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TWE Chapter 44

The military parade for the 70th anniversary of the succession of Winston the Great is just around the corner.

After Moodys’s physical condition was nearly stabilized, he reported the situation to Emperor Winston as soon as possible, so that he was prepared.

Whereas towards his mother, Queen Catherine, Moodys hesitated for a while but finally did not inform her.

After receiving the news the crown prince’s residence shared, Winston the Great was so excited that he rushed over to see his eldest son in his own private spacecraft.

“Father-” Upon receiving the news of the emperor’s sudden arrival, Zhuo Yang hurriedly helped Moodys, who was still recovering, to welcome him.

Emperor Winston is only 186 years old, but his physical condition is very bad and he looks very old.

When Moodys was seriously ill, many people were privately predicting who would pass away firstbetween the emperor and crown prince.

At this moment, the old man with a full head of white hair freed himself from the female officers support, and hurriedly rushed to Moodys who was standing up.

After confirming again and again that Moodys’ body is in good condition, and is no longer weak, he almost teared up.

“Zhuo…” He wanted to ask Zhuo Yang, but he couldn’t remember Zhuo Yang’s name. After a long time he gave up, and directly asked Moodys: “Your guide is a hidden SS-level guide. Him curing your illness, your condition stabilizing and gradually recovering. Is this all true? Moodys.”

Emperor Winston almost thought he was dreaming. His eldest son was seriously ill and his remaining children’s inability to support the imperial family’s plight was a huge weight on his shoulders.

In order to avoid the dilemma that the empire was about to fall into, he could only hang on, not even daring not to die.

Moodys seldom experienced his father’s ardent concern. His heart was warm, but his speed was still very restrained. “It’s true, it’s all true. My body has gradually recovered. Please don’t worry, father.”

“As long as it’s true, it’s good. Really good.” Winston grabbed his eldest son’s hand. Finally, he was able to let out the breath that he had held back since Moodys was injured.

Half of it is sincerely due to his love for his eldest son as a father. He is happy seeing his son get better and he doesn’t have to send the younger generation. But it’s also because he can let go of a heavy burden… He has only three sons, and Moodys is the only one who can stand up and hold the military power. He also has very high popular support and appeal to the masses. The remaining two are both lacking compared to their brother…

If the royal family is okay, even if Moodys is gone, the remaining two can still be mediocre emperors, and he can try cultivating a good heir before he dies.

However, because of the incident 75 years ago, their royal family has long lost popular support and appeal. In fact, the entire Osphia royal family was on the verge of being abolished and turned into a constitutional monarchy.

There are no problems if Moodys, who is close to the people, is highly popular, and has the blessing of Osphia’s strongest Dawn Legion, succeeds the throne.

But if another person succeeds to the throne… Emperor Winston is afraid that he will become the last emperor of Osphia. If he dies first, the entire empire will turn to chaos and the royal family will be abolished. Or degenerate into a complete constitutional monarchy, with the royal family turned to mascots… and be ashamed to face their ancestors.

This is why he continues to struggle even though he is in poor health. He dared not relax for a moment.

A few days ago, he was still worrying about Moodys’ situation. How would he logically get the people to accept the throne of the third son, and for the Dawn Legion to not cause chaos… Plus, stifle those political factions who want to seize power. Now that Moodys is better, all difficulties are solved.

“God bless Osphia, this is really a blessing to my Osphia royal family.” Winston the Great clutched Moodys’ hand tightly, and said: “I was still thinking about the Rising Sun Legion in this year’s military parade a few days ago… You getting well before the military parade… this is god’s will. This is really god’s will.”

The Rising Sun Legion and Glory Legion are both legions of the Osphia Royal Family, belonging to the Emperor and crown prince.

There are ten legions in Osphia. In order to stabilize the status of the royal family, the royal family always holds military power through the Rising Sun and Glory Legions. The remaining 8, according to the rules of the military, are excluded from the royal family. To keep each other in check and balance, legion commanders cannot be from the same family, and are not allowed to collude with each other.

And even inside the royal family, there are regulations. Under normal circumstances, members of the royal family are not allowed to serve as commanders of two legions at the same time.

There is only one possibility for a member of the royal family to be the commander of two legions at the same time. That is, the crown already owns the Glory legion, and the emperor is about to abdicate and passes the Rising Sun Legion over. Only then can someone in the royal family serve as commander of two legions. Until he succeeds the throne as emperor, and passes the Glory Legion to the next crown prince.

Moodys is an exception, because he solved the troubles and unruliness of the Dawn Legion. The Dawn Legion does not obey the military or royal family, and only obeys Moodys. He is already commander of the Glory Legion as crown prince, and also serves as commander of the Dawn Legion.

In his heyday, many people even predicted that Moodys might be the first prince and emperor to serve as commander of three legions at the same time.

Moody’s accident terminated this topic.

Emperor Winston’s body is not very good these days. Originally, he was planning to try and hand the Rising Sun Legion over to the third prince, to show he wanted to establish him as heir. It would also warn Queen Catherine and the Lightning Legion behind her against having other ideas.

Unexpectedly, he was only conceiving and preparing to do so, when Moodys got better.

“Blessed, you really are a blessed child. Moodys being able to have you is really his great blessing.” The Emperor returned to his senses, praising Zhuo Yang, overjoyed. “Where’s the medical team? Rewards, give them heavy rewards!”

Even the crown prince’s medical team is to be rewarded.

Moodys didn’t expect his father to be so excited, he couldn’t help calling out: “Father-”

“On the day of the military parade, can your legs walk, can your quantum beast come out?” But Winston was not yet finished speaking as he pointed to Moodys’ legs and asked.

Moodys thought for a while and replied: “Barring an accident, it should be possible.”

“Well, you will be there on the day of the military parade in full dress and bring all your legions! I will hand you the Rising Sun Legion.” Emperor Winston made the decision on the spot.

Since the orthodox heirs cultivated by his own hands is fine, there is no longer a reason to be circumspect.

He was originally prepared for a tough battle with those eye-catching forces on the day of the military parade. Now, he was instantly relieved.

Moodys frowned upon hearing this. “Father?”

Handing over the Rising Sun Legion – this is the rhythm of an emperor abdicating.

“Father is old, you don’t need to persuade me. My heart is set.” Emperor Winston patted him on the shoulder, speaking with a heartfelt relief.

He was originally not the heir to the throne. He just wanted freely and happily spend his entire life as a member of the royal family. But something like that happened that year and pushed him to this point. He was nearly 40 years old after becoming emperor. Due to the quality of his sperm, he couldn’t give birth to many children, and eventually had three sons. He was finally able to cultivate and train Moodys up, when something happened.

Now that Moodys is getting better, he just wants to take care of his own life and no longer wants to work hard.

Suddenly, Emperor Winston thought of something, and then told Moodys: “Oh, yes, don’t disclose the news of your situation. There are still a bunch of family and military members staring attentively. If something goes wrong during the military parade, let’s not disturb the wind and slap these people in the face.”

“…I see, father.” Moodys thought for a while and felt that it was okay. As a dutiful son, he immediately obediently responded.

Emperor Winston’s visit to the Crown Prince’s Mansion soon spread among the aristocracy.

Combined with news the emperor was thinking to transfer control of the Rising Sun Legion to the third prince, people speculated the emperor came to persuade the crown prince to hand over military power to his heir.

When Queen Catherine heard the new, she was too anxious to get angry, wishing that Moodys would immediately transfer the two legions in his hand to the second prince. She then ran to the door to persuade him.

Remind Moodys that Vincent is his younger full-blooded brother, and he can’t let outsiders benefit.1Queen Catherine gave birth to Moodys & Vincent (eldest/crown prince and 2nd prince). Someone else, the emperor’s favored mistress gave birth to 3rd prince.

However, the guards left by Emperor Winston blocked her at the door with a sentence that the crown prince is resting and others should not disturb him.

It made the Emperor Star joke about it.

Not long after they married, Queen Catherine, the Zhuo family, and many other forces have tried inquiring about the crown prince’s physical condition from the seemingly stupid crown princess, Zhuo Yang.

Zhuo Yang had nothing to do in his spare time and he was not as cold as others, so he shared a few words. “I don’t know what the conversation His Majesty the Emperor and His Royal Highness is. They avoided me, so I don’t know what’s going on.”

“Sick… His Highness recently mobilized his medical team? His Highness often gets sick. It was true that he was sick some time ago, but now he is healed and can eat and sleep well.

“We… our feelings are very good.”

He’s said these words a lot to many people, but no useful information was revealed.

At this moment, the elite members of the Glory Legion and the Dawn Legion suddenly arrived at the capital, indicating that they would also participate in this military parade.

The Glory Legion coming is normal. After all, this is an elite legion belonging to the royal family. Although they are more loyal to the crown prince, there weren’t extra people compared to previous parades, and most of them are leaders in the legion. If anything, it’s to give face to those participating.

But the Dawn Legion… Before the crown prince became the commander, they did not attend. They claimed they would never participate in such activities, and refused to be monkeys in a military parade.

After the crown prince became the commander, they participated a few times to give face to Moodys and demonstrate their power.

They also declared to the royal family and the military that they would not listen to anyone except the crown prince, warning them not to have any ideas about the crown prince’s status. Each time they came, it was to visit the Crown Prince’s Mansion.

And now, they have all arrived, making it clear that they will participate in this year’s military parade.

Could it be that the crown prince’s body took a turn for the worse? Emperor Winston finally succeeded in persuading the crown prince to transfer his military power to the heir that the emperor is optimistic about for the sake of his family and country?

Everyone guessed this their hearts.


Hehehe, face slapping time coming right after a short interlude with fluff.


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    Queen Catherine gave birth to Moodys & Vincent (eldest/crown prince and 2nd prince). Someone else, the emperor’s favored mistress gave birth to 3rd prince.
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


  1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    I love how the fox topped the lion, though I’m also scratching my head as to the how of that… I’m reminded of a dirty joke I heard once about an ant and an elephant. 🤭🤣

    I love the bonding equality! <3 It always bugs me to read sentinel/guide or A/B/O stories without both in the pair being claimed in some way. And really, how out of character is it to have a strong guide or omega suddenly being 100% in submission and fine with this lack of equal affection and possession?

    Face slap! Face slap! Can't wait!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      But easier not to ask about the fox/lion thing… it makes you doubt life. Still funny, though, I reread it 3x the first time. 😂

  2. Thanks for the chapter! I feel sorry for that emperor, he’s really unlucky… Good thing the couple gave him hope back!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Yeah, the emperor is actually human in this! Surprise, surprise, given how family dramas with emperors usually are.

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