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TWE Chapter 46

The outer fridges of the Osphia empire is a complex and fiery existing. Because of the incident involving the royal family more than 70 years ago and continuous invasions by interstellar pirates and the Alliance, there is continuous fighting. Each year, a lot of people die from illness, starvation, or freezing to death.

Most of the non-commissioned officers of the Dawn Legion came from there, and don’t have illustrious backgrounds. Most of them grew up in orphanages, and many of them were descendants of the opposing star pirates. Ding Hui, the most energetic, was an A-level sentinel. The lowest Lin Xiaoxiang is just a D-level mental power sentinel. Their quantum beasts were also varied. Wolves, wild cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, and geese – it’s just like a country farm. But it’s exactly these so-called ‘low existences’ that formed the most powerful army and guarded the outer defenses.

Unlike ordinary people in the inner galaxy who have faith in the royal family, government, the military, those on border plants are often abandoned. They have lost all hope towards the royal family and government.

Those who died from starvation and cold on the border, and those who died of illness, never took the royal family seriously. They cursed the royal family and emperor’s inaction for their deaths, causing the planet to become what it is now.

Moodys was treated like this when he first arrived on the border planet. Many people and soldiers hated him… even if Moodys often went to the orphanage to volunteer they took it for show. Until an earthquake occurred on the border star. On the noisy downtown streets, a mother held up a knife to kill Moodys, but Moodys tried his best to stand up and rescue her child. After that, the mother and son were not grateful, and the child bit Moodys. Moodys didn’t take it to heart, he only hesitated and felt sad, quickly accepting the fact, and didn’t use it to hype or as a show… Plus, after mingling day and night with the Dawn Legion, they began changing their views of Moodys as separate from those noblemen from the Emperor Star. They believed that Moodys was completely different from those nobles. He truly cared for all the children who were the flowers and pillars of the future of the empire. Even those who grew up on a garbage star will not be given up…

Later, in battles again and again, Ding Hui saw that Moodys can really reduce the casualty rate, and lead them to win. Plus, plus Moodys’ mental power is indeed higher than him, so he took the initiative to give up the position of legion commander.

In their eyes, Moodys is the commander of the legion…their boss, never a crown prince.

“Did you just go to to the military headquarters just now?” Moodys hesitated for a moment before asking.

Ding Hui is the deputy commander, and his quantum beast is a wolf. He looks unruly and rebellious, having a wild nature. Facing a question from his boss, he is confident enough: “Yes.”

“Intentionally?” Moodys asked.

Ding Hui replied loudly: “That’s right.”

“Can’t you just report to the military headquarters neatly?” Moodys sighed silently. Apparently there was nothing he could do with Ding Hui.

Just the bunch of them colorful, rainbow-colored men, and messy quantum beasts running around… they will scare the old-fashioned military department to death. But those people dare not say anything.

Ding Hui didn’t feel that he was wrong. “We’re just showing them face. You ain’t dead yet, commander, but they’re acting as if you died. Arrogantly acting like they’re giving us a favor and want to buy us. We are your soldiers; we have never belonged to them. Us meeting them and temporarily belonging under their banner is only to give you face, commander!” All of them are loyal to Moodys. Not the army, military, and certainly not the royal family…

If other people want to dominate them, they have no way… At the beginning, if it hadn’t been because of their acquaintance with and surrendering to Moodys, this entire bandit group might be allying with those star thieves and reactionary forces, trying to rise up and form their own territory.

Moodys is well aware of their temperament and the hatred of the military. Behind the various forces are the thoughts behind the various forces. He never blamed them, and said symbolically: “No more next time.”

The matter was softly dealt with like this.

“How is the fortress now? Show me the defense plan later, and report to me the status of all star thieves that have appeared recently.” Moodys switched to work in a second, very worriedly asking.

Between the two legions, he was most worried about the frontier fortress planet where nobility and military believed that they could let go and let the people fend for themselves.

In his eyes, all planets are treated equally. All planets are part of Osphia.

Ding Hui said loudly: “You can rest assured, commander. You used your life as a bet to keep the fortress. No matter what, we will not let them shake it. No matter the Alliance or star thieves, we will not let them cross this line of defense.”

Moodys discussed the situation with them, inquiring deeply into the situation of the frontier. He even ordered the butler to arrange accommodations for the non-commissioned officers of the Dawn Legion in his mansion.

Unlike all those in Glory Legion with family in Emperor Star, even if the military assigns rooming for the Dawn Legion, none of it compares to Moodys’ mansion. They felt the crown prince’s mansion was the safest place in the entire Emperor Star for them.

Moodys was used to it being crowded, and it happened that the crown prince’s mansion was large enough, so he happily let them stay…

After reporting to the work and confirming that Moodys’ physical condition was really getting better, the group of ‘chickens’ no longer held back. A dignified discussion started, and the rumblings made the atmosphere extraordinarily lively.

The logistics leader Liu Erya, whose name is particularly rustic, is a very beautiful, non-mainstream beauty with big breasts. Her curly hair is dyed in seven colors, and it does not affect her beauty in the slightest.

She used to have the best relationship with Moodys at the frontier. After finishing work talk, she immediately walked up to Moodys without shame, and said with great curiosity: “Dad, is this the mother you found for me? He is really good-looking… I, I have never seen such a good-looking guide, can I touch him?”

Liu Erya is the youngest member of the Dawn Corps. When Moodys first met her, she was a sentinel who was only sixteen years old.

At that time, the Dawn Legion had no good intentions towards Moodys and specially sent Liu Erya to stare at him every day. Moodys was more mother-in-law and nagged her everyday, asking why a little girl like her didn’t go to school. That girls shouldn’t smoke, shouldn’t drink, shouldn’t go out and fool around with men at a young age, and learn to love herself… It made Liu Erya too annoyed just like a father.

Later, the two sides got acquainted, Moodys’ quantum beast was a lion, and Liu Erya’s beast was a large white tiger, which can be regarded as distant relatives.

Afterwards everyone took it as a joke, always joking. Aside from combat situations, Liu Erya called Moodys ‘dad’.

Moodys also accepted it with pleasure as he mixed with the Dawn Legion.

Zhuo Yang heard this. Being called this by Liu Erya, he couldn’t help but freeze for a moment: “…”

“Men and women shouldn’t have undue interactions. You definitely can’t touch.” Moodys laid down the law.

Liu Erya is obviously very familiar with Moodys. If a hard approach doesn’t work, then try something else. “Don’t be so stingy, Mr. Mu. Aside from Xiaoxiang, he’s the Dawn Legion’s second guide… guides are precious. Although we can’t share resources, a touch won’t matter.”

Liu Erya couldn’t remember Moody’s long and awkward surname, so she directly truncated his name.

“It’s good you know that guides are scarce. I don’t think I can touch other sentinels casually, especially you.” Moodys looked at her with a rare joking glance. “Speaking of which, I seem to have received a lot of complaints about your courage against men and women at the border. You should pay attention to your conduct, Liu Erya, army sergeant. My mailbox is full of this kind of news.”

Liu Erya was surprised. “What? They actually dared look for you to complain? I already said you’re not in good health, and do not disrupt you with these messy things. But they actually dare bother you, do they not want to survive?!”

She immediately took on the persona of a big sister.

“Ah, let alone the boss’s mailbox, even our frontier star’s complaint box is full of complaints that you are not responsible. For harming good families, and not taking responsibility for your troubles. You can save your breath, no one can cure you, now!” Lin Xiaoxiang also echoed.

Alice also stared at Zhuo Yang for a long time without turning her eyes: “Erya is right, the boss’s guide looks really good! Compared to the previous one, who thinks we’re dirty and messy when he went to visit the boss on the border star last time. What looks good about that Rand whatever his face? Boss, you are so good, you don’t need to marry such a guide.

“The boss didn’t let us participate in the wedding. Remember to make up the wedding candy.”

“No, he owes us wedding drinks and a meal!”

“Yes, a meal, it must be a big one!”

“Two of our glorious Dawn Legion bachelors have found guides now. The rest of you brothers have to come on!”


Like a bandit legion, it was a mess of me and you talking, almost turning into a talk show. The cross talk made Zhuo Yang, who was born and raised in Emperor Star, very interested and curious about these people.

Zhuo Yang found it interesting, but Gu Che couldn’t listen anymore. He frowned, pulling his white gloves on, and said goodbye to Moodys: “Your Highness, if there is nothing else, I will go first.”

Young Master Gu, who was born in Emperor Star, didn’t want to stay for a moment where these bandits were.

“Hey, my great beauty, I just came here, what are you going to do? I also brought you a gift from the border. We haven’t reminisced the past yet.” Before Moodys could speak, Ding Hui acted first, blocking Gu Che’s way. He looked like a little ruffian, as he said that he would give Gu Che a souvenir gift from the space bag.

The wolf behind Ding Hui was very pleased and approached the puppet cat immediately, and wanted to get close to the puppet cat. But the puppet cat, who was very soft and cute in front of Zhuo Yang, suddenly changed face and barked at the grinning wolf. The wolf was immediately aggrieved, but the puppet cat remained unmoved. Just when it was unprepared, it suddenly jumped up, clawing the wold in the face.

The wolf felt very wronged.

As the owner of the wolf, Ding Hui immediately stopped taking out the present. He stepped forward and hugged the extraordinarily beautiful puppet cat. Regardless of the puppet cat’s wishes, he forcibly picked up the cat. “Ah, Da Bai,1Da bai = big (Da) white (Bai) it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. Still so fat after not seeing you for such a long time!”

“Its name is Abu, thank you!” Not wanting to sit idly by, Gu Che rescued his cat.

The puppet cat appeared to be frightened. As soon as it returned to its owner, it immediately hid in Gu Che’s body and disappeared.

Zhuo Yang has heard of the gossip between Gu Che and Ding Hui. In the entire Glory Legion, only Gu Che’s quantum beast is a puppet cat. During school, Gu Che was regarded as a male god because of his puppet cat attracting many guides and little girls.

The Glory and Dawn Legions are regiments under the crown prince’s command, and Moodys often pulls these two regiments together when acting. The two deputy commanders Gu Che and Ding Hui, who were born as a young master and a little ruffian, were originally opposites. They disliked each other, picking at each other whenever they met… But later, don’t know what happened – maybe it was from acting too much – but the cat lover, Ding Hui, felt the puppet cat was cute and fell in love with Gu Che’s cat… and person.

From then on, this lunatic started Young Master Gu regardless of the other’s wants.

A sentinel pursuing a sentinel. This kind of thing isn’t a big deal on the borders where guides and resources are lacking. But it’s a joke in Emperor Star, especially when both of them are major generals and can find their own guides.

Because of Ding Hui’s solemn pursuit… Gu Che immediately became a joke in the Emperor Star’s aristocratic circle, and everyone would tease him when he saw him.

#Being a sentinel pursued by another sentinel, a mental shadow for Gu Che.#

“Ah, just ah, look at the gift I gave you.” The cat ran away, but Ding Hui didn’t care and resumed digging for that gift.

Gu Che instantly turned into a frosty, untouchable flower, curtly saying: “Thank you, but I’m not interested. I should go home for dinner.”

“What go home for dinner, I’ll treat you.” Ding Hui stopped taking out the present, and very familiarly pulled on Gu Che’s hand.

Gu Che had foresight to put on white gloves to avoid skin contact. He only said coldly: “No, please release your hand, Major General Ding Hui. Thank you.”

“It’s not like I’m doing anything to you. I just want to chase you. Why are you so indifferent? In your eyes, don’t those of us who are born on the frontier stars have the right to pursue love?” Ding Hui reluctantly loosened his hand, scratching head in irritation.

Gu Che said, “No, you have the right to pursue love.”

Ding Hui’s eyes lit up.

“But I also have the right to refuse.”

Ding Hui’s eyes dimmed for an instant, but he still said: “Unless you get married one day, I won’t give up.”



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    Da bai = big (Da) white (Bai)
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