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TWE Chapter 45

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While everyone was speculating about the military parade and the crown prince’s physical condition, except for those who had to remained stationed, all officers of the Glory and Dawn Legions ‘coincidentally’ reported to the crown prince’s residence.

Zhuo Yang is thoughtful and talented in politics. During Moodys’ rehabilitation, he offered advice and helped Moodys deal with a lot of affairs. He even temporarily assumed the position of his secretary.

Moodys did not exclude him from the officers visiting, so he followed them.

“I have seen Your Royal Highnesses!” The Glory Legion, which is the direct line of the crown prince, was the first to visit. A line of senior non-commissioned officers stood in a row with their chests and stomachs upright, and their actions were consistent as they saluted Moodys and Zhuo Yang like clones.

The Glory Legion is the direct line of the crown prince. Officers and soldiers are mostly from the Emperor Star, graduated from the Royal Military Academy, and have a mental strength of at least A-level. Moreover, they’re all very handsome with most quantum beasts in the form of predators or large dogs. With hard and cold temperament, almost robotically, a large line of people stood upright. Men, women, and quantum beasts, standing still, just like a male and female model group.

Zhuo Yang nodded politely at each member as Moodys was introducing them, glancing in passing. After he deliberately learned of this meeting, he did his homework in advance, learning the family background and gaining a general understanding of the Glory Legion officers.

Everyone in the Glory Legion followed Moodys all the way up. They regard themselves as the crown prince’s direct reports, and are well-trained to greet him. After seeing his health is really better, their eye sockets reddened unconsciously, but they held back with excellent self-control and did not let their emotions leak.

After greeting them, Moodys simply said a few words to relieve them, and the officers who finally returned went home.


Although they were reluctant to go, everyone was still under Moodys’ orders. They moved in unison, evacuating the mansion one by one, and boarded warships that sent them home.

Only Gu Che, the deputy commander of the Glory Legion, remained in place.

The deputy commander of the Glory Legion was born to the Gu family. His aura is very cold and capable. He was first in school and the year he graduated from the Royal Military Academy, he was the most spiritual sentinel in the Glory Legion aside from Moodys. He’s also a brother and childhood friend who grow up side by side with Moodys; the Gu family raised him to be the chief secretary of the future emperor.

As Moodys’ closest right-hand man, he became the deputy commander of the Glory Legion of when Moodys became the crown prince. After Moodys ascends the throne, he will be the chief secretary next to the emperor.

After Moodys’s accident, he was leading the Glory Legion to garrison Clay Star, defending Moodys’ power, and ignoring the temptation of the second prince, queen, and the third prince’s family.

He is Moodys’ most trustworthy chief subordinate and close friend…

“Your Highness, it’s great that you can get better!” Gu Che had been covering up his reaction in front of his subordinates like a robot with no emotions. But seeing the recovery of his friend and boss, his eyes immediately reddened, and the coldness melted. He stretched out a fist and lightly punched Moodys.

Moodys immediately reached out and clenched his fist tacitly, and tapped Gu Che’s fist: “How can I not get better? I’m still waiting for you to become my secretary in the future. Let’s work together to realize our ideals and ambitions.

The two looked at each other, smiled, and fell silent.

Moodys and Gu Che share many ideals and ambitions… Both of them can be regarded as people who know each other better than the other party’s wife.

Seeing that the relationship between Moodys and Gu Che was so good, Zhuo Yang couldn’t help being very envious. He didn’t know how long it would take to cultivate to the level of understanding Moodys like Gu Che.

“Hello, my dear Royal Highness. Before, during your wedding with His Highness, I originally wanted to take time off and come back to be the best man, but His Highness did not let me come back. I’m sorry and can only say hello now.” Gu Che turned to greet Zhuo Yang. “Unexpectedly, you are actually a SS-level guide. Thank you for saving His Highness, and thank you for your sacrifice for His Highness. My Glory Legion brothers and I thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.”

Although Zhuo Yang is a SS-level guide, Moodys’ illness is terrifying. Zhuo Yang, a guide who actually had the courage to face this, and successfully channeled Moody’s mental power and pulled him back from the brink of death… How could he not admire him?

Not only him, all the crown prince admirers and cronies in the Glory Legion are very grateful and admire the crown princess…

They hadn’t been married for very long, but he was able to do such a dangerous thing and save Moodys.

“Major General Gu is too serious, I am His Highness’ guide, and His Highness is my sentinel. All of this is what I should do.” Zhuo Yang can feel the kindness and gratitude that Gu Che has for him, and how he treated him. Reciprocating, he kindly stretched out his hand to Gu Che. “When it comes to gratitude, I should be grateful for you helping His Highness manage so many things during the incident. Also stabilizing the Glory Legion… I would like to ask you for your advice in the future.”

He acted like he and Moodys are one body.

Gu Che immediately took off his white gloves and stretched out his hand to shake Zhuo Yang’s hand: “Your Royal Highness is polite. As the deputy commander of the Royal Highness, I should do all this.”

But before their palms touched, Moodys grabbed Zhuo Yang’s hand, and jokingly said to Gu Che: “I don’t think it’s necessary to shake hands. I also don’t see you shaking hands with guides during blind dates.”

Gu Che: “…”

Zhuo Yang: “…”

“Your Highness, are you jealous?” After a while, Zhuo Yang, who was held back by Moodys, realized what just happened. Tugging on Moodys hand lightly, he couldn’t help smile slightly.

Moodys was very relaxed in the face of Gu Che, but he was a bit nervous facing Zhuo Yang. Not daring to look away and also not daring to look directly, he whispered, “…Well, you can think so.”

Don’t know who it is who said his goal in life is to be the crown princess and sleep with the crown prince.

Zhuo Yang said so, and he admits it. So what?

Zhuo Yang didn’t expect Moodys to take advantage of this. He looked at Moodys’s slightly red ears and pinched his hand, feeling the sweetness in his heart. Unable to help it, he laughed out of courtesy.

Gu Che looked at them, only feeling that he was blinded and an inexplicably abused dog. After a while, he ridiculed Moodys: “Your Highness, I never did not expect you to have such a day.”

“Who said so.” Moodys was very open to Gu Che.

Unlike the awe-inspiring quantum beasts of other people in the Glory Legion, Major General Gu Che’s beast is a very beautiful large-eyed puppet cat, very soft, cute and beautiful… Though Moodys wouldn’t let their owners shake hands, the nine-tailed fox and puppet cat were happily tentatively sniffing each other, and got together to play intimately.

However, before this scene could continue, Moody’s lion appeared out of nowhere, and directly took away the nine-tailed fox who was playing with the puppet cat, and disappeared.

The puppet cat had a dumbfounded look, and stayed in place pitifully.

“Major General Gu, can I touch your cat?” At this moment, Zhuo Yang made a request a little timidly.

He has always been a cat-con, and has always wanted to raise a cat. When his spiritual power was not yet developed, and the guide gene was detected, he strongly hoped his future quantum beast would be a cat. A cat that does not need to eat, drink, or go to the toilet, can be petted… and satisfy his heart as a cat-con.

It’s a pity that his quantum beast developed into a nine-tailed fox.

Although it was also fluffy, Zhuo Yang always felt that something was missing… Seeing Gu Che’s cat now, his heart was itchy and he was eager to try…

Gu Che immediately said, “Of course. This is its honor.”

Of course, he would not refuse the request, and immediately summoned his puppet cat for Zhuo Yang to touch.

The puppet cat was obediently and soft. When Zhuo Yang touched it, it turned over as if to please him, indicating for Zhuo Yang to touch its belly. After petting back and forth, and touching the puppet cat, he reluctantly let go and returned the cat to Gu Che.

Watching his guide interacting with his friend’s quantum beast, Moodys heart was a bit uncomfortable. He hated his quantum beast was not a cat pleasing to guides. Pretending to be calm, he whispered: “Actually, Simba is also easy to touch. It has a lot of thick hair and can also be a sofa… but the color is a little ugly.”

Simba is the name of Moodys’ golden lion, taken from a very old ancient earth cartoon.

Zhuo Yang and Gu Che couldn’t help but laugh hearing Moodys’s words, thinking it was very funny.

The trio people were chatting when a notification came from the housekeeper: “Your Highnesses, Major General Gu Che, Deputy Chief Ding Hui and the officers of the Dawn Legion arrived.”

Upon hearing this, Moodys and Zhuo Yang was fine.

But Gu Che immediately sat up, instantly regaining his robotic, cold and abstinent state of repelling others thousands of miles away. Even the puppet cat entered into a state of vigilance, its tail was upright, and hair exploded.

Unlike the well-trained members of the Glory Legion, whose did not let out any sounds aside from footsteps, the members of the Dawn Legion, who came from the bottom of Osphia’s outer galaxy, were very lively and talked with constant laughter. Deputy commander Gu Che’s eyebrows couldn’t help twitch and he wanted to scold this damn miscellaneous army when he heard it.

None of the members of the Dawn Legion wore military uniforms. Their clothes are colorful, and came in all forms. Their hair is also an explosion of lively colors.

Zhuo Yang, who grew up with Emperor Star, couldn’t help being very curious about them.

He thought that these people would be very unruly, and didn’t expect that as soon as they entered the door, their look at seeing Moodys instantly changed. All clothes were changed to military uniforms of the Dawn Legion, and each of them became a very regular soldier. The deputy commander brought a team of his own soldiers straight to Moodys and paid a military salute. “Deputy Commander of the Dawn Corps, Major General Ding Hui, reporting to the Legion Commander!”

“Liu Erya, Head of Logistics Department of the Dawn Legion, reporting to the Legion Commander!”

“Captain Alice of the Assault Forward Corps reporting to the Legion Commander!”


It turns out that the clothes they wore were made of special materials for military uniforms that could be changed at will when performing tasks.


Moodys is jealous~ I, too, wish I had a cat that I could play with that doesn’t need food or water, but could be petted and rubbed.


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