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TWE Chapter 20

“Look, the Bricania butterflies are all following the crown prince and princess. Look at it…” No one knew which royal family clan member exclaimed.

Someone immediately followed and exclaimed: “How, how is this possible? The Bricania butterfly hasn’t followed any royal family wedding for more than 600 years. The last time was when Hannibal the Great and when Queen Alice got married.”

“Is this a blessing from the Tree of Bricania? It means that Zhuo Yang will become the queen of Osphia, and that His Royal Highness will become the emperor?”

“True or false? It can’t be true?”

“How can there be such a thing as the blessing of the Tree of Bricania?”

The people behind them were saying lots of different things.

The second prince, Vincent’s unmarried guide, Rand, was staring in Moodys and Zhuo Yang’s direction, looking at the long butterfly tail behind them. He couldn’t believe his eyes. “Impossible, this is impossible…”

The blessing of the Tree of Bricania is a very old legend circulating in the Osphia royal family and aristocratic circles. All newlyweds of the royal family will come to worship the Tree of Bricania when they are married. Worshipping the sacred tree is also a very common practice, but ordinary newlyweds enter the woods, there will be no butterflies and fireflies.

However, when the queen identified by the Tree of Bricania appears, it will be different. The Tree of Bricania will show blessings and warnings.

As soon as the newlyweds enters the forest, there will be countless glowing butterflies and fireflies following. When the pair takes off a branch and begins to worship, the branches of the Bricania Tree will bloom new buds in the hands of the newlyweds.

This is the blessing of the Tree of Bricania.

Since the founding of Osphia, the Tree of Bricania has blessed seven couples in total. The guides among the blessed couples have all become the queens of Osphia. And they have all made major contributions for the benefit of politics and the nation, and are very famous queens in history.

Therefore, the blessing of the Tree of Bricania is also called the language of the ‘Heavenly Queen’ in Osphia.

The reason why it is the prophecy of the ‘Heavenly Queen’, not the prediction of the ‘Heavenly Empress’ is because there are two pairs in the seven blessed couples where they separated, remarried, and then became queens…

Seeing the butterflies and fireflies behind Zhuo Yang and Moodys, everyone thought in unison, will there be a blessing of the Tree of Bricania this time?

If so, does the tree of Bricania predict that the crown prince and princess will become the emperor and empress together, or does it mean Zhuo Yang will become the next queen of Osphia?

It should be the second option.

Seeing the dilapidated body of the crown prince, people all unanimously thought the Tree of Bricania was prophesying that Zhuo Yang will become the queen of Ophia.

When they think about it this way, they can’t help but feel sympathy when the look at Moodys… They have just seen the crown prince get married, and his future is destined to be overwhelmed by green clouds, or he will die soon in the future.

This…this is really terrible…

“How could this happen?” Zhuo Yang kept walking forward, and did not look back. There were a few butterflies and fireflies flashing around him, so he thought it was only a strange scene in the forest and man-made tricks. Until there was an exclamation behind him, and was shocked when he turned his head to see the huge number of butterflies following him.

Even Moodys, who was in a wheelchair, was dumbfounded.

It was Queen Catherine who was the first to recover from the surprise, and quickly walked to Zhuo Yang’s side. “Don’t panic, don’t panic. This is a good thing. Don’t look back, don’t look back, and go worship the Tree of Bricania.”

Upon seeing this, Zhuo Yang immediately pushed Moodys’ wheelchair, regardless of the butterfly behind him, and walked towards the altar under the tree.

The priest handed them a long sacrificial text.

Zhuo Yang and Moodys immediately bowed their heads, expelling distracting thoughts from their hearts, and began to recite the sacrificial text very religiously.

The ritual soaked the branches of the tree in water, and placed them on foreheads of Zhuo Yang and Moodys respectively: “The Holy Tree will bless the two highnesses and bless their marriage.”

“Thank you, Holy Tree for your grace and blessing.” Zhuo Yang and Moodys said in unison in the eyes of everyone.

The priest wrote the names of Moodys and Zhuo Yang on red paper, declaring them husbands, and hung the red paper on the sacred tree.

Another branch was picked from a low place, as Zhuo Yang and Moodys clasped their hands tightly.

The plucked branch was placed in their joined hands.

Everyone was looking forward to it, looking at them with anticipation.

And a miracle happened.

The branch held in the hands of Zhuo Yang and Moodys sprouted new buds.

This is really a blessing from the Tree of Bricania.

“This is the blessing of the Tree of Bricania. The marriage of the two Royal Highnesses has been blessed by the sacred tree. It will be very happy.” After a moment of astonishment, the priest immediately said solemnly: “Please take the branches home and plant them. The Holy Tree will always look after them.”

Zhuo Yang and Moodys once again said in unison: “Thank you.”

The Tree of Bricania blessing Zhuo Yang and Moodys undoubtedly made Zhuo Yang and Moodys’s wedding become the focus of the public eye. Some people even revealed that Zhuo Yang was predicted by the master of prophecy to have the fate of an imperial queen when he was a child. It was spread everywhere and spread.

The brainwashing of feudal superstition once again confirmed Zhuo Yang’s prediction that he really had the fate of a future queen.

As for fans of Crown Prince Moodys, there are some who are happy and some are worried. Some people think that this is a sign that Zhuo Yang is destined to become the queen of Osphia, and Moodys, who is Zhuo Yang’s husband, will definitely get better and destined to become emperor. Others believe that this is a symbol of the crown prince death… or he would not have the good fortune to keep the crown princess…

Various opinions spread on the net.

In contrast, the aristocratic circle is much calmer. After a brief shock and inner consternation, everyone superficially calmed down, as if it had never happened before, and no one talked about this topic anymore.

After the wedding, there was no media shoot and they had a more private royal party dinner instead.

Because of the blessing of the Tree of Bricania, Emperor Winston looked at Zhuo Yang a few more times and didn’t say much. He just said a few words as a father in a very polite manner: “Now that you are married, I hope the two of you live well, and strive to give birth as soon as possible to a grandson like Moodys was when he was young.”

Emperor Winston was only over a hundred years old, but because of years of quarrels with his guide and busy political affairs, his health was not good, making him look very old.

One can tell at a glance that his spirit and body are not very good.

With Moodys, they are a pair of pitiful and ill father and son.

“We will, Royal Father.” Zhuo Yang responded with a very well-behaved appearance.

Emperor Winston immediately looked at Moodys with a complicated expression. “That’s right. The Zhuo family is a long-standing noble family with a deep background of Asian origin. The children born will also good. You will have to be good to others in the future. The two of you young people – the days are still long.”

Unlike Queen Catherine, Emperor Winston still had a lot of affection for his eldest son.

It can be said that Moodys grew up being educated by him alone. Although this child is too benevolent and does not have the qualities of a heir, he is his eldest son. High hopes were placed on him. Before Moodys’s accident, even if his relationship with Queen Catherine did not become so rocky, Winston the Great did not have the idea of abolishing’s crown prince position. Moodys is his heir…

Moodys’s excellence once made him very proud. Even if Mrs. Judith said that he would break the sky, Winston also loved his eldest son.

And now…

Emperor Winston only hopes that his once-proud son will be able to pass the last period of his life happily, safely, smoothly, and joyfully.

Now that he has devoted all his energy to the third prince born to Mrs. Judith, he has no other demands on Moodys.

And, unlike the past, he has no more harsh demands on Moodys.

“I see, Royal Father.” Facing Emperor Winston’s transformation from a strict father to a loving father, Moodys, who was last treated like this as a child, didn’t know whether to be happy or sad, and replied very formulaically.

Emperor Winston was not very well, and he was easily sleepy. In addition, he was unwilling to spend too much time with Queen Catherine, even breathing the same piece of air. After exchanging a few words with the newlyweds and rewarding them with a lot of valuable wedding gifts, Emperor Winston got up and left.

“You child, I like you so much when I see you. Now that you have become my son-in-law, I am so happy.” As soon as Emperor Winston left, taking advantage of Moodys’s absence to go to the bathroom, Queen Catherine sat next to Zhuo Yang, donning an appearance of liking Zhuo Yang so much, and took his hand.

Zhuo Yang’s face was stiff with a smile: “Our marriage has troubled the queen today.”

“Hehe. Silly boy, you are my son-in-law, Moodys is my so. How can I not care about your marriage?” She doesn’t really believe in those so-called prophesies, but she is still very curious about what is special about Zhuo Yang that can attract the blessing of the Tree of Bricania.

The Heavenly Queen?

Will it really happen?


The thing about empress vs. queen is confusing. It should be like ancient customs were the Emperor had a ‘main wife’ who may or may not be crowned “Empress.” But it’s why “empress” and “queen” are used thru-out (e.g., the title), but sometimes refers to different positions/roles.


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  1. Avatar SyaSya says:

    It makes me confused
    What’s the difference between a Queen & an Empress?
    Is the ranking same or not?
    I felt like the Queen wants to rob MC from ML and make MC as her second son’s spouse so that her second son can also get the blessing and becomes the Emperor

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Not sure about the difference between Queen/Empress, sorry. But they are different terms. For simplicity, Chapter 20 is probably the only chapter that talks about the different…

      Yeah, that queen… you’ll learn more about her internal thoughts shortly.

  2. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    The way I interpreted the Queen vs Empress thing is that either 1. Moodys will die and since he’s still the crown prince his spouse will be granted the queen title or 2. Moodys will die and Zhuo Yang will remarry his brother. Empress is of course the actual outcome but where would the drama be if it was stated that straightforwardly?

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      That might make sense. Could also be a difference in terms of coronation or power. Again, not a vital distinction for the plot.

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