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TWE Chapter 43

It was because Zhuo Yang’s mental power was too strong, and when he dashed into Moodys’ mental sea that Moodys was afraid of hurting him, that caused the tragedy of the nine-tailed fox and the golden lion.

However, as the owner of the golden lion, Moodys had no intention of seeking justice for it.

He devoted himself to treatment instead.

After the initial mental counseling, Zhuo Yang helped groom Moodys’s spiritual powers twice more to remove most of the mental dark spots. Moodys also took time to undergo leg surgery during the recovery process, preparing to stand up and be able to walk again.

The situation of his leg is not actually that serious. As long as he undergoes one operation, he’ll be able to recover functionality and stand up and walk again.

The reason why he didn’t have an operation was because his body was too weak and couldn’t withstand the operation at all. Even after the operation, he wouldn’t have the physical strength for rehabilitation. Using a wheelchair was to help reduce the burden on his body.

Now that everything is fine, Moodys is going to undergo surgery and rehabilitation.

But because he was too busy, he didn’t even have time to take care of the quantum beast he finally regained who also just lost its virginity.

On the contrary, Zhuo Yang and the golden lion, who was able to appear freely after the dark spots were cleaned up, had a great time, and soon grew very familiar with each other…

Zhuo Yang liked the fluffy, simple, and big lion. He especially liked to take a nap in the afternoon, lying on the lion that served as a large sofa.

The golden lion also liked Zhuo Yang very much. It wanted to go to Zhuo Yang’s side when there was nothing happening, nudging him, and asking Zhuo Yang to touch his huge head and play with him.

Moodys was a little jealous seeing this.

In addition to playing with the golden lion every day, the snow white nine-tailed fox continued to like Moodys as before. If nothing happens, he would run to Moodys to ask for a kiss, hug, massage. But after witnessing this little thing getting on with his big lion, Moodys couldn’t look directly at it.

Moreover, after Zhuo Yang and Moodys combined their spirits, this cunning little fox seemed to have determined its status. This cunning little fox seemed to have taken a firm seat, acting confident, and began to show its true nature…

It wasn’t as soft and cute as the past. Instead, it would often damage the crown prince’s mansion. It especially liked to dismantle valuable wood, grass, and rattan crafts. Might be a pillow today, a lampshade tomorrow, and even the most sturdy rattan chair… who knew how it did it.

Whenever Zhuo Yang and Moodys wanted to lecture it, it would pretend to be obedient. Running to Moodys’ arms, acting cute and coquettish. The fluffy ball rubbing against Moodys’ neck… such that people couldn’t bear to punish it.

But in a blink of an eye, it’s bad nature would be exposed again, causing destruction in the mansion like a spoiled, lawless bear kid.

Moodys finally understood why Zhuo Yang rarely released his quantum beast before marrying him.

This product with a well-behaved and cute appearance is simply a curse!

The relationship between Zhuo Yang and Moodys, although not yet clearly stated, is a matter of course, and they have thoughts in their own hearts.

After Moodys had surgery on his leg and started to rehabilitate, Zhuo Yang specially learned how to manually massage the acupoints on his leg to help with rehabilitation. He massaged the acupoints on Moodys’ legs every day, accompanying him to try and stand up and walk…

On this day, after finishing the usual massage, he continued to accompany him to walk. Zhuo Yang supported Moodys, chatting like he usually did: “Your Highness, what you typically like to do? Do you have any hobbies?”

Moodys is his favorite object; he always wants to know more about him.

“…Hobbies? I can’t seem to think of any right now.” Unexpectedly, Moodys responded with a question. “Do fighting wars and participating in politics count as hobbies?”

This is what he spent most time on.

Zhuo Yang shook his head. “I’m talking about entertainment, not work.”

“Then…” Moodys was silent for a long while, racking his brains, but couldn’t think of anything.

For the first half of his life, he was studying and working hard to be a qualified crown prince. In the past nine years, except for this most recent time, he’s been trying to find ways to wait for death with a peace of mind… When it comes to entertainment and pastime, he really can’t think of anything he likes…

Seeing Moodys unable to answer, Zhuo Yang wanted to help. “I see often see you reading. What kind of books are they?”

Having been married to Moodys for so long, the thing he did the most was reading.

He wanted to know more about Moodys.

“Reading books can barely be counted as one. I can read all types, but I can’t say that I like them very much. I can only say that books are a good thing to kill time and gain knowledge.” Moodys thought for a while and replied.

Zhuo Yang persevered, trying to understand Moodys thoroughly: “Then do you like to listen to concerts? Watching operas? I have heard that when you are in good health, you went with Rand to watch concerts and operas together… even commenting on a singer who sang well. After that, many singers and opera artists would be proud to receive your comments and said that you are well versed in rhythm and artistry.”

He can’t help but feel jealous when it comes to this!

He’s very jealous of Rand who has seen concerts and listened to operas with Moodys.

“That’s what Rand likes. I don’t have any special preferences for concerts and operas.” Moodys said.

Although he is a crown prince, he does not have as many elegant hobbies like other nobles. Nor has he ever dreamed of becoming an artist. He can listen to and understand things like opera and concerts as part of his royal upbringing, and able to talk to people about it when necessary, but he doesn’t like it…

Zhuo Yang couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he heard that Moodys didn’t like concerts and operas. “Then driving mecha? You’ve participated in many contests and won championships… people say your mecha driving is almost flawless.”

He wants to be the person who knows Moodys best in the world.

“…I became the champion of the mecha contest, driving very well, just because the royal family needs such an heir.” Moodys can’t remember why he originally used mecha or participated in such contests.

But it’s all for popular support rate and personal appeal.

“Then do you have any preferences and habits? Any taboos?”

Not really. Maybe there were some before, but after being on the border I just followed the army and went along with what other soldiers had. No taboos.

“Taste? Do you like sweet or sour?” Spicy?”

“…It’s okay.” He is not particular about taste, and can eat anything. When he has no need to eat, he can eat those tasteless nutritional meals for a year and a half.

Moodys racked his brains for a long time trying to answer Zhuo Yang’s questions, but couldn’t give a clear answer.

The two looked at each other, and fell speechless.

Zhuo Yang almost feels that this person is really desperate to the limit.

“Sorry, I am actually quite boring.” After a while, Moodys opened his mouth to Zhuo Yang.

In fact, aside from his achievements and charity, there is nothing firmly his own. Many of his other advantages, such as his love for opera, musicals, decathlon, etc., are all designed and because he’s part of the royal family. They’re meant to attract popular support rate and popularity as the crown prince and for the royal family… Moodys has always thought that he himself is quite boring, and it is not the type that most guides like.

In the past, many guides approached him and showed favor, all for his power and identity as crown prince. It’s easy for him to see that he has nothing that they really care about. At one point, he once thought that Zhuo Yang was the same, and there for his identity and status…

However, after Zhuo Yang acted like a madman to save him at the expense of his own life, Moodys realized that was actually not true.

He was really confused. What does a nearly perfect guide like Zhuo Yang like about him?

Moodys has always felt he has nothing to like. Even before his appearance was disfigured, his looks don’t stand out against other sentinels. This is even more true after being disfigured…

So what does Zhuo Yang like about him?

Zhuo Yang didn’t care too much. “It’s okay.”

He didn’t like Moodys because of these. Him asking was just to get to know Moodys a little bit more.

“What about you? What are your hobbies and what kind of things do you like?” After Zhuo Yang’ questions, Moodys also asked Zhuo Yang.

Just like Zhuo Yang wants to know him, he also wants to know Zhuo Yang.

Zhuo Yang choked on it it. After thinking for a while, he smiled at Moodys wryly. “…I seem to be quite boring, no special hobbies.”

His life previously focused on Moodys, and solely Moodys. After that, it’s just his mother.

Although he has an elegant face, he is actually quite boring…

“Don’t joke.” Moodys didn’t believe his words much; Zhuo Yang was just comforting him.

How many people are there in this world as boring as him? Except for fighting and being a good crown prince, he had no idea what else he could do. Let alone Zhuo Yang.

Moodys personally felt that Zhuo Yang must be the type of male god who has been chased by many people since childhood, and is completely different from himself.

“I’m serious.” Zhuo Yang suddenly grabbed his hand and blinked at him. “If I have to say what hobbies and ambitions I have, it would be to be the crown princess and sleep with the crown prince. Does this count?”

Moodys knew he was teasing him, and laughed helplessly. “…Forget it.”

“Since the two of us are so boring, let us become each other’s interest now.” Zhuo Yang held his hand tightly.

The curvature of Moodys’ lips rose unconsciously: “…good.”


Zhuo Yang’s interest is to sleep with you, Moodys!!! That’s his life goal! (Why else would the fox do what it did?)

Aside, the fox/lion don’t play much of a role going forward. A few appearances, one plot-worthy, but no more as exciting things. Sigh…


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Couple goals, find hobbies, lol.

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      Oh, they do find one alright. 😉

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