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TWE Chapter 6

“I once told your Highness that the Zhuo family is a wolf and tiger’s den. It follows the law of the strong preying on the weak. Wastes can’t survive in the Zhuo family; only by becoming a useful person can you live in the Zhuo family.” Without waiting for Moodys to answer, he took it on his own accord to continue: “I made myself a useful person, so I survived, and I lived well.”

Moodys looked through the bead curtain. The person behind the curtain did not speak for a long time.

He didn’t know how the extremely beautiful boy from those years looked like now.

But just from listening to the voice, the sounds were solid, and like listening to nature1宛如天籁: like the beautiful sounds naturally occurring in the world, such as, a brook rippling or rustle of leaves in the wind.

“And now, my greatest use as a guide for the Zhuo family is to marry you. If Your Highness does not marry me, the Zhuo family will arrange me to marry to someone else.” Zhuo Yang uttered clearly: “I will never be able to control my life and choose the person I like. Within the Zhuo family, guides are equivalent to living goods to be used in exchange for benefits.”

Moodys opened his mouth desiring to interrupt: “I said, I can help you if you need it…”

But halfway through, even he himself felt it was unfeasible. It’s impossible to give Zhuo Yang the kind help and promise…

Even any help he gives will be momentary.

A notable family using guides as a marriage tool is the norm within Osphia’s aristocratic circle. Even as the crown prince, he can’t change such a custom.

He has no reason to block the marriage between the two families, and no reason to force a family to let go of a guide they have worked hard to cultivate.

Others will only see him as unreasonable.

Moody’s voice stopped abruptly.

“Before I came here, my grandfather asked me to keep the marriage contract between the Zhuo family and the royal family no matter what method is used, because the Zhuo family can’t lose this opportunity to marry the royal family.” Zhuo Yang is very excited. Knowing the reason behind Moodys’ words coming to an abrupt end, he continued with his reasoning.

Moodys tapped his index finger on the desktop.

The members of his intelligence team had told him about these things before Zhuo Yang arrived.

Zhuo Yang also had an estimate of crown prince’s network of influence and information, so he spoke frankly: “To take my mother away from Zhuo’s family is my biggest wish since childhood… Three days ago, my grandfather promised me, as long as I get married with Your Highness, I can take my mother away from Zhuo’s family.”

“What the aristocratic circle of Emperor Star is like, I think Your Highness knows better than me. Even if I am arranged by the family to marry other people, It may not be better than marrying Your Highness.”


Zhuo Yang’s fingers unconsciously tangled together repeatedly and nervously. “Count it as ‘eating’ your Highness, okay?2Eating here a metaphor for taking advantage of ML and securing the marriage. But you can also think of the other definition too if you want. ? Your Highness once helped me once before, so I want to take the liberty to ask Your Highness to help me again.”

“I ask Your Highness to fulfill this marriage contract-marry me.” When his voice fell, Zhuo Yang’s hands were unconsciously squeezed together. His nails dug into his flesh, but he couldn’t feel the pain.

The whole study was quiet for a long time.

Moodys hadn’t responded to his words for a long time. Just when Zhuo Yang thought that the other party would not respond to him again, Moodys just sighed with a sneer, seeming to laugh at Zhuo Yang, but also at himself. “You’re very honest.”

“Because, I’m here in front your Highness. Honesty should be more effective than intrigue.” Hearing Moodys’ voice, Zhuo Yang let go of his clenched fist.

The bet was won.

He said to himself secretly in his heart.

It was silent for a long time.

After a long time, Moodys suddenly asked him: “Do you have anyone you like?”

“Yes.” Zhuo Yang gave him a very affirmative answer.

Moodys obviously didn’t see Zhuo Yang’s face, but for some reason he forcibly heard the sweetness and longing of love in Zhuo Yang’s voice.

A very good feeling.

A feeling of youth, vigor, and vitality.

“Are you together? If you are worried about your family, I can personally ask my father to grant marriage for you. I believe that your grandfather and family will not be too hard on you and prevent you and the person you like from being together.” Although his two younger brothers were fighting to the death and considered him dead, he is still the crown prince. Such a simple matter is not difficult to do.

He continued: “This will be much more straightforward and simpler than the two of us marrying, and you remarrying with the person you like later.”

Hearing Zhuo Yang’s voice, he was willing to fulfill this young pair.

“He doesn’t know that I like him, and I don’t know if he likes me. But at the moment, I can’t be with him… I just want to keep this feeling and like him silently.” Zhuo Yang did not shy away and answered.

After speaking, he added another sentence: “Please marry me, your Highness. This is where I need Your Highness’s help the most.”

Moodys sighed, not knowing whether to praise or deride him. “You are very smart.”

With a few words, Zhuo Yang hinted that the person he likes is very likely already married, and it is impossible for him to be together. Instead, he just wanted to keep this kind of silent liking, and looking forward for their next chance meeting.

If Zhuo Yang had such a mentality, he3re: Moodys / ML was indeed a better marriage partner than other noble sentinels. Guides from aristocratic families usually have their first marriage made for the benefit of the family. If Zhuo Yang has someone he likes and cannot be together, he can only secretly love and want to protect them. Marrying another sentinel is almost impossible…

But he is different…

He is already a useless person, not to mention physically, at least as a sentinel with all mental power, he is absolutely unable to combine with a guide mentally.

In a sentinel-guide relationship, a spiritual union is far more important than the physical union.

Even if one day, Zhuo Yang no longer likes his current crush, then, as a guide who has not formed a spiritual bond, his choice in the marriage market is still the same as that of an unmarried guide. It is only that he has the label of marrying again.

At that time, he can divorce him. Or maybe with his body not being as good… Not only will he be able to marry independently, but he will also have a layer of protection of being part of the royal family. He will also be free to choose his favorite sentinel., and complete the deepest spiritual union with the other party, engraving it into their bones and soul.

“Thank you for the compliment.” Zhuo Yang’s smile was decent from beginning to end.

Moodys sighed: “Being smart is a good thing.”

Zhuo Yang was right, only smart people can survive in this cannibal aristocratic circle.

“Just as I’m going to eat your Royal Highness.” Zhuo Yang said.

After a long time, Moodys’ voice came through the curtain of beads: “I will marry you.”

Zhuo Yang calculated magnanimously. He did not know why he wanted to fulfill the other’s calculations and aspirations… His life was already wasted. Helping a guide get what they wanted in their life would be worthwhile.

“Thank you, Your Highness.” Zhuo Yang’s lips raised into a victor’s smile.

The crown prince was about to get married. After the two parties reached a consensus, the Emperor Star’s marriage registry staff elders who previously approved the royal marriage were immediately invited to the crown prince’s residence.

On both sides of the bead curtain, the staff collected fingerprints, pupil patterns, DNA and other identity information of Zhuo Yang and the crown prince. They then added Zhuo Yang’s name to the roster of royal family members, and arranged the marriage registration procedures for Zhuo Yang and the crown prince.

Until now, the two people still had not seen each others’ real appearances-

They became legal and nominal spouses in this way.

“Congratulations to your Royal Crown Princess.” Although, they don’t know what tricks the two of them played and required them to collect identity information through the curtain to register their marriage, but Zhuo Yang has become the real crown princess. When the formalities are completed, the elders and marriage registry staff immediately congratulated Zhuo Yang sincerely.

Zhuo Yang smiled, and responded politely: “Thank you!”

The beauty smiled, and all the staff members immediately liked it.




“Moodys, why are you unwilling to get married? When will you still watch those unsophisticated people criticize your brother and Rand? Don’t you know that as long as you don’t get married for a day, the accusations your brother and Rand suffer will not end?” As soon as Zhuo Yang and Moodys finished the formalities, Queen Catherine broke into the study.

Behind her, many servants in the Crown Prince’s mansion tried to stop them, but they could only unsuccessfully voice: “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, His Highness is discussing matters, you cannot go in.”

“You can’t go in, Your Majesty!”

However, Queen Catherine simply ignored them barreling through the servants’ obstruction directly into the study.

Queen Catherine was a beautiful and well-raised woman with a noble birth and strong mental power. She is the textbook definition of a perfect guide. Being a queen and then becoming a queen mother is her ultimate goal and meaning of her life.

The years hardly left any marks on her face, making it impossible to see that she was the mother of two 30-year-old sons.

At the same time, she is also an exquisite egoist. Back when Moodys’ successes was able to glorify her, she was a dignified and loving mother. But after Moody’s accident and he lost hope of succeeding the throne, she relentlessly withdrew all her maternal love and put all her hopes on her second son.

But now, the second prince and her most optimistic future son-in-law, Rand, who has the strongest spiritual power and was of noble birth, faced criticism because of Moodys. It is unacceptable and the most depressing thing for her now.

As a result, such an embarrassing sight unfolded in the crown prince’s mansion.

She wants her eldest son to marry and have children as soon as possible. It will be good for everyone. Only in this way can his supporters and followers forget about her eldest son and Rand’s national cp and their almost married past.

But Moodys never listened to her…

Don’t worry about the hints of a 3rd party; both MC and ML are loyal and only like each other. The marriage happens around chapter 20, right after some well-deserved face slapping!!!

P.S. Remember when I said the ML’s family also has family drama? You’ll have to decide which one is worse – the MC or ML’s – family.


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  • 1
    宛如天籁: like the beautiful sounds naturally occurring in the world, such as, a brook rippling or rustle of leaves in the wind.
  • 2
    Eating here a metaphor for taking advantage of ML and securing the marriage. But you can also think of the other definition too if you want. ?
  • 3
    re: Moodys / ML
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar ya says:

    thanks 4 the update

  2. Thanks for the chapter! Bothe MC & ML are really unlucky in the family department, “wince”. Glad they’ll be together & I hope ML wise up soon to whom the MC likes, lol.

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      The romance angst is not big in this one thankfully. ?

  3. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    One could say all the practice maneuvering around the treacherous family Zhuo Yang has gave him the skills needed to survive and thrive in the higher up but just as terrible if not worse royal family! Honestly, I feel most royal family stories have this same terrible family dynamic. It’s part of the set up for Imperial Harem after all- competition between wives and concubines for their sons to rise to power and them to Empress as a result. How can such a dynamic EVER be healthy? Sometimes, though not often, the Emperor in such novels appears quite affable and kind to the MC but at the same time who is to blame for this twisted dynamic but this man? As much as I’d hate to be involved in such a situation as a woman who would be considered a political tool via marriage at best, I have a weakness for such stories anyway. Who doesn’t like seeing the MC and ML succeed despite the odds and with much required effort? Earn that happy ending, you two! I love the relationship dynamic between such protagonist couples since it has that added element of defying the precedent but succeeding anyway. I’m in it for the long haul to see these two get powerful enough that their families have no choice but to stand aside!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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      Whoa – such a long comment. And you’re welcome!

      There’s typical royal family drama around the throne and some major character brain holes, but no major harem themes (phew!).

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    I’m kinda wondering if Moodys is actually the one Zhuo Yang likes. ZY’s strategy here is basically to lay his cards on the table, tell the truth as much as possible, and convince Moodys that the marriage is a good deal for him (ZY.) But what if the truth was something Moodys would think was a lie? I wouldn’t risk saying that I liked Moodys and having Moodys think I was lying because I was pressured to make the marriage work.

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