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TWE Chapter 70.2

On the second day, Zhuo Yang gathered a large number of guides who accepted his call to volunteer. They went to the largest hospital in the capital, and began to provide spiritual counseling for mentally disordered sentinels under medical supervision.

Having promised to help sentinels together, following Zhuo Yang and Moodys footsteps, Changdi Qing also wanted to go. After the physical examination, however, it was found that he was a few years too old, combined with the large disturbances in his childhood, he was no longer suitable to spiritual counsel too many sentinels. Also, because Gordon is a bit of a sentinel cancer, and because Changdi Qing cares about this little lover’s thoughts very much, it is not convenient for him to go.

He can only apologize to Zhuo Yang over and over again, and express his support for Zhuo Yang’s actions.

Zhuo Yang didn’t care too much, and let him rest at ease. It was enough to have his support.

The aristocratic circle and their families do not believe in love, but only admires those who have the ability to outsmart others and scheme. Using the two banners of ‘the crown prince owing him his life’ and ‘being the most spiritual guide in Osphia’, Zhuo Yang managed to call a good group of people to come under his name.

Regarding the large-scale volunteerism to help mentally disordered sentinels, only him and the crown prince, the Zhuo family, Gu family, some other forces, Allen, and the third princess, Gu Xia, who did not give him a clear answer yesterday but showed up… apart from a few guides who were unsuitable, all guides in these families almost came out all at once.

In addition, there were a few who were unwilling, but because they had to send dozens of guides, they sent those were not valued in the family.

Nearly a thousand guides gathered in the largest hospital in the capital.

After Zhuo Yang’s mother, Tan Yuzhi, learned of this activity initiated by Zhuo Yang and Moodys, as a guide who previously volunteered to rescue many sentinels but was discriminated against by Zhuo Hengyuan, she also agreed to help, regardless of her bodily condition and Zhuo Yang’s obstruction.

Zhuo Yang had no choice but to include his mother who had only a D-level spiritual strength.1T/N: Pretty sure TYZ used to have B-level (or perhaps I’m wrong). Might have been her illness that caused it to degrade.

Because those who participated in this event were all highly-ranked and the most noble guides in Osphia, the medical system has long been screened and gave priority to those mentally disordered sentinel soldiers who have made merits on the battlefield, those soldiers who were injured in the battle, and sentinels who are about to collapse and are about to fail. Tens of thousands of people are ranked in order, and transported on a large spacecraft to the capital, waiting for guides to heal them.

The family members of some of the first sentinels to receive medical treatment followed them to the capital.

Whether it was outside the hospital, in the guest house opened for them by the state to wait until their relatives to recover, or even waiting at home, they were all tuned to the live broadcasting, waiting or their loved ones to receive treatment and return in good health.

Everyone is full of expectations and hopes for this event.

The reporters also rushed to the scene early in order to film the occasion. As the only unmarried guide among a group of guides, Duke Allen also accepted answers to questions raised by the public during his interviews with reporters.

A reporter asked: “What gives you the courage as an unmarried guide to participate in such an event? Aren’t you afraid of those crazy sentinels? Aren’t you afraid that something in case… it will affect your future spouse selection and marriage?”

“I’m afraid, of course I am afraid.” Allen’s attitude is very calm. “But I believe more in the medical team and the country, and believe that our fellow citizens will not harm me. God let us be guides. We may be weak, physically weak, inferior to sentinels, and need to protected. But at the same time they also gave us the ability to help sentinels to smooth out their disordered spiritual power. We are definitely not a burden. When necessary, we can even be a life-saving straw for many sentinels, and vice versa. Saving sentinels… As a guide, I enjoy the privileges granted to me by the country. Even the law still stipulates that no matter how big the wrongdoing of a guide, they will not be sentenced to death. There are pensions, training funds, special guide schools, guide medical institutions, etc., in place to protect my privileges as a guide. Now the country needs me, and it needs me to contribute my own strength. I have been honored and treated well. How can I not stand up and save my compatriots?”

“I am not worried about my future marriage problem. If my future sentinel despises me because I have saved many people, I can only question their character. It’s an extremely serious problem.” Allen whispered, as if he had already prepared to be single for life. “Instead of a sentinel like that, I’ll be single for the rest of my life. They’re not good enough for me, let alone any excellent guide.”

So, as soon as his words of guide rightism came out, they immediately caused extraordinary effects online.

Winning applause of a group of guides and women who were oppressed but gradually awakening their own thoughts. It also immediately increased the exposure and popularity of the little Duke Allen, who had no sense of existence. He became an idol in the minds of many guides and women instantly.

A pioneer of guide rights who dared to fight those sentinel cancers.

The medical system handled everything very well. Although there were many mental disorder sentinel sent to wait for treatment, most of them were controlled by robots, and they waited for treatment in an orderly manner.

The one in the queue was directly arranged to sit down on a medical chair tied down with restraints capable of holding down ten cows, with medical staff onsite to ensure the safety of the guide.

Guides who come to help voluntarily channel their mental power don’t need to be too close to the mentally disordered sentinel. As long they sit on a chair within three meters, they can use their spiritual tentacles to directly enter the sentinel’s spiritual sea and channel their spiritual power.

Some guides are naturally timid and do not want to see the hideous faces of those crazy sentinels. They can also request a special curtain that does not block spiritual power to avoid looking at the sentinel’s face, and separate themselves. They can then heal and spiritually guide sentinels without seeing them.

In the past, because of scarcity, people had no idea about the classification of the spiritual power of guides. They only knew that the higher the level, the rarer, and the more powerful, the better.

For example, when the crown prince almost died before, only the crown princess with a highest SS-level, could help…

But they don’t know what was different.

Most noble guides also regard high-level spiritual power as a kind of capital and use it as a comparison similar to beauty. Apart from finding a better person and more powerful sentinel to marry, they will not use it much.

But after Zhuo Yang made this call, the use and strength of one’s spiritual power became obvious in everyone’s eyes.

Take Zhuo Yang’s SS-level mental power as an example. When helping a mentally disordered sentinel below the S-level to unblock their entire spiritual sea, he only needs less than ten minutes to unblock the low-level C-level and D-level sentinels. It takes less than five minutes on average to help those crazy, uncontrollable sentinels tightly wrapped in restraints. Right in front of the live camera, the sentinels returned to normal at a speed visible to the naked eye. Then one stood up, and thanked Zhuo Yang for curing him.

The S-level Duke Allen and the third princess took a little longer. It takes about fifteen minutes to clear the C-level and D-level sentinels, while the S, A, and B-level require an average of more than half an hour.

As for Tan Yuzhi, who was only D-level, the difference between her and these high-level guides is quite obvious. Even healing a D-level sentinel will take 2-3 hours. It is very difficult, but she never got tired of it, as if having found joy and meaning in life.

In the largest medical institution in the capital which accommodated thousands of guides, those sentinels who have returned to normal are very grateful, but they are usually invited out by the medical staff before they have finished saying a word, so that the next sentinel in need of treatment can come in.

The guides healed the mentally disordered sentinels one by one. They were so busy that they had no time to say a word with these sentinels.

The place outside the hospital has long been surrounded by these returning sentinels and their families. Everyone is crying with joy, as if seeing the light of hope.



The strength of SS. 💪


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    T/N: Pretty sure TYZ used to have B-level (or perhaps I’m wrong). Might have been her illness that caused it to degrade.
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