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TWE Chapter 21

“Thank you, mother1母后 [muhou]: Mom or mother but the royal appellation.” Zhuo Yang sensed her intentions, and immediately put on a grateful look: “Before, if it wasn’t for mother’s help, I’m afraid my stepmother and Zhuo Yu will still be arrogant and continue to pour dirty water. I really… I really… am grateful for the queen mother letting me relieve my anger.”

“If it weren’t for the help of the mother, how could I let everyone see Zhuo Yu’s true face…” He deliberately mentioned Zhuo Yu and Queen Catherine’s graciousness in helping deal with such matters, pretending to be suffocated for many years, and finally let out a sigh.

After Queen Catherine once again confirmed that he was a beautiful brainless vase, her tangled heart was immediately put down. She kindly raised her finger to Zhuo Yang. “Hush! Stupid boy, this matter is over. It’s over, don’t mention it anymore. If people hear you saying so much, even if you just want to prove your innocence, expose the ugliness of Zhuoyu’s family, and spread out the truth, they will only think that you are scheming and denying responsibility. They will not think well of you…”

“I…I know, thank you, mother for reminding me. I will never say these things next time.” Zhuo Young paused, his face changed, as if just coming to the realization

Queen Catherine looked at him asking so stupidly in a great mood: “Stupid boy, there are some things that you can’t tell outsiders, but you can still tell your mother. Moodys is my eldest son. You marrying him means you’re also my child.”

In the queen’s eyes, Zhuo Yang is nothing but a puppet that can be manipulated in her hands. A doll she can coax with a few words.

This made Queen Catherine very satisfied.

Looking at Zhuo Yang’s exquisite and beautiful face, which was not like a real person, she was also satisfied.

She confirmed that Zhuo Yang was stupid enough to be used by her. Even if Zhuo Yang really had the fate of a future queen, he was destined to be the queen who allowed her son to sit as the emperor…

No matter which one.

From beginning to end, Queen Catherine only valued her position as Queen, the seat of the Queen Mother, and a life of glory and prosperity. Although two sons came out of her belly, none of them entered her heart.

She has always been an exquisite egoist.

“Thank you…thank you, mother.” Zhuo Yang flushed his eyes and burst into gratitude. Since childhood, his mother was crazy and didn’t get any maternal love. He vividly acted a child who finally obtained material love Queen Catherine with a touch of desire.

It appeared that Queen Catherine is the most dearest and most respectable person in his eyes…

She took Zhuo Yang’s hand, patted it lovingly, and said lovingly: “Stupid boy.”

But her heart was more satisfied and felt it was right to accept Zhuo Yang as her son-in-law and the crown princess.

If Zhuo Yang can always be so stupid and obedient, it would be better for her. He is the son-in-law she’s most satisfied with… Although she was quite satisfied with Rand’s family background and identity, but in her eyes, Rand is a little too clever. Although he is very nice and kind now, but in the future, his heart will grow bigger, and a wise son-in-law will inevitably have a conflict with his mother-in-law…

Therefore, while this son-in-law is still stupid, it’s better for Queen Catherine, as he will better to listen to her.

After finishing greetings with Queen Catherine, Zhuo Yang followed Moodys to get to know other nobles at random, and exchange a couple of compliments.

Because of Moodys’s health, their wedding banquet was not as long as other royal weddings, and ended very early.

At about 8 o’clock in the evening, Zhuo Yang and Moodys took the wedding car back to the shining crown prince’s residence.

Zhuo Yang was exhausted after such a day. As soon as he arrived at the crown prince’s mansion, the servants invited him to the furnished wedding room, and the crown prince went to the study.

Zhuo Yang didn’t care about other problems after a day of socializing. He took off his clothes first, went into the bathroom and took a shower to wash off the sticky sweat. When he was about to turn off the water, he suddenly remembered that today seemed to be his wedding night.

This recognition made him shy all of a sudden. His face flushed with blood unconsciously by the heat. Although he didn’t know if he and the crown prince would be able tonight…

But Zhuo Yang still did it again. Turning on the water, and applying a layer of shower gel, he seriously and carefully washed himself from the inside out, and from the outside in.

After confirming that he had washed himself so clean that he couldn’t clean it anymore, and his whole body was smelling fragrant, he spent a long time in the bathroom.

Zhuo Yang only put on his pajamas. On the surface, he was very calm, but his heart was disturbed, and his heart beat loudly as he left the bathroom…

The crown prince was already waiting in the bedroom. He had taken a shower, and his clothes had been changed, but he didn’t see the slightest part of the splendor that belongs to the wedding night. On the contrary, it seems quite cold. The buttons of the clothes are meticulously buttoned. They are not like bridal candles, but they are like businessmen. In his hands, there was even a document with unclear contents being held.

Seeing such a stunning beauty like Zhuo Yang coming out of the bathroom, wearing only a pajama, hair dripping water, and face flushed from the steam with fluttering, Moodys watched for pure admiration, before withdrawing his gaze without the slightest change.

“Your Royal Highness…” Zhuo Yang was very nervous, and even the voice he spoke was tense.

Moodys seemed to have something to talk to him, and when he saw him coming out, he even pointed to a sofa next to him: “Sit.”

He motioned him to sit down.

Zhuo Yang immediately sat down obediently, but his whole person still seemed very cautious.

“From the very beginning of our marriage, you wanted to get rid of the fate of being arranged to marry people you don’t like, and asked me for help. Whereas, I needed a marriage to avoid endless harassment and chatter from my parents. I think we’re both clear that this is just a nominal marriage…” Moodys spoke directly about the essence of his marriage to Zhuo Yang.

He didn’t want to develop anything with Zhuo Yang.

Never considered even after being husbands, even if Zhuo Yang was such a stunning and thrilling beauty…

Moodys has never changed his original intention, and never had the thought to take him as his own. In his opinion, marrying Zhuo Yang is only a voluntary help he provided to Zhuo Yang.

Zhuo Yang immediately understood what he meant: “So, what does Your Highness mean?”

“So, for our marriage, you don’t need to have any burdens. You can continue to like the person you have in your heart, and don’t worry about violating morality. In the future, if you don’t like that person and want to like others, you can also fall in love. Just tell me, and we can go through the divorce procedures immediately. If you need me to explain to your future partner, I can also explain it for you… if…” Moodys said in a very relaxed tone: “If, at that time, I am still alive.”

Zhuo Yang stared at him, unable to express the sadness in his heart.

Moodys handed him the documents he prepared. “This is A divorce agreement, which states that our property does not interfere with each other. So your pre-marital property is still yours, including all the things that Zhuo’s family gave you today. It has nothing to do with me. I have already signed it. Now I’m giving it to you. When you need a divorce, you can sign it yourself. You don’t have to ask me. Just remember to notify me when the time comes.”

Zhuo Yang opened the file and saw that the crown prince had signed a divorce agreement that did not take any advantage over him.

“Your Royal Highness…” Zhuo Yang’s hand holding the file trembled unconsciously. He looked at Moodys with mixed feelings in his heart.

It is hard to imagine there is such a person in the world?

That there is a person who is so considerate of others and doesn’t have any selfish desires.

And such a person was born in the intriguing royal family and grew up in the filthy and dirty aristocratic circle…

“Well, you can read the agreement slowly. After reading it, you can tell me if you are unsatisfied and notify me to modify it.” After Moodys handed him the divorce agreement, he glanced at the time. “It’s getting late. If you have nothing else, I’ll go one step ahead.”

“From here on, this room is. yours. So take a good rest.” After speaking, he pushed the wheelchair and wanted to leave the wedding room.

Moodys had just moved a little while pushing the wheelchair, but Zhuo Yang suddenly grabbed his wheelchair and prevented him from leaving.

“What’s wrong? Is there anything else?” Moodys looked at him puzzledly, and asked in a gentle voice that lasted for thousands of years.

Zhuo Yang looked at him with red eyes and took a deep breath. As if he had had the greatest courage in his life, he numbly moved his hand to unbutton his pajamas. “Your Highness, actually I don’t mind. You can…”

He doesn’t mind having sex with Moodys.

He was even very happy. He was very disgusted with this kind of thing, but as long as he thought that Moodys was the other person, he was very willing.

Moodys was stunned for a while, looking at Zhuo Yang who was about to undress. Only then did he understand what Zhuo Yang’s words meant. He immediately raised his hand to hold Zhuo Yang’s hand that was about to unbutton his pajamas, the color of his face changing several times: “What are you doing? Pitying me?”

“Pitying that I’m disfigured, and a waste that can’t stand? Because of this, you sacrifice yourself like this?” His tone suddenly became very firm.

Zhuo Yang immediately said: “I…I am not…”

He has never treated Moodys as a crippled man, let alone felt that he was sacrificing himself.

It was just in his life, he had never met someone better than Moodys in his life…


I am glad they don’t sleep together yet while the misunderstanding hasn’t been cleared. But they will. 😉

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    母后 [muhou]: Mom or mother but the royal appellation
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    As much as I want these two to have a joyful wedding night, I fully agree- I’d rather nothing happened until this dreadful misunderstanding is cleared up! Pity sex (even though it really is just being misinterpreted) is very unromantic!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      They will have a joyous wedding night (in the future). 😉

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