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TWE Chapter 42

Zhuo Yang leaned forward and put his forehead against Moodys’. Although he looked weak and squeamish, his mental power was arrogant and domineering, not like a typical guide. It brutally and savagely rushed into the depths of Moodys’ spiritual sea without fear that Moodys would hurt him at all, forcing Moodys’ own mental power to retreat…

He wasn’t as graceful and tempting as a normal guide. Instead of using Moody’s mental power to wrap and brand his mental power, he tyrannically relied on his high spiritual level and instead used his own power to wrap Moodys’ spirit.

In the depths of Moodys’ soul, Zhuo Yang arrogantly branded him as his own.

From now on, he and Moodys are soul mates, and Moodys belongs completely to him.

This is not the same as a physical bond. From now on, neither of them can escape the spiritual mark of one another. Even if they die, even if they are separated, they can’t get rid of the mark.

This made Zhuo Yang feel good.

Moodys: “…”

Moodys has never seen such a guide. He was embarrassed at being passively marked by Zhuo Yang. The situation was irretrievable, so he closed his eyes and using his relatively soft mental power (compared with Zhuo Yang), he guided Zhuo Yang’s mental power to retreat a little and very gently marked Zhuo Yang.

Zhuo Yang’s spirit was also branded uniquely to him.

While they were combining their spirits, the nine-tailed fox, who was slightly injured by the golden lion, got up and walked towards the corner with the lion. The golden lion that retreated into the corner saw the little fox walking towards it. For fear that it would not be able to control itself and accidentally injure it again, it put away the sharp claws and bluffed, raining its big meaty paws down. It seemed very offensive and extremely heavy, but fell on the body of the small and cute fox lightly, trying to frighten it away.

This is a big deal.

The nine-tailed fox, who has always been cute and soft, exploded at this moment. It was like stabbing a hornet’s nest. Frightened by the golden lion and annoyed the other party dared bully it , it scratched out a blood stain on the face of the golden lion, showing its hidden extraordinary fighting power.

Golden lion: “…”

The golden lion didn’t expect such a small guide quantum beast to be so sturdy and capable of fighting. Caught off guard, it stared at the little fox with a dazed expression.

The nine-tailed fox realized that it may have been a bit cruel, and immediately stepped forward, shaking it’s nine fluffy tails. Leaning forward as if to please the other party, it coquettishly licked the scratched face of the golden lion, while being lovingly soft and cute.

Golden lion: “…”

Dad, it thinks it might have encountered schizophrenia.

The spiritual union didn’t last long. Once Moodys and Zhuo Yang completed their spiritual union and marking, they left their spiritual world to see the nine-tailed fox first coquettishly pestering the lion. The lion was helpless, and lay flat like a carpet on it’s own initiative to indulge it. Spoiled, the nine-tailed fox climbed up to ride the lion’s body, and moved…

The lion was topped… topped…

Zhuo Yang: “…”

Moodys: “…”

Moodys never thought he would be a shou1bottom/uke/neko, but his quantum beast ended up as one. He couldn’t help but secretly think, since the mind of a quantum beast and master are connected, then… Zhuo Yang’s feelings shouldn’t be because he wants to top?

In most cases of sentinels and guides combining, the sentinel is the top.2top/tachi/gong/attacker But in many cases where the guide’s spiritual power is higher than the sentinel, a guide top is not unavailable…

So, Zhuo Yang?

Moodys didn’t dare to think deeply. Because of the quantum beast live erotica caused by their spiritual union, both of them were a bit embarrassed.

The two looked at each other, and Zhuo Yang let out a dry cough, then opened his mouth: “Cough, Your Highness, I’m still in a good condition, so why don’t I try cleaning up the mental dark spots for you. We can see how well I can help now that our spirits are combined?”

He didn’t expect that Xiao Jiu3Name of the nine-tailed fox, referring to its number of tails. Xiao = small. Jiu = nine. from his family was actually a top…

It clearly looked like a bottom.

“…Okay.” Moodys coughed dryly and agreed.

He didn’t know how to face Zhuo Yang, but mental guidance was a good idea…

Zhuo Yang closed his eyes and invaded Moodys’ mental sea again. It was different from when he invaded last time. Because he was previously seen as an outsider, Moodys’ mental power was very resistant, repelling and defending against him. But after combining, Zhuo Yang’s entry was a very easy thing; there even was a peculiar, comfortable feel. Moodys’ mental power regarded Zhuo Yang’s mental power as the same, eagerly welcoming him… letting him feel relaxed as he continued into the depths to begin sorting out the disordered powers and mental dark spots…

The mental counseling lasted for three hours this. After the two stared at each other for three hours and the mental counseling ended, Moodys immediately fell into a coma again.

Zhuo Yang was also so physically exhausted and collapsed on the ground for a long time, unable to get up.

Both of them were physically exhausted, prompting the medical cabin to alert the team. Moodys’ medical team rushed to the medical cabin together with the housekeeper immediately after. After completing the physical examination for Moodys, the attending physician was so excited he began rambling. “A miracle; it’s a miracle. I didn’t expect when the crown princess invaded His Royal Highness’s spiritual world for the first time, he was able to combine with him despite being in a manic state. Most of the black spots left over from that battle were also cleaned up by His Highness…”

“As long as he cooperates with treatment three times… His Highness only needs to spiritually counsel His Royal Highness three more times. In less than half a year, His Royal Highness will be able to heal.” The attending doctor almost jumped up.

Everyone cheered.

Nine years, nine years… They have been holding the heart that Moodys may die at any time, fighting against his illness and dragging his life by one day at a time…

Now, they finally see hope that His Royal Highness can live.

Thank goodness, thank goodness.

Zhuo Yang smiled lightly, relieved at the news. “Really? That’s great.”

For so many days, what he feared most is that he can’t save Moodys…

“Your Highness, thank you for your hard work. You are truly a gift from heaven, savior to the crown prince. It is a blessing for the crown prince to be able to marry you…” After the butler leaped for joy, the old man burst into tears and almost cried.

Zhuo Yang didn’t have the strength to respond at all. He didn’t even have the strength to stand up, so he fell asleep directly on the ground, leaning on Moodys.




Zhuo Yang’s tense spirit completely relaxed, and he had a sweet dream. In the dream, he saw the blond young man who was holding himself up…

This time, the young man named the crown prince did not hand him over to his grandfather, who had repeatedly promised to take good care of him, but hugged him firmly and told him that he would take him away and be with him forever and ever.

Because this dream is so, so beautiful Zhuo Yang didn’t wake up until the next afternoon. When he opened his eyes, he saw Moodys sitting in front of his bed. His lips immediately curved upwards. “Your Highness?”

It’s great, this dream still continued… And he can see Moodys as soon as he opened his eyes.

“Wake up?” Looking at him, Moodys open his mouth sullenly, half sarcastic and half bitter. “You’re so courageous?”

Yesterday, he was mentally disordered and hadn’t fully reacted yet. Now that he’s recovered, he will have to teach Zhuo Yang well…

Zhuo Yang was still a little ignorant and unconsciously replied: “That, of course. I grew up on a lot of courage.”

“You really don’t want to live. You even dare run wild in my spiritual sea under such circumstances yesterday. I was already crazy, choking your neck, not knowing how to stop… and you still dared? You, this guide… do you even want to live?” Moodys suddenly grew angrier, veins protruding on his forehead.

Yesterday, his brain was in a state of chaos and nothing happened. Today, after recalling how Zhuo Yang had behaved yesterday and spiritually counseled him yesterday, Moodys was immediately afraid…

This Zhuo Yang was not afraid of death at all.

Just a little bit yesterday… only a little more and he would be strangled alive…

Zhuo Yang looked at him with a smile. “I’m not afraid, because I know, Your Highness, you won’t hurt me.”

He likes how Moodys worried about him.

“You know?” Seeing he didn’t take his life seriously, Moodys couldn’t rouse his anger. “I, myself, don’t know if it hadn’t been for luck, would you still have a corpse left? Using all your mental power to rush into my spiritual world, leaving no self-protection… how can you do such a dangerous thing?”

He had always thought that Zhuo Yang was a precocious young man, smart at calculating accounts, good at self-preservation, and knows how to weigh the pros and cons…

Only now did he realize, his eyes ran amuck. Zhuo Yang is simply reckless. He does not know how to be afraid, and is a little madman that doesn’t take his own life seriously.

Zhuo Yang didn’t care about yesterday’s thrills at all. “But we succeeded yesterday, and I won the bet. We all survived, didn’t we, Your Highness?”

“I said it before -we will all live well and everything will be fine. Now, isn’t everything I said true?” He was even a little proud.

Moodys could do nothing about his carefree attitude. Suppressing his anger, he sighed and said in a solemn voice: “There is no next time, no exceptions.”

“Okay, I get it, Your Highness. Zhuo Yang looked at him and responded with a smile.

He looked very well-behaved and obedient, but for some reason, Moodys always felt that he didn’t take his words to heart…

Zhuo Yang is a naturally crazy gambler. As long as he wants to do something, he will find a way to do it regardless of the cost or consequence.


🦊 > 🦁

Ah, the fox and lion~

The fox is the top! (+ live beast erotica. Don’t ask me how it physically works… 🤷‍♂️)

But, the fox is the top!!! 🤣🤣🤣

And Zhuo Yang brands Moodys first! (All other fics have the bottom/shou/neko only the bottom, or marked, even if they’re confident, assertive or otherwise domineering. This is the only one I’ve seen that equalizes them so much.)


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    Name of the nine-tailed fox, referring to its number of tails. Xiao = small. Jiu = nine.
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