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TWE Chapter 22

Zhuo Yang almost blurted out and wanted to confess to Moodys: “Your Royal Highness, I… I actually…”

He wants to tell Moodys that the person he likes was never someone else. It’s him…

“Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad.” But before he could speak, Moodys cut in first. “Zhuo Yang, I have never thought about developing a relationship, let alone marriage, with anyone. Especially after my body became like this, I never considered having physical contact with anyone.”

“You should understand that I agreed to marry you because I want to help you, not because I want to pressure you to do this kind of thing… So, I don’t need you to make such a sacrifice. Whether out of sympathy, or being dazzled by today’s wedding and wanting something to happen between us.” His words were very firm.

Zhuo Yang suddenly recovered his senses.

Only then did he remember the reason why Moodys agreed to marry him…

Because he already has someone he likes and needs Moody’s help, so Moodys was willing to marry him. If he told Moodys at the beginning words that he liked him, Moodys might have rejected him from a thousands of miles away.

Moodys is such a person. He never wants to drag others down. He would rather die alone than delay the lives of others.

At the beginning, when he had an accident, several famous interstellar guides who admired Moodys confessed to him. They said they didn’t care about the prince’s physical condition and were willing to marry him and take care of him for the rest of his life, respect and love him.

Moodys’ response was to avoid any occasions where the other party attended, and arrange suitable blind dates for them. He constantly introduced young talents until the other side was married.

He also longed and yearned for love at one time. But after his accident, he refused all those who showed good intentions to him.

After an accident, he never felt safe or unburdened around any of those who said they liked him. And each additional person who liked him only made him guilty and no of those who like him let him to feel safe and unburdened. If one more person likes him, he will feel conflicted and guilty.

Others obviously just like him, but he inexplicably imposed a layer of pressure and courage on himself. Only by seeing others have a safe harbor and reach happiness can he let go of the burden.

Having fewer people care about him in the world will make the future path more relaxed. No one will be happy to see him depressed.

He hopes that everyone can live a happy life. And ignores himself.

Zhuo Yang understood these things very clearly. He grasped the other side’s willingness to help others, and pretended to love another person, so the other side would marry him.

And now, the wedding has just been held. How could he forget this?

Could it be that he really went too far with his act, and forgot that his prey just didn’t eat this set? After his brain congestion cleared, Zhuo Yang calmed down hearing Moodys’ words. Even the confession that he wanted to blurt out was anxiously swallowed back.

The blood flowing in every blood vessel in the whole body chilled.

“If you can’t wake up, I can help you wake up.” Moodys said.

If Zhuo Yang is dizzy and can’t calm down, and is bewitched by someone to entangle with a useless person like him… If he can’t calm down, then he will keep the distance and even divorce. Even if it’s seen as a joke in other people’s eyes, he does not want a guide to have such a misguided idea, and destroy himself and his life by being with someone like him who is mired in mud and can’t escape. It can only lead to greater tragedy…

After clearing his mind, Zhuo Yang quickly and immediately apologized: “Sorry, Your Highness. I was confused.”

This time he was a bit rushed. But it didn’t matter.

As long as he can continue to stay with Moodys, as long as he can continue to be the crown princess, one day he will capture his prey. At that time, Moodys can no longer do without him.

From small to big, whatever he wanted… no matter how difficult the process of obtaining it, it will eventually belong to him.

The crown prince… will be the same. It will not be an exception.

“It’s fine if you understand.” Moodys thought about it and felt his tone was too strong, so he softened it a little a little: “No matter who it is or what has affected you, you shouldn’t do such things that ruin yourself. Today you encountered me, but if it was someone else, even if you want to regret it, I’m afraid you won’t have another chance.”

In a coaxing tone like educating a child Moodys continued: “Don’t you feel sick sleeping with someone ugly and handicapped like me?”

“Even if you aren’t disgusted now, if the vase really breaks, you will also have nightmares in the future.”

“You should cherish yourself .” Moodys asked the robot to pour a glass of water. Like a painstaking teacher, he began to talk to Zhuo Yang: “Even if it’s not for yourself, it should be for the person you like.”

“Maybe you, as a guide, feel it’s a little ridiculous to hear this kind of thing from a sentinel like me. But I still have to tell you that you should give yourself to someone you like and who loves you back. Only then, you will be able to gain love and happiness from being with them…” Moodys has never talked about love, but he has always believed in love. “No matter what purpose one has the rest of the time, such mating can only be called dirty and ugly desire…”

He grew up in the filthy royal family where there is no love, and only desire. But he still believes in love and light.

Zhuo Yang fixedly looked at him, with mixed feelings in his heart.

Why is the crown prince such a sentinel. Can’t he be like other sentinels who are not so considerate of others, follow their desires, and embrace beauty for the sake of beauty?

However, after returning to his senses and thinking about it, Zhuo Yang suddenly realized that if the crown prince was like other noblemen…

Maybe, he wouldn’t like him anymore.

What he likes is what Moodys is now.

“I see, Your Highness. Tonight…Thank you.” Zhuo Yang actually doesn’t like this so-called cherishing oneself. In his opinion, whenever he encounters a good person’s chicken soup, it is silly and sweet and ridiculous. But he was willing to listen to Moodys, and agreed.

Moodys cleared his throat and felt very happy. “It’s good you can figure it out. I am thirteen years older than you. In my eyes, you are no different from a child.”

He took out a the role of an elder to educate him him about not being self-loving, and almost doing something wrong in confusion. But also a younger generation who also learn from such mistakes.

“But, Your Highness, His and Her Majesties and the rest of them are looking forward to having a child inherit everything from you after we’re married…” Zhuo Yang’s seduction fell to no avail. Although he gave up sleeping with the prince, he still hoped to have a child with half the blood of the crown prince through technology.

He thought that such a child would be an angel.

Moodys looked at him and laughed: “You are still a child yourself. What do you know about having a child?”

“I don’t need a child, and I don’t plan to have a child. No matter who wants one, I will not compromise.” His voice fell, as he very decisively told Zhuo Yang his other belief that could never be shaken.

He knows that Zhuo Yang is very smart…

So, he doesn’t want Zhuo Yang to be used by others to do things he doesn’t like… After his death, he also doesn’t want…

He hopes others will respect his last wish.

He said: “Children should grow up in the sunshine and the love of their parents. I don’t want my child to be born without a father. Nor be a chess piece or puppet of some desire, and used to incite people or satisfy other people’s wishes.”

“I don’t want my child to be born in such an environment, so after the accident, I had all my previously stored sperm and genes in the sperm bank destroyed. This is why my mother and brothers are unable to make a baby for me…” Moodys looked at Zhuo Yang, and with a hoarse voice: “Now, you are my spouse in the legal sense. Although it is only legal, I still hope you can respect my wishes.”

“Whether I am alive or dead,” he finished.

People are like a lamp.

To die is to die. He doesn’t need a child to inherit everything from him and be the banner and puppet of others.

Zhuo Yang fixedly looked at the person in front of him, and he had a new level of understanding of him: “…I understand, Your Highness.”

While the other party is still alive, he will respect him. But if one day Moodys is really gone, he can’t guarantee what he said today…

Zhuo Yang thought, he couldn’t bear that there would be a day where there will be no trace of Moodys in the world in the future.

“Just understanding is fine. Cough…” Moodys eased his frowning eyebrows and coughed again: “It’s getting late, I’m leaving now.”

Zhuo Yang watched him slowly pushing the wheelchair. The action stopped him again: “Your Highness—”

“You are such a good person.” Zhuo Yang looked at him and sighed again.

Moodys smiled at him and left the bedroom while pushing the wheelchair.

After encountering such embarrassment, Zhuo Yang thought he would have a sleepless night. But after he lay down on the bed, perhaps because he was too tired, perhaps because this place made him feel at ease, after a while, he closed his eyes and fell asleep…

There was no dream in the night, and it was very sweet.


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  1. Avatar Rose says:

    Awww…. Atleast there is no ‘disgusting’ misunderstanding between the mc and the ml like in other books. Our little mc is a hunter I see 😁

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Yup. The MC is definitely the proactive one. 😉

  2. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    I wish the ML would take a good listen to his own words about self love and respect! His self esteem is tragically low. I know Zhuo Yang has a good long term strategy going, but I still feel bad for Moodys. He was born in a power struggle and it only got worse from there.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Moodys is an interesting character. I wouldn’t say it’s low self-esteem as it is self-sacrificing. 🤔

      1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

        There’s 100% a large element of that! But at least how I’m reading it, it’s not that simple. Its one thing if Moodys’s sole arguement was “royal politics are a mess and I’m going to die soon anyway so don’t get attached for your own sake”. He definitely started off that way and that’s the self sacrificing element.

        These lines though were a bit more revealing for me- “Don’t you feel sick sleeping with someone ugly and handicapped like me?”

        “Even if you aren’t disgusted now, if the vase really breaks, you will also have nightmares in the future.”

        This isn’t an arguement based around the situation sucking. This is an argument saying Moodys feels like he isn’t good enough because he is disabled and considers himself ugly. It’s some self directed ableism and critique of his own appearance. Both of which won’t matter to the right person of course, but it speaks of Moodys maybe having some pride in his own achievements but feeling worthless as a partner.

        At least that’s how I read it! It’s hard after life altering events, debilitating or disfiguring injuries/illnesses, to not have that affect your self esteem too.

        1. komorebi komorebi says:

          Yeah. Moodys’ psychology is an interesting journey when you dig deeper. Full transparency, I did not. 😅

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