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TWE Chapter 37

Zhuo Yang did not sleep immediately, but thought of something else and hurriedly reminded: “Your Highness, regarding my spiritual power being SS level, please do not expose it now. Wait for your illness to be cured and physical condition is better. We should consider a long-term plan.”

“Don’t worry, I have a sense of measure.” Moodys tucked him in the quilt. Lowering his eyes, he turned his head to give his medical team and subordinates in the room a look.

Everyone immediately exited the door knowingly.

The current situation is unstable. The empire has not had a SS-level guide for hundreds of years. It’s only possible to cure his illness, but there’s no guarantee… Prematurely exposing Zhuo Yang’s spiritual level exposes him too much. The branches are still out of line, which is not a good thing for him or Zhuo Yang.

After all, there are still so many eyes and forces staring at them outside.

“Yeah.” Hearing what Moodys said, he knew that the prince’s people were the ones who knew his mental state today, so he was relieved and responded in a low voice.

The rest of the idlers and others all retired. There were only the two of them left in the room.

The surrounding air was so quiet that even a needle dropped on the ground would be heard. Both of them didn’t speak, and the sound of each other’s breathing carried over to the other party’s ears.

Zhuo Yang didn’t sleep either. He just stared at Moodys with a straight and shining look, as if Moodys was a peerless beauty who couldn’t be seen enough. Even his ugly and hideous scars are worthy of careful observation.

On the other hand, Zhuo Yang is very beautiful. His eyes are particularly dazzling. But most of the times, they seem unreal, with hidden stories and tales that elude people.

But now, at this moment–

He looked at Moodys as if there were stars in his eyes. They shone sharply without a tracy of seduction or temptation, but a bit of childish innocence and naïveté.

He stared at Moodys, like a child staring at some beloved snacks and toys.

Moodys was embarrassed from being stared at. Even the scars on his face unconsciously burned under Zhuo Yang’s naked gaze.

“You sleep at ease and leave everything to me.” Moodys understood what Zhuo Yang meant, but he couldn’t dare give Zhuo Yang a promise and response when his body was not healed, so he had to change the topic awkwardly.

Zhuo Yang continued staring and said: “But, you are by my side, I can’t sleep, Your Highness.”

“…” Moodys froze on the spot speechless.

He didn’t know how to respond to Zhuo Yang.

When Zhuo Yang saw him feel funny like this, he even tried to tease him. “If you are by my side, I will want to look at you all the time. I can’t see enough. My heart keeps accelerating and then decelerating. How can I sleep?”

Moodys was expressionless, but his slightly red ears betrayed him: “Then I will go out.”

After finishing speaking, he pushed the wheelchair and ran away without thinking about it.

However, Zhuo Yang didn’t give him this opportunity. Before he went out, he grabbed Moodys’ hand, not letting him go.

Moodys was suddenly pulled by Zhuo Yang, and immediately froze on the spot. His entire hand seemed to have been burned by a soldering iron.

He can’t move. His whole hand doesn’t seem like his own anymore as it stiffened.

“Don’t go, Your Highness. If you go, I think you can’t sleep.” Thinking his reaction was interesting, Zhuo Yang deliberately squeezed it in his palm.

Familiar with his tactics, Moodys cautiously tried to break the stalemate and withdraw his hand.

But Zhuo Yang grabbed his hand and refused to let him got.

Having encountered such a guide for the first time in his life, Moodys’ entire body was unwell. Reacting with hindsight, he pretended to be stern, and said semi-convincingly: “Don’t fool around.”

Zhuo Yang smiled, having played enough, he withdrew his hand and let go.

The two were very close together, and the pheromone between each other was clearly scented. After pulling his hand back, Moodys felt that his hand seemed to be tinged with Zhuo Yang’s guide fragrance.

At this time, even if Moodys was a fool, he should have realized that Zhuo Yang didn’t want to sleep at all.

Moodys was silent for a moment, and suddenly thought of something, so he asked. “Why did you use forbidden drugs to seal your mental power?”

Some guides from commoner families are afraid of their mental power being too high, attracting coveting glances. Unable to provoke them, they will seal their spiritual power.

But Zhuo Yang came from a noble family.

His family is not unable to protect him. It should be a joy to have a SS-level guide at home. The whole family should hold Zhuo Yang in the palm of his hand. Why does Zhuo Yang go through the pain of using forbidden drugs to conceal his own mental power?

He was puzzled.

“His Royal Highness, I once told you that my family is very… very ugly. Different from many normal families. Normal people can’t survive inside.” Zhuo Yang calmed down slightly and converged his expression. “When I was a child, my life before the age of four… was miserable. It was only after I was four that my grandfather’s put a little more value on me. Just a little bit.”

His life in the Zhuo family was unimaginable to ordinary people…

Thinking for a while, Zhuo Yang continued as calmly as possible: “But it’s just a little better. The Zhuo family has gradually declined. Harmony has long since disappeared. Because of business and marriage with a commercial family, a lot of the business market atmosphere is added. The resources in the family are limited, and everyone has an attitude of robbing.”

“And my grandfather, the head of the Zhuo family only sees me as a guide, to be used as a tool for the family to make more profit.” He sneered in a low voice. “But even if this is the case, my uneducated stepmother still refused to let it go. I, I have always been better than her son Zhuo Yu since I was young. Dissatisfied and fearing I will grow up and get revenge for my mother when I marry a good family…”

“I’ve been at odds with her, and have caused her a lot of trouble because of my grandfather’s ‘favor’. Guides begin to develop mental energy after twelve years old. Zhuo Yu and I were born only half a year apart. My spiritual growth rate was much higher than that of Zhuo Yu, and she became more and more frightened, for fear that I would crush her son and her down. So she thought of a way and got a banned drug to damage my mental power forever. That way, I can only be a guide with low mental power, to be a foil for her son, to be Zhuo Yu’s stepping stone…” Zhuo Yang tapped his index finger on the bedside coffee table.

Moodys lowered his voice, frowning, his heart unknowingly aching for Zhuo Yang: “How can she do this?”

“I was almost harmed by her. But fortunately I was wary… no, I should say that I was very wary of everyone in the Zhuo family, and found out. Fortunately, I still have Allen as a friend… he found a way to get me the forbidden drug used by military guides and soldiers to hide their mental power when they perform special tasks.” The following is not necessary for Zhuo Yang to say. Moodys also understands.

In such a family, even if Zhuo Yang exposed Xia Xiuzhi’s plot at the time, even if Patriarch Zhuo gets angry, he will persuade Zhuo Yang to bear it for the so-called family face, and will not deal with Xia Xiuzhi’s family. When Zhuo Yang grows up, he will sell Zhuo Yang, this rare SS-level guide, for a good price to profit for the family.

And Xia Xiuzhi’s family will continue to live a good life as always.

In addition to this, as long as Xia Xiuzhi was still around, he had to beware of her harming him again. So it is better to hide his mental power and live as someone harmless in their eyes.

One can be more free, and wait for an opportunity to fight back…

Zhuo Yang’s voice was indescribably calm, but it was particularly ear-piercing and distressful when it fell in Moodys’s ears.

He has been in the border all the year round. After returning, he has constantly hovered on the edge of life and death. It is hard to imagine how Zhuo Yang, a beautiful boy with bright eyes, survived these years…

“They will pay the price. The world still has law and justice, and no one can escape.” Moodys’ eyelashes drooped slightly, as he spoke in a deep voice. “Since your stepmother has done such a thing, she must pay the price for it.”

His voice was very soft.

After Zhuo Yang finished talking to him, he was groggy and a little sleepy. He didn’t hear what Moodys was saying, so he gave a soft “um”.

Simply fell asleep without any worries.

Moodys looked at Zhuo Yang’s sleeping face, but his hands clenched into fists unconsciously.




News of the newly married crown princess falling into the coma spread like wildfire all of a sudden. It was unknown how it was in the Emperor Star’s aristocratic circles, but it didn’t take long for it to spread across the web.

Everyone was very confused because they didn’t know what happened to Zhuo Yang.

Fans and supporters of Moodys and Zhuo Yang were even more worried and left comments online:

“What’s wrong with Your Royal Highness? How can you faint?”

“What’s the problem with your body? It hasn’t been long since you got married, so why…”

“What happened to the super beauty, Princess Zhuo Yang?”

There was a lot of discussion across the entire network, worrying about Zhuo Yang’s physical condition.

When she saw the news, Xia Xiuzhi was sitting at home drinking coffee. She also learned Zhuo Yang had suddenly fallen into a coma for no reason. After inquiring and learning he suddenly became terminally ill or had a serious illness, she immediately became happy and felt her body lighten with elation.


Seeing XXZ reappear, I’m guessing y’all know what happens.


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