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TWE Chapter 70.1

Zhuo Yang and Moodys personally came to give a press conference and call guides to stand up and help those mentally disordered sentinels. Also to correct the incorrect thinking many had, and tell them guides helping sentinels is a natural phenomenon. Their abilities are given by god, belonging to oneself, and should not be monopolized by a single sentinel.

They stood up publicly, and everyone watching the live broadcast online was shocked.

Under the leadership of those nobles, many subconsciously feel that only guides who serves a single sentinel are good guides. Although some civilian guides rely on helping a mentally disordered sentinel to channel their spiritual power to make money, such acts are inappropriate for the dining table, and are only just better than selling one’s body… They are very envious and yearn for those clean, noble guides who focus on a single sentinel.

However, the most honorable crown prince and princes have now stood up-

Saying that guides helping sentinels channel their spiritual power is more noble and an inevitable requirement for social progress and development. How can they not be shocked?

After a moment of silence in the audience, a reporter who did not forget his professional ethics, was the first to stand up and ask Zhuo Yang: “Your Highness, as a guide, His Royal Highness’s and your call to action, what do you think about it? Do you think it’s good to help multiple sentinels unblock their spiritual power… Is this what a noble guide should do?”

“In my opinion, god has given us guides this ability. It’s more like a kind of talent or medical resource, specializing in treating the sentinel’s mental disorders.” Zhuo Yang expressed his opinion in the face of the reporter’s camera. “And those sentinels monopolizing their guides, and  letting guides help them alone, treating it as something unclean… I think it’s an abnormal, extreme way of materializing guides and invisibly oppressing guides in society…”

“I’d like to ask everyone, if you are married to a doctor, will you ask the doctor to only treat you alone from now on, and think of treating other people’s illnesses as unclean? No, such people will only be thought of as having a problem with their brain and wasting limited medical resources…” Zhuo Yang made an analogy. “The same is true for the spiritual guidance ability of guides. The number of guides is limited. If a guide’s ability is completely occupied by their partners who are not yet mentally disordered, what will happen to the remaining sentinels? Will they all have mental breakdowns and die?”

“This is a false ignorance. The number of disordered sentinels in our country has been increasing, and most of them are soldiers who fight on the front lines to defend our country. As guides, we are not as strong as them, and not as powerful as them. What else can we do for our country? I can only use my spiritual guidance ability to help clear their spiritual disorder and extend their lives.” Zhuo Yang used his identity as Osphia’s highest spiritual guide to initiate the call to action. “God created us sentinels and guides. Even if the number of guides is far fewer than sentinels, I think this is also for us to complement each other, help each other, and realize our potential… rather than letting a smaller number of guides be nurtured for individual soldiers, and treated as an accessory and exclusive medical tool.”

In front of the live camera and all the reporters, Zhuo Yang shared his views on sentinels and guides, combined with some news he knew, for the to publicly hear.

He told people that guides who have helped more than one sentinel were not dirty or shameful, but even glorious. They were worthy of admiration, because they have saved more than one sentinel’s life.

He called on all guides in society to voluntarily help, hoping that they could all stand up and contact medical institutions. And with the arrangement and help of those medical institutions, help those sentinels who were sorted and screened, and guide them back to normal, to continue living. Towards those who are not short of money and pamper themselves for a lifetime, he made a philosophical call, hoping that they can stand up and contribute their own modest strength to the country and society.

As for civilian guides, the state set up a system for recruiting various guides to join the guide medical team. They hope they can join this team voluntarily, and the state will issue wages and bonuses, hoping they can devote themselves to helping more sentinels return to normal. It is regarded as a kind of work.

The state guarantees that their medical systems can withstand the test. The worries of the large gap in physical strength and mentally disordered sentinel hurting guides, or violating guides during the process of spiritual counseling, will not happen. There is no need for physical contact between the two parties, and quantum beasts do not need to be released. As long as the sentinel is within five meters, a guide can use their spiritual power to help them.

They accept being supervised by people, and will  absolutely put the lives and safety of guides first in this matter.

They also hope that guides who help sentinels with spiritual counseling will go to regular medical institutions to do so. Do not do it in private. Everything is based on guaranteeing the safety of the guides’ lives.

As the most spiritual guide, and as the initiator of this call, Zhuo Yang himself will be the first to respond to the call and begin voluntarily helping mentally disordered sentinels.

The process will be completely open and transparent, and will be broadcast live in front of everyone.

This will let everyone know that the spiritual guidance process, even with sentinels other than one’s partner, is not a shameful and dirty thing.

As soon as the news came out, it was like a blockbuster that exploded the entire empire. Guides realized for the first time that their future is more than just an accessory to an excellent sentinel. They are more than just a useless vase, which can only relieve the burden of one sentinel, but their abilities turned out to be a treasure given by heaven, and an help many mentally disordered sentinels return to normal and survive.

And many guides who have helped sentinels other than their spouses, whether to make money or were obligated to do so, all let out a breath. Saying what they do is unclean or shameful, what now?

Even the country said that they were saving people, and their behavior was no different from that of medical practitioners. Even the crown princess, the most noble guide, will do the same thing as them.

See who dares to use this language in the future, priding themselves on being noble, and despise them.

Many of Osphia’s civilian guides are fans of Zhuo Yang. After Zhuo Yang issued such a call, many young people and trendy people immediately expressed their willingness to contributes their own strength to help other sentinels who have been mentally disordered under medical supervision.

After Zhuo Yang’s words, Crown Prince Moodys, Lieutenant General Chu Lie of the Wild Lion Legion, the third prince Leo, Major General Ding Hui of the Dawn Legion, Major General Gu Che of the Glory Legion, and other high-ranking sentinels, also stood up and expressed their positions as sentinels, supporting and respecting the crown princess.

Many families with sentinel children who are ordinary people and have ordinary conditions also stood up and praised them: “My child is a sentinel. I have always been afraid that because our family conditions are very ordinary, he will be mentally disordered in the future. What can I do if I can’t find a guide to help him? It’s great that the country has made such a call. The spiritual soothing ability of guides will no longer be a single resource exclusive to nobility, but something that the whole society can use like shared medical resources… This is really great. I support His Highness and His Royal Highness.”

“My husband is a sentinel. He went mad a few years ago and was sent to a mental hospital for isolation… It takes a long time for me to see him once. Can he still be cured and return to normal? The child misses his father.”

“My son is a sentinel. He suffered a nervous breakdown on the battlefield two years ago. Can soldiers be given the priority to receive spiritual guidance? My son has a lot of military merits!”

“My father… my father also went crazy on the battlefield. He has had nervous breakdowns for almost fifty years. The doctor said he is going to die. Can the guides save him?”


Many family members of sentinels with mental disorders were watching. When they learned of Zhuo Yang and Moodys’ call, they were extremely excited, hoping that the country could save their relatives and restore them to normal.

Therefore, the messages online are also constant.

Some were influenced by those noble’s thinking. They believed that it would be unclean for a guide to provide spiritual counseling for people above one sentinel, and felt that Zhuo Yang and Moodys’ call was too shocking.

But in such an environment, they didn’t dare to speak up, just silently insisting on themselves and their children never going to do spiritual counseling for those deviant sentinels.

For them, the entire call is based on the principle of autonomy and voluntariness. The state does not force them, and respects their own wishes.

Zhuo Yang looked at the jumbled comments online, and let out a sigh of relief. Before the press conference, there were so many difficulties, opposition, and doubts in the aristocratic circle. Zhuo Yang was originally worried that when it was announced to the public, because of their relationships, they will encounter greater resistance, objections, and questioning.

Unexpectedly, the public’s acceptance was so high and the effect is also very good. There are almost no objections.

This is really beyond his expectation.

Moodys looked at him with a surprised look. Smiling, he gently touched his hair, and softly explained to him: “Guides being monopolized is most beneficial to the nobles. What is the advantage for the common people? Most civilians may not have access to a guide their entire lives. Those with sentinel relatives can only watch them become mental disordered, unable to be relieved, and finally dying of mental breakdown… This is obviously very painful, but due to noble’s selfish and exclusive desire, they can only remain as the oppressed party.”

“This reform is not good for the aristocracy, but it is good for most civilians. Of course they will support rather than oppose us.” He has carefully analyzed the issue.

Moodys then paused, and said: “Furthermore, civilians are not as particular as aristocrats. There are many civilian guides who voluntarily help sentinels at the border, and rely on those fees to make ends meet… But most of them have been spurned and despised by the so-called nobles… They naturally hope that their actions can be recognized by the society and the public, and will no longer be something shameful for the dining table.”

“Such results are inevitable for progress and social development.” Moodys concluded with relief.

Zhuo Yang looked at him full of confidence. After a moment, he joked: “So, you predicted the result of our reform this time, Your Highness?”

“Can’t say it was predicted too early.” Moodys thought for a while, and said very objectively and modestly: “In fact, this kind of development is much smoother than I thought.”

He originally thought that there was still a lot of resistance waiting ahead, just like Zhuo Yang had thought.

But after thinking carefully, the current development seems to be the most reasonable.

“It will be fine, everything will be fine. Now, things are getting better… One day, we will make this country better.” Zhuo Yang gently held Moodys’s hand, and released a very pleased sigh.

Moodys shook his hand back, considering the momentous occasion, as if he had also seen the dawn of hope and victory, and softly replied: “Yeah.”

The two looked at each other with unending warmth in their eyes.


For once, Moody out-thinks Zhuo Yang!


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  1. Kyogre says:

    Yes, in this case, I guess Moody has a broader range of experiences than ZY, so he is able to understand the perspective of civilians better. ZY probably hasn’t been outside the aristocratic circle. Since we’re discussing the nation as a whole, it’s nice to see the perspective of more ordinary people.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. komorebi says:

      Fair enough. Moodys is also older. 😛

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