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TWE Chapter 29

Allen looked at him for a long time before he finally let go of his breath. “The medicine that restores mental power very quickly… I can only help you prepare the medicine that can help you recover your original mental power quickly. After a month of continuous injections, your original mental power should be restored.”

“But the kind of forbidden drug that boosts mental power is harmful to the body and mental power of guides. Don’t even think about it. I will not help you with it. Even if you want to use other channels, I will also report you and make sure you’re unsuccessful.” He glared at Zhuo Yang: “So, it’s better for you to pray that your mental power can reach SS-level and save your prince.”

He couldn’t let Zhuo Yang do things that hurt his body like that.

Finally hearing an affirmative answer to help him, Zhuo Yang smiled in relief: “Thank you, Allen, thank you.”

Since childhood, he has always be defensive, so there are not many friends around him. Allen is his best friend, and it can also be said that he is the only friend who he can trust and have a deep heart-to-heart.

Allen is studying pharmaceutical research. His brother is a lieutenant general of the empire, the commander of the Wild Lion Legion. There are many sentinels in the legion, so guides are forced to use forbidden drugs in times of crisis or when performing special tasks. Since he was a child, Allen has loved to steal these weird things to research. He has also seen a lot of medicine formulas, and is proficient in preparing all kinds of these weird drugs.

When Zhuo Yang was fourteen years old, he was calculated by his stepmother and had to hide hide mental power at B-level. It is a special medicine for the guide soldiers of the Wild Lion Legion to hide their mental power when they perform special tasks.

Back then, Allen didn’t know anything, and didn’t dare prepare the medicine by himself. Instead, Zhuo Yang stole the medicine from his brother’s mech compartment and injected it. Afterwards, he wanted to help Zhuo Yang conceal this secret, so Allen also took the initiative to admit his mistake to Lieutenant General Chu, that he stole the potion out of curiosity and accidentally broke it.

In this way, such revolutionary friendship is beyond imagination.

Allen quickly helped Zhuo Yang prepare the medicine. When he handed it to Zhuo Yang, he still hesitated whether to give it. Frowning, he hesitated and finally said: “This kind of quick recovery drug is really painful. After it’s injected, the pain is unimaginable. Do you really want to think about it again?”

“Allen, my feelings for His Highness are the same as those you have for your brother…” Zhuo Yang took the medicine from him. “If today, Lieutenant General Chu becomes the same as His Highness, would you give up the opportunity to save him because of the pain caused by the medicine?”

Allen didn’t even think about it: “Of course not. If it’s my brother, even if I lose my mental power or sacrifice my life, I will save him and want to be with him…”

He was halfway through his speech and suddenly paused. Immediately realized Zhuo Yang’s meaning, and no longer tried to discourage him.

Allen’s father was Duke Andrew, the former commander of the Wild Lion Legion. When Allen was still in his mother’s belly, Duke Andrew died on the battlefield. Allen’s mother was severely stimulated and died in childbirth, leaving only Allen, who was just born… and her adopted son, Chu Yu, who had just turned 20.

When Duke Andrew died, the various forces, the royal family, and the military all prepared to move. They coveted the power of Allen’s family and the Wild Lion Legion, and wanted to carve up the power for themselves.

No one thought that a baby and a teenager who just turned 20 could do anything. They regarded Allen and his brother as fish on the chopping board…

No one expected Chu Yu to be really a powerful person. He stabilized Duke Andrew’s forces in the shortest time and balanced the forces of all parties. Since ancient times, heroes have always been young. Even star thieves, who have haunted the Wild Lion Legion for years… Chu Yu wiped out five or six groups in a row. At that time, he was like a sword that suddenly came out of its sheath, turning into a murderous awe-inspiring sword. It shocked everyone, eliciting jealousy, as he was immediately settled as the Wild Lion Legion’s commander.

He became the youngest, iron-blooded general in Osphia.

Almost everyone is scared of him. When the emperor and the prime minister meet with him, they have to give three points of courtesy and show ten points of fear.

And the only weakness of this killing god is Allen. Chu Yu was raised by the Andrews and he was very grateful for their kindness. After the deaths of the Andrews, Allen became his only relative. The iron-blooded general gave almost all his tenderness and love to Allen. If Allen wanted the stars and the moon in the sky, no one doubted that this general would pick him off for Allen…

Towards this adopted brother twenty years older than himself, Allen thinks of him as a brother, and as a father. He was born without knowing his biological parents, and Lieutenant General Chu Yu, who he is not related by blood, is his only relative.

The friendship between Zhuo Yang and Allen also started in this way. Before the age of six, Allen followed Lieutenant General Chu Yu on the border, on the battlefield, and grew up with mechas. At the age of six, the Lieutenant General thought he should go to school, and sent him back to Emperor Star.

Allen, who was forced to leave his elder brother, was extremely sad and couldn’t adapt. Because of Chu Yu’s power, various forces and families wanted their children of the same age to approach and please Allen. Zhuo Yang and Zhuo Yu, who were of the same age, were also among them under the orders of Mr. Zhuo.

However, Allen turned a blind eye, keeping to himself, and turned a blind eye to them.

Zhuo Yang observed Allen for a long time. He did not step forward to please the little duke like the children from other noble families. But after a long time, Zhuo Yang found out something was wrong with Allen, who was depressed because his brother was about to go on a blind date. He took the opportunity to talk to Allen and gave him one bad idea after another. The two joined forces to disrupt Lieutenant General Chu’s blind date again and again. Only then did Zhuo Yang and Allen embark on a friendship that turned into a long-lasting friendship.

And as he got older, Zhuo Yang also gradually discovered… Allen developed romantic feelings towards his adopted brother, Lieutenant General Chu Xun…

Zhuo Yang took the medicine without hesitation and neatly injected himself. He didn’t think much after the injection, but after about a quarter of an hour, he realized what Allen said was true. His whole body was in pain, almost convulsive, and cramped up. It was like he was stuffed into a meat grinder and minced into ground meat. Constantly twisting and coursing through him. The mental stimulation was so intense he felt his whole person would collapse. The debilitating headache was so intense, he wanted to smash his head to give himself some relief…

But even under such pain, Zhuo Yang kept clinging to the thought that he has a chance to save Moodys. Giving up never cross his mind, as he gritted his teeth and endured it.

The pain lasted for more than two hours before it was over…

Zhuo Yang was covered in cold sweat. The pain he had just endured was not inferior to having a child. Relaxing his body, he wanted to stand up, but his foot stepped on the air, and he fell to the ground due to loss of strength.

Fortunately, Allen held him in time. He looked at Zhuo Yang and asked: “Such pain, this kind of medicine… After a month of continuous injections, your mental strength can be restored. Do you want to continue?

” Yes.” Zhuo Yang was extremely weak, his face paled to the extreme, but his answer was still firm.

Allen sighed, but said nothing.




Zhuo Yang stayed at Allen’s house for a long time before returning to the crown prince’s residence. After taking care of him during the illness, the relationship between Zhuo Yang and Moodys grew much closer, and the previous estrangement was gone.

When Moodys was reading in the study, Zhuo Yang would often go in and chat with him. Moodys did not reject him and would often talk to him about things related to his profession or homework. The crown prince was quite knowledgeable. Zhuo Yang is studying things related to mecha, and Moodys can speak to each of the topics quite well.

“Did you visit your mother? How is her physical condition now?” Moodys asked him, with a very kind attitude like a familiar elder.

Zhuo Yang replied: “Thanks to you, my mother is recovering well now. However, I did not see my mother today, but my friend Allen. Because of a recent research project, I may have to go to him every day for a while.”

The words were spoken with some distress. It was a good reason for going to Allen’s house for a month without any leaks in advance.

“Little Duke Allen. He doesn’t have many friends, and I didn’t expect his relationship with you to be so good.” Moodys sighed.

Zhuo Yang said: “It’s just fate. It’s my blessing to have such a good relationship with the little duke.”

“His brother is a capable person…” Moodys said suddenly.

It was the first time that Zhuo Yang heard Moodys talking about political figures. He pricked his ears and was about to listen, but Moodys stopped the topic again and refrained from speaking about related matters.

After Zhuo Yang chatted with Moodys for a time, he returned to his room to rest early due to physical discomfort. But even though he was gone, his nine-tailed quantum beast still stayed in the study, as if afraid that Moodys would be lonely alone, squatting motionless and reading with him.

Moodys looked at the nine-tailed fox with a deep gaze.

The nine-tailed fox immediately jumped onto Moodys’s lap, startling him. It flattened itself into a fur blanket and spread itself on Moodys’s lap. The nine big fluffy tails are constantly shaking and being cute.

Unlike its somewhat elusive owner, and its noble and glamorous appearance, the nine-tailed fox is a very stupid and cute. The loving and very familiar nine-tailed fox has determined that Moodys is trustworthy and a very special person in Zhuo Yang’s heart. When it couldn’t find Moodys’s quantum beast to play with, it directly spoiled Moodys.

Moodys was shocked by by the familiarity of the quantum beast. After jumping on his legs, it coquettishly rubbed its head under Moody’s hand, motioning to Moodys to touch it.

Ask for a pet. Ask for massage.

Moodys was stunned. He had never seen such a petite quantum beast. After a pause, he followed the nine-tailed fox’s meaning and stroked it smoothly.

After being touched by Moodys, the nine-tailed fox was satisfied. It stretched out and flattened himself on Moodys’s lap.

After a while, just like its master in the bedroom, it began snoring, as if falling asleep.

Moodys: “…”

The unfounded trust of the nine-tailed fox really made him at a loss.


Ideas of what Zhuo Yang’s fox could look like. I take no credit for the artwork.

From left to right: noble and glamorous, asking for petting from Moodys, sleepy (don’t disturb me!)

Fox ninetailedfox cute kawaiifox Sticker by ReiSitting nine tailed fox" Sticker by Sky-Bunny | RedbubbleHow to Draw a Nine Tailed Fox Step by Step - Cute Easy Drawings


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