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TWE Chapter 36

Zhuo Yang injected his last rejuvenating potion into Allen’s home. After three hours of long and painful suffering, he finally managed to complete the painful journey.

After it was done, Allen took out a mental power testing instrument for Zhuo Yang to test his mental power. Seeing the SS mental power data displayed on the instrument, he breathed a sigh of relief. “Your spiritual power test result just reached SS. Although it’s just on the line, it’s at least up to standard. There is no need to use forbidden drugs to boost your mental power. Just right for you to breathe a sigh of relief. I can also breathe a sigh of relief and not worry.”

There’s no more need to use forbidden drugs and no need to worry about Zhuo Yang using forbidden drugs privately-

It is a relief for both of them.

“Really? This is really great.” Zhuo Yang sat up weakly. Wiping the cold sweat from his forehead, he immediately let out a long sigh as he saw the instrument showing his current mental power.

Seeing him getting up, Allen quickly pressed him back: “Eh, what are you doing? The medicine has the strongest effect this time, why are you getting up? You should lie down, rest, and sleep for a while.”

“It’s okay, I even endured the pain of injecting the medicine. What’s the difference?” Zhuo Yang pushed his hand away. “I won’t lie down. I want to go home now and…”

After confirming that he didn’t need to use forbidden drugs and his mental power was enough to save Moodys, Zhuo Yang couldn’t wait to get up. He wanted to go home and share the good news with Moody’s as soon as possible.

Even Allen couldn’t stop him. “Eh-”

Ignoring his weak and dizzy body, Zhuo Yang left Allen’s house impatiently and got on the spaceship back to the crown prince’s residence.

He hadn’t seen Moodys for five days since that kiss.

Although there has always been a nine-tailed fox accompanying Moodys and reporting Moodys’s condition to him, Zhuo Yang still missed him very much…

After the impulsive feeling passed in the first few days, he was embarrassed at his recklessness and what he said to Moodys that time. He even suspected he may have gone too far and left Moodys the impression he was frivolous… Therefore, when he discovered that Moodys was hiding from him, he did not eagerly pursue it, but chose to leave Moodys with a certain amount of thinking time.

And now, Zhuo Yang thinks that the buffer time he gave Moodys is enough. The same is said for himself.

The nine-tailed fox informed Zhuo Yang that Moodys was reading in the study.

When Zhuo Yang returned to the crown prince’s residence, the sequelae of injecting the medicine was relieved. After learning about Moodys’s movements from nine-tailed fox, Zhuo Yang thought for a while. After pretending to find a reason, he picked up a mecha-related professional book, and knocked on Moodys’ door. “Your Highness… I have a question about mecha micromanipulation. I don’t understand it. Can I ask you to explain it to me?”

Although this method is a bit silly, but it’s also a good way to resolve any embarrassment.

“Yes, you can ask.” Moodys tried his best to pretend that nothing happened. He deliberately ignored everything that night, and acted like a teacher who was teaching patiently: “What parts don’t you understand?”

But his slightly red ear roots betrayed him. When he saw Zhuo Yang, he couldn’t help but think of the heart of that night and that kiss.

Zhuo Yang didn’t have the heart to embarrass him. At first, he pretended, but then he began discussing academic issues with Moodys seriously, pointing to the book and saying, “Here… and here, I don’t really understand. Why do you need to perform actions when you encounter such a situation.”

“This is because…” Moodys is a very serious person as soon as he enters such a state. When he first saw Zhuo Yang, he still had some embarrassment. But seeing Zhuo Yang was really serious about discussing mecha-related issues with him, he also tried his best to explain Zhuo Yang as if he did not understand students.

His voice is gentle and soothing. Whenever he hears him speak, waves in Zhuo Yang’s heart ripple, but he forced himself to listen carefully, courageously ask questions, and entered the state of a good student.

Moodys pointed to the difficult points he had drawn out. “That’s it, do you understand?”

He still likes Zhuo Yang’s earnest and studious energy, which is especially helpful resolve his embarrassment.

Zhuo Yang looked up at him, but found that they somehow unknowingly became very close. Moodys’ hand touched his, and the his breath tickled his ears.

Zhuo Yang couldn’t help but burn from the root of his ears to his face: “Under… understood.”

Moodys watched Zhuo Yang’s blushing complexion, and suddenly recovered. Then, he realized the distance between them was a little too close. He quickly coughed, trying to casually change the subject: “Ah, I…”

“Your Highness.” Zhuo Yang took advantage of this opportunity and grabbed Moodys’s hand.

Moodys’s entire hand was stiff. He wanted to withdraw, but felt that it wasn’t so appropriate. Forcibly pretending to be nonchalant, he maintained a stiff posture and asked: “What’s wrong? Is there anything wrong?”

“Actually, there is one thing I want to tell you.” Zhuo Yang held his generous and warm hands tightly, like a sign of confession.

Moodys was petrified. Reminded of the night he was drunk, he feared Zhuo Yang would stab the window paper on an impulse and confess to him, and he wouldn’t know how to respond.

He moved his lips, racking his brains to stop Zhuo Yang’s words: “Um, I actually…”


They spoke at the same time, but before waiting for the words to fall, the sequelae of the drug injection suddenly rushed up, and Zhuo Yang was suddenly dizzy.

“Bang—” There was a sound.

His whole body teetered over uncontrollably as he fell back. Seeing this, Moodys didn’t have time to think about as he stood up and caught Zhuo Yang who was about to fall to the ground.

But because one of his legs was abolished, as soon as he caught Zhuo Yang, the two fell to the ground in a heap, knocking the wheelchair aside, and creating a mess.

“Zhuo Yang…” But Moodys had no time for him to take care of it, as he nervously held Zhuo Yang. “What’s wrong with you, Zhuo Yang?”

But Zhuo Yang had fallen into a coma.




Zhuo Yang slept very deeply. It was evening when he woke up.

The medical team at the Prince’s Mansion was very complete. They surrounded him, using various medical instruments to run a very detailed examination on him.

When Zhuo Yang opened his eyes, he saw his current SS-level mental power displayed on the screen of the instrument beside him.

Not surprisingly, the matter of his SS-level mental power and the fact that he used the extremely fast mental power recovery medicine was detected and known by the crown prince.

However, he didn’t really care.

He was born with SS-level mental power, and able to save the crown prince without the use of forbidden drugs that damage the body or mental power.

“Are you awake?” The moment he woke up, he saw Moodys’s concerned eyes. They seemed to be filled with red blood because of excessive tension and worry.

Zhuo Yang opened his eyes, inexplicably feeling a little sweet in his heart: “En, your highness.”

Since childhood, he has suffered numerous serious and minor illnesses. This is the first time he has seen someone guarding the bed after waking up. And it’s someone he likes… This feeling felt especially good.

“It was detected that you have been injecting drugs that quickly restore and forbidden drugs that sealed your mental power.1Remember, he had drugs capping his mental power as a kid. And now, there’s the one releasing it. For a total of 2 drugs Why? Why do you do this?” Moodys had a thousand words to say, but this question slipped out the moment he opened his mouth.

A guide with SS-level mental power…he never thought that there would be a guide with SS-level mental power in the world. Let alone, Zhuo Yang was actually a guide with SS-level spiritual power.

Zhuo Yang fixedly looked at him, without speaking for a while.

After a long time, he asked Moodys: “Why did I do this? Isn’t it clear that, Your Highness?”

Moodys’ body can’t be dragged for too long. He did this just because he wanted Moodys to have a chance to live. He loves him much more than his life.

Now he can save Moodys without the use of forbidden drugs, naturally there is no need to avoid this question.

Looking at each other, everything is silent.

Moodys looked back at Zhuo Yang, ignoring that he had a chance to survive, or that this SS-level guide was his spouse. . The only thing he is full of in his mind are the injections. The strong sequelae of the medicine and the pain it brought to Zhuo Yang for a month. Looking at Zhuo Yang carefully, as he was fragile porcelain, he asked: “Are you dizzy? Does it still hurt?”

Zhuo Yang looked at him, smiling but shook his head.

He has never been willing to trade a profit or make a loss, nor does he do those acts of selfless dedication. Although he has given a lot and endured a lot of pain…

But he will have his reward, and let Moodys completely become his.

“…Take a good night’s sleep, you must be very tired and weak now. Take a good rest and recover.” Moodys gently covered Zhuo Yang with a quilt, not knowing what to say. He simply acted like coaxing a child, and gently patted him.

Although he married Zhuo Yang and once helped Zhuo Yang, he was never looking for anything from Zhuo Yang. But all people have the desire to survive. Being able to live, having the hope and opportunity to live… who would be unhappy, and who would not want to live?

Moodys can hardly describe his feelings. Thinking of the pain Zhuo Yang endured for him, he was extremely distressed and grateful towards him…

He wanted things to be well. And for Zhuo Yang to sleep and quietly recover. Relieved, the rest can be discussed later.

Moodys, the medical team, and his entourage in the room looked at Zhuo Yang on the bed. Although they forced themselves to suppress their emotions, they were excited, and it still showed on their faces. They thought that there was no guide with SS-level mental power in the world. They thought that the only thing waiting for their crown prince was a fate of slowly withering away. But now the crown princess became an SS-level guide and their crown prince has a chance to survive again, how can they not be excited?

This crown princess is simply the blessing and savior given to their crown prince from heaven…everyone thought in unison.


Aw, the big reveal. Won’t be long till Moodys cured. 🤗


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    Remember, he had drugs capping his mental power as a kid. And now, there’s the one releasing it. For a total of 2 drugs
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  2. Thanks for the chapter! I hope that medical team keeps that info to themselves at least until ML is cured & can really protect his hardworking wifey… Because our MC just put a giant target on his back, courtesy of all those who want the throne & power…

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      Don’t fret. His medical team is reliable. It’s the scum families that aren’t.

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