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TWE Chapter 17

Since Zhuo Yu’s malicious provocation of Zhuo Yang was uploaded, even if Zhuo’s family still had Mr. Zhuo and Zhuo Yang, as well as several leaders stationed on neighboring stars, the reputation of the entire Zhuo family plummeted due to the existence of Zhuo Hengyuan’s family of three.

Not to mention that Zhuo Yu provoked the imperial crown princess, he also degraded the highly popular and well-liked crown prince. Many called Xia Xiuzhi and Zhuo Yu as contemporaries, shamelessly prying the corners of the Zhuo Yang mother and son pair. People were sick just thinking about it.

Fans and supporters of the crown prince took the lead in protesting, asking people to boycott the Zhuo family’s products if they did not give the public a reasonable explanation and apology for the “Zhuo Yu Provocation” incident.

Many people with a high sense of morality also followed the crown prince’s fans and supporters, and spontaneously organized activities to refuse to buy the products made by the Zhuo family, in order to express their stance as civilians towards Zhuo Hengyuan, and their disgust and resistance of upper class scum like Xia Xiuzhi.

The business empire of Zhuo family’s suffered as well. 100 million interstellar coins in value evaporated within one week, and sales of goods was terribly low.

Many opponents of the the Zhuo Chamber of Commerce picked up a big deal. Some went to the water to continue to blackening the Zhuo Chamber of Commerce, while simultaneously grabbing the family’s business.

The branch presidents of the Zhuo Chamber of Commerce were anxious, but the anger of the people did not fade, but grew instead. There is widespread sentiment that if the Zhuo family does not give an explanation, they will boycott all related products made by the Zhuo family, and resolutely prevent such a morally corrupt family from earning a penny.

One week after the incident.

The head of the Zhuo family, Zhuo Yang’s grandfather, is also Zhuo Hengyuan’s father. And Mr. Zhuo finally decided to speak out about the ‘Zhuo Yu Provocation’ incident and held a press conference.

As the future princess, Zhuo Yang also confirmed that he will accompany his grandfather to attend this press conference.

As soon as the news came out, the major media outlets of Emperor Star quickly reserved a spot. Everyone was paying close attention to this press conference.

There is a big chance that even if they did not provide an account to the future crown princess, the Zhuo family might protect Zhuo Yu and try to claim justice for the Zhuo family to the end.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Mr. Zhuo did not protect Zhuo Yu’s family as many people thought.

Instead, he chose to bow with Zhuo Yang at the beginning of the press conference and apologize for the bad social impact caused by the ‘Zhuo Yu Provocation’ incident with Zhuo Yang before the reporters began to ask questions.

Without the slightest intention of defending his family, he sincerely attributed most of his faults to his own family.

It let the originally angry reporters and netizens feel relieved.

And in the next second, Mr. Zhuo eloquently explained he had not disciplined his son and grandson strictly, which led to this kind of mistake. After that, he straightforwardly declared that Zhuo Hengyuan had grown up. It was his spoiling for Zhuo Hengyuan that caused his son and grandson to make such a mistake… Therefore, in order to avoid such things from happening again, he decided to separate the family and separate the Zhuo Hengyuan, Xia Xiuzhi, Zhuo Deming, and Zhuo Yu family from the Zhuo family. Let them go on their own…

This time, the Zhuo family has to deal with the negative impact and aftermath of Zhuo Hengyuan’s family, solve it, and apologize to the public.

But this point on, Zhuo Hengyuan’s family has nothing to do with the huge Zhuo family.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

They did not that Elder Zhuo would decide to expel Zhuo Hengyuan’s family from the house, all except Zhuo Yang.

“I sincerely apologize to everyone again for my father and younger brother, my family, and my own negative impact on society, as well as the harm caused to His Royal Highness.” All the reporters who came with high spirits full of gunpowder instantly deflated. The Zhuo family’s press conference ended with Zhuo Yang’s apology and bow.

Although the process was very weird, the result was undoubtedly as expected by Mr. Zhuo and Zhuo Yang. The Zhuo family’s apology attitude was very sincere. Even the culprit Zhuo Hengyuan’s family was expelled from the house, and the victim Zhuo Yang came out to speak and apologize… Still, many people on the network continued scolding Zhuo’s family for putting on a play.

However, most people still recognized and accepted the sincere apology, and many people even regarded the Zhuo family’s apology as a model of a large family’s patriarch apologizing with sincerity.

The businesses of Zhuo’s Chamber of Commerce also recovered.

Even more, because of Mr. Zhuo’s righteous determination to drive Zhuo Hengyuan’s family out of the house, there was gradually a trend of  business getting better and better. Similarly, the public’s recognition also grew higher.

Mr. Zhuo announced the expulsion of the Zhuo Hengyuan family and gave them a sum of money to really get them out of the Zhuo mansion. After finding a place to live, they did not take it seriously at first, thinking it was the old man’s strategy, and after avoiding the limelight, it would be fine once those unsophisticated people did not pay attention.

The family of four spent a lot of money outside and had a good time, while their mouths could not help cursing Zhuo Yang and the exposed scandal.

This lasted until the Lin family keenly sniffed out something was wrong. Even if they were scolded like that before, because their reputation already terrible, there was no way to find a better guide. Lin Xuan, who chose not to break his marriage contract with Zhuo Yu back then, suddenly stopped contacting Zhuo Yu. He even posted a message of “Even if there is no guide for a lifetime, I can’t continue to be with Zhuo Yu, a guide with a bad character, so I decided to dissolve the marriage contract.” This kind of ridicule and sarcasm drew many people’s commentary.

The Zhuo Hengyuan family finally felt that something was wrong. They wanted to go back to the old house to see Grandfather Zhuo, but they were stopped by the housekeeper and security guards. They couldn’t even enter the door of the mansion: “I’m sorry. Mr. Zhuo, without an appointment, our family owner will not meet guests casually.”

“Mr. Zhuo? Mr. Zhuo, a ghost? I am the fourth master of the Zhuo family, and the old man is my dad!” Zhuo Hengyuan couldn’t believe this fact.

The butler kept a polite smile, but did not have any intention to allow him through the door at all.

This stupid guy, who has been confused for a lifetime, didn’t know that his father had already given up on his family in order to board the royal family’s boat, and to please the prince and related forces.

There was not even a spot reserved for them at Zhuo Yang’s wedding.




“Tsk tsk. Your scumbag dad is really miserable now.” When Zhuo Hengyuan’s family was stopped outside the old house, Allen was sitting in Zhuo Yang’s room and chatting with him. When the servant brought news back to Zhuo Hengyuan’s family, he couldn’t help but sigh.

Zhuo Yang also laughed. “Stupid people should live a little nervously. Humans can wear silk pants, and those who don’t want to be rich and powerful, can just live a happy life. After all, it’s good to live like that for a lifetime. But you can’t really be mindless and do things like seeking death…”

“Otherwise, if you offend someone and they really want to fix you. They don’t even need to think about it and can simply find a flaw.”

Zhuo Yang was in a very good mood now. As long as he thinks about not seeing anyone he hates at his wedding, he is very happy.

This is what they deserve-

One day, he will retaliate with all the suffering he and his mother have suffered.

Happy days always pass very fast, and Zhuo Yang’s wedding day arrived in the blink of an eye.

The night before, Zhuo Yang had insomnia for no reason. He was so excited that he couldn’t sleep. In order to keep himself in a good state at the wedding, he had to use the artificial intelligence to force himself to sleep.

At six o’clock the next morning, he woke up radiantly.

After he brushed his teeth, washed his face, and changed his clothes, he waited for the royal mecha team to meet him.

Royal weddings are all held in the Royal Chapel’s Crystal Palace. Because the crown prince’s reputation and popular support rate is very high, and he became what he is now for the country, the empress is very willing to spend money. Making a big deal out of it can let people see their good intentions to the crown prince and to appease the forces and hearts of those supporters.

As a result, the prince’s wedding this time was unprecedentedly grand and luxurious. The specifications far exceeded people’s original expectations for the crown prince’s wedding.

It was even more extravagant and luxurious than compared to the wedding of the emperors and queens of old.

It took more than 6,000 mechas and aircrafts to pick him up.1In traditional Chinese weddings the groom picks the bride up. So, here, a mecha procession picked Zhuo Yang up. They were all high-level mechas above the S-level, and many were valuable, priceless mechas that were rarely seen.

And after picking him up, the mecha fleets-

Will take the newly-married crown prince and princess together to circle the entire capital three times, and then go to the Crystal Palace for the wedding. The electricity consumption is also a huge and expensive expense.

It’s really the wedding of the century!

People slapped their tongues again and again, claiming the royal family had taken out the entire family treasury this time to hold the wedding for the crown prince.

Because this was a wedding of the century, the people who can attend the wedding are either nobles, celebrities, or politicians. All the top figures in Osphia.

Therefore, before the royal family’s mecha fleet arrived, all Osphia media outlets and reporters gathered outside the gate of Zhuo’s house early in the morning, waiting to grab the news.

They surrounded the main entrance of Zhuo’s old house.

“Let me go out. I am Zhuo Yang’s father. You can’t not let me attend his wedding.” Zhuo Hengyuan struggled to open the door.

Xia Xiuzhi also echoed: “That’s right, why don’t you let us attend the wedding, sir. Hengyuan is Zhuo Yang’s father.”

At this moment, Zhuo Hengyuan’s family was being locked up in the small black room of the Zhuo old house. The place was guarded firmly by security personnel.

A few days before Zhuo Yang’s wedding, their family went to the gate of Zhuo’s family to make trouble. Mr. Zhuo was afraid that they would cause a scene at Zhuo Yang’s wedding, which would affect the Zhuo family’s hard-earned reputation and cause them to lose face again. Thus, he simply locked them up, and would ask people to release them after the wedding.

So as to prevent them from ruining the wedding when reporters surrounded Zhuo’s house.

“Grandfather, I won’t dare to anymore. I won’t cause trouble for my family anymore. Just let us go, please.” Zhuo Yu also yelled with his parents.

The indifferent security guards outside the door listened to them screaming without changing their expressions. They dug their earwax from their ears a little irritably, and directly turned on the voice shielding function of the little black room.

No matter how loud Zhuo Hengyuan’s family screamed inside, no sound could be heard outside the house.

Oh, yes, this was the place where Zhuo Hengyuan’s family used to lock up Zhuo Yang and his mother… Back then, Zhuo Yang and Tan Yuzhi were locked inside for more than a year…

Tan Yuzhi was even driven crazy inside.


MC and his mom have quite a sad back story. 😢

But on the good side – the wedding (and more ML) is coming up next. 🎊 💒 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

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    In traditional Chinese weddings the groom picks the bride up. So, here, a mecha procession picked Zhuo Yang up.
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