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TWE Chapter 35

Moodys looked at Zhuo Yang in the dim light for a while. Eventually, he looked down at his wrist watch, and controlled his wheelchair, preparing to return to his room to rest. “It’s getting late, if you have nothing to do, I will go to sleep. Good night.”

“Wait, Your Highness…” Moodys’s wheelchair hadn’t traveled far when Zhuo Yang suddenly stopped him.

Moodys turned around and looked at him in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

“What kind of person do you like?” Moodys’ indulgent attitude fueled Zhuo Yang’s courage. He suddenly stopped Moodys, and then nervously asked a question he had always wanted to know.

What is an ideal object in Moody’s mind like?

He had imagined many answers, but he had a specific answer…

Moodys frowned. He didn’t expect that Zhuo Yang would suddenly ask such a question. He moved his lips and wanted to answer.

But Zhuo Yang hesitated, and seemed to guess what he wanted to say. Before he could answer, he interrupted him again: “Don’t consider your current physical condition. Don’t consider all other factors… Just tell me, if your body is normal and healthy, what kind of person you’d like and what kind of person you will have a good opinion of.”

He boldly expressed it all.

“…Actually, I don’t know.” Moodys looked at Zhuo Yang for a while, and replied after a moment of silence.

He has always treated everyone with a gentle attitude, and treated the whole world with a kind attitude. He admires and yearns for the love that the world sings, but after growing up so much…it makes him feel that kind of special love hasn’t appeared before. In the past thirty years, he hasn’t seemed to like anyone.

And now…

I don’t know if it was an illusion or something else, he thought…

If his body was normal, he should like Zhuo Yang, his crown princess.

Zhuo Yang persevered. Pausing, he asked again: “What about type? What does your ideal partner look like? Are they gentle and quiet, or simple and lively?”

After considering it countless times, these two are the ones he thinks Moodys might like.

The same people are always attracted to each other. Unlike him… Zhuo Yang has always felt that because he unscrupulously acts to achieve his goals, not knowing what kindness and tolerance are, he is probably the most ugly type Moodys hates…

“I don’t know. Love is always unreasonable. It follows the heart. The two types of people you mentioned, I might appreciate when I am in good health. I might have a good impression, but may not fall in love…” Moodys thought for a while and bluntly replied.

Just like before, he never thought he would be inexplicably attracted to a guide like Zhuo Yang. He also always thought that he was not the kind to value the superficial appearance of a guide, and want to value his own thoughts as a sentinel… But now, he suddenly feels that he might think of himself too highly. Zhuo Yang is like a poison poppy. Knowing that he shouldn’t get so close, he still can’t control the favorable feeling in his heart…

For the first time in his life, he experienced possessive desire and wanted to take another person as his own.

Moodys also discovered for the first time in his life that he was not a saint, and that he was quite narrow-minded.

Zhuo Yang thought of something, and then asked, “What about Mr. Rand Corey? Before, you were very close to him and interacted very well… Many people thought you would get married.”

He was also one such person. Zhuo Yang was very sad at one time thinking about it.

“He and I are actually not very familiar. We tried to get close to each other and to socialize, not because of love, but because both the Elder Council, my father, and the queen, thought he would be a qualified crown princess. He was also urged by the family to walk the road of the crown princess and future queen. After all, he is the most spiritual guide1As in, having the highest mental or spiritual power. in Osphia, and it is normal to have lofty goals.” Moodys was very calm and spoke frankly.

He doesn’t know if he and Rand would enter into marriage if there was no accident. But he is sure that he and Rand have never had excessive affection or love…

Otherwise, after his accident, Rand would not be so decisive and chose to give up, even denying any attempt to communicate.

And he didn’t feel much all about it either…

There is a bit of loneliness. But there is absolutely no sadness or despair of being abandoned by a lover.

“…I see, Your Highness, thank you.” After figuring out the problem he had been struggling with for a long time, the weight in Zhuo Yang’s mind dissolved, and his whole person became relaxed and happy.

Moodys has never loved Rand, which makes him very happy.

Moodys looked at Zhuo Yang’s smile and felt that his mood improved with him: “Yeah.”

He once thought that he could be indifferent to Zhuo Yang’s appearance, simply appreciate it without wanting to possess him. But now he found that he thought wrongly…

His thoughts turned out to be very narrow, and he wanted Zhuo Yang’s smile to be his own.

Zhuo Yang fixedly watched Moodys’s disfigured, scarred, and scarlet profile for a long while, and asked his last question for the night: “Your Highness… then might you fall in love with someone completely different from you? Someone who grew out of the mud and did a lot of things that you disdain in order to climb up?”

As soon as this was said, it was almost clear.

“Yes. Love is something you can’t help and can’t control.” Moodys’s intellect told him that he should be clear and resolutely reject Zhuo Yang to prevent Zhuo Yang from having any illusions. But he didn’t know if it was from drinking or what, when it came to his mouth, he replied to Zhuo Yang: “If I love someone, even if he is such a person, even if he doesn’t love me and is only there for my power and status, I think I will be content.”

Moodys slowly raised his head, staring at Zhuo Yang’s face: “I am glad that I still have power and status that he is willing to covet. And I still have such power and status that can let him stay by my side.”

If he is in good health, or if there is only today and no tomorrow… He will definitely indulge himself. No matter what Zhuo Yang is here for, whether his admiration is sincere or fake, let both become one…

It’s okay if Zhuo Yang doesn’t love him, he can love him. He is willing to enjoy the feeling of loving someone even if he gets hurt.

But it’s a pity-

In his current physical condition, wanting to love someone is also a luxury.

“…I understand, Your Highness.” The smile on Zhuo Yang’s lips unconsciously increased. He walked to Moodys’s side, squatted down, and left a quick kiss on Moodys’ dry lips. Before Moodys could react, he stood up straight again. “Thank you for your answer. Good night, I wish you sweet dreams, and I hope I appear in your dreams.”

In the eye of the beholder, even looking at Moodys such a face, Zhuo Yang felt that the other party was the best.

After the dragonfly kiss was over, Moodys was stunned on the spot. He couldn’t react to to being molested by Zhuo Yang, the blush spreading from the back of his ears to his face.

After a while, he recovered. Not daring to look at Zhuo Yang again, he pushed his wheelchair quickly and left Zhuo Yang’s presence with his heart beating like a drum.

It’s really bad. To be kissed by such a kid who he almost watched grow up.

Moodys cursed secretly in his heart, but he couldn’t help but jump for joy.



Moodys is a thin skinned Crown Prince. After regaining sobriety, remembering his drunken behavior with Zhuo Yang, he began to hide. He never stayed honestly in the study room anymore, or waited for Zhuo Yang to come back and to chat with him.

Zhuo Yang didn’t know how to react at first, and couldn’t understand why a person in a wheelchair in Moodys suddenly disappeared.

After he reacted, considering the embarrassment of a certain crown prince, he didn’t push people so tightly, but rather chose to let his quantum beast, the nine-tailed fox, replace him to communicate with Moodys.

Zhuo Yang’s kiss that night influenced and shocked Moodys too much. Even seeing the naive and innocent nine-tailed fox who acted as if it didn’t understand anything, made him think of that night, and his ears would blush involuntarily.

As soon as the snow-white nine-tailed fox walked towards him, stretching out its tongue, trying to lick his palm, motioning for him to hug it…

Moodys thought of the little guy’s kiss that night. So he covered the mouth of the nine-tailed fox, refusing to let it lick him, and took the somewhat dissatisfied fox ball into his arms. The nine-tailed fox licked his palm coquettishly, as he started to caress it back and forth.

For fear that the nine-tailed fox would lick him coquettishly if it was dissatisfied.

Such a touch reminded Moodys of the wet and hot kiss that its owner his lips that night he was drunk.

“Ou~” The nine-tailed fox was extremely comfortable being massaged, and stretched out in a satisfied and content manner.

Suddenly it stood up on Moody’s lap, and licked Moody’s mouth with a big tongue happily like a reward. It tasted good, and it wanted to lick again.

Moodys was dumbfounded as he was licked and drooled on. He hurriedly pressed down and the glared at the nine-tailed fox who wanted to lick him again.

The nine-tailed fox was dazed, confused and innocent, looking at him with a pair of jet-black fox eyes, not understanding why Moodys wanted to kill him.

Moodys: “…”


Gotta love Zhuo Yang and his cute little nine-tailed fox.


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    As in, having the highest mental or spiritual power.
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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Wow, that prince is so naive!

    1. komorebi says:

      Which prince? Moodys? Naive might not be the apt descriptor – thin-skinned, shy, and lacking in self-confidence perhaps.

  2. Sadie Woods says:

    And, caught up here as well! Yay~!

    What I can really appreciate about this novel is how the MC and ML are both very flawed people. It makes them realistic and relatable. Who really climbs up from the mud without stains sticking to them? Who can have their societal worth destroyed without it affecting their self esteem? Everyone is a mishmash of broken pieces.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi says:

      They are very flawed and very insecure people, despite being lauded or seen as heroes (in ML’s case).

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