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TWE Chapter 70.3

One must know before Moodys and Zhuo Yang proposed these reforms-

Their family members were crazy, but it was difficult to find a guide to provide spiritual counseling.

The identities of the guides who took the lead in participating in this event have all been made public online, and have won unanimous praise from netizens and the public.

Among them, Zhuo Yang, who has the highest spiritual power and the most venerated status, is the one most mentioned by netizens.

“The crown princess is really amazing. Today I finally know the biggest difference between the SS-level guides and ordinary guides. He helped countless soldiers repair their spiritual sea and return to normal in a short time. Fellow citizens, have you seen it? Five minutes. A sentinel was cured in five minutes, which is really awesome! Worthy of being a SS-level guide!”

“I officially announced that from then on I am a personal fan of Zhuo Damei, and I have nothing to do with the crown prince. ”

“The crown princess is really beautiful and has a kind heart. I haven’t seen him stop today. He has been saving people, and has saved the most people. Give the big beauty a compliment! ~(≧▽≦)/~”

“The third princes and princesses and little Duke Allen are also good. I have not seem them rest yet… Many people have been saved. Just because they are not as powerful as the crown princess, so they have not saved as many people.”

“+1. Many guides on the scene have been saving people. It’s just because their spiritual strength is not that high, so they didn’t save so many people.”

“+1. Don’t compare the number of people saved. The guides who came to the scene today to take the lead in saving people are all heroes. They are all worthy of our admiration. We should remember each of their names.”


Many people mentioned also Tan Yuzhi: “Also, also, didn’t you notice the crown princess’s mother, Mrs. Tan? Although she is only D-level and takes takes more than two hours to save a person, she has been working hard and insisting on saving people. It is said that she also helped other sentinels out of kindness before marriage. It was that scumbag Zhuo Hengyuan who was disgusted at her rescuing those mentally disordered sentinels… It was really a flower inserted in cow dung, and the cow dung was not grateful to cherish it.”

“Really? Taken this way, perhaps the crown princess’s ideology is influenced by his mother?Madam educates the crown princess very well, both mother and the son are very kind and good!”

“I wish Madam can come out and find happiness soon. I think the crown princess looks more like Madam. Madam is a great beauty and deserves to be better.”

“+1. I wish Madam can come out as soon as possible and find her own happiness.”



Many aristocratic families who still continued their ignorant thoughts sent out those guides who were not valued or those abandoned children.

But they didn’t realize that these nearly a thousand people received widespread attention from netizens and the public. Their popularity and fans skyrocketed.

Suddenly, there was a hint of surpassing the most prestigious and most popular guides in their families overnight.

When Zhuo Yang made this call earlier, many guides who were not in good health and could not participate, like Changdi Qing and his like, gave their meager support. In response to Zhuo Yang’s call, they were very sorry to be unable to participate in this event because of physical reasons.

The remaining guides who did not speak in support, did not participate in this event, and held a wait-and-see opinion, in the hearts of many people, have become brainwashed sentinel cancers that discriminate against ordinary people and claim to be superior. They were criticized by many angry young netizens: “Tch,1The original words were “我去” which is also a kind of insult. But I couldn’t think of a good equivalent why don’t you participate in activities organized by the state? What else can you do in addition to showing off your superiority? Priding yourselves on your noble status and refuse to provide spiritual guidance to ordinary sentinels. Do you want to protect your body for your sentinel cancer? The royal family members, the crown princess and the third princes, are not dual-faced, why are you being hypocritical? Can your so-called noble families be more noble than the two royal family members of the crown prince and the third princes??”

“Even Changdi Qing said that if it weren’t for his bodily state not being good enough, he would also participate in this event! Even the crown princess’ mom, who has such a low spiritual strength went, why don’t you go?”

“What are you S-level and A-level guides doing? People of the country, taxpayers take money to raise you, allowing you to live a pampered life due to your status as a guide. Now that the country needs you to do something, but you’re unwilling to help guide people’s spiritual power, what are we raising you for? Eating dry rice, and waiting to be used by those rice bag nobles who only know how to eat and drink?

“Apart from a few guides in the Gu and Zhuo families whose bodies really aren’t capable, all of them went.   are all guides who are really bad except for a few of them. By comparison, I finally know which nobles are the real nobles, which ones us taxpayers should spend money to raise, and which ones are simply enjoying a good life due to their family background.”

“Previously, when His Highness and His Royal Highness proposed this reform, you all reacted so violently. We ordinary people don’t know anything about the process of spiritual guidance. We thought it was the state forcing you to lose your life, wronging you to do something dirty. I really can’t comprehend it after seeing the live broadcast. Physical contact isn’t needed for spiritual guidance, and a three meter distance is maintained. Even if your spiritual power is not as high as His Highness and can’t save a sentinel in five minutes… I really don’t understand why you are so hypocritical.”

“Sentinel cancers are simply sick, regardless of the sentinel!”

“I don’t know what is the reason the country has worked so hard to cultivate you S and A-level guides for? You not wanting to go is not even as good as the prince’s mother who has only a D-level spiritual strength.”

The wave of public opinion was very fierce. Even those pampered aristocratic guides with good looks, mental strength, or strong family backgrounds with a large number of fans were not able to wash the ground clean.

Aristocratic guides can do very few things. Most of them have better demeanors, are good-looking, and learn some talents to be an online celebrity to gain reputation and favorability. Because of scarcity, there are always a large number of excellent sentinels waiting to marry them.

Most people and netizens have never seen guides before and don’t understand the life those in aristocratic circles. Many people are willing to be their fans because they do one or two acts of public good, and use family money to buy a good reputation.

However, Zhuo Yang’s public welfare call this time exposed too much.

In one night, a large number of S-level and A-level guides who had lived a comfortable life relying on their fans and popular support, because they did not participate in this call to save people, were regarded by the public as clearly capable but unwilling. Their fans dropped by large numbers, and faced pages of accusations from the public.

On the contrary, those who responded to Zhuo Yang’s call may have been unknown before, but now they have many crazy fans-

People paid attention to them, and along the way, paid attention to their families and industries, resulting in them supporting and being willing to buy things made by their families.

This kind of reaction was unexpected by the aristocracy. After experiencing such a fright and notable decline in sales in their family’s industries, and the faint pressure of being overtaken by other families, except for some stubborn sentinel cancer families, other nobles families began to have the younger guides, daughter-in-laws, and wives in their families go out to do charity work and save people, with the intention of restoring their family’s reputation and popularity.

Suddenly, among the families that changed their minds, they even faintly began to compare whose family has more guides, the number of people their guides have saved, and other forms of gratitude and glory they received.

In keeping with the current situation, the standards of noble mother-in-laws for choosing daughters-in-law for their families were also disregarded. Instead of focusing on who has more spiritual power, better family backgrounds, or less contact with sentinels, guides who are more agreeable and saved other sentinels become more popular.

And Allen has become the most popular guide idol in the eyes of most people.

These can be regarded as good changes.


Go Allen!


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    The original words were “我去” which is also a kind of insult. But I couldn’t think of a good equivalent
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