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TWE Chapter 24

Zhuo Yang rushed to the crown prince’s bedroom door immediately. About ten meters away from the crown prince’s bedroom, the butler who had been taking care of Moodys since he was a child risked mental attack an a splitting headache to direct healing robots to the bedroom to treat him.

Moodys experiences severe mental disturbance and mania caused by nuclear explosions on the border star. Every time his illness breaks out, his mental energy will burst out. It’s very dangerous and terrifying, and the mental attack is also powerful.

After each bout, his physical strength is very weak, and he will barely have any mental strength, almost to the point of being completely abolished.

His physical condition will worsen each time, and will not stop until exhaustion or death.

According to the top medical team in the empire, the crown prince’s illness can only be cured if a guide with a SS-level or higher mental power soothes his disordered and violent mental power.

But there has not been an SS-level guide in the empire in hundreds of years.

When the prince had an accident, Emperor Winston and Queen Catherine had the empire’s top S-level guides try to treat the crown prince. But before those guides had yet to enter the room, they were frightened by the mental power and energy from the indiscriminate, violent attacks. They refused to take a step forward, claiming they would die or have a mental breakdown if they entered.

Because the number of guides is very scarce, Osphia’s guide protection laws are very strict. Even the royal family is not omnipotent.

In addition, the crown prince himself is kind and unwilling to hurt others for his own reasons.

Later, whenever he got sick again, as the strongest sentinel in the empire, in order not to hurt others, he stopped asking weak guides to treat him.

Moodys also began refusing other people’s care, even if they were just ordinary people taking care of him, because he discovered they would also be hurt when his mental power rioted.

Instead, he chose to use mechanized medical robots to take care of and heal himself when he fell ill.

But a robot is a robot…Because of this, his body weakened very quickly…

“How can this happen? Didn’t His Royal Highness wake up from a coma after having just suffered from an illness before? How could it be so sudden?” Zhuo Yang frowned. The interval between episodes being so close is not a good sign for the crown prince.

After the prince’s accident, his room was replaced with special materials. Any mental attacks and energy would be firmly sealed in the room, and nothing would leak out.

The butler methodically directed the medical robots into the room. Every time the door is opened, countless mental power would pour out, making people uncomfortable. The fierce roar of the crown prince’s unable to be summoned quantum beast could also be heard, deafening and terrifying.

“Your Highness, we have no way of knowing what caused His Royal Highness’s relapse in such a short period of time. We also feel it is very sudden.” The housekeeper took a break from his busy schedule to respectfully answer Zhuo Yang’s question respectfully, but it still seemed alienated. “For this reason, we can only wait for the medical robots to go in and see His Royal Highness. After treatment, the professional medical team will analyze the data before we can give you an answer.”

He was very fond of Zhuo Yang…

Because of Zhuo Yang’s beauty and his friendly attitude.

However, when he learned that Zhuo Yang and the crown prince’s marriage was an exchange of the crown prince’s backing in exchange for benefits, and simply a false marriage… Plus, last night they did not enter the bridal chamber, and a divorce agreement was also written and given to Zhuo Yang to give Zhuo Yang the right to divorce at any time… And Zhuo Yang left the crown prince’s residence early in the morning after his wedding, and did not return until the evening… Moreover, he only knew the crown prince became ill now. Distressed for Moodys, the old butler’s opinion of Zhuo Yang dropped a few points.

Although he wouldn’t turn face with Zhuo Yang, but he couldn’t be close to Zhuo Yang simply because he was the other master of the mansion any more.

In the eyes of the old man, Zhuo Yang is just a distinguished guest who has the title of the crown princess. He is someone who can greet the crown prince with a few words and live in the crown prince’s mansion, and may leave at any time.

The old butler showed his attitude very politely.

“His Royal Highness can only depend on these robots now? Isn’t there a living person?” Zhuo Yang was keenly aware of his attitude, but could not be distracted as this time.

The butler replied: “Yes, Your Highness. This is the His Royal Highness’s order.”

“Because it’s His Highness’ order, so you have all followed it like this? Leaving him with those cold robots lacking IQ to take care?” Zhuo Yang was a little irritated.

Don’t say the crown prince, even other noblemen won’t let themselves live like so when they develop a disease.

Moodys…what kind of person is he?

The housekeeper disapproved of Zhuo Yang’s hypocritical act of saying good words, but not bending his back1As in saying words like he cares, but not taking any action.: “Your Highness, His Royal Highness’ illness can only be assisted by a guide. They can alleviate the pain a bit, but no guides will sacrifice themselves at the expense of their spiritual power to help His Royal Highness. It is even more useless for ordinary people to do in; what they can do is almost the same as that of a robot.”

He told Zhuo Yang this fact.

When he was a few years younger, when the crown prince became ill, he would go in as an ordinary person to take care of the crown prince. Even if the crown prince scolded him and blamed him, it would not change his stubbornness.

However, in recent years, he became more affected by the disordered mental power and energy pouring out. The amount pouring out the door was already causing headaches. He couldn’t do much after he entered,  and would only cause trouble if he entered.

He no longer went in to cause trouble… Instead, he chose to follow the instructions of the crown prince and let robots take care of him whenever he was sick.

He could see that the crown prince’s body was not as good as before. But apart from heartache, as an ordinary person without any abilities, the old butler couldn’t do anything.

“No guide is willing to take care of him?” Zhuo Yang suddenly felt deeply sorry for Moodys. Even if it was once glorious, what about the dream of all the guides of the empire? Once the pedestal crumbles, the light no longer shines… how many people will still remember him?

Who will really care, worry, and be willing to sacrifice themselves for him?

The butler was silent.

He was very touched by Zhuo Yang’s wry smile. Deep in his heart, he is also saddened for Moodys. Putting aside other guides, even the prince’s biological mother, Queen Catherine, was not willing to bet her own body and risk trying to relieve his pain during his illness.

In this world, which guide can be counted on to save His Royal Highness?

Many people are selfish. Especially those more rare, precious guides enshrined by sentinels as rare treasures…

“However, it doesn’t matter. His Royal Highness has me now.” Zhuo Yang cast his eyes down slightly, and made a decision. “I will go in. I will take care of him.”

If doesn’t matter if everyone… even if the whole world abandons Moodys, it doesn’t matter.

He will not change his original intention… Zhuo Yang still regards it as a dream, and is willing to stay by his side…

“Your Highness, what did you say?” The butler who was indifferent suddenly raised his head and looked at Zhuo Yang in amazement. Unexpectedly, the crown princess, whose mental power is only B-level, would actually make such a decision.

Zhuo Yang said in a loud voice: “I said I will go. I want to go in and take care of His Royal Highness.”

He confirmed his choice again.

“But, His Royal Highness ordered that no one is allowed in his ward except for robots… Moreover, Your Royal Highness, you are a guide and your mental power is only b-level. I’m afraid you cannot bear the energy and mental fluctuations in His Royal Highness’s room. It will damage your mental power. Many of the previous guides just arrived at the door and…” The butler was serious and did not want Zhuo Yang to underestimate it.

Perhaps the crown princess was much better than he had imagined. At least as a guide, he knew the danger of the crown prince’s illness, and was willing to say such things about taking care of the crown prince.

This is something that even many guides with much higher mental power can’t do.

“That’s because they are not His Royal Highness’s guide.” Zhuo Yang interrupted him directly.

The old butler was very grateful, and wanted to say something more: “But Your Royal Highness, His Royal Highness has ordered…”

“It’s good to know that I am the Royal Highness. His Royal Highness is now seriously ill, so this mansion should be left for me to command.” But Zhuo Yang’s attitude is firm. “Those people are His Royal Highness’s guide. I am.”

The butler looked at Zhuo Yang and immediately changed his opinion of this beauty.

This is a guide worthy of their Royal Highness.

It’s a pity that the crown prince…

Zhuo Yang sneered: “Besides, ordinary people simply feel uncomfortable and are weak for a few days when they go in. I don’t believe I will die if I enter, and have my mental power completely collapse. ”

At this point, no one can change Zhuo Yang’s decision in the crown prince’s residence.

They could only watch Zhuo Yang walk step by step to the room where the crown prince was.

Zhuo Yang is not afraid of the chaotic mental power, the violent energy, or the deafening roar of the lion in the room. The snow-white nine-tailed fox erected its alertly, and followed Zhuo Yang at the same pace, entering the room unafraid of the violent lion.

He believes that that person has the softest heart in the world-

Even if he is crazy, even if he is mad… he is determined not to hurt others.


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    As in saying words like he cares, but not taking any action.
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  1. Avatar Rose says:

    Awwww (✪ω✪)/ such a sweet chapter!
    Thank you ❤

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      🤗 Yup. The bit of fluff there is is coming up. Soon, kind of.

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