me to extend my sincerest regards to you.” The situation just now was embarrassing enough. Zhuo Yang was sitting earlier and was put in the awkward situation in the corner of the study.

This time, Queen Catherine took the initiative to mention him, and it was not easy for him to continue sitting like this.1In terms of etiquette, people should stand when greeting those of higher rank. But because the queen rushed in without warning, MC did not have a chance to correct his sitting posture.

Zhuo Yang took the initiative to get up, walked towards the entrance of the study where Queen Catherine was, and took the initiative to greet Her Majesty.

Queen Catherine heard the voice, and her gaze carelessly swept in Zhuo Yang’s direction. She didn’t have any expectations for her future son-in-law, but the moment she saw Zhuo Yang, she involuntarily held her breath and was stunned on the spot.

She had never believed that anyone could be so stunning without the slightest flaw, and was as delicate as fragile porcelain. In her opinion, every beauty must have a slight flaw, even if the flaw is tiny and can’t be seen at first glance without taking a closer look.

Just like the two famous S-level guides Zhuo Yu and Rand in the imperial capital. One is dignified and the other is lively. Each has its own merits, but they all have their own flaws.

But Zhuo Yang-

Catherine stared at him for a long while, but she didn’t find the slightest flaw in him.

From face to facial features, to skin, to height, to body proportions, Zhuo Yang is like a work of art. No imperfections could be found no matter how she looked, it was impossible to find the slightest mistake. He was like a fake person. One glance makes people want to take a second, and can’t look away.

Stunner… a natural stunner.

Queen Catherine marveled in her heart for a long time. At this time, she also finally understood a little why Moodys, who had been adamant and refused to marry, changed his mind when he saw Zhuo Yang and decided to marry him.2T/N: Moody still hasn’t ‘seen’ MC in the present day. Only the past.

Moodys was still a man, even if his energy is completely wasted and can’t be called a sentinel.

Who wouldn’t want to have such a rare beauty?

“Well, in all my years growing up, I have never seen such a good-looking person. No wonder, the crown prince changed his decision not to marry for life when he saw you, and must marry you. It’s great. What a beautiful child.” Queen Catherine retracted her gaze, looking at Zhuo Yang, and repeatedly praised. “I thought that your brother Zhuo Yu was already good enough. I didn’t expect you to be better than Zhuo Yu. Much more beautiful… Your Zhuo family’s feng shui3Feng shui ( You can think of it as luck that comes and goes in rounds. She’s saying that Zhuo’s family feng shui is really good since there are 2 outstanding guides in the current generation (ZY for being S-level and MC for his beauty). is really nurturing.”

If Moodys was still the son from before who she had high hopes on, she would never agree to Zhuo Yang being his crown princess.

Zhuo Yang looks good, but his appearance is too much.

Although this beauty is good, he looks too good, like the red waters of disaster. It is a calamity.4Ancient Chinese thought that great beauty will cause the downfall of kingdoms. Even in the 36 stratagems, there is a specific strategy using a honeypot or beauty trap to defeat the enemy.

But now, she feels that a beauty like Zhuo Yang is a perfect match for her once-proud son. Zhuo Yang’s mental strength is low, and the crown prince is completely useless. His days are running out as well… No matter how much Queen Catherine cared about her son before, she no longer had any motherly love for her eldest son.

So, having such a peerless beauty accompany her son, who used to do her proud, through the last part of his life in happy mood every day was also good.

Zhuo Yang lowered his head a little shyly. “Your Majesty overly praises.”

“Good child, you really look good. When I look at you, I like you very much. After you and Moodys marry, you must be good together.” Queen Catherine took Zhuo Yang’s hand and couldn’t help but look at him several times.

Zhuo Yang responded obediently: “I will, Your Majesty.”

Queen Catherine nodded with satisfaction, very pleased that the appearance of such a peerless beauty changed her stubborn son’s idea of ​​not marrying. She turned to speak to Moodys again: “You have to treat him well in the future, and give me a grandson soon.”

In her mind, her eldest son was as good as dead.

But if there is a grandson, she will definitely treat her grandson well in the future. After her second son ascends to the throne, she will also let him take care of his nephew to make up for her debt to her eldest son.

Moodys ignored her.

Queen Catherine seemed used to this behavior from Moodys and did not pay attention to her son’s indifferent and cold attitude towards her. She grabbed Zhuo Yang’s hand and spoke again: “This queen likes you, likes you very much. Such a good child, if you feel wronged in the future, you have to come over and talk to me. I will definitely be on your side.”

In her eyes, Zhuo Yang is the savior given to her by heaven.

Zhuo Yang obediently allowed her to hold his hand, but he only felt cold for Moodys in his heart.

“Since the two of you are already registered, what do you think of setting the wedding on the 25th? The master has already calculated that it is an auspicious day.” Queen Catherine asked in a deliberative tone, appearing very enthusiastic towards her son’s marriage.

Zhuo Yang couldn’t answer: “This…”

“I have no opinion, mother.” This time, even if Moodys didn’t want to talk to his mother anymore, he still had to speak up.

“Good, good, that’s good.”

Being able to fulfill her heartfelt wish this trip, made her extremely happy. She took some extra time greeting Zhuo Yang before she left.

After the figure of Queen Catherine walked away, Moodys, who was behind the bead curtain, sighed and apologized to Zhuo Yang. “Sorry. Let you see a joke.”

His mother’s absurdity made him very embarrassed.

“No, Your Highness.” Zhuo Yang didn’t take this little trouble to his heart. He has always paid attention to the crown prince’s affairs, and has long heard of the ‘wonderful’ acts of Queen Catherine. “After we get married, there will be many things I will need to face with Your Highness, so I hope Your Highness will not need to treat me as an outsider.”

Although many people regard the mother-child relationship between the Crown Prince and Queen Catherine as a joke… But he did not think like that.

No sound came out from the person behind the bead curtain for a long time.

It was not until Zhuo Yang also left that the person behind the bead curtain muttered to himself, repeating Zhuo Yang’s words: “After we get married, there will be many things he will need to face with me in the future, so there is no need to treat you as an outsider. Is it?”

“Hah~” Moodys finished repeating, only to laugh derisively, finding those words a little funny.

Even his biological parents were like this. Who in this world can walk side by side with him all the way?

Feels for the ML. ? His mother is arguably as bad, if not worse, than MC’s parents… but things will get better soon.


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  • 1
    In terms of etiquette, people should stand when greeting those of higher rank. But because the queen rushed in without warning, MC did not have a chance to correct his sitting posture.
  • 2
    T/N: Moody still hasn’t ‘seen’ MC in the present day. Only the past.
  • 3
    Feng shui ( You can think of it as luck that comes and goes in rounds. She’s saying that Zhuo’s family feng shui is really good since there are 2 outstanding guides in the current generation (ZY for being S-level and MC for his beauty).
  • 4
    Ancient Chinese thought that great beauty will cause the downfall of kingdoms. Even in the 36 stratagems, there is a specific strategy using a honeypot or beauty trap to defeat the enemy.
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  1. LittleYen LittleYen says:

    L. o.v.e T.h.i.s!!!!

  2. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    Both have terrible birth families. No doubt about it! But you aren’t doomed to follow your parent’s paths. So many people have been able to thrive despite a terrible childhood! It’s all in the choices you make yourself. Depend on each other and surpass everyone’s expectations of you! All you two need is each other to be your own happy and healthy family!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Yeah… though to clarify, the ML’s family situation wasn’t horrible until he was crippled. The MC’s was a sh*tshow, though, pardon the language.

      1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

        Which is fair! But the fact that he was abandoned so quickly and only valued as a groomed heir isn’t a healthy family dynamic either. Being useful isn’t the same as being loved, no matter how rewarded you are as long as you maintain said usefulness. I suppose if the love had been genuine to begin with it couldn’t be so quickly forgotten when things went sour! All that said, I tend to be pretty critical of family dynamics with powerful roles (whether Imperial harem style shenanigans or competition to become the business heir) being a good example of care to begin with. ?

        1. komorebi komorebi says:

          Well, most Chinese LNs with royalty often have some level of fighting for the top, plotting, backstabbing, type of family drama trope. ?‍♂️

  3. Thanks for the chapter! For a sec, I read “monster-child” instead of “mother-child relationship”, telling right? That woman turned my stomach…
    I’m so glad MC & ML will be there for each-other…

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Hahahahaha. “monster-child”. I was worried for a sec I translated it to monster-child.

  4. Avatar BloodCoveredAngel says:

    …Is possible to execute a queen for being shamelessly stupid?

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      The queen isn’t that stupid. She’s too self-centered (and knows it).

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