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TWE Chapter 31

Zhuo Yang showed his face. Under the leadership of Changdi Qing, he had met many upper-class figures in the aristocratic circle.

Zhuo Yang felt that the purpose of his trip was almost achieved, and the rest need not be rushed. Taking a glass of red wine, he stood in the corner and silently glanced at the lavish, gilded banquet full of alcohol and revelry. He planned to find a reason to leave.

“Hello, I am very glad to meet you, respectable crown princess, Your Highness, the future queen.” At this moment someone suddenly stopped Zhuo Yang.

The other party is a sentinel, and also a very handsome sentinel with high authority and grace.

Compared with him, Lin Xuan and his ilk have become shameless goods.

Zhuo Yang see him, eyes immediately flashing with a hint of complexity before calming down quickly. Pretending to be relaxed, he said: “Oh~ it’s you. Your excellency secretary general, what a coincidence.”

Gordon Corey, the secretary general, is the half-brother of well-known guide, Rant Corey, who climbed up from the status of an illegitimate child, defeated the married son of the Corey family and became the next heir of the Corey family.

He is also a very persistent and affectionate suitor of Changdi Qing.

“What’s the matter? Great secretary general Gordon.” Zhuo Yang sneered. There was no expression on his face, but the audible tone of sounded like a miserable husband who was abandoned.

Seeing him like this, the curves of Gordon’s lips rose unconsciously. “Your Highness, before your wedding, I was on a business trip and missed your wedding. I really regret it.”

“Whether it’s regret or deliberate… I think you know it in your heart, Your excellency secretary general.” Zhuo Yang said with sarcasm.

Gordon kept smiling and asked: “Can we borrow a step to speak, Your Highness?”

Zhuo Yang looked at him for a long while without comment.

As a loyal and affectionate suitor of Changdi Qing, this dinner tonight was organized by Gordon. Gordon was familiar with the layout and topography of this place to the point where one could no longer be familiar. Under his guidance, the two of them did not walk long before arriving in an empty, quiet, undisturbed room.

Gordon used his mental spirit net to prohibit anyone from entering the room, when even he said affectionately at Zhuo Yang: “Little Yang.”

He and Zhuo Yang. One a bastard sentinel of the Corey family. The other a low-leveled guide born to the former lady of the Zhuo family.

The two people seem to have no intersection, but in fact they have known each other for a long time… Even when they are in the field where they trust each other the most and understand each other the most… Well, Gordon thinks.

“I am a married person now. I think you should call me Your Royal Highness the Crown Princess.” Zhuo Yang glanced at him coldly, seemingly full of grievance.

Gordon is a full-fledged careerist. When Zhuo Yang met Gordon at the beginning of the year, he saw at a glance that this Corey bastard was just like himself a silt, a figure who crawled out of the dark.

And Gordon is the same-

He also saw at a glance that Zhuo Yang is the same person as him, a person who constantly climbs up in order to achieve his goals. Even if Zhuo Yang’s mental power is low, he still likes Zhuo Yang. With his scheming and beauty, he believed that the other side will be a pawn that will help him a lot when he grows up. He deliberately approached Zhuo Yang when he was suffering and grieving, giving Zhuo Yang considerable care and ‘warmth’, wanting Zhuo Yang to fall in love with him.

At the beginning, Zhuo Yang was puzzled by the sudden approach of the great secretary-general. But not long after he came up with the key points, he also cooperated with him to put on an act that the other party is the only sunshine in life, sharing deep affection for the other party, and even treating the other party as the only one.

With the opponent’s self-confidence, thinking that he was a loyal pawn, he used the opponent to do a lot of things secretly.

Zhuo Yang found the chess piece that delivered himself to the doorstep very handy.

Especially, after the other party became more powerful…

Therefore, Zhuo Yang has not cut off the contact with the other side, but kept him hanging like this, using the other party… Never breaking the truth and maintaining the weird and gentle relationship.

“Xiao Yang, are you still angry with me? I told you that all this is just a stopgap measure. I always have you in my heart…” Gordon’s act as a helpless lover was excellent.

Unfortunately, his rank is still worse than Zhuo Yang.

Zhuo Yang stared at him coldly, as if he was extremely angry: “You still have me? When I told you Zhuo Yu escaped from marriage, my family wants me to replace him and marry the crown prince, why didn’t you come to me, come to my family and propose to me… why did you even persuade me to marry the crown prince?”

“I say, your love is all talk. You just treat me as a chess piece.” He didn’t even look at Gordon.

Seeing Zhuo Yang’s upset act, Gordon couldn’t help but feel more satisfied. He patted him on the shoulder and coaxed: “I am also thinking for our future.. Your family has a marriage contract with the royal family. Zhuo Yu ran away, if you don’t go up, if we elope, we’ll also be public targets. You know we are the same kind of person… Can you be willing to let us wander the world like this, impoverished, and go through this life incognito?”

“…What about being poor and incognito? I only know that as long as I am with the person I love, I will be happy.” Zhuo Yang made a look of being moved by him, his mouth still stiff.

Gordon looked at him, but smiled: “Come on, Zhuo Yang. Don’t believe what those other stupid, innocent guides say outside. Don’t you want to be prosperous, stand at the pinnacle of life above others? We are the same kind of people. It is not easy for me to get to this point, and it is not easy for you to get to this point. Is it possible that you are willing to give it up for such a reason?”

“So what about giving up for such a reason? It’s still prosperous and wealthy, standing at the pinnacle of life… but my life has reached this point and is all ruined.” Zhuo Yang looked at him.

Gordon smiled and said: “Who said that your life was ruined? Baby, marrying the crown prince and becoming the crown princess… is a great opportunity for us.”

“…the crown prince’s body is like that. Now, how can can I still…” Zhuo Yang was only halfway through his words, but the meaning of those words was already clear.

Even when acting, he couldn’t say half a word and curse Moodys.

Gordon looked at him meaningfully, and suddenly asked an irrelevant question: “You and the prince… have you guys?”

“Have we what?” Zhuo Yang was impatient.

Gordon smiled: “…you understand, baby.”

“What do you think?” Zhuo Yang looked at him coldly, but asked rhetorically.

Gordon lightly sniffed the air around the two of them. “Your guide scent hasn’t changed much. I heard that the prince’s mental power has been completely abolished, and he cannot be combined with your spirit. So, have you two…”

“Guess?” Zhuo Yang smiled, curling his lips while looking at him.

Seeing this person’s disgusting appearance, Zhuo Yang seemed to see another himself… He would never fall in love with someone who has the same soul as himself.

Because that’s disgusting.

Therefore, he also felt that Gordon decided it was impossible to fall in love with him.

The relationship between them is nothing more than use and counter-use.

“I guess, looking at your expression there isn’t. If you have, you shouldn’t have this expression…” Gordon was in a good mood, and he also made a little joke in his words: “So, it seems that the rumor spreading outside that the crown prince is incapable after being seriously injured is probably true.”

Although, when he approached Zhuo Yang at the beginning, he wanted him to be his pawn, letting such a stunning beauty who likes him go to other sentinels made Gordon uncomfortable…

So, now Gordon is very happy.

Zhuo Yang smiled, but didn’t pick up his words.

“However, even if the crown prince is incapable, you have to find a way to have a child with him.” Gordon only changed the subject for a moment.

Zhuo Yang frowned in confusion: “Why? You think my destiny is not miserable enough, and want me to have children to drag me down in the future?”

“Because of the Glory Legion and the Dawn Legion.” Gordon said.

There are ten major legions in the Osphia Empire. The Glory Legion and the Dawn Legion are two of them. Among them, the Dawn Legion is known as the strongest legion in the empire. The royal family and the parliament aree a little bit jealous because…

These two legions belonged to the crown prince before the accident.

Zhuo Yang asked him: “What do you mean?”

“Now, His Majesty the Emperor’s health is very bad. He may die at any time, and the crown prince is the same… On the surface, the next emperor candidates, except for the second and third prince who are sentinels, there is no other choice.” Gordon smiled and said: “But in fact, if the crown prince had a sentinel child as his heir, everything would be very different.”

Zhuo Yang did not believe it. “How is this possible? The second prince and the third prince are both adults, and know the crown prince and the emperor’s body can’t be dragged for too long. They aren’t fools. How is it be possible for a baby to sit on the throne?”

“It’s true that they are adults, but they don’t have military power in their hands. In other words, even if they do, they are just so-called elite soldiers loyal to the country. They are composed of nobles and aristocratic children. On the battlefield, it’s an empty shell that can’t fight space pirates and even lose gold and jade.” Gordon said: “The crown prince is different.”

Zhuo Yang asked, “How do you say?”

“Baby, do you think the crown prince’s body becoming this way but remaining as the crown prince is because of the so-called popular support rate and the kindheartedness of his two younger brothers? What can the public do, except for talk about it, be suppressed, and make some clamors. Who says they can’t accept another crown prince? At the end of the day, those who cannot resist have to be protected by the state.” Gordon said: “However, the Glory and Dawn Legions are not the same. As long as the crown prince is alive, if his brothers dare covet his seat, that group of rascals and lunatics will to push them down.”

“If the prince has an heir, let alone a baby, even an embryo, I dare bet, they can get to the throne.”

“This is also why the emperor and queen dare not move the crown prince when his body is like this. If you want to find someone to replace his seat, they have to ask him. They can’t use force to get him to agree. Whoever dares to move the crown prince at this time, even the empress, those two legions… especially the dawn legion, will rebel on the spot.” Gordon finished.

Zhuo Yang listened quietly, without speaking for a while.

Gordon said word by word: “No matter what the original reason was for the crown prince initially conquering and taking charge of these two legions, they are now Moodys Bricania’s private soldiers.”

“They… especially the group of gangsters who grew up in the frontier star, hate the nobles, aristocracy, and class, but were rescued by the crown prince. They are not loyal to the emperor, to the royal family, or even to the empire. They are only loyal to the crown prince.”


Would anyone believe me if I said I don’t recall this chapter happening at all when I read this the first time?


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  1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    You may have accidentally skipped a chapter? That or this scum sentinel is that forgettable for you. Haha! 😅

    In all seriousness, my current guess but also dread is Zhuo Yang will be mistaken to actually have feelings for this guy. I mean, he serves a purpose, but the angst potential on that one is pretty obvious! Moodys deserves better than to talk himself into that fake relationship! In high society it’s pretty hard to trust others though so it’s not like I don’t get it… Zhuo Yang is trying his best to be honest with his feelings through action even if they aren’t being perceived as truthfulso I feel a sympathy for both of them!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      It was fresh translating something and not knowing what was happening. I remember them meeting, but not the contents itself. 🤣

      Any misunderstanding between them is cleared quickly. There’s no third-party misunderstanding trope seen in other fics.

      1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

        Whew! I mean, it’s a very common trope, but I loathe it 😅

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