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TWE Chapter 40

While Zhuo Hengyuan’s family was in distress, Zhuo Yang and Moodys were listening to the latest treatment plan given by the medical team for Moodys’ current situation.

The medical staff used various state-of-the-art medical equipment to perform the most detailed examination of Moodys’s body and Zhuo Yang’s mental power.

“Your Highnesses, His Royal Highness has passed our inspection. We have both good and bad news to tell both of you.” After several top medical personnel in the empire discussed it, the attending doctor shared what they found regarding their physical condition and mental strength. Without waiting for the two to ask questions, they continued: “The bad news is that the crown prince’s mental disorder and dark spots have once again spread, and mental power is further disordered. Drugs and other treatment methods are unable to continue suppressing these black spots. Over time, His Highness’s body will be severely and continuously worn down. Within three months, he will get sick again, entering a continuous high fever and unconscious state… until the body is completely unable to support it. ”

Having gone through the perennial battle with the disease, Moodys is very calm. Even listening to the terrible news he may not live long, he didn’t blink an eye, simply asking: “How to say?”

“The good news then?” On the contrary, the healthy Zhuo Yang was much more nervous, as he unconsciously squeezed the palms of his hands.

Although, after confirming that he did have SS-level mental power, his mental condition relaxed for a moment, but his vigilance raised again… Recently, he has had continuous nightmares.

He was very scared. Even if he has SS-level mental power, he was afraid that he would not be able to save Moodys at all.

“The good news is that we have just checked the spiritual power of His Highness. It is indeed a rare SS-level mental power, just enough to break through the spiritual wall of Your Royal Highness.1The terms in Chinese reveal their position as crown prince(/ss), but there’s no such translation. For simplicity, “Royal” is added when the doctors refer to Moodys. But the appellation itself doesn’t favor one or the other in rank. We have designed a treatment plan. After adjusting to the most severely mad state and Your Royal Highness’s quantum beast is summoned… The crown princess will immediately provide spiritual guidance. If he can break through the spiritual barrier in one fell swoop, enter your spiritual world, alienate the dark spots, we will have a 70% chance to cure Your Royal Highness’s condition. It depends on whether His Highness has the courage.” The doctor said.

Moodys didn’t respond to the previous words, until he heard that the doctor was about to adjust his mental state to the time when he was most mad. Frowning, he asked, “Isn’t that very dangerous for the princess?”

“Only 70%? So low?” Zhuo Yang frowned unconsciously when he heard the doctor’s voice.

The two spoke in unison, revealing the worries about each other’s conditions at the same time.

“This is already very high, Your Highness… Before you appeared, we had almost no hope.” The doctor didn’t know whose answer the question first, so he picked to answer the one he heard more clearly.

Zhuo Yang still wanted to ask something more: “But…”

Moodys looked at him. The two looked at each other, and Zhuo Yang compromised, stepping down to end the line of questioning.

Moodys frowned and opened his mouth: “When I’m in the most severe state of illness, and further summoning the quantum beast… this is too dangerous. Don’t you have any other guides for assisting treatment? Is there a safe and secure treatment plan?”

During this state, he would lose sanity, unable to recognize his relatives. How destructive he was, how the lion was uncontrollable and wounded people… all this he knew nothing about.

It’s something even a dozen sentinels can’t resist…

Zhuo Yang is a guide, and his quantum beast is a squeamish nine-tailed fox. How can he cope with it?

The fox, which is only the size of a medium-sized dog, will be torn to pieces by the lion.

“No, this is absolutely not possible. I would never agree with this treatment plan.” Before the doctor said something, he thought about it and resolutely opposed the treatment plan.

Zhuo Yang opened his mouth and wanted to argue with him: “Your Highness–”

“First of all, I want to tell you, Your Royal Highness, this is the safest treatment plan we can think of. We will choose a security system during this spiritual guidance. Operating in a very good medical environment, His Highness’s spiritual network will be connected to the medical environment’s intelligence center. As long as His Highness feels something wrong, robots and systems for mandatory intervention will separate the two of you, and protect His Highness to the utmost extent.” The doctor didn’t take his own life seriously as he explained, trying to show his care for the guide crown princess. Not waiting for Zhuo Yang to speak, he interrupted first: “Secondly, you have to know, your crown princess is a guide with SS-level mental power. His mental power is higher than yours, so he can strengthen your mental wall during madness… He is not that weak. You should believe in the abilities of His Highness.”

“Actually, in such a situation, even with the security system, I can’t be certain His Highness will be able to break through your spiritual wall. Out of fear, he may directly declare failure. But these are the only measures we can think of to protect the life of a guide as much as possible…” The attending physician added.

Moodys was still hesitating. “But…”

“If it doesn’t work, it’s OK.” Zhuo Yang interrupted him resolutely without even thinking about it.

He stared at Moodys firmly and said: “Your Highness, believe me… I will do it. Trust me, this is safe for me, and we will all be fine.”

His eyes are very bright. In Moodys’ eyes, those orbs are filled with hope and perseverance, resolutely firm like a child’s, and impossible to refuse…

Moodys looked at him for a moment and silently shut his mouth. With furrowed brows, he looked down at the plan developed by the medical team that the doctor put in front of them. As a sentinel who was educated to protect guides since childhood, he still felt that such a treatment plan that puts guides in danger is too unreliable. He wanted to find the flaws in it and persuade Zhuo Yang to dispel this idea.

“Are there any other precautions?” Zhuo Yang asked when Moodys let go.

He must do his utmost to ensure the success rate of this spiritual counseling…

“His Royal Highness is in a terrible physical condition. Your Highness, this time it is very difficult for us to force his physical condition to be adjusted to the most maddening state by medical means because it’s dangerous. It’s okay if you succeed. If you don’t succeed… His Royal Highness has a 60% chance that he will suffer from a high fever, and his condition will directly deteriorate.” The doctor solemnly looked at Zhuo Yang. “So, please be cautious… Even if you are afraid, think twice. Don’t back down easily, or it’s better not to try.”

Although, ensuring appropriate medical and legal practices are all requirements, they must put the safety of guides first and give top priority during the treatment…

But as a crown princess, it is impossible for him not to worry about the prince’s safety.

If Zhuo Yang doesn’t have the courage, or he gives up halfway, it would be better to die… His Highness, the crown prince, can still live a little longer on his own sick and crooked sickbed…

It’s still better than completely waiting for death after this attempt.

“Okay, I see, I will definitely be cautious.” Zhuo Yang said firmly.

This is the last chance for Moodys. Even if he really died in Moodys’ hands, he would not give up this opportunity to let any system or robot obstruct and distract him from entering Moodys’ spiritual world.

Moodys frowned, still hesitating.

Zhuo Yang had already grabbed his hand first and said, “Your Highness, it will be okay. Trust me, we will all be okay.”

He repeated firmly, sounding like he was comforting Moodys, but in reality, he was comforting himself.

Moodys wanted to say something, but seeing Zhuo Yang’s expression, he moved his lips, and he couldn’t say anything.

“If you think something is wrong, or you’re scared and can’t bear it, just relax. The system and robots will control me and protect you.” In the end, he simply said this to Zhuo Yang.

His life is already like this, so he might as well try it with Zhuo Yang.

Either there is a glimmer of life, or he dies completely and no longer has to linger like this anymore.




After the decision was made for Zhuo Yang to attack Moodys mental walls during his manic state and perform spiritual counseling, the entire mansion and Moodys’ medical team became busy preparing.

Various medical equipment, robots, and medical cabins were also debugged and prepared immediately.

Everything is in the best state.

Everyone’s heart was panicking and worried. Before, Moodys used medicine in the mansion for nine years. Each time, his condition would worsen. But they still prayed anxiously for him in their hearts.

Life or death…

For Moodys, there is only one ending.

And the control of this ending is in Zhuo Yang’s hands…

After everything was prepared, everyone left the airtight medical environment cabin, and only Zhuo Yang and Moodys remained in the entire space.

Zhuo Yang looked at Moodys, whose face became redder and redder in his sleep, and the signs of illness became more obvious. On the surface, he looked very calm, but his heart was extremely anxious.

He gently stroked Moodys’ scarred cheeks, his hands trembling.

For a moment, he even thought that if he couldn’t succeed, he would die with Moodys. But he soon dispelled the idea of it not working…

It will succeed. It will succeed. He continuously told himself in his heart.


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    The terms in Chinese reveal their position as crown prince(/ss), but there’s no such translation. For simplicity, “Royal” is added when the doctors refer to Moodys. But the appellation itself doesn’t favor one or the other in rank.
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