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TWE Chapter 39

Zhuo Yang has always been good at flying, very good at pretending to be a white lotus. However, this time, he didn’t even need to pretend, or even make a sound. Public support and opinion was already on his side.

Using forbidden drugs to damage the mental power of underage guides was too vicious.

Even those who previously hated Zhuo Yang for no reason, stood on the side of Xia Xiuzhi’s family, claiming the crown princess might not be innocent, were guided by the royal family. Even black powder who wanted to say Xia Xiuzhi’s family was just a victim could not say anything to slander Zhuo Yang or make rebuttals for Xia Xiuzhi’s family.

Everyone deeply abhorred Xia Xiuzhi’s actions, requesting the law impose sanctions on such people who use banned drugs to hurt guides.

As the incident fermented more, Xia Xiuzhi became a new pronoun for the meaning of the term ‘vicious stepmother’.

Using the three words Xia Xiuzhi are almost equivalent to the stepmother witch from Snow White. Many people in Osphia with the same name as Xia Xiuzhi were ashamed and went to the residents’ personal information management system to change their names.

The power of the crown prince pressed on every step of the way. In a short while, Xia Xiuzhi purchase of illegal drugs from which channels, and method to drug Zhuo Yang’s food, were investigated for damaging Zhuo Yang’s mental power.  The evidence is conclusive, people are imprisoned, and an underground organization market was also uncovered along the way.  It did a lot of harm to people by selling think of kind of banned drug, and dealt with.

As the crown prince, Zhuo Yang is a member of the royal family, and the attitude of the royal family to this incident is naturally to severely punish.

After learning about this, Mr. Zhuo was so angry that he couldn’t help it. Even the two grandsons Zhuo Deming and Zhuo Yu who begged him for help were kicked out. “Get out! Your family has been evicted from the house. Are you trying to kill our entire Zhuo family? Want me to fight the royal family, rise against the crown prince for your mother? Just take it as I never had you two grandsons.”


“Father–” Zhuo Hengyuan cried desperately with Zhuo Yu and Zhuo Deming.

However, Mr. Zhuo was unmoved.

As long as he thinks that because of Xia Xiuzhi, his family lost a guide with at least S-level or higher, Mr. Zhuo can only feel pain. In his eyes, Zhuo Yang has grown up well, is smart, and has high aptitude. His quantum beast is also an extremely rare nine-tailed fox. How could his mental power be so low?

Blame Xia Xiuzhi, this stupid woman!

If it weren’t, because of the friction between her and stepson, Zhuo Yang’s own qualifications coupled with the assistance of their Zhuo’s elixir, he might be a S-level, or even SS-level guide… The empire has not had a guide beyond S-level for many years. If their Zhuo family had one, there would be no need to lick the faces to ask for help or seek marriage…  Those aristocratic families like the Corey family, including the royal family, would only rush to their doorstep, wishing to bring a rare guide like Zhuo Yang home.

And other families will feel that their Zhuo family’s genes are good and choose to marry their descendants and Zhuo family.

He wouldn’t have had to rush Zhuo Yang out as a tool for marriage. Instead, he could have kept Zhuo Yang in the family for a long time, waiting for the best price. At that time, many families would hold Zhuo Yang in favor, and beg the Zhuo family… If so, coupled with his proper management, their Zhuo family would long since be revived.

But now, all of this has been ruined by Xia Xiuzhi, a stupid woman.

Mr. Zhuo was in the mood to kill Xia Xiuzhi. Not only did he not want to help Zhuo Hengyuan’s family get people back, he even stepped on his own daughter-in-law to please the royal family and the crown prince. He completely cut off his family’s assistance to Zhuo Hengyuan’s family, and expressed his position to the crown prince’s forces.

The other offshoots of the Zhuo family and Zhuo Hengyuan’s brothers were originally related because they were relatives. Although they had broken off with Zhuo Hengyuan’s family on the surface, they still helped and contacted them secretly. With such an attitude, Mr. Zhuo immediately broke off the contact with Zhuo Hengyuan’s family, taking the stance of completely losing this in-law.

The rest of them are better than Zhuo Hengyuan. It’s not that they don’t want to help Zhuo Hengyuan’s family, but Xia Xiuzhi’s damage to an underage guide’s mental strength or her stepson is too terrifying. And Zhuo Hengyuan, who is his biological father, actually indulged and sheltered her, which really made them feel terrible.

The Zhuo family only produced two guides in their generation, both from Zhuo Hengyuan. And Xia Xiuzhi was able to drug Zhuo Yang to damage his mental power because of Zhuo Yang’s better qualifications than Zhuo Yu.

On paper, they also nominally belong to the same family as Zhuo Yang.

While there are no guide children in their family, it’s still possible to have guides in the next generation.

At that time, if this sordid family didn’t like their children and is afraid that their grandchildren will overshadow Zhuo Yu’s limelight, what will they do?

Therefore, the three views are different and do not work together. Those who are close together are together, and those of different minds are black. It’s not that their families aren’t close, it’s that… Zhuo Hengyuan’s family is still a little far away.

Because of the pressure from the royal family, and the crown prince and Zhuo family playing some tricks, the verdict of Xia Xiuzhi’s deliberate use of banned drugs to damage the mental power of underage guides came quickly. Because the number of Ophia’s guides was too scarce, the death penalty cannot be imposed on guides. Instead, Xia Xiuzhi was sentenced to life imprisonment, and deprived of any chance of parole.

However, even if Xia Xiuzhi was alive in the second half of her life, it was not happier than her death.

It’s also because Ophia’s guides are scarce, and there are too many mentally disordered sentinels who can’t have their own guides. Although Osphia’s law cannot impose the death penalty on guides, there is a special guide prison. There, guides use their mental powers day and night to guide the mental powers of countless mentally disordered sentinels who have no guides. The minimum workload is to provide mental guidance for more than ten sentinels a day until they work off their sentence.

For a delicate guide, it is a very exhausting chore.

Xia Xiuzhi was sentenced to life imprisonment and deprived of the opportunity for parole… In other words, she will be trapped for the rest of her life, doing free volunteer work to treat mentally disordered sentinels. Until her death, she can only do such atonement for her own mistakes.

A guide can only be spiritually combined with one sentinel and able to guide them deeply, but can provide superficial spiritual guidance to countless others.

Because of the scarcity of guides and the large number of sentinels, most guides from civilian families perform such services to help sort out their disordered mental power.

And the nobles and middle class are the guides of the upper family—

Because of the resurrection of nobles and aristocratic families, and because of sentinel chauvinism, they are often extremely possessive of their guides. They cannot accept their guides providing spiritual guidance for other sentinels and living in the spiritual world of others.

In their minds, guides who provide spiritual counseling for other sentinels are dirty, as if they had slept with others.

This belief is to an extreme!

Nobles and aristocratic families have the most sentinels and guides born to continue their bloodlines. Because of their terrible possessive desire of guides, it causes many civilian sentinels to die early because they have no guide to help their mental power. They often can’t survive to the age of eighty, whereas noble sentinels live and average of more than two hundred years.

Zhuo Yang’s father, Zhuo Hengyuan, is a leader among sentinel cancers. Zhuo Yang’s mother, Tan Yuzhi, was originally a civilian-born teacher. She volunteered to help many dying mentally disordered sentinels for free. When they first got married, Zhuo Hengyuan never said anything because of her beauty. But afterwards, Zhuo Hengyuan felt his mental power was dirty because Tan Yuzhi used her powers to guide other sentinels, and often used this to humiliate Tan Yuzhi…

At that time, Xia Xiuzhi was also the reason for derailing. Xia Xiuzhi only guided mental power for him, and only entered his spiritual world, which he thought was far cleaner than Tan Yuzhi.

And now his guide, Xia Xiuzhi, is in prison. Every day for the rest of his life, she will guide the mental power of at least ten different sentinels and enter the spiritual world of others-

For a sentinel cancer like him, the blow was very big!

After Xia Xiuzhi’s judgment came, Zhuo Hengyuan filed for a divorce against Xia Xiuzhi. Even their children ignored her.

When Zhuo Yu and Zhuo Deming saw this, they also knew the current state of affairs and pointed out that everything their mother had done had nothing to do with them, openly severing their relationship with Xia Xiuzhi. They were so cold-blooded, it was almost ruthless. Without any conscience, they abandoned Xia Xiuzhi, the mother who gave everything for them.

But even if their family did that, they didn’t have the slightest chance to redeem their stinky reputation.

The Zhuo family completely cut off the relationship with them. All financial assistance was also cut off. Past friends also cleared up their relationship… The crown prince cared and valued Zhuo Yang. Everyone could see that even if the crown prince didn’t say anything. Many aristocratic families and businesses also spontaneously targeted Zhuo Hengyuan’s family and their stores in order to curry favor with the crown prince’s forces. In order not to lose money, they had to sell the house to pay off the debt.

Zhuo Deming who was seen as excellent and eye-catching among many families, after offending the crown prince, was expelled from the military by the crown prince’s friends. He became decadent all day, drunk, and lost his spirits.

Zhuo Yang rose. But Zhuo Hengyuan’s family was completely finished.


That’s the end of the scum father and step-family.

Moodys and Zhuo Yang return next chapter! And the next handful are some of my favorite chapters of all time, one of which even beats the ugly cat from BATCFO.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Well that’s a suitable ending!

  2. Sadie Woods says:

    Such a fitting end! Wonderful to see it all unfold, though I’ll be even happier to never have to think of these scum again!

    Also, better than the ugly cat mecha? I’ve got to see this!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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