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TWE Chapter 25

Quantum beasts are companion beasts of sentinels and guides. Their condition often represents the state of their owner.

After many years, Zhuo Yang finally saw Moodys’ quantum beast again. The golden haired, blue-eyed lion continued to growl with its fangs bared and claws stretched out, bluffing and attacking all invaders. But from its dull coat, and thin and sluggish body, people can easily see the weakness and exhaustion of his master’s body.

The room made of special materials is very dark.

Zhuo Yang watched the crazy energy and mental power running rampant in the room as he walked to Moodys’ bed without fear.

Seeing a stranger approaching its host, the lion immediately made a deafening roar towards Zhuo Yang’s. Zhuo Yang didn’t panic, and gave his nine-tailed fox a look. The white nine-tailed fox immediately stretched out its body, and jumped towards the weak, roaring lion without fear.

The bluffing lion has not been in contact with a guide’s quantum beast for many years. No other guide’s quantum beast even had the courage to approach.

Suddenly, the petite snow-white nine-tailed fox jumped close.

The huge lion that was several times the size of the nine-tailed fox was frightened back a few steps.

Zhuo Yang didn’t have time to consider the back and forth between the two companion beasts, as he walked over to Moodys’ bedside and sat down.

Moodys was lying on the bed with his eyes closed at the moment. His face was very red, breathing erratically, as he slept uncomfortably.

The mask was taken off because of the high fever, exposing the scarlet and extremely ugly scars…

It is indeed terrifying.

It’s no wonder that several ‘cowardly and weak’ guides were scared to tears before.

However, Zhuo Yang didn’t think it was horrible or terrifying. His heart was only full of distress for Moodys…  These sufferings and misfortunes can be avoided easily. There is no need for Moodys to suffer. As long as he is like the other so-called aristocracy is the same, as long as he is a little bit selfish and doesn’t value human life as life, he can continue being a healthy, high-ranking, and powerful crown prince, the most coveted sentinel of all guides in the entire empire…

But he is not such a person.

And this is exactly the most valuable part of Moodys.

“YourRoyal Highness, Your Highness…” Zhuo Yang called several times, but did not see a response, so he tentatively reached out and touched his burning forehead.

Seeing that he was very uncomfortable, Zhuo Yang went to squeeze a towel with cold water, trying to put it on his forehead to help him cool down.

Perhaps it was the towel that was too cold, or perhaps Zhuo Yang’s movements awakened him. Moodys opened his eyes in a daze. He wasn’t fully awakened from the chaos yet, so his voice was hoarse and weak when he asked, “Who are you?”

“Your Royal Highness, it’s me. I’m Zhuo Yang.” Zhuo Yang replied softly.

Moodys sobered completely, remembering that he was already married, and Zhuo Yang was his legal spouse. “Why are you here? Who let you in?”

“I’m here to take care of you, Your Highness.”

“Who asked you to come?” Moodys’ brain burned into a paste, but he still remembered not to let others in, as he immediately shouted: “This is not the place where you guides should come. Especially since you are a guide with such a lower level of mental power… My mental power and energy are chaotic and violent. Even I can’t control it. Do you want to die or have a mental breakdown…”

“Get out. You get out for me right away…cough cough cough…” he said hoarsely.

Zhuo Yang immediately stepped forward to help prop him up, patting his back to relieve the unstoppable cough: “Your Highness, you are already like this. Why do you still care what I do? Take a good rest. Don’t think about anything. I’ll take care of you.”

“Leave. Get out immediately. No matter who asked you to come… This room is very dangerous for you as a guide. Just because you’re fine now, doesn’t mean you’ll still be okay when my mental power riots later.” Moodys struggled to push Zhuo Yang away. He reached out to find his personal terminal, trying to get someone to remove Zhuo Yang. “Get out, get out of here right now. I’m fine alone, and I don’t need anyone to take care of me.”

Zhuo Yang watched him struggle, but when he was about to reach the personal terminal and turn it on, taking advantage of his good health, he directly took the terminal away. With the terminal to contact the outside world gone, he looked at Moodys condescendingly: “Your Royal Highness, I am afraid that this is not your responsibility.”

“Even if you have any ideas, you can only wait this time. You can go out and argue with me again after your illness. In this room there are only the two of now. You are lying in bed and unable to move, but I am alive and kicking. You can only listen to me temporarily, and I will take care of you.” After confiscating the personal terminal, Zhuo Yang sat down in front of his bed patiently again.

Unable to stand and having no strength, Moodys could only look angrily at him. “You really don’t know whether to live or die!”

“Even if I am reckless, whether I live or die in these next few days is all up to you, Your Highness. Your mental power is violent. If you want me to die, I will definitely die. If you want me to live, I will definitely be able to live… In short, I won’t leave, Your Highness.” Zhuo Yang felt confident. “I believe that you are a good person, and will be able to control yourself, Your Highness.”

Moodys stared at him bitterly with red eyes and nothing to say.

Zhuo Yang bent his eyes and looked at him smiling and teasingly. “Why don’t we make a bet? Bet if I can get out alive after staying with you for three days?”

Moodys ignored him and decided not look at Zhuo Yang.

Suddenly he felt that he couldn’t understand what the person in front of him wanted to do or what he wanted… Previously, he had always thought that Zhuo Yang was a self-interested and smart person suitable for living in the upper class of Osphia…

But now, he felt that Zhuo Yang was a fool that people couldn’t understand.

Why would he come to such a dangerous place and accompany a waste person who will attack others with his mental power riots?

“I bet, I will survive. Because I have been lucky all this time.” Moodys ignored him, so Zhuo Yang said the words on his own.

Zhuo Yang knew that the pain of loneliness was the most heart-wrenching and painful thing.

Therefore, even if Moodys ignored him and drove him away, Zhuo Yang would not leave. He stayed in Moodys’s ward with a faceless expression, and talked to the Moodys who had nothing to say to him, trying to help divert his attention and forget his physical pain…

No matter how Moodys tried, he couldn’t chase him away, and finally fell asleep.

Seeing he was asleep, the lion circling around the nine-tailed fox in the house also fell asleep. He immediately stopped talking and summoned his nine-tailed fox back to his side. Taking an icy towel, he sat beside him, quietly watching his sleeping face, trying not to make any noise.

And whenever Moodys clenched his teeth and gripped his hands on the sheets painfully, his mental power rioting to attack indiscriminately-

Zhuo Yang was not afraid at all, and put his hand on Moodys’ forehead.

Instead of being afraid, he was even courageous enough to tentatively send his spiritual power into Moodys spiritual sea, exploring how to sooth his disorder.

Moodys’ mental core completely burst. When mania onset, his mental power was disordered, and went everywhere uncontrollably. But when he was normal and his consciousness was awake, it seemed as if it had all disappeared. The situation was extremely complicated.

After Zhuo Yang’s judgment, he felt that the royal medical team was right-

Only a SS-level mental power guide can have a half chance in helping Moodys guide and restore his mental power, and try little by little to repair his mental core.

What he can do for Moodys now is help relieve the intense pain caused by the runaway mental power so that Moodys can sleep more peacefully.

After exhausting his mental effort, Zhuo Yang’s whole person was extremely weak. If anyone was awake in the room, they would be able to see his face pale like death, with cold sweat dripping down.

But although Zhuo Yang looked weak and fragile, his willpower was extremely strong. He rested with his hands against Moodys’ bed, watching Moodys’s sleep without frowning, feeling that all his hard work was worthwhile.

After pouring a cup of nutrient water to adjust his physical condition, he started a second round of mentally relieving Moodys’ sleep.

Zhuo Yang spent three days in the crown prince’s room, and spent all three days fighting Moodys. Every time Moodys woke up, he tried to find reason to drive him away. Zhuo Yang always has to find a way to insist on not leaving. In the end, Moodys had no choice but to keep him.

It wasn’t until the third day that Moodys felt that his illness was not serious anymore, and his spirit had recovered a little. Only because he felt it was a bit boring did he talk to Zhuo Yang. “Are you still studying?What school did you go to?”

“I’m about to graduate. I skipped some levels in the middle, and study scientific research at the University of Science and Technology…” Hearing Moodys wiling to speak to him for the first time in many days, Zhuo Yang’s mouth couldn’t help tick upwards. But he forced it down again, not allowing his emotions to be so obvious.

Moodys asked: “Don’t you need to go to class? It seems like you are doing nothing.”

“I just took wedding leave, and the school approved it.” Zhuo Yang looked at him with a smile.

Moodys temporarily forgot the grievances between him and Zhuo Yang, and cared about the young people’s ambitions: “What do you plan to do after graduation? Will you stay at home or work?”

Guides in the empire were scarce. After symbolically graduating, many would find a sentinel and get married. Very rarely would they choose a job.

But Moodys always felt that this was not good…

He always felt that people should have their own ideals and ambitions.

“It should be based on the school’s assignment, and directly enter the Academy of Sciences. I am not an idle person, and I don’t want to stay at home every day.” Zhuo Yang replied.

Moodys sighed: “This is good.”

Zhuo Yang is much better than many guides he has seen.

The atmosphere between the two of them was very harmonious for a time. Even Zhuo Yang’s nine-tailed fox and Moodys’s languishing lion seemed to have become friends, and could chase and play in this small bedroom.

Zhuo Yang thought that everything would be fine, but Moodys’ body was unpredictable and erratic…On the evening of the fourth day, Moodys had a high fever. This time the fever was very high, and even worse than the previous few days.

Zhuo Yang’s hands and feet were busy all of a sudden. First, he used a medical robot to communicate with the medical team on standby outside. According to Moodys’s condition, he prescribed the most suitable anti-fever medicine for his physical condition. He poured water and helped Moodys get up to take it. Afterwards, he wiped Moodys’ sweaty body with a towel again, and changed the wet towel on Moodys’ forehead before stopping.

“You say, am I going to die?” Maybe it is Zhuo Yang’s care for him these days that narrowed the distance between them, or maybe he is very ill and has suffered enough from the pain, and is suddenly exhausted, so he asked Zhuo Yang like this.

Zhuo Yang’s expression changed immediately: “How is that possible? How can you think like that?”

The last thing he wanted to hear was to hear Moodys say such things.

“Everyone is going to die.” Moodys’ eyes were red, and his mentality was cold: “My father, mother, brother… too many people want me to die. No one wants me to live. Sometimes, even I feel that instead of being alive like this, it’s better to die. Cough cough cough…”

Zhuo Yang helped him up, and he kept patting his back: “No, Your Highness. Not… not that many people want you to die. Many more people hope you can live, and live a long and healthy life.”

“At least, at least I think like this.” Zhuo Yang clutched his shoulder bone tightly.

Moodys laughed very sorrowfully: “Hah–”

Don’t know whether he took Zhuo Yang’s words to the bottom of his heart, or didn’t take it seriously at all.

“It will be fine, Your Highness, it will be fine. Everything will be fine. Winter is over, and spring will come one day.” Zhuo Yang hugged him tightly, and couldn’t help but say that he was comforting. He was still comforting himself.

In fact, he didn’t tell Moodys that the first time he and Moodys met was not eleven years ago, but fifteen years earlier…

It’s just that Moodys didn’t remember.

Winter has passed, and spring will come one day, Moodys said to him.

For so many years, Zhuo Yang has always kept this in his heart.


Their spring will come! It’ll take some time, but it will come. Seeing the lion and fox reminds me that my fav chapter is coming up…


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    Thanks for the chapter (*´︶`*)♡Thanks!

    1. komorebi says:

      You’re welcome!

      I’m sure you’ll love the next few chapters where Zhuo Yang ‘bullies’ Moodys. 😂

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