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TWE Chapter 16

“Why do you provoke Zhuo Yang when everything’s fine? Don’t you know that you can’t die if you seek death?” All of the ugly scandals in Zhuo’s family broke out all at once, and they suddenly became the interstellar laughing stock. Even if he loved Zhuo Yu, Zhuo Hengyuan couldn’t help complaining about his youngest son.

Zhuo Yu was so aggrieved that he almost shed tears: “I didn’t expect that those servants would have the guts to shoot that kind of video, and dared post it online… If I find out who did it, I will—”

He could hardly wait to skin and tear the man who broke his black materials.

“Hengyuan, don’t be like this. It’s impossible for Xiaoyu to think that this kind of thing would happen in his own home.” Xia Xiuzhi immediately helped her son when she saw him being scolded. “Besides, who knows where those servants got their courage? Who gave them the courage?”

“Hengyuan, do you think it is possible that Zhuo Yang was pitted by our Xiaoyu last time, and he hates our Xiaoyu. Because of this, he wants to get revenge and deliberately instructed people to do this?” No matter what it was, she wanted to drag in Zhuo Yang as well.

Unexpectedly, Zhuo Hengyuan grew more angry instead: “Zhuo Yang was brought up by my dad. Do you think he can do this kind of stupid thing that pits Zhuo’s family and pits himself? No brains. The both of you reflect on it and talk less about Zhou Yang.”

“If Zhuo Yu did not deliberately provoke Zhuo Yang, and didn’t hesitate with those words, how could he leave people this kind of video with verbal evidence and black material? Are you satisfied with our family being entertainment for the entire interstellar?” Zhuo Hengyuan was furious.

He felt his IQ was lowered by his wife and son.

While Zhuo Hengyuan’s family was arguing because of the black material on the network, Zhuo Yang was invited to the study by old man Zhuo as soon as he returned to the old home of the Zhuo family.

Zhuo Yang opened the door of Mr. Zhuo’s study as usual: “Grandfather…”

Elder Zhuo looked at him with dark eyes for a long time. “You really hate your brother, hate our Zhuo family?”

This time, the Zhuo family and Zhuo Yu’s black material exploded. There are too many forces in the water. It’s not easy to check. Even if Zhuo Hengyuan couldn’t find it, that did not mean Elder Zhuo couldn’t find it. It wasn’t as if Zhuo Yang’s hands were wholly clean from the matter.

At least, the aftermath of the servant who broke the video of Zhuo Yu provoking Zhuo Yang was solved by Zhuo Yang. Zhuo Yang gave the person who broke the video and Zhuo Yu’s black material a large sum of money. At the same time, many servants were fired to cover the existence of that servant, and also to eliminate traces of that servant’s work in Zhuo’s house. It prevented Zhuo Hengyuan’s family from finding that servant’s work records, which meant retaliation was not possible.

After Master Zhuo found these traces were related to Zhuo Yang, and the only traces related to Zhuo Yang, even if he was annoyed, he had to act first. He could only help him wipe clean the entire matter, so outsiders would never learn of Zhuo Yang’s intervention in the matter.

He is not afraid of anything else. But if Zhuo Hengyuan’s family learned of it, they will make noise and exacerbate the matter, making the entire Zhuo family the laughing stock of the interstellar yet again…

But even so, it doesn’t mean that he will acquiesce to Zhuo Yang doing such a thing to hurt the family.

“Grandson doesn’t know where to start for grandfather.” Zhuo Yang heard the question from Mr. Zhuo, and still maintained his extremely calm bearing.

He has long known that Mr. Zhuo would find out certain things related to him. It could be said that he deliberately left these things for Mr. Zhuo to investigate…

He was not afraid of Mr. Zhuo asking; he was afraid that Mr. Zhuo would not ask.

“You don’t know. You don’t know, so why do you pay the whistleblower? Why do you want to help eliminate the traces of that person’s work in the Zhuo family? Isn’t it just because you are afraid that your father’s family will retaliate against that person?” Old man Zhuo furiously interrogated. “Zhuo Yang, I thought that the only stupid thing in our Zhuo family was Xiaoyu, and you were smart. But I didn’t expect that you would do the same stupid things like Xiaoyu, and ignore the family because of personal grievances!”

Zhuo Yang unhurriedly picked up the evidence Old Master Zhuo smashed in front of him showing his involvement. But he spoke with no guilty conscience: “Grandfather, I gave that man surnamed Wang money, so he would seal his mouth and no longer casually explode our Zhuo family’s black material. Removing traces is because I don’t want father to retaliate against him as civilian.”

“You know, barefoot people are not afraid of wearing shoes. It is now the interstellar age. If father retaliated against him, and he ignored everything and caused chaos online again, the entire star network would once against see our Zhou family as joke. If it got serious, our Zhuo family might even be investigated… Whether it’s out of sympathy for an ordinary person, or to avoid things from becoming so severe, I had no choice but to act first. ” Zhuo Yang blithely explained.

Father Zhuo stared at him, his eyes red with derisive mockery: “Do you think I would believe you?”

“Even if you don’t believe, you must believe.” Zhuo Yang’s words were slow and weak, but the sound he made was resonating and loud. “Because of His Royal Highness and the Royal Family, you must believe in me.”

Even if his words are false, it was obvious that everyone can see…

The Zhuo family must follow his lies and admit everything he said is true.

“Haha~ Great, really great. Your Royal Highness, you even dare to pressure your grandfather before the wedding? Who gives you the courage? If you are not from the Zhuo family, not my grandson, even if His Royal Highness is already disabled, do you think you are really qualified to marry the crown prince?” Mr. Zhuo stared at Zhuo Yang for a long while with gritted teeth.

“Shh!” Zhuo Yang made a gesture signaling silence. “Grandfather speak carefully. Although Ophia is not far from a constitutional monarchy now, and the power of the prime minister and parliament is gradually growing more than that of the emperor, criticizing the royal family members is still very disrespectful.”

Master Zhuo snorted coldly and shut his mouth.

Zhuo Yang explained calmly: “Actually, things have already developed like this, and the reputation of the Zhuo family has become like so. I don’t want to see this either as a member of the Zhuo family. But- I had to do this, grandfather. ”

Master Zhuo looked at him suspiciously.

“His Royal Highness and the royal family have long been dissatisfied with Zhuo Yu’s escape from marriage. This time Zhuo Yu’s blackening me made them and those related forces even more angry, thinking that our Zhuo family and Zhuo Yu were slapping the royal family’s face.” The fox fakes the tiger’s prestige1As in, he’s borrowing the name of the royal family to threaten or coerce his grandfather – shaping a strong backing for himself is what Zhuo Yang was best at doing. “The followers of His Royal Highness are very angry, and even targeted our Zhuo family and me. I think you can see that those blackening Zhuo Yu and raising me up is a large force, and even includes help from the royal family… I wanted to protect our family and myself, so I could only go with the current and sail with the waves.”

Mr. Zhuo looked suspiciously at him, seeming to weigh whether his words were true or false.

Zhuo Yang had the ability to turn the dead, alive2As in turn a falsehood into the truth. “The crown prince and his forces are very angry, and don’t want to see Zhuo Yu who has the courage to slap him in the face continue being at ease in Emperor Star…I think it is time for grandfather, as the head of the Zhuo family, to make a choice for our Zhuo family.”

“Otherwise, I’m afraid that my father, Aunt Xia, and Zhuo Yu’s family will sooner or later hurt our Zhuo family.” This time, he forced Mr. Zhuo to make a choice between him and Zhuo Yu.

There is no such thing as a win-win in the world. Mr. Zhuo wanting him to marry the royal family for the benefit of the Zhuo family…

Don’t even think about letting his enemies keep the best of both worlds.

Patriarch Zhuo wanted to watch Zhuo Yang’s heart waver.3As in cave in, and show weakness or admit his backing and claims are all lies. Crown Prince Moodys has always been known for his magnanimity and kindheartedness. Some pariahs who were more extreme than the Zhuo family even humiliated the prince on the battlefield. However, the prince magnanimously chose to smile and resolve those grudges, and also helped the untouchables and his suffering compatriots improve their hard living environment. He even improved the quality of life of many slum dwellers, so that they no longer worried about food and clothing, and lead a legitimate life. His work has led to his current reputation step by step…Does such a prince really care about Zhuoyu’s disrespect to him?

But, it’s different…

Zhuo Yu escaped from marriage, slapped him in the face, and humiliated his self-esteem as a sentinel.

Moreover, it is normal for someone who has been ill for a long time to have a sudden change in temperament… Further, letting Zhuo Yu go does not benefit the crown prince at all…

At the beginning, treating those civilians well can also exchange for a good reputation and high popular support.

“Grandfather, I know you are reluctant to part with my father and Zhuo Yu, but the Zhuo family is so big. There are so many people, not just them. Zhuo Yu robbed my fiancé, and for the glory of Zhuo family, I also made a concession in sacrifice. For the Zhuo family, I am willing to marry the crown prince and keep vigil for a life. However, he offended the royal family…” Zhuo Yang was neither humble nor overbearing, and he immediately hit the soft underbelly of the old man: ” Even if you don’t give me an explanation, you should think about the future of the Zhuo family.”

Elder Zhuo has more than one son, and the remaining sons are more promising than Zhuo Hengyuan and stationed in other galaxies.

Weighing the pros and cons, Zhuo Yang knew Elder Zhuo too well. For the sake of the future of the Zhuo family, he would only abandon his son’s, Zhuo Hengyuan’s, entire wasteful family.

“The crown prince is the crown prince. Even if he is dead, it is impossible for the empress to be shameless. Behind him is the old ministry, huge reputation, and popular support. It is the thing our Zhuo family needs to cling to… Didn’t you teach me this?” Zhuo Yang used his knowledge of Mr. Zhuo to add a handful of firewood under him.

Grandfather Zhuo stared at him for a long time before he sighed in relief. “I was confused. Grandfather knows what to do.”

At this time, even he had to believe in Zhuo Yang.

“Grandfather is wise. I believe that grandfather will definitely make the correct choice and lead our Zhuo family forward.” Zhuo Yang praised the old man without hesitation.

The Zhuo family has always kept only useful people, and now he is more useful than Zhuo Hengyuan’s family… Zhuo Hengyuan’s family has to be let go.

The two were silent for a while.

“It’s a pity, it’s a pity. You’re really a pity.” Mr. Zhuo looked at Zhuo Yang for a while, and sighed. “Zhuo Yang, I have many children and grandchildren, but none of them are like me. Only you – you’re the one that looks the most like me…It’s really a pity.”

He sighed. If Zhuo Yang was not a guide, but a sentinel, what a future he should have had.

Or, to take a step back, if Zhuo Yu did not escape marriage that day, and Zhuo Yang did not have to sacrifice himself for the family. In the future, he could have thought of a way to abolish the marriage contract between Zhuo Yang and Lin Xuan, so that Zhuo Yang could get acquainted with the second or third prince. One could only imagine the kind of benefits and prospects brought to Zhuo’s family by his beauty and scheming tongue.

It’s a pity…

Zhuo Yang is really a pity.

But this time, Zhuo Yang didn’t answer him again.

Part 2 of the double update.

Phew, I’m wiped and really need caffeine… TWE is much harder than the other 2 fics I’m TL’ing due to the author’s abundant metaphors, idioms, and literary devices. Took 2.5h+ for 2.2k words (and expect another 1h+ for edits)…

But the MC is back! 😻 Any more guesses about his quantum beast? There was a hint (if you squinted hard) in this chapter!


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  • 1
    As in, he’s borrowing the name of the royal family to threaten or coerce his grandfather
  • 2
    As in turn a falsehood into the truth
  • 3
    As in cave in, and show weakness or admit his backing and claims are all lies.
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  1. Avatar Wocket says:

    Thanks so much for the chapters! It’s a great story & I’m enjoying it soooo much.

    Hmmmm…..could his spirit beast be a tiger? A ‘fox borrowing a tiger’s prestige’ sounds like animals that are a good fit for this couple…and in that first chapter when the Crown Prince was watching Zhuo Yang through the beaded curtain I kept thinking about a wild beast watching its prey through the tall grass.

    >o< *anxiously awaits the big reveal* Thanks for all your hard work!!!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Good guess. I didn’t catch the curtain reference! Side note: both the MC and ML have quantum beasts.
      The big reveal should be soon!

      1. Avatar Wocket says:

        *embarrassed* Sorry, I think it’s obvious (since I named the Crown Prince in my answer) but I accidentally replied with my guess for the ML’s spirit beast (instead of the MC’s). My vote is still tiger for the Crown Prince and fox for the protagonist Zhuo Yang. Thanks again for the fun vote and the great chapter.

        1. komorebi komorebi says:

          No worries! Glad you’re enjoying the story. 🙂

  2. Avatar Huahua says:

    I thought well and I think it must be a Nine-tailed Fox… (I’m not sure hahaha)

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      You’ll find out soon enough!

  3. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    My guess is a fox since he said he’s a fox faking a tiger’s prestige! Really would be a fitting idiom! A clever beauty, what else do you think of but a fox?

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

  4. Avatar Ying says:

    I would say his quantum beast is a nine tail fox in Chinese and Japanese folklore the fox is the most beautiful Yāo or yukai and is a master in scheming, creating illusions , they are the most intelligent etc and all this are characteristic of MC and the quantum beast is the reflection of the guide is like they anima

    Thank you for your hard work translating this novel 😘

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Gold star! ⭐ (only because the reveal is published)

      Thank you for reading, and commenting.

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