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TWE Chapter 41

Moodys knew the strength of his mania, so even if he was in a coma after injecting the medicine, he used the restraint device in order to avoid hurting Zhuo Yang during his mania. The device that was strong enough to hold down several crazy gorillas was wrapped around his limbs.

Zhuo Yang saw that he was about to wake up, and tentatively asked: “Your Highness?”

Moodys suddenly opened his eyes. They were crimson, full of blood. There was a faint sign of madness and the usual gentle eyes was extremely cold, almost invisible.

“Your Highness–” Worried, Zhup Yang took a step back, and immediately summoned his nine-tailed fox in a state of alert.

The nine-tailed fox is always stupid and white, but at this time it seems to be able to perceive its owner’s heart, and also entered an alert state. It scrupulously scanned its surroundings, observing fluctuations around it, ready to attack at anytime and anywhere.

Moodys is worthy of being the number one sentinel in the empire. The burst of power during his peak state and the onset of madness was quite extraordinary. The whole person seemed to be covered with frost, expressionless as he struggled a few times full of violent air. The medical cabin manipulator that could stop several crazy gorillas was directly broken by him.

It was unknown when the golden lion appeared near the medical cabin. As if mad, it let out a warning roar at the other person and the quantum beast who existed in the space.

Moodys lost his usual gentleness and amiability. His entire person entered a state of combat readiness, unable to recognize his six generations or Zhuo Yang. Before Zhuo Yang could react, he directly attacked with his mental power, which was different from the last time when Moodys was ill and was able to barely control himself.

He appeared completely irrational. A sentinel with dual abilities of lightning and wind.

Although one leg was crippled and he couldn’t walk fowrard to strangle Zhuo Yang himself, he was able to command lightning and wind…

The vortex caused by the violent wind instantly blew up the small medical cabin, almost throwing away Zhuo Yang and the nine-tailed fox at the same time. Hundreds of lightning bolts struck smashed down from the ceiling, smashing down at Zhuo Yang and nine-tailed fox without mercy.

If Zhuo Yang was an ordinary person, he would have turned to coke on the spot…

As a guide Zhuo Yang has no abilities. Even if he is a SS-level guide, he only has the ability to confuse and heal sentinels, and has little self-protection ability.

Quickly using his mental power to set up a barrier for himself and his quantum beast, he crawled to avoid Moodys’ next attack, asking: “Your Highness, are you trying to kill me?”

Moodys was like a beast. He fell off the bed and rushed towards him as if he was about to bite Zhuo Yang. But because of his leg deformity, he didn’t have much strength and fell to the ground with a thud.

Zhuo Yang didn’t have time to let go.

Moodys crawled towards him like crazy.

Subconsciously, Zhuo Yang wanted to run. However, before he could move, the wind energy controlled by Moodys seemed to have learned of Zhuo Yang’s intentions, and blocked the way behind him.

Moodys suddenly rushed over at some point, fiercely squeezing Zhuo Yang’s neck with surprising force, as if he was about to strangle him alive.

Zhuo Yang’s face was blue from suffocation.

He struggled desperately. For a moment he almost wanted to counter Moodys with his powerful mental power…

But in a trance, Zhuo Yang seemed to see the blond young man who squatted down, softly asking who his dirty self was, and lifted him up with his arms without the slightest bit of dust…

Zhuo Yang hesitated. He finally gave up on mentally hurting Moodys… At the moment, his only thought was: “If Moodys really wants his life, then he will give it to him.”

Zhuo Yang gave up resistance with a determination to die. After a while, the crazy Moodys also released the strength in his hands for some reason, and Zhuo Yang was able to breathe.

HIs eyes swept to the corner, where he saw Moodys’ lion that after hurting the nine-tailed fox for some reason, suddenly retreating to the corner and bumping its head against the wall painfully… as if it couldn’t control itself and tried to restrain itself, but was unable to do so normally.

Quantum beasts are the companions of sentinels and guides. Their minds are connected with their owners, especially in a state of crisis.

Moodys was still rational… and not completely crazy…

As the thought came to mind, Moodys who was staring with him, not knowing what was going on, grabbed Zhuo Yang’s neck again, the strength gradually increasing.

Zhuo Yang was not afraid of death, he was quite fearless. He had enough power to overwhelm Moodys, but he didn’t do so. Instead, he looked at Moodys in the eyes and tentatively asked: “You really want to kill me? Your Highness… you saved my life. You can take it if you want, but are you really going to kill me?”

The strength in Moodys’s hand loosened again.

“Hang on, Your Highness, let’s bear with it together. You are the strongest sentinel of the empire, the crown prince, and the idol and hope of countless people…” Zhuo Yang’s words were bewitching. “You never hurt anyone, always protecting people behind you and believing in equality. If even you collapse and start to hurt others, who else can protect the people?”

“Who do you expect to realize your dreams on your behalf? Those nobles? Or those aristocratic families, and sentinel cancers? No, they never look at ordinary people, they will never regard ordinary people’s lives like you… If you are not there anymore, without your idealism, what would will this country become? Are you willing? Your Highness, this country will lose hope.” Zhuo Yang murmured.

Under his constant muttering, Moodys’ eyes gradually began to appear confused.

Zhuo Yang took advantage of this opportunity. Having accumulated a lot of spiritual power, he was quite adventurous, probing it out to try and penetrate Moodys’s spiritual wall and enter his spiritual world…

On weekdays, Moodys seemed gentle. However, his mental barrier is unusually thick, which shows that his ability as a sentinel is very high. It also shows that his self-protection and defense against others are very strong… Zhuo Yang was almost refused; everyone else was repelled from Moodys spiritual world, especially during his state of madness.

This is especially true… This is also one of the reasons why only a SS or higher level guide can save him. Only a guide who is stronger than him can force through his mental wall.

But Moodys is already the strongest sentinel in the empire. How many guides will have higher spiritual power than him in this world?

As it happens, Zhuo Yang is one of them.

Moodys’s spiritual wall is really too thick. Zhuo Yang wanted to strengthen his own spiritual wall, but he had to go all out and concentrate on not leaving the least bit of self-preservation… In this world, there are few guides who can do nothing to protect themselves when saving people, especially when the target is a sentinel whose madness is countless times stronger. Which guides would even dary try?

But Zhuo Yang, who was partial, persistent, and bold, dared.

He is not afraid of death, he just wants Moodys to live.

From the very beginning, Zhuo Yang ignored everything. Moodys’s mental wall was extremely thick and his self-defense ability was extremely strong. When Zhuo Yang first tried to invade, he was attacked fiercely and brutally, trying to resist the steady flow of unfamiliar mental power into his body. But Zhuo Yang was not afraid of death at all – he just blindly rushed forward to break through Moodys’ mental barrier. He forced Moodys’ mental power back a few steps, fearing that he would be injured by accident…

The infusion of strange mental power made Moodys have a headache. His face twisted, veins pulsating, wanting to confront Zhuo Yang. But Zhuo Yang stood motionless, with no power to protect himself. He concentrated on protruding his spiritual wall. There was no room for counterattacking, and signs of letting himself be bullied…

Raising his hands high, his eyes were red enough to drip blood, and he was about to launch an attack on Zhuo Yang.

Zhuo Yang didn’t care at all, desperately invading his mental power. Two mental powers continued to converge in Moodys’s mind, wrestling around. It was so painful that he wanted to cut off his head. On the forehead, blue veins raged, and big beads of sweat couldn’t help falling down one by one…

He raised his hand high.

Looking at Zhuo Yang who had no reservations, he finally put it down weakly.

Zhuo Yang… this stupid guide didn’t want to protect himself at all, forcing Moodys to do his best to control himself.

The constant confrontation between the two mental powers ultimately led Zhuo Yang to gain the upper hand. Moodys’ mental power gradually weakened, allowing Zhuo Yang to start rampaging in his brain, ravaging all over. There was no resistance at all, Zhuo Yang’s mental power became calmer as he began to smooth out Moody’s disordered mental power, and tried his best to calm him down…

Zhuo Yang’s calm and unwavering eyes peered into his-

Moodys’ emotions also stabilized. The wave of red began receding from his eyes, and returned to porcelain white.

Having broken through the mental wall and completed a simple mental combing, Moodys’ consciousness has been restored.

It stands to reason that this first treatment and attempt to break through Moodys’ spiritual wall should end here.

However, after entering Moodys’ spiritual world, Zhuo Yang made a new decision after seeing the huge black spot hovering in his spiritual center. Using the treatment plan is too slow. Instead, it’s better for him to do the same thing again and directly integrate with Moody’s spirit, enter the depths of Moodys’ spiritual world, and eliminate it for him. It will also be easier to help Moodys’ mental condition next time this way…

After considering it, Zhuo Yang rushed into the depths of Moodys’ spiritual world in the next second, without any greetings and gave it a try.

“Eh, what are you doing?” Moodys, who had just recovered his sanity, was taken aback.

It’s important to know that the military is not without guide secret agents. Directly rushing into his spiritual wall and the depth of his spiritual world like this is very courageous. The matter of combining spirits requires gradual and orderly progress. There will never be guides, who after breaking through a sentinel’s spiritual wall, will directly start to rush into the depths of a sentinel’s spiritual world… unless the guide is specially trained agent. Those guides try to take advantage of having broken through a sentinel’s mental wall, and temporarily lax state to take their lives…

Therefore, to avoid such situations, sentinels trained in the army will subconsciously attack guides who do so to protect themselves, sometimes even killing the guide.

And Zhuo Yang…

Moodys unconditionally believed that he wouldn’t hurt him. Even if he hurt him, he forced himself to relax, allowing Zhuo Yang’s arrogant mental power to break into the depths of his spiritual world.

He deliberately reduced his mental power, weakening his mental power’s self-protective aggressiveness, and allowed Zhuo Yang’s mental power to run rampant in his spiritual sea.


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