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TWE Chapter 30

Moodys observed the nine-tailed white fox lying on a blanket on his knees. Out of curiosity, he lifted the paws of the nine-tailed fox with his hand. There were a few tufts of white fur between the tender, soft pink pads. Like the fox itself, it is lovely and cute.

Moodys tentatively squeezed the pad of the nine-tailed fox’s claws, only to find that the touch is also very soft, fleshy, and it is easy to touch…

The nine-tailed fox whose paw was suddenly pinched opened its eyes. In its half asleep and half awake state, after seeing Moodys, it nudged Moodys’ arms like a baby, and fell back sleep with trustingly.

Before going to bed, it licked Moodys’s palm like a puppy, as if begging him not to disturb its sleep anymore.

Staring down at Zhuo Yang’s companion beast fall asleep again, he seemed to hold his breath as if he couldn’t bear to disturb it. He watched the nine-tailed fox breathe on his knees and fall into a deep sleep.

Moodys looked away and asked the empty study room: “Do you like it?”

He asked the quantum beast he could no longer summon from his mental sea under normal circumstances.

It was a pity that his spirit was severely injured and could not be healed. He could no longer summon his companion beast under normal circumstances, and was doomed to get no answer.

“You should like it. After all, it and its owner are very cute…” But even if Moodys lion can’t be summoned, Moodys, as its master, could guess and said the answer based on what he knew  about his quantum beast.

Such a cute nine-tailed fox. Under normal circumstances, the golden lion will definitely like it…


Moodys lowered his head and glanced at the nine-tailed fox, who was asleep on his knees, and looked so pure, innocent, and cute. On his face was a deep, complex expression: “It’s a pity…”

He sighed in a low voice. But what was a pity… the sentence remained unfinished…

Quantum beasts, as the companion beast of sentinels and guides have heart-to-heart connections with their owner. Often the actions of a quantum beast represent what the owner thinks. Even if it’s not what they’re actively thinking, its inspired by their owners… Moodys looked at blanket-like lovely and cute fox on his knees. He couldn’t help thinking in his heart that this little thing was really naive and innocent, or was it deliberately pretending to be in front of him?

Moodys didn’t know. Just like he couldn’t see through the owner of the nine-tailed fox.

Zhuo Yang is a scheming and ambitious guide who has been working hard to climb up… Moodys knows this clearly.

After getting married, Zhuo Yang’s deliberate closeness to him and the attitude of nine-tailed fox match what Moodys has received from countless guides. He knows exactly what it is. Although Zhuo Yang did not speak out, it definitely is a good show, even shyly, of showing love… Moodys knew that on their wedding night, Zhuo Yang wanted to confess to him. But he interrupted it, even harshly warning Zhuo Yang. It made him restrained and have to use such a roundabout way to convey his good feelings…

It’s just that whether this good feeling and showing affection is true or not, whether Zhuo Yang really likes him or is it for another reason… Moodys couldn’t tell…

Zhuo Yang had too many schemes. Even when Zhuo Yang was young, Moodys had learned and experienced it.

Moodys is an idealist, who believes in and advocates openness and justice. But this did not mean he is blind to the darkness and filthiness of the aristocracy, or the sinister, complicated, and complex web. On the contrary, because he grew up in the royal family, he was clear about the psychology and thoughts of these people. He just didn’t want to let himself become that way.

Zhuo Yang is a guide who is scheming and has means. Having suffered hardship and endured humiliation, as a guide who keeps climbing up, can Moodys really take his confession seriously?

Moodys has seen too many people like this…

If it was changed to someone else, and a guide with the same temperament as Zhuo Yang treated him well and confessed, he will never believe it. In his opinion, rather than believe such an ambitious person’s heartbeat will quicken for the sake of a sentinel and love, it was easier to believe that power and status could make the other person’s heartbeat speed up faster.

However, Zhuo Yang gave him the illusion that the other party really loves him…

Yes, the illusion… Moodys woke up from the illusion. He was soberly aware he was a disfigured, ugly, and disabled sentinel, who had lost all mental power, and was still in a wheelchair… it’s quite the picture for people to see.

In fact, at the beginning, he was grateful for Zhuo Yang’s reason for wanting to marry him to guard his beloved. After agreeing to marry Zhuo Yang, Moodys had a vaguely sense of being trapped in a calculated illusion several times. When Zhuo Yang wanted to confess to him on their wedding night, Moodys felt this feeling even more… He moved to cancel the engagement with Zhuo Yang several times, and even had the idea of divorcing…

But he gave up all of it. After thinking about it, so what if Zhuo Yang is calculating him – a dying person?

As long as he doesn’t exceed his bottom line, how can he not fulfill him, help him go one step further, or realize his wish? For Moodys, it’s just a matter of effort, isn’t it?

Moodys always felt that he and Zhuo Yang had a few crossed paths. Although Zhuo Yang said that they first met when he broke his design of his stepmother eleven years ago, in fact, they met earlier. Zhuo Yang was just a few years old, and Moodys had even hugged him… However, at that time, Zhuo Yang was young and might have forgotten.

He never mentioned it. Moodys recalled that he also felt that Zhuo Yang’s life as a child was very painful. It was not a good memory, so he never mentioned it.

Eleven years ago. It was because of this that Moodys blocked Zhuo Yang for a week after Zhuo Yang tried to frame his stepmother.

Moodys always feels that he and Zhuo Yang are somewhat related. He doesn’t want to see that child change to what he is now. But he couldn’t think of a better way for Zhuo Yang to survive and live well without changing like so.

He can only do his best to help him.

Moodys looked at the white fox sleeping on his knees. Suddenly feeling his head hurt, he his forehead, and then withdrew his mind, not wanting to bother thinking about these problems anymore.

No matter what Zhuo Yang is aiming at, he will counter any tricks and respond to changes in the same way.

The sun went down in the west.

Zhuo Yang slept for a long time. He didn’t wake up until the evening meal was about to be served, and his body recovered from the stimulation of the initial injection of the stimulant.

“You really slept for a long time. You don’t have the energy of a young man.” Moodys looked at Zhuo Yang in the dining room and couldn’t help sighing that the other party had slept too long.

Although his body is dead, Moodys, as the former commander of the army, still maintains a soldier’s work and rest time, and will not be lazy like Zhuo Yang.

Zhuo Yang stretched out like a cat. At this moment, he was quite similar to the petite nine-tailed Fox quantum beast. He said lazily: “It’s also spring, and people are more likely to suffer from spring sleep.” Always want to sleep…”

“You slept so long during the day, and won’t be able to sleep at night.” Moodys said.

Zhuo Yang didn’t take it seriously. “If I can’t sleep, I will go to the interstellar network, play games, and watch videos. A life that does not live overnight is not whole…”

“You young people now.” Moodys said with long, heartfelt sigh, quite like a teaching director.

Zhuo Yang didn’t answer his words. He saw his own quantum beast lying on Moodys’s knees, as if it had changed its owner, and couldn’t help but sigh: “It looks like Xiao Jiu likes you very much. I rarely see it get so close to others like this.”

A quantum beast’s actions often hint at the owner’s heart, and the hints in Zhuo Yang’s words are already clear.

“It’s probably because I have always liked animals and children.” Moodys didn’t answer his words, his smile like a spring breeze, acting as though the nine-tailed fox is not Zhuo Yang’s quantum beast, but an ordinary pet that loves people.

Zhuo Yang stopped talking, and just smiled.

His skin is very white, his eyes are big and black, and his eyelashes are black. He looks like an exquisite porcelain doll, with red lips and white teeth. His smile carries a sense of love and love, not at all dignified, cold, and inaccessible, but solidly like a guide befitting his nine-tailed quantum beast.

Moodys looked at him steadily, watching with pure appreciation, and suddenly felt that he had found a reason to marry Zhuo Yang. His principles changed again, and his bottom line was lowered once more.

Since ancient times, beauties are like famous paintings. They are all worthy of collection.

Even if he leaves Zhuo Yang at home and don’t do anything, it will be much better to watch him all day.




The spiritual power recovery agent injection still hurt, but Zhuo Yang has been increasingly able to adapt to the pain. After feeling the long, two-hour pain every day, Zhuo Yang even had the illusion that he was accustomed to the pain.

Even after returning home, there is no need to rest for so long for him to be able to chat and laugh at Moodys.

As a newly promoted crown princess, Zhuo Yang is often invited the dance parties and banquets in the Emperor Star.

Although he has turned down many banquets and invitations on the grounds of HIs Highness’ physical condition, in order to show his sense of existence, he still needs to participate in such banquets appropriately to pave the way for his future.

On this day, Zhuo Yang was an invitation to attend the dinner at the Changdi Qing1Changdi (长帝) should be a title like a prince or “wang” in some stories, and qing (卿) should be the name. E.g., “Queen Elizabeth” – queen is the title, Elizabeth is the name. Keeping it as “Changdi Qing” until the author clarifies later on. Mansion.

This is a good opportunity to get acquainted with many dignitaries and powerful figures.



@Moodys – there’s no need to be guess ZY’s intentions. He just wants to sleep with you! 👀


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    Changdi (长帝) should be a title like a prince or “wang” in some stories, and qing (卿) should be the name. E.g., “Queen Elizabeth” – queen is the title, Elizabeth is the name. Keeping it as “Changdi Qing” until the author clarifies later on.
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  1. Avatar Rose says:

    Guess his intentions huh? (´∧ω∧`*) I think Moodys will soon understand Zhou Yang’s actual intentions… Till then I’ll just sit back and wait to see.

    Awwwwww that cute little fox, now I want a pet fox…

    Thanks a hundred for the chapter!!!!!!! ❤

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      He will understand Zhuo Yang’s intentions soon! Depending on the release speed, it may be end of this month if not next.

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