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TWE Chapter 23

At the wedding banquet, aside from Rand, the crown prince’s former fiance who was acting low-key to avoid suspicion, and Allen, Zhuo Yang’s friend, the other two beauties who were famous guides in the Imperial Capital and suppressed by Zhuo Yang were both a bit unwilling. They felt it was unreasonable to be defeated in the hands of Zhuo Yang, a guide with only B-level mental power, and deliberately dressed up at the wedding banquet to compete with the other party.

However, the result of the comparison was tragic.

While everything from his character to self-cultivation may be fake, Zhuo Yang’s beauty is undeniable.

After Zhuo Yang shared the same style with countless famous Osphia beauties at this wedding, the people of Osphia confirmed that Zhuo Yang’s beauty was truly solid and unmatched. No matter who stood beside him, they were easily crushed and beaten by him.

Even those beauties and their fans could not argue with it. When their own family’s master is in the same frame as Zhuo Yang, there is no comparison at all.

Zhuo Yang’s title as Osphia’s Greatest Beauty was settled.

He also got the name of the first interstellar photo group killer. Coupled with the incident at his wedding, which was repeatedly discussed by the public, his popularity shot up and was almost equal to Osphia’s most popular first-line star.

The Tree of Bricania’s blessing that appeared at Zhuo Yang’s wedding, and news that he was predicted to have the fate of a queen in childhood, was spread even further across the empire.

Across the streets and alleyways of Osphia, there was almost no one not talking about him.



“Zhuo Yang, it was grandfather’s fault for having preconceived notions before. With you married to the crown prince and his reputation being so high, you can only be with him in your life. Keeping vigil over him was the best option for you and the Zhuo family… But thinking about it now, grandfather’s idea is still too narrow-minded.” Grandfather Zhuo was considering the Tree of Bricania’s blessing at the wedding. When the old thing about Zhuo Yang’s childhood prophesy was brought up again, his mind became alive again.

There were too many things to take care of, so he called Zhuo Yang back to Zhuo family early in the morning.

Zhuo Yang response was indifferent as he said: “What does grandfather mean?”

“It’s nothing, it’s just that grandfather suddenly thinks that society is no longer so rigid and strict as before. A queen is not limited to a guide’s first marriage either… its grandfather who’s at fault for almost delaying you. Zhuo Yang, what grandfather said to you before marriage, you should treat it as nonsense, and forget it all.” The old man Zhuo stared at Zhuo Yang as if seeing a precious trump card return to his hand again.

Previously, he had to abandon Zhuo Yang, a grandson who has been cultivated for many years, for the Zhuo family. After all, the crown prince’s reputation is too high. Only as a crown princess keeping vigil over him will his reputation stay good, and be exchanged for the greatest benefit and reputation for the Zhuo family.

However, it is different now.

Everything is utterly different.

The blessing of the Bricania tree at Zhuo Yang’s wedding and the fact that he was once hailed as the future queen when he was young, will stem public opinion in the future. Even if Zhuo Yang remarries the brother of the crown prince in the future, there will not be so many extreme fans championing the crown prince and spitting on the Zhuo family, saying the Zhuo family’s tree is crooked.

Because of the prophesy and Tree of Bricania’s blessing, people will instead think that this is because Zhuo Yang’s fate is the future queen of Osphia.

A Heavenly Queen.

Good news.

This news could not be better for Mr. Zhuo.

Keeping his eyes fixed on Zhuo Yang, like a miser who suddenly saw a treasure that he could hold in his hand, he grabbed Zhuo Yang to hint: “If there is a chance to contact the second or third prince in the future, you don’t need to avoid suspicion too much. You can treat them appropriately… Don’t miss your chance and marriage.”

Zhuo Yang’s heart was long tired of Mr. Zhuo’s tone, and irritated ad rushing over early in the morning after the wedding to hear such words.

But thinking that he still needed the Zhuo Family and Mr. Zhuo, gritted his teeth and forcefully endured it.

“Grandfather, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince is a national hero and has a very high reputation. I just got married to him, and you letting me do such things… I’m afraid it will be discovered by others. Not only will his fans make trouble, it’s not good for my reputation. I’m afraid that even the Elder Council will be chilled. It’s not good for our Zhuo family.” Zhuo Yang lowered his black eyelashes and suppressed his dislike for Mr. Zhuo. For the Zhuo family’s sake, he said: “I think this matter should be slowed down.”

“The crown prince’s brothers and I are in-laws. If any troubles happen while the crown prince is still alive, it’s not good and also a source of controversy.” Zhuo Yang said slowly. “Furthermore, whether the blessing of the Tree of Bricania or my childhood prophecy are seen a joke or not, while the crown prince is alive, going to the second or third prince for a sense of existence… I am afraid that it would make others see a joke.”

He used two strokes to defeat four.1他四两拨千斤: taken from a song talking about how one uses a small force to overcome a larger one.

Elder Zhuo did not doubt his words. “Yes, you’re right. It’s grandfather who is muddled… Seeking them now will only make us look like a joke. It’s better to be more reserved, so others feel it’s precious since it cannot be taken.”

“The crown prince’s body can’t be dragged for many days. The future is still long.” He knew that Zhuo Yang was very smart and had the ambition to climb up, so he didn’t doubt the intention in Zhuo Yang’s words.

The crown prince’s body is about to fail, but Zhuo Yang is still very young.

His future and the Zhuo family future are also very long, so they are really not in a hurry at this time.

Zhuo Yang’s eyes sank slightly as he agreed with Mr. Zhuo: “Yes, grandfather, our future is still long.  However, it’s better to be careful and avoid saying such outrageous things. If there are ears on the wall and it’s spread out, it’s not good to our Zhuo Family.”

“Yes, yes, you are right.”

Zhuo Yang dealt with the old man Zhuo in a few words, but his ears were filled with words he did not like. Only after maintaining the relationship with the Zhuo family, did he leave.

Because of his embarrassing act last night, he left the crown prince’s mansion early in the morning and did not dare to see the crown prince.

After taking the time to see Mr. Zhuo who was excited from seeing the blessing of the Tree of Bricania, Zhuo Yang did not want to return to the crown prince’s mansion yet. Instead, he chose to go see his mother, Tan Yuzhi.

Before he married the crown prince, he took Tan Yuzhi out of the Zhuo family and brought her to a private house not far from the crown prince’s residence. It was a private property assigned to him by the Zhuo family, with nursing maids and doctors to look after and take care of her.

After she was removed the place she deeply hated, while Tan Yuzhi was still mad, she was in a very good mood. She kept humming and singing joyful and unknown children’s songs. Despite her old age, she sang well. Her voice was exceptionally gentle and moving.

She smiled from ear to ear seeing Zhuo Yang come, making a giant fuss about cooking a meal for him.

Zhuo Yang couldn’t stop her, so he had to accompany her to the kitchen to help. He also made sure to prevent her from being injured by the knife and stove.

The two went to and fro. After tossing in the kitchen for a few hours, they actually made a decent table of food.

“Xiao Yang, Xiao Yang, is it delicious?” Tan Yuzhi couldn’t hold  chopsticks securely, but she still couldn’t help grasping dishes for Zhuo Yang.

Inexplicable tears filled his eyes as Zhuo Yang put the food into his mouth. Regardless of the taste, he was extremely touched. “It’s delicious, mom. It’s delicious.”

He hasn’t known how many years it has been since he ate his mother’s cooking.

Perhaps, he has never eaten before because he was too young when Tan Yuzhi went crazy.

“It’s good if it’s delicious. It’s good.” Hearing Zhuo Yang say it was delicious, Tan Yuzhi’s heart was sweeter than eating honey. Her excited expression was like a child.

Mother and son talked for a long time.

The room is full of warmth.

Zhuo Yang stayed for an afternoon. When it was getting late, he decided to leave. Before leaving, he hugged his mother. Not only to comfort her, but to comfort himself. “Mom, you will be better. Everything will be better, and it will only be better in the future.”

“No matter if it’s you or His Highness, you’ll be fine.” He said.

Tan Yuzhi also didn’t understand what Zhuo Yang said, so she could only make a huge grin at Zhuo Yang.

Looking at his mother’s smiling face, Zhuo Yang suddenly felt his troubles disappear.

No matter how embarrassed and ashamed he was, he still had to go back to the prince’s mansion to face the crown prince after their marriage. After adjusting his mentality, he boarded the spacecraft to return to the mansion before dark.

But as soon as he got off the spaceship, Zhuo Yang found himself panicking again just after he adjusted his mentality.

“What’s wrong, what’s wrong?” He keenly noticed that the atmosphere in the mansion was very wrong. Everyone was very panicked.

He had a bad guess in his heart.

A panting maid saluted him: “Your Royal Highness——”

“What the hell is going on?” Zhuo Yang stopped her and asked.

The people behind her continued to yell: “Go to the warehouse and transfer all the medical robots to His Royal Highness’ bedroom!”

“Your Highness, the matter is not good. His Royal Highness… His Royal Highness is sick again.” The maid who was stopped by Zhuo Yang hurriedly replied.

Every time the crown prince becomes ill, the people at the crown prince’s residence seem to be fighting for his fate…

Zhuo Yang panicked: “Ah-how could this be?”


A mixed bag of a chapter. A bit of Zhuo Yang’s family, both good and bad. And then the stone drops on the ML.

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    他四两拨千斤: taken from a song talking about how one uses a small force to overcome a larger one.
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar Rose says:

    Oh my! What’s wrong now….. 😞, why do I have a hunch that there would be something special in the comming chapters…..🤔
    Thankyou very very very very very very very much for the chapter❤ o(〃^▽^〃)o

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Someone sounds excited! 😉
      (Then again, so am I)

  2. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    Why is this author so good at going from the high of sweetness to the depths of despair? 😭

    I already, on a side note, feel protective over the mom. She seems like a very sweet woman nearly entirely ruined by a scumbag slag.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Thanks for reading. 😄
      Yeah… high highs, and then the lows. But my fav parts are to come. Ahhh… I want to see their pets.

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